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Chapter 741 - Shaking the Realm of Kunxu

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 741 Shaking the Realm of Kunxu

    In the Realm of Kunxu, thousands of ancient settlements were scattered around a massive land tens of thousands of square miles in size. These settlements were controlled by sects or major families. Although the ordinary residences in Kunxu led simple lives that lacked exchange of information, the upper ruling classes were very well connected.

    News about what had happened at Lantai Mountain was spread across the land like wildfire.

    Everyone was stunned.

    Such an event had been unheard of for thousands of years, ever since the sages arrived in Kunxu. Many people believed that the reign of the Seven Exalted Sects would last until the end of time.

    "Who is Chen Beixuan?"

    "I've heard that he's a young man in his twenties. It's unbelievable that he was able to kill the Thearch's Son and slaughter the overlords. Please go and support our new domain!I doubt that the Azure Mystic Sect Master could be his equal during his teenage years."

    "He is extremely powerful. Rumor has it that he captured the thousand years old water dragon and kept it as a pet. He's a one in a thousand year genius!"

    Many people heatedly discussed the news.

    Leaders of many powerful families and sects were shocked.

    The news had an explosive effect among the people of Kunxu. Many sects even forgot about their preparations for war against the mortal world and diverted their resources to search for more information about Chen Beixuan.

    "He might be the youngest Earth Level Deity Kunxu has ever seen," many cultivators exclaimed.

    "He's not only the youngest Earth Level Deity, but also the strongest. This battle may well have earned him a seat among the top twenty most powerful sages in Kunxu, making him an equal to the sect masters and the senior powerhouses," some people remarked.

    They were deeply shocked by Chen Fan's achievement and their hearts were filled with fear.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan's savagery and his willingness to use brute force had also left a deep impression in the minds of the powerful cultivators in Kunxu.

    "He's a monster. He slaughters people on a whim. Not even the Mieqing Sect or the Heavenly Thunder Sect could compare with his ruthlessness."

    However, some cultivation families who thought ahead had dispatched special envoys to try to rope him in.

    Such powerful overlords were rare even by Kunxu's standards.

    Qishan City…

    "What? Chen Beixuan killed the Thearch's Son and seven Earth Level Deities from Exalted Sects?"

    When Qi Mufeng and the others heard about the news, they turned into frozen statues.

    They couldn't believe what they had heard. Sages were powerful cultivators, yet Chen Fan had killed so many of them, as if they were pathetic worms.

    "Is he really that ordinary looking Immortal Master Chen?"

    Qi Mufeng and the other elders looked at each other with shock and disbelief.

    However, as soon as they heard that Chen Fan intended to accept Qi Xiu'er's as his disciple, a broad smile was spread over his face. Their eldest daughter had always been their greatest pride, and never did they expect their second daughter to achieve any greatness.

    Once the Eastern River Sect got word of this, its Ancestral Patriarch, Earth Level Deity Donghe, gave the order for his disciples to never to step into Qishan City.

    Chen Fan's ruthlessness frightened the Eastern River Sect. What they heard about Chen Fan sent a chill down their spines. Those who had shouted and claimed for Chen Fan's death changed their stance to silence out of fear.

    Meanwhile, many people looked toward the Yuntian Palace and the Seven Exalted Sects. Chen Fan had executed seven of their overlords, how would they respond to such brazen provocation?

    "This boy is dead! The Seven Exalted Sects will have their revenge."

    Many people shook their heads as they lamented Chen Fan's impending downfall.

    They were convinced that if Chen Fan couldn't hold out against the ire of the Seven Exalted Sects, his success story would be a very short one.

    Leiyin Mountain…

    A scrawny and old monk had been sitting before a ten meter tall Buddha statue. When he heard about the news, he jumped out of his seat with such force that his movement shook the mountain.

    The old monk had wide eyes filled with fury as he fumed. "Chen Beixuan killed my beloved disciple, I will make him pay!"

    Many elders of the sect who had been sitting around him rose to their feet to swear vengeance against Chen Fan.

    Inside a Dojo at the Azure Mystic Sect…

    A Taoist wearing an azure robe decorated with sword motifs slowly opened up his eyes. His eyebrows were the color of jade and the sharp light glinting in his eyes could sever anything in the world.

    "Chen Beixuan? I've never heard of this name before.

    "I think it's about time for me to visit the world once again."

    The powerhouses at the Mixed-Essence Sect, Fentian Valley and the Dashi Sect were all furious and shocked after they heard the news.

    Meanwhile, inside the largest sect in Kunxu, the Yuntian Palace…

    A white-beard elder roared inside the central hall, "Punishment, we need to punish him for his crime! Assemble the sages! If eight are not enough, we will gather eighty! We will set him as an example for those who dare to step on our toes."

    Yuntian Palace had suffered the greatest casualties during the incident.

    The death of Exalted Immortal Lingxiao was the least of the Yuntian Palace's concerns; the loss of the Thearch's Son was the true devastating blow to the Yuntian Palace. The Thearch's Son was being groomed to be the next sect master and even his participation in the competition was meant to raise his prestige by defeating his peers. He was destined to lead the entire Kunxu for the next five hundred years. However, Chen Fan had shattered their plan into smithereens.

    Cloud Heaven Thearch sat at the head of the table with a severe face and cold glinting eyes.

    "Chen Beixuan is so powerful that I think only our sect master is able to bring him to justice," a young Earth Level Deity shook his head and lamented.

    "Then so be it. Let's rally the leaders and elders of all the sects to join us with their treasures," the white-bearded elder said.

    Opinions were divided among the Earth Level Deities when it came to decide what to do.

    In the end, Cloud Heaven Thearch made the final decision.

    "Let's investigate Chen Beixuan first before we make a move. I sense something is amiss about his sudden rise to power. Once we are certain that he has no powerful benefactors, we will get rid of him once and for all," Cloud Heaven Thearch said with a cold and threatening voice.

    Prudence was a tradition among the leaders of the Yuntian Palace. They never struck out without a full understanding of their opponent's power. Many years in the past, when Kunxu was ruled by nine, instead of seven sects, Yuntian Palace's methodical planning and careful preparation had helped them subjugate