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Chapter 745 - Battle Against the Azure Mystic Sect Master

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     745 Battle Against the Azure Mystic Sect Master

    The Seven Exalted Sects dominated all of Kunxu and their presence was a frightening sight to everyone.

    The seven lights hovered above Kunwu Mountain for a moment, then seven men and women appeared from them. Some of them were shrouded by lightning, some wore flowing white robes and some had intimidating physiques, while all of them carried a formidable energy around them, making people feel suffocated.

    A middle-aged man stood at the front of the other six. He was wearing an azure robe and had a touch of white on his sideburns. He had kept a good distance from the other six, and still, the light coming off from his body outshined that of his peers.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master.

    The ruler of Kunxu!

    "Azure Mystic Sect Master, Elephant God Master, Taiyin Fairy, Dashi Sect Master… Heavens! Four of the seven exalted sect masters are here. The other three are Grand Elders. They are all peerless supreme Overlords. It has been a while since I've seen anything like this in Kunxu," someone exclaimed.

    The seven sages represented the strongest forces in Kunxu. Their combined forces could destroy anything or anyone. The Azure Mystic Sect Master had remained silent for over a hundred years, but no one questioned his supremacy.

    "Kunwu Mountain used to be an ordinary mountain. However, it became a holy site three hundred years ago after the Azure Mystic Sect Master defeated all of his opponents."

    The elder from the Black Water Sect pulled a taut face and said, "The Azure Mystic Sect Master defeated nine opponents here. Seven of those opponents died. This battle will mark the tenth time that the Azure Mystic Sect Master claims victory at this mountain."

    The old man's words deepened the girl's respect toward the Azure Mystic Sect Master.


    Everyone watched as the man in an azure outfit ambled up the mountain and then a clear and cold voice drifted down.

    "This way please, Immortal Master Chen."

    Many people landed their gazes on Chen Fan.

    Elephant God Master cast a cold glare at Chen Fan. If the Azure Mystic Sect Master weren't there, he would have already charged out and done away with Chen Fan for what he did to his disciples.


    Qi Xiu'er could no longer hold back her concern. She looked at Chen Fan with a pale face.

    "Don't worry. I will show you how to dominate Kunxu."

    Chen Fan laughed and then waved a hand.


    Suddenly, a dragon flew out from the Fury Dragon River. Chen Fan stepped onto the forehead of the dragon, while the latter carried him into the air. Suddenly, the dragon lost its shape and became a large jet of water.

    Chen Fan stepped on the water and started up the mountain.

    The sight caught everyone's attention. Even the Sect Masters of the Seven Exalted Sects furrowed her brows as they reevaluated Chen Fan's power. The art Chen Fan had performed told them that the young man's strength was at the very least on par with theirs.

    "Why have I never heard of him before? He is freakishly powerful and very young!" the Dashi Sect Master exclaimed.

    He was wearing a loose taoist robe with a scholar headpiece fixed on top of his head. Under his feet were two small flying dragons with glinting eyes.

    "However powerful he is, he will be no match against Xuanfeng," Taiyin Fairy said lightly.

    "Indeed. Xuanfeng has dominated Kunxu since three hundred years ago. After three hundred years, even I can't assess his full power," Elephant God Master said humbly.

    Qi Qingwei and the Princess of the Southern Kingdom both looked up toward the mountain peak with a great measure of anxiety.

    The battle of the century was finally going to begin, and most people believed that Chen Fan was going to lose.


    Chen Fan finally reached the peak of the mountain. It was a giant plateau of a few hundred meters in width. It's ground gave a metallic clunk when Chen Fan landed a step on it.

    He saw only one person at the top of the mountain with his back to him. Energy extended down from his feet and connected him with the giant mountain.

    He was the Azure Mystic Sect Master.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master linked his hands behind his back and said, "Chen Beixuan, you really shouldn't have come.

    "Over the last three hundred years, nine cultivators have stood here to face me, and only two were able to get out of here alive, regardless of their renown or achievements. You are too young, maybe you would be a worthy opponent in a hundred years."

    "Is that so?" Chen Fan asked.

    "You have offended the Exalted Sects, and so you only have two choices. You either join the Azure Mystic Sect and come under my protection, or you die," the Azure Mystic Sect Master said calmly, as if he were the ultimate arbitrator of Chen Fan's fate.

    "You? Humph. You don't say!"

    Chen Fan smirked.

    "Stubborn fool."

