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Chapter 748 - He Is Invincible!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 748 - He Is Invincible!

    for people in the realm of kunxu.

    the sect master of the azure mystic sect was like god. everyone was scared of his fierce energy, and many weak cultivators knelt on the ground and trembled.

    even the earth level deities were terrified as if they were looking at a giant beast.

    but chen fan wasn’t worried about it.

    the core formation state was very different from the real golden core level. after the essence core exploded, the sect master of the azure mystic sect would return to the peak stage of the connate level, unless he cultivated for a hundred years to form an essence core again.

    a hundred years of cultivation just for one strike. no wonder the sect master hated chen fan so much. how would he have another chance to cultivate for a century at his age? since the essence core was broken, he would never have the chance to enter the golden core level again in his life.

    “let’s fight!”

    chen fan shot to the sky with golden flames around him.

    the sect master of the azure mystic sect only gave a gentle slap.


    the world was in chaos.

    many currents of essence qi were gathered from all directions and formed a thousand-meter hand in front of the sect master of the azure mystic sect. the hand was like the left hand of god and it covered the entire kunwu mountain. if it smacked down, even the fury dragon river would break.


    chen fan went into the giant hand and felt that the essence qi around him had suddenly become as hard as a steel plate. it was much stronger than before and had the power of a golden core cultivator.

    “you can’t defeat me with this!”

    chen fan sneered.

    his initial-success divine body and true essence turned into a golden aura which grew ten feet around his body like a wall. nuclear bombs might not be able to break it. at last, the golden aura became fire as chen fan shouted.

    “crack, crack.”

    the golden fire kept burning outward.

    it stopped until it reached a hundred feet.

    looking from the outside, there was a giant hole on the hand like a melted wax figure. this powerful energy frightened the earth level deities, but they couldn’t do anything. his power was pure like an extremely fine diamond.

    the sect master of the azure mystic sect didn’t panic and he shouted, “lock!”

    endless essence qi gathered and formed tornadoes of sword qi. one, two, three… ninety nine of them appeared in the sky. there were even water spouts shooting from the fury dragon river and a thunderstorm seemed to be coming.

    the all-direction mieqing sword art!

    but when the sect master of the azure mystic sect used it, it was more than ten times stronger than it used to be.

    “each of the tornadoes is comparable to an attack of changhe sword immortal. now that there are ninety nine of them, it’s like ninety nine supreme overlords attacking together. who in the realm of kunxu can resist this?not even a real sword immortal can.”

    the sect master of the dashi sect was terrified.

    the other supreme figures were also astonished.

    even though they were strong, they had to yield when seven supreme overlords attacked at the same time, not to mention ninety nine of them. even the seven exalted sects together might not be able to resist.

    “how powerful are they?”

    many people looked at the sect master of the azure mystic sect and chen fan in awe.

    for them, the sect master was strong, but chen fan, who had forced him to use his trump card, was also powerful.

    “no matter who wins the battle, that person will become the best cultivator in kunxu! the other earth level deities will only be able to look up to him, never being able to surpass him.” the sect master of the mixed-essence sect said.

    everyone went silent.

    what was the best in the world?

    the best in the world wasn’t someone who was challenged every day, but someone that inspired fear with his name alone, someone whom no one dared to challenge.

    the two of them already had such a characteristic.


    ninety nine beams of sword energy were shot into the sky and ten miles around kunwu mountain were surrounded by the terrifying sword qi. many ships on the fury dragon river turned around immediately and those that didn’t escape in time were drawn into the sword qi, shattering into pieces.

    countless people looked up to see how chen fan had dealt with this earth-shattering sword art.


    this time, chen fan didn’t go head to head with him.

    instead, he turned into a light ball. a golden kun peng then appeared inside and it opened its mouth, pushing the swallowing divine power to the maximum.


    there was a burst of energy.

    a strange spectacle appeared.

    the kun peng spread its wings and opened its mouth as if it were going to swallow the sky. a giant black swirl then appeared in front of it and sucked in the sword qi.

    endless gravel, water and trees were consumed once they entered the swirl and the sword qi even became pure essence qi.

    the stomach of the kun peng seemed to be bottomless.

    one, two, three… in the end, ninety nine sword qi beams were absorbed by chen fan and the sky became calm again.

    “you’re nothing special. i’m not even half full.”

    the kun peng swallowed the sword qi and glared at the sect master of the azure mystic sect.

    all the people present on the mountain were dumbfounded and the sect masters of the seven exalted sects froze on the spot.

    they had thought about thousands of things chen fan could do, but it turned out he simply swallowed everything into his stomach without hesitation, as if sword qi was just a joke.

