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Chapter 746 - Is That All You’ve Got?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 746 Is That All You’ve Got?


    The Blade Qi pierced the sky like a dragon. Even from a distance, people could still feel the chill coming from its deadly edge. A shower of clinks and clanks was heard at the top of the mountain as countless small blades struck the ground, creating a jarring series of metallic sounds.

    Many Earth Level Deities felt the seriousness in the air.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master's attack validated his claim for the seat of power. His Blade Qi was boundless, the Changhe Sword Immortal simply couldn't compare. The blow was so potent that not even the Elephant God Master dared to test it.

    However, Chen Fan stepped forward with unwavering determination.

    His skin was suffused with a golden glow. The glow flowed around like liquid all over his body and then it converged toward his right fist. Chen Fan hurled the fist out and landed on the hundred-meter long Blade Aura.


    A blaring impact reverberated across the sky. The mountain peak was suddenly shrouded by a puff of white mist.

    Then everyone saw an unbelievable development. The powerful Blade Qi shattered into a thousand pieces, crackling as it broke down. In the end, even the Azure Dawn sword started to tremble and it were on the verge of shattering.

    Despite the setback, the Azure Mystic Sect Master remained calm and acted unhurriedly.

    He waved a hand and ordered the flying sword to trace a full circle in the air and then gently tapped its pointy tip on Chen Fan's fist three times. It was enough to counter Chen Fan's Fist Qi.


    Chen Fan charged again, flying into the sky.

    The golden halo that surrounded him was the symbol of invincibility and strength. The Azure Mystic Sect Master delivered thirteen blows to Chen Fan, but he was unable to crack open the golden energy.

    On the contrary, Chen Fan pommeled the Azure Dawn blade thirteen times, and significantly weakened the ancient flying sword.

    "Azure Dawn is the second most powerful sword in the Azure Mystic Sect and is known as a Quasi-Spirit Treasure. It is much more powerful than the Purple Thunder Blade and the Heavenly Retribution Sword. However, it can't do anything to Chen Beixuan. Did he reach the Grand Diamond State?"

    Taiyin Fairy was aghast.

    Everyone looked at the Elephant God Master, hoping he could shed some light.

    Elephant God Master fixed his eyes on Chen Fan and held a gloomy and troubled look.

    Meanwhile, the battle continued in the sky. Both the Azure Mystic Sect Master and Chen Fan were powerful Supreme Overlords who had countless powerful spells and abilities at their disposal. The Azure Mystic Sect Master waved a hand, transforming Azure Dawn into nine Blade Qi that fell from the sky like meteors.

    "Sword Art of Nine Chambers!"

    The nine swords corresponded the nine constellations and the nine Qi chambers on the human body. This was an advanced art that could only be used by an Earth Level Deity.

    Each of the nine blades weren't any less powerful than Azure Dawn as a whole. The Azure Mystic Sect Master had used this spell to kill ten Earth Level Deities at the same time, bringing a powerful sect to its knees.

    However, Chen Fan remained still and planned to take the brunt of the force with his body instead of evading the attack.


    When the Blade Qi thudded on Chen Fan's body, it made a series of sounds, but were unable to affect the golden energy flowing around Chen Fan. Chen Fan stood still like an invincible god.

    Chen Fan looked up and said flippantly, "Azure Mystic Sect Master, you need to try harder."

    At the moment, he had used less than thirty percent of his force. If that was the Azure Mystic Sect Master's limit, Chen Fan might leave the battle disappointed.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master was unaffected by the taunt and remained level headed as he started another art.



    The Azure Dawn blade turned into a wash of light that looked as splendid as rainbows. Although the Blade Aura was smaller than it used to be, its energy was so concentrated that it could slice a mountain in half.


    The Azure Mystic Sect Master waved a hand.

    The path of azure glow suddenly broke the sonic barrier as it raced across the sky, trailing behind a streak of white turbulence. Many Earth Level Deities felt a chill down their spines after seeing the Azure Mystic Sect Master's flawless execution.

    That was his true power.


    Fire spilled out from Chen Fan's eyes and the golden glow on his body also caught fire. Shrouded by a ball of conflagration, Chen Fan looked like a godly being who had descended to the mortal's world.

    Chen Fan clamped the powerful Blade Aura in between his hands and stopped it cold in its tracks.


    The Azure Mystic Sect Master doubled down on the art.

    The Azure light became brighter as the crackling energy in the Blade Qi surged. The Blade Qi increased in size and transformed into a writhing snarling azure wyrm. It wiggled its body as it tried to break loose and was successful to some degree, as a strand of hair-thin Blade Aura escaped his palm and crashed into his golden armor.

    Chen Fan felt a pulsing energy was about to burst out of his palm like a calamitous volcanic eruption.

    However, he didn't let go of the aura. Instead, he was invigorated by the challenge. He stomped on the ground and shouted.