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master shook his head and said with an impassive voice, "Many people thought that the Kunwu Mountain was just a mountain with a strange shape. But I have found out that it is actually a divine weapon in disguise. It most likely belonged to the God of Kunwu. It pains me to think that such a divine weapon would be tainted by a mortal's blood."

    After he had said that, the Azure Mystic Sect Master finally turned around.


    Two flashes of lightning appeared in the Azure Mystic Sect Master's eyes. It was difficult to describe his face. It was ordinary at first glance, but with something sharp and sinister hidden underneath.

    The lightning energy crackled across the space, slicing the air open.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master didn't use any of his force; he simply exposed some of his Divine Soul to create such a powerful energy. It was hard to imagine the full extent of the power he could unleash.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master said slowly, "It has been three hundred years since someone has talked to me with such an attitude. I am amused, so I promise that I will give you a proper burial."

    The Sword Qi in his eyes grew brighter as he charged up his energy. It wasn't long before his strength surpassed that of the Heavenly Thunder Sect Master. Potent forces spilled out from his body and filled the arena with tension and pressure.

    Even the air stopped moving and gained solidity, preventing the flow of Essence Qi.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master stood still with a commanding presence. His force was everywhere, restraining the movement of each molecule in the air. Not even an Earth Level Deity could tap into the Power of Heaven and Earth.


    Legend had it that the Golden Core cultivators could have full control of nature. Although the Azure Mystic Sect Master had not reached Golden Core level yet, he was close.

    Many Earth Level Deities were dumbfounded by the development.

    Even the most powerful ones like Elephant God Master knew what was happening, and still they were shocked.

    "Legend says that Sky Immortals live in their own realm. Within that realm, they are masters of all things and are invincible. The Azure Mystic Sect Master has achieved such power, people like us simply cannot compare."

    Elephant God Master's face paled.

    Meanwhile Taiyin Fairy thinned her lips into a gloating smirk as she looked at Chen Fan. She was convinced that Chen Fan would be killed.

    However, to her surprise, she realized that Chen Fan was unaffected by his opponent's influence. Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    "Is that all you can do?"


    A flicker of surprise flashed across the Azure Mystic Sect Master's face.

    He had never thought that Chen Fan could escape his control that easily. Before Chen Fan's secluded cultivation, he might have relied on raw power to break free, but there and then, Chen Fan was simply unaffected by his spell.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master was an experienced cultivator; he quickly started another spell after seeing the first one had.



    The frozen Essence Qi in the air suddenly became rigid and heavy. It weighed on everything with immense pressure, so much so that it could crush a piece of steel plate.

    Taiyin Fairy's eyes grew cold.

    She knew that her husband had finally started to crank up his power. The pressure in the air would eventually reach a terrifying degree that it would turn an Earth Level Deity into pulp.

    However, Chen Fan was unflappable before such great danger. He extended two fingers and sliced the air with them.



    A powerful wave of Essence Qi was sliced into two as a deafening blare was heard. Those present saw an incredible sight.

    They watched as a hundred meter long thread appeared around Chen Fan. On either side of the thread was a powerful Essence Qi wave. It rushed toward the center of the thread where Chen Fan was standing.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master pulled a taut face.

    Chen Fan's counter attack seemed weak, but it had acted on the pivotal spot where his energy realm had rested upon. Once this point was destroyed, the energy realm would also be gone.


    The Azure Mystic Sect felt a ball of fire rising in his belly. He gave Chen Beixuan a cold glare and said, "Chen Beixuan, I have underestimated you. Fine, I will show you the true power of Kunxu."

    After he had said that, he waved a hand.

    "Blade Arise!"


    An azure blade flew out of his sleeve

    This blade turned into a brilliant Blade Aura as soon as it reached the zenith, showering the Azure Mystic Sect Master with its brilliance and illuminating half of the firmament.

    "This sword is called Azure Dawn, it has accompanied me for four hundred and fifty years and has claimed a hundred and seventy three lives. You will be the hundred and seventy forth."

    The blade flew toward the Azure Mystic Sect's hand, and transformed the sect master into a divine being devoid of emotions and feelings. He looked down at Chen Fan as if the latter was an insignificant insect.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master had finally revealed his true power.

    "Come on!"

    Chen Fan was unfazed by his powerful opponent. He charged forward and punched.

    The air boiled over as a surge of Essence Qi flew into his fist. Chen Fan was suddenly glowing in gold like an immortal descending upon earth.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master waved a hand and hacked at Chen Fan with the blade.

    The breathtaking battle had finally started.