    “how… how did he become a half-fish-half-bird beast?” someone said.

    “that isn’t any beast. it’s an ancient divine beast, the kun peng! according to the legends, there’s an endless space in the stomach of the kun peng and it can swallow three thousand worlds. it’s really powerful! looks like chen beixuan mastered an earth-shattering divine power,” elephant god master said.

    everyone was immediately stunned.

    legends about the kun peng were also well-known in the realm of kunxu. chen fan’s divine power had to be astonishing and could go beyond all other powers in the world.

    “he’s in trouble,” the sect master of the dashi sect said seriously.

    in fact, the sect master of the azure mystic sect was indeed in trouble.

    no matter what divine powers he used and how powerful his energy was, chen fan could absorb everything, especially when he had completed the second sky painting and entered the mid-stage of the connate level. the power of the kun peng dharma form surged at the same time. its body increased by three times and the swallowing divine power became stronger.


    in the end, the sect master of the azure mystic sect had no other choice.

    he turned the essence qi into a giant hand, then pulled up a mountain and threw it at chen fan. the mountain was a few hundred meters tall and weighed more than ten thousand tons. only the sect master of the azure mystic sect, who had an essence core, could pull it up.

    “this is the legendary tactic of the ancient sky immortals!” the elder from the black water sect mumbled.

    the girl in black outfit and the leaders of the families around them were all startled.

    in front of such a destructive energy, even a hundred thousand elite soldiers would be unable to stop it. the two cultivators in the sky had already risen to the top in the realm of kunxu and had the power to suppress the realm on their own.


    chen fan flapped his wings.

    the wings of the kun peng were like swords. they sent out beams of golden light, splitting the mountain in half, but chen fan didn’t stop. he kept flying towards the sect master of the azure mystic sect.


    a long gap appeared in the sky and the air seemed to have split in front of the kun peng. chen fan’s current speed was indescribable; it had reached twenty times the speed of sound.

    how fast was that?

    chen fan had just spread his wings a thousand meters away, and he was already in front of the sect master of the azure mystic sect the next second, as if there were no distance between them. he could travel a hundred thousand miles in a day at such a speed and no nuclear weapons could hit him.


    the sect master of the azure mystic sect was frightened by such a speed.

    he quickly controlled the essence qi and turned the air into an iron panel, trying to stop chen fan. however, the kun peng could travel around space and wouldn’t be controlled so easily.


    chen fan slashed with his wings, letting out beams of light and creating the sound of metal clashing.

    sword qi surged from the fingers of the sect master and his eyes shot out two heavenly swords! and yet, chen fan had already summoned the kun peng dharma form and was powerful enough to defeat those below the golden core level.


    chen fan’s wings clashed with the two heavenly swords.

    his left wing created a long golden light ray in the air! although the heavenly swords were the top divine powers of kunxu, they cracked, unable to withstand an attack of a divine beast.

    “go to hell!”

    the sect master of the azure mystic sect was enraged.

    he had already used his essence core, why couldn’t he defeat chen fan? he couldn’t accept such a result.

    he drew out all the energy of the essence core which gathered in his palm. in the end, a peerless deity sword was formed! the bright blade aura shot across the sky and the air seemed to be overwhelmed, leaving many small cracks. a destructive energy appeared on the body of the sect master.

    this was comparable to an attack of a golden core cultivator!

    it would be as powerful as nuclear weapons on earth and could destroy an entire city.

    chen fan wasn’t scared at all. the hundred-meter kun peng turned into a ray of golden light and flashed towards the sect master of the azure mystic sect.


    an enormous mushroom cloud appeared on the top of kunwu mountain. it went a thousand meters high and the terrifying energy obliterated all the clouds in ten miles. the storm even created a hundred-meter wave and the ships wobbled.

    facing this invincible energy, everyone was terrified and could only stand there, watching everything unfold.

    after a while, the sect master of the dashi sect asked, “who won?”

    the mushroom cloud dissipated gradually and revealed everything on the top of the mountain.

    chen fan stood on the top of kunwu mountain with hands behind his back. his hair was fluttering in the wind and not even the mountain looked as majestic as he was! the sect master of the azure mystic sect was lying in a huge pit near chen fan. his hair was loose and his face was covered in blood.

    everyone was dumbfounded by this outcome.

    he was invincible!