    Many people watched in utter disbelief as the golden flames swam toward Chen Fan's palms until a bundle of white hot energy had formed.

    As the bundle of energy became larger, it finally overpowered the Azure aura.

    In the end, the azure glow disappeared, revealing a meter long flying sword. Its body was greener than jade and was covered with ancient patterns. On the handle, two words were carved into it with an archaic style.

    "Azure Dawn."


    The Earth Level Deities among the audience let out a gasps of cold air.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master's mighty flying sword had succumbed to Chen Fan's raw strength.

    Such a dramatic development might have happened during an uneven fight. However, in this case, both combatants were sages. So powerful was the Azure Mystic Sect Master's attack that it would make Elephant God Master think twice about even taking the blow using his Grand Diamond Body, much less subjugating the flying sword.

    "Such power! Is he an incarnation of an ancient being? Otherwise, how could he pull that off?"

    An Earth Level Deity shook his head and marveled.

    The Seven Exalted Sects Masters pulled taut faces. They realized that they had grossly underestimated Chen Fan's power.

    Meanwhile, the Fire Spirit King let out a peal of laughter.

    "Nice sword, but your moves are clumsy," Chen Fan said. He tamed the burning flames on the sword and cast a golden seal on it. By the end, Azure Dawn stopped moving altogether.

    A hint of concern finally found the Azure Mystic Sect Master's face.

    Chen Fan had not only broken his energy realm; he had also taken his flying sword bare handed. It suddenly occurred to him that this young man was the toughest enemy he had ever encountered.

    "All-direction Mieqing Sword Art!"

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master focused on the dual cultivation of sword art and dramatic art. Therefore, despite his loss of the flying sword, he wasn't entirely defenseless. He calmly extended two fingers, and swept them across the space before him.


    Essence Qi as far as ten kilometers away rushed toward him, forming a hundred meter long Blade Qi. Its destructive energy clung to the air and turned into a cyclone.

    Suddenly, many powerful cyclones rose from the ground around Chen Fan, creating a deadly trap with Chen Fan at its center.

    Frightened, many people's faces lost color. The All-direction Mieqing Sword Art was a secret art from the Azure Mystic Sect, and it was extra potent when used by mighty cultivators such as the Azure Mystic Sect Master.

    "He really lives up to his name! This spell alone is enough for him to lord over Kunxu," Elephant God Master exclaimed.

    However, Chen Fan remained impassive. He flew up into the cyclones like a confident rising sun.

    "Boom, boom, boom."

    Chen Fan pummeled the cyclones and shattered them one by one. The Blade Qi mixed in the cyclon was sharp enough to shred metal, but it felt less than a scratch on Chen Fan's body. Despite its relentless attack, Chen Fan was unharmed.


    The Azure Mystic Sect Master turned his palm over as a pulse of energy came up behind him, puffing up his sleeves.


    Each of the Blade Qi cyclones were thousands of meters in length and they threw themselves at Chen Fan from all directions. The powerful air spun the Blade Qi in the air, turning the cyclones into deadly saw blades. They grinded on Chen Fan's skin, trying to sink their teeth in.


    A jarringly disturbing sound came down from the sky. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

    The strange material that made the Kunwu Mountain was durable enough to withstand the destructive power of an Earth Level Deity. However, it succumbed to the Azure Mystic Sect Master's powerful Blade Qi as the latter shaved a few thousand meters off of its top.

    However, those slashes of Blade Qi were unable to harm Chen Fan.

    Surrounded by Blade Qi, Chen Fan stood still and unwavering. Flashes of incorruptible golden glow could be seen in between the whirling Blade Qi that had drowned out his presence.

    So powerful was Chen Fan's Divine Body that nothing could harm it.


    The Azure Mystic Sect Master doubled down on his art as he turned the palm over again.

    Nine Sword Qi cyclones condensed their energy and transformed into nine chains that were much thinner, but much deadlier at the same time.

    The nine chains tangled Chen Fan, nearly smothering his golden glow.

    "That's it?"

    Many inexperienced Earth Level Deities thought Chen Fan was trapped and would soon be killed.

    However, the Elephant God Master's face became solemn as it blanched.

    When he heard the shout coming out from the chains, he knew it's too late to give a warning.



    A deadly explosion of True Essence erupted from Chen Fan's body and raced across the space, trampling everything in its path. This was the first time that Chen Fan had unleashed his full strength and what a sight it was! A giant mushroom cloud rose from the top of the Kunwu Mountain like the harbinger of death.

    The explosion shattered the nine chains and landed a blow on the Azure Mystic Sect Master, making him stumble back a few feet and finally regain balance.

    Amidst the dust, Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and ambled across the battlefield. His eyes were on fire when he spoke in a thunderous voice, "Azure Mystic Sect Master, is that all you've got?"

    The turn of events shocked and frightened everyone.