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Chapter 742 - Treasure Pill Ready, Complete Sky Art Painting

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 742 Treasure Pill Ready, Complete Sky Art Painting

    Making a Treasure Pill was much more different than making other pills. It took a week for Chen Fan to refine the Blood Ancestor and he certainly needed to put in more effort at the moment.


    The sky above Lantai City was covered with thunderclouds.

    At last, it seemed like the city was enveloped in black mist, and there were bolts of lightning flashing in the clouds. A horrific energy fell over the region.

    "Why does it look like a Sky Immortal Tribulation?"

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom looked up and was confused.

    Qi Qingwei said coldy, "According to legend, when an Earth Level Deity becomes a Sky Immortal, thunderclouds will cover a hundred miles of the sky as if the world were going to end. That's why there are only a few Sky Immortals in history; there hasn't even been one in the last three thousand years.

    "And yet, other than becoming a Sky Immortal, making Spirit Treasures or pills would also cause thunderclouds to form, but not as grand when compared with a Sky Immortal Thunder Tribulation. However, there isn't any Sky Immortal in the Realm of Kunxu. Who's making a Spirit Treasure?"

    Qi Qingwei was confused.

    Even though they didn't understand, the thunderclouds were spreading further. In the end, ten miles of the sky had turned into a sea of lightning. Those lightning dragons even had horns and claws, and were flying around the clouds.

    The hundreds of thousands inhabitants in Lanshi City were terrified.

    They were worried that the thunderbolts would crush the entire city and everyone within a thousand meters from the point with the most lightning strikes had already moved somewhere else.

    Even Qi Qingwei and the Princess of the Southern Kingdom had also moved to another street.

    One day, two days, three days… On the ninth day…

    The thunderclouds had covered a hundred feet of the sky above the mansion and the scales on the lightning dragons could even be seen. Half of Lanshi City was empty, and the horses, dogs and beasts remained still, not making any noises as if they were waiting for the apocalypse.

    The tenth day!


    The cauldron exploded and a pill surrounded by flashes of lightning appeared.

    The pill was crystal clear like a gemstone and was enveloped in a white aura like a little sun. There was a humanoid inside which had a pair of wings and seemed to be sacred.

    A pleasant smell filled the room.

    Just inhaling a little made Qi Xiu'er feel powerful and immortal-like.

    "Master, is the Divine Pill ready?"

    "No, this is just the start!" Chen Fan looked above his head and saw the thunderclouds as if his eyes could see through the thick stone walls.

    "When someone becomes a Golden Core Cultivator, a sea of thunderbolts appears. It's the same for making a Treasure Pill. How can it be a peerless medicine without going through a Thunder Tribulation?" Chen Fan said.

    The Blood Pill he had created before was just a Quasi-Treasure Pill, so he could contain the energy and stop the thunderclouds from forming. At the moment, a real Treasure Pill would be a lot less effective without going through a Thunder Tribulation.


    A huge thunderbolt struck down from the sky and cracked the stone room, hitting the Treasure Pill.

    Buzz, buzz!

    The Treasure Pill let out beams of white light and blocked the thunderbolt.

    "That is…?"

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom looked over in shock.

    This was only the beginning.

    Then, bolts of lightning struck at the Treasure Pill, the cauldron and all around the room. The entire mansion was showered by thunderbolts.

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom and Qi Qingwei were terrified.

    Those thunderbolts became more and more powerful, and in the end, a lightning dragon fell from the sky.

    Qi Qingwei had already turned pale; she could sense the power of the thunderbolts.


    Since Chen Fan was the one who made the pill, he was struck the most but he was extremely strong. His Five Thunder Seal absorbed all the lightning and protected Qi Xiu'er.

    "Sizzle, sizzle."

    In the sea of thunderbolts, the Treasure Pill became brighter and more transparent, like a diamond.

    "Thirty, thirty one, thirty three… thirty five."

    Chen Fan counted and became more serious.

    Cultivators became stronger and had a greater chance of reaching the next level when they were struck more. Treasure Pills were the same. By only using three Treasure Medicines, Chen Fan wasn't sure if it would be successful as well.

    "Then, this should be the last one."

    Chen Fan looked up to the sky.

    The entire world suddenly seemed to become calm for a moment. The thunderclouds within ten miles quickly gathered and formed a lightning swirl with the mansion as the center. There was a terrifying energy inside the swirl.

    "The thirty sixth thunderbolt!" As Chen Fan shouted, a thunderous sound came which seemed to have deafened everyone.

    A lightning dragon as thick as a trunk came down from the sky.

    Its scales, horns, claws and dragon head could be seen as if it were a real dragon. It struck the Treasure Pill fiercely and created a rumbling sound.

    There was a sea of lightning above the mansion of the Lord.

    Countless houses, decorations and rock gardens were shattered. Even Earth Level Deities within a thousand meters would have been burnt into ashes.

    All the onlookers were dumbfounded. Many mortals even knelt down and thought that God was enraged. Even Qi Qingwei was trembling.

    "This… this should be comparable to a Sky Immortal Tribulation."

    They couldn't imagine what Chen Fan was doing in the mansion.

    Inside the mansion, only a three radius around Chen Fan had not been struck by lightning. The Five Thunder Seal let out beams of colorful light and protected the two of them.

    "Master, what's wrong?" Qi Xiu'er asked anxiously.

    Seeing how fierce the last lightning dragon was, she was really worried that the Treasure Pill would be unable to bear it.

    Chen Fan didn't reply; he simply stared at the center of the sea of thunderbolts.

    Once the lightning stopped, a crystal clear diamond shone in the air after some time had passed. It looked like a supreme gemstone, transparent and free of impurities. Also, there were flashes of lightning around it.


    Chen Fan heaved a sigh and smiled.

    "The Thunder Soul Refining Pill is finally ready!"

    Thunder Soul Refining Pill.

    That was the name of this Treasure Pill. It was considered to have a good grade among its kind. Chen Fan made it with the Thunder Fruit, the Dragon Pill and blood of a Light Race being.

    Even Golden Core Cultivators would try to steal it and Chen Fan wasn't quite sure if he could have completed it at first.

    "Luckily, it's a success. Now, it's time for me to go further."

    Chen Fan's eyes twinkled.

    The Thunder Soul Refining Pill could largely increase the power of a Golden Core Cultivator, not to mention an early-stage Connate Being. He would be able to reach another level, or even two.

    But this wasn't Chen Fan's only intention. He had a deeper idea.

    "The second painting of the Twelve Sky Art Paintings, the Sky-shattering Painting, is a Thunder Beast. If I cultivate with this pill, I will also be able to complete this painting. This way I'll have the blood of two Divine Beasts and my power will go beyond the imagination of any Earth Level Deity in the Realm of Kunxu," Chen Fan said gently.

    Each time he completed one of the Twelve Sky Art Paintings there was a transition and an evolution.

    Speaking of power, the first nine Divine Beasts didn't have much of a difference, except their unique Divine Powers. However, completing a Sky Painting didn't mean only to have the Divine Powers; there would also be an improvement in body, soul and strength.

    Such an improvement would become more evident as the number of completed paintings increased. When all of them were completed, a cultivator would have the power of the twelve Divine Beasts!

    Divine Beasts like the Kun Peng were already at the top of the universe and were beings that could fight head to head with Perfected Immortals.

    How powerful would a warrior be if he had the energy of twelve Perfected Immortals in his body?

    That was the reason why Chen Fan said the Twelve Sky Art Paintings were supreme arts, which went beyond the "Battling Celestial Art" of the True Martial Celestial Sect! However, the paintings would need more and more resources, and even half of the resources in the universe might not be enough towards the end.

    Of course.

    Completing only two of them wouldn't make a huge difference, but Chen Fan's strength could still increase by several times.

    "Anyway, even if I can only complete nine of them, I will already have the power of four or five Divine Beasts. By then, I won't even need to use any Divine Powers to fight with those at the same level."

    Chen Fan smiled.

    He talked to Qi Qingwei and the others for a while, then left the city. He found a safe and covert valley and shut himself in. Chen Fan would never go out until he succeeded.

    And when he did, the entire Realm of Kunxu would be terrified!

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Chen Fan formed layers of arrays around the valley.

    After initiating the Starry Sword Array, the Five Elements Array and the Sky Sword Talisman, not even a supreme Overlord would be able to get in easily. Chen Fan then took the Treasure Pill and started cultivating.

    Buzz, buzz, buzz.

    His energy surged at a terrifying speed.

    After a day, Chen Fan seemed to have already cultivated for years. His entire body was enveloped in a white aura and many lightning dragons, making him look bright and crystal clear.

    While Chen Fan was in seclusion, the Realm of Kunxu was also in turmoil.