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Chapter 743 - Surging Power

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     743 Surging Power

    There hadn't been such a fierce person in the Realm of Kunxu for thousands of years. Even the eight powerful cultivators had been unable to withstand his attack. After that battle, Chen Fan had become one of the most powerful beings in the world, and was on an equal footing with the Sect Masters of the large sects and the supreme figures.

    He was under the limelight at the moment.

    Countless envoys went to Lantai City from different parts of the realm.

    There were less than twenty supreme figures in the entire Kunxu. So, many Earth Level Deities and Sect Masters wanted their daughters and granddaughters to marry Chen Fan.

    They hadn't found Chen Fan yet.

    But the sisters of the Qi Family and the Princess of the Southern Kingdom had become popular figures, especially Qi Xiu'er. She was Chen Fan's disciple and people regarded her as his spokesperson.

    "Sister, many representatives from different families and sects have come to ask where Master is every day and a lot of them are here to propose marriage, but I have no idea where he is. Besides, I'm not sure if I should accept their luxurious gifts."

    Qi Xiu'er was very distressed.

    "Silly girl, Chen Beixuan has become a famous Overlord. He's the most powerful being, other than the Seven Exalted Sects and Fentian Valley. Many people will certainly fawn over him."

    Qi Qingwei analyzed calmly, "Those gifts don't matter. The most important thing right now is the attitude of the Seven Exalted Sects. He killed so many people of the Exalted Sects and I'm sure they won't let him get away."

    "You mean, they're going to retaliate and attack Master?"

    Qi Xiu'er was startled.

    "Not necessarily, but they will certainly do something," Qi Qingwei said.

    She hailed from an Exalted Sect so she certainly knew how they worked. If they couldn't rope Chen Fan in, they would definitely eliminate him to maintain their status in the Realm of Kunxu.

    On the tenth day Chen Fan had shut himself in.

    A shocking piece of news was spread.

    The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect would meet Chen Beixuan on Kunwu Mountain.

    The entire Kunxu was stirred and countless people were dumbfounded. The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic had been the top cultivator in the realm since he defeated Cloud Heaven Thearch three centuries before and he was close to becoming a Sky Immortal.

    Such a heavy hitter wanted to see Chen Fan?

    Everyone knew the Seven Exalted Sects were starting to take action. Next was to see how Chen Fan would deal with them.

    "The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect is meeting Master?"

    Qi Xiu'er immediately turned pale.

    For people in the Realm of Kunxu, the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect represented invincibility! For thousands of years, the Azure Mystic had been the last among the Seven Exalted Sects.

    And yet, ever since their Sect Master rose to power, the Azure Mystic had become as mighty as Yuntian Palace, or even stronger.

    Yuntian Palace was famous for their cultivation arts while the Azure Mystic Sect was known for their sword arts!

    Since then, there had been many Sword Immortals in the Azure Mystic Sect! Their Sect Master was even regarded as a legendary being.

    How could Chen Fan fight against such a figure?

    "Even though Chen Beixuan is powerful, he's only a peak-stage Earth Level Deity after all. He's no match for the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect. Looks like he's in big trouble."

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom shook her head.

    Qi Qingwei also smiled wryly. "I thought Elephant God Master or my Sect Master would come. I didn't expect the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect to make an appearance."

    "Looks like the Sect Masters and the Grand Elders of the Exalted Sects aren't sure about being able to handle Chen Beixuan. That's why they asked the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect for help. Of course, it might also be that he volunteered to do so. After all, an Overlord like Chen Beixuan doesn't show up every day." Qi Qingwei frowned.

    Even so, Qi Qingwei wasn't quite positive about the battle.

    "It'll be fine if their negotiation goes well, but if they really start fighting, Chen Beixuan will probably lose. Nobody knows how powerful the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect is now. He may be only half a step away from becoming a Sky Immortal."

    After hearing their analysis, Qi Xiu'er turned paler and paler.

    Those envoys of the large families who went there to see Chen Fan were also hesitant. No one thought Chen Fan could survive facing the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect.

    "Chen Beixuan should run as far as he can immediately. Nobody can catch him unless the Sect Masters of the large sects work together. In fact, there would be no place left for him in Kunxu… he can only hide from the world," someone said.

    Everyone looked over to Lantai City.

    After receiving the news, Qi Mufeng and the others were speechless, while those in the Seven Exalted Sects were sneering.

    "That kid really thinks he can provoke the Exalted Sects? Now he knows what the consequences are."

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan remained oblivious to all of this while he cultivated in seclusion.


    Chen Fan was sitting cross-legged in the valley.

    He was enveloped in a sacred white aura, and his body and Divine Soul were becoming more powerful. The Thunder Soul Refining Pill was too strong.

    Usually, Chen Fan would need at least three years to enter the mid-stage of the Connate Level, even in the Realm of Kunxu.

    Each stage of the Connate Level was ten times harder to achieve than the previous one, but at the same time, the battling power of the cultivator would surge tremendously.

    Three days, five days, ten days…

    Half a month later, Chen Fan suddenly broke a barrier and entered another level. The Essence Qi from an eighty mile radius was stirred up and a tornado appeared at the valley.

    That Essence Qi was visible; it seemed like a cluster of smoke plumes.

    After becoming a mid-stage Connate Being, Chen Fan's energy had increased more than a few times.

    If he only needed three slashes to kill the Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect in the past, he could do so at the moment by simply using his bare hands, without any supporting Dharma Artifacts.

    Chen Fan was already comparable to a peak-stage Connate Being.

    But it wasn't enough!

    Chen Fan cast a spell and an ancient image appeared in his Divine Soul. The image was a thunderbolt that penetrated the universe.

    It was the second painting of the Twelve Sky Art Paintings:

    "The Sky-shattering Painting!"

    As the Sky-shattering Painting started operating, the surging medicinal power immediately turned into countless lightning flashes. The Thunder Soul Refining Pill carried the powerful Divine Thunder which was a great resource for the Sky-shattering Painting.

    Boom, boom!

    As Chen Fan started cultivating the Sky-shattering Painting, bolts of lightning struck around the valley. Larger thunderclouds were covering the sky.

    The Twelve Sky Art Paintings were cultivation arts that defied nature.

    Divine Beasts were sacred and respected in the universe. Mortals who had the power of twelve Divine Beasts were a defiance to nature and they would definitely suffer.


    As Chen Fan cultivated, glitters of light lit up his body; they were totally different from those of the Sky-Swallowing Painting. They appeared on another group of meridians, acupuncture points and bones.

    The terrifying medicinal power lit up the dots of light and the Treasure Pill seemed to be a bit overwhelmed. No wonder Chen Fan had never seen any cultivators of the Twelve Sky Art Paintings. It needed too many resources.

    But Chen Fan had prepared for it.


    The Spirit Stones and the Spirit Medicines inside the Blade Strengthening Gourd cracked.

    Those powerful cultivators and Earth Level Deities usually carried some supreme-grade Spirit Pills and Spirit Stones with them. Although they didn't have a Spirit Treasure like the Blade Strengthening Gourd, they had some small bags.

    After all, there had been quite a lot of Golden Core Cultivators in the ancient times.

    There were altogether a hundred thousand Spirit Stones. As Chen Fan breathed, the Spirit Stones cracked one after another and turned into pure Spirit Qi, gathering around Chen Fan.

    Snow Fairy and the white water dragon in the Blade Strengthening Gourd were frightened.

    They sensed a terrifying energy outside.

    Sixty percent, seventy percent, eighty percent…

    The Sky-shattering Painting was gradually being completed. An ancient image appeared behind Chen Fan, which was a Divine Beast that had a dragon head and a human body, and was surrounded by bolts of lightning.

    An Immortal Cultivator would have exclaimed.

    The Thunder Loch!

    The most powerful Thunder Beast. It was born with the ability to control lightning and thunder. The ancient God of Thunder was said to be a Thunder Loch able to defeat Perfected Immortals and was powerful enough to fight with the Celestial Thearch!

    The Thunder Loch Painting suddenly slowed down when it was ten percent away from completion. Chen Fan had used up all his Spirit Stones, but he wasn't worried at all. He then yelled, "Form!"


    Some crimson flames started burning around Chen Fan. He had once absorbed the vitality of the six Blood Ancestors and half of their essence was still lingering in his body. This essence exploded and became pure Essence Qi.

    With such a massive amount of vitality, the Thunder Loch Painting was finally completed. When the last dot of light was lit up, the entire valley was filled with an earth-shattering energy.

    Snow Fairy and the white water dragon were so terrified they almost got down on their knees. The white water dragon even felt as if its cells were trembling.

    The Thunder Loch ate dragons for survival and was the nemesis of the True Dragon.


    Lastly, Chen Fan placed the Thunder Loch Painting inside his body and imprinted the Divine Meridians of the Thunder Loch onto his acupuncture points and bones. He finally opened his eyes.

    They were filled with flashes of lightning.

    Chen Fan's body was transparent and intact. The impurities left over from the Blood Ancestors' True Essence was also removed. His Divine Body was almost like an indestructible diamond; he was only half a step away from achieving a Golden Core Body.


    Chen Fan stretched out his hand and a thunder ball appeared on his palm without using the Five Thunder Seal. The "Five Elements Thunder" could then be summoned easily, as if the thunderbolts in the world were under his control.

    "The second painting of the Twelve Sky Art Paintings, the Thunder Loch Painting, is finally completed!"

    Chen Fan smiled and got up slowly.

    "It's time to teach these people in the Realm of Kunxu what respect is."

    Chen Fan's Divine Powers, body, strength and Divine Soul had all become more powerful.

    He despised the Realm of Kunxu and had nothing to fear anymore!