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Chapter 749 - The Best in Kunxu

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     749 The Best in Kunxu

    The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect lost!

    The person who had dominated Kunxu for three centuries lost! Countless people looked at Chen Fan and they seemed to be watching a brighter sun rise.

    Many disciples of the Exalted Sects were devastated.

    Qi Qingwei was frozen on the spot. She watched Chen Fan turn from a nameless man to the most powerful person in Kunxu! Such a change occurred only in three months. How could she not be shocked?

    "Immortal Master Chen won. He won!"

    Qi Xiu'er jumped excitedly.

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom was looking weird. She had followed Chen Fan just for fun and had never thought that he would really win. Right then, even if she wanted out, the Fire Spirit King wouldn't let her.

    The Fire Spirit King on the ship burst into laughter and said, "He's indeed my son-in-law."

    "Xuanfeng, are you all right?"

    Taiyin Fairy immediately flashed to the top of the mountain and helped the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect up.

    He got up as he coughed and half of his black hair had then turned white. Even though he survived the explosion, his energy had sharply declined and losing the Essence Core had given him a severe blow. It meant that his effort was totally wasted and he would never be able to enter the Golden Core Level.

    "Xiao Han, I'm fine," the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect said gently and looked at Chen Fan.

    Boom, boom, boom!

    Some thunderous sound was heard; the five supreme figures looked fierce. All of them stared at Chen Fan with a cold and unkind look. The Seven Exalted Sects couldn't tolerate Chen Fan's behavior; that was the best time to eliminate him when he was still recovering from the battle.

    "Why? Do you want to fight as well?"

    Chen Fan looked up calmly.

    With his current power, defeating five peak-stage Connate Beings was a piece of cake.

    The situation immediately became tense. Some of the Earth Level Deities of the Exalted Sects had also gathered behind the five of them. Many people down the mountain also noticed something was wrong and quickly went silent. All of them looked up anxiously.

    Chen Fan was standing on the top of Kunwu Mountain.

    "Stop," the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect said.

    Even though he wasn't speaking loudly, everyone could hear him clearly. "I lost the battle. Nobody in the last thousand years can compare to Brother Chen and he deserves to be the top cultivator in Kunxu! From now on, the Seven Exalted Sects must leave him alone in accordance to the agreement."

    Then, he bowed to Chen Fan.

    This bow was very difficult for him. It meant that he was giving up his reputation to Chen Fan.

    Taiyin Fairy stood next to him as her hands trembled. She wanted to stop the Sect Master but didn't in the end. People who witnessed this scene felt extremely troubled. They had looked up to the Sect Master since they were young, and just then, they had to watch him being defeated.

    "Amitabha. Congratulations on becoming the top cultivator in Kunxu, Brother Chen!"

    Elephant God Master and the others bowed.

    The Sect Masters of the Seven Exalted Sects also lowered their heads and the other Earth Level Deities said one after another, "Congratulations! You've become the dominator of Kunxu."

    Thousands of cultivators at the foot of the mountain bowed and many of them knelt on the ground, worshipping Chen Fan. "Congratulations, Exalted Immortal Chen! May your power last forever!"

    Chen Fan stood on the top of the mountain with his hair fluttering in the breeze. He looked down and saw countless people kneeling. Even the Earth Level Deities in front of him lowered their heads. Who else in the world could have such supremacy?

    Qi Qingwei, Bai Suxian and the Princess of the Southern Kingdom all stared at Chen Fan with some complex feelings.

    The elder of the Black Water Sect said as he gave a wry smile, "Who would have thought that such a young man would become the most powerful person in Kunxu? Looks like I'm really getting old."

    December 5th, 2012.

    Chen Fan defeated the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect on Kunwu Mountain and became the top cultivator in Kunxu. The entire realm was startled.

    "Did you know that the battle on Kunwu Mountain has ended?"

    "I'm sure the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect won, right? This is his tenth battle and he's won every single one of the nine battles before. I guess it's time for him to retire after this. Since the Thearch's Son died, the Azure Mystic Sect will probably dominate the world for the next five centuries…"

    "No, Chen Beixuan won."


    Such a conversation was held everywhere.

    The news about the battle was spread across Kunxu like a thunderstorm.

    Nobody could believe that the Sect Master had lost the battle. For them, it was like going against common sense. The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect would never lose! This was an unchanging truth like the sun rising from the east.

    Many people suffered a severe blow.

    The Azure Mystic Sect was in silence.

    Countless disciples were devastated and some of them had actually killed themselves. Even the Grand Elder was speechless.

    A lot of disciples in the Seven Exalted Sects and Fentian Valley were discussing who Chen Beixuan was. Some of them even had the footage of the battle from the frontline, but it had been filmed with Dharma Spells and only a few of them had it.

    In Qishan City.

    Qi Mufeng and the others were dumbfounded. They had never thought that Chen Fan would defeat the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect as it was unimaginable for them.

    But they couldn't change the fact no matter how they argued.

    From then on, Kunxu would have a new top cultivator and there would be changes in the realm! An invincible Overlord had risen, one who might even be more superior than the Seven Exalted Sects combined.

    On that day, many leaders of different sects and families flooded to meet Chen Fan and tried to talk to him. They were willing to do anything to establish a relationship with him.

    "This is an unprecedented change! With Chen Beixuan's current status, he can establish a new sect right away. It would be the eighth large sect, and it could immediately surpass Yuntian Palace and the Azure Mystic Sect to become the top sect in Kunxu," someone said.

    The Seven Exalted Sects had dominated the Realm of Kunxu for too long. Everyone wanted to see the rise of new powers that could bring about change to the current situation.

    And yet, Chen Fan didn't want to be this changemaker. Kunxu was only a small world and he wouldn't put so much energy in it.


    Chen Fan grunted and swayed his hand. An invisible energy pushed everyone a hundred feet away.

    Then, the crowd finally realized how superior this man was. They immediately became respectful and made way for him.

    Chen Fan then left with the sisters of the Qi Family.

    Countless people smiled wryly when they saw this happen.

    He didn't have to care about anyone once he became the most powerful person in Kunxu!

    "Ah, looks like he doesn't really like mundane matters!"

    The Sect Master of the Dashi Sect chuckled and looked at the Sect Master of the Mixed-Essence Sect. The sisters of the Qi Family were their disciples.

    The Sect Master of the Mixed-Essence Sect remained silent.

    The Fire Spirit King chased after them and yelled, "Wait, don't leave so early. Let me celebrate with you…"

    In the end, the Fire Spirit King caught up with Chen Fan. Chen Fan was helpless when facing such a shameless Earth Level Deity. However, the Fire Spirit King wasn't a fool after all.

    He ran to Chen Fan and talked to him seriously.

    Even though the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect lost, the Seven Exalted Sects were extremely powerful. They had a dozen supreme figures, many Earth Level Deities and had command over thousands of elite soldiers.

    "Those soldiers are all top Internal Force Masters who have been cultivating with all sorts of medicines and talismans since young. One of them might seem as weak as an ant, but thousands of them together can be terrifying.

    "Seven hundred years ago, seven thousand soldiers of the Heavenly Thunder Sect killed an Earth Level Deity from the Mieqing Sect at Luofeng Cliff. Since then, no Earth Level Deities have dared to challenge the Seven Exalted Sects again," the Fire Spirit King said.

    He still looked a bit terrified when he talked about it.

    Chen Fan had killed an Earth Level Deity of the Heavenly Thunder Sect! This was totally unimaginable for the Fire Spirit King. And yet, Chen Fan wasn't surprised at all. Cultivators at the bottom level were virtually unimportant in the battles across the universe.

    But billions of them together might even be able to fight with Void Returning Cultivators!

    "Besides, the Seven Exalted Sects have their own treasures that were passed down by their ancestors and are powerful enough to defeat Earth Level Deities. The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect didn't bring their treasure to the battle this time, or you might not have been able to win so easily."

    The Fire Spirit King looked serious.

    Chen Fan then thanked him once again. Even though he wasn't afraid, he had to thank the Fire Spirit King for telling him.

    After all, even though Chen Fan was the top cultivator in Kunxu, none of the Earth Level Deities came to fawn over him. They were superior and even the Seven Exalted Sects couldn't gain their respect, not to mention Chen Fan.

    The Fire Spirit King was glad that he could be friends with Chen Fan and he said before leaving, "Beware the Yuntian Palace. The Azure Mystic Sect might not be strong enough, but Yuntian Palace is the top sect in Kunxu."

    After he left, Chen Fan went to a quiet town, took Snow Fairy out and started asking her questions.

    "Is there a girl called Lu Yanxue in Snow God Palace?"

    Snow Fairy was startled.

    "How do you know Lu Yanxue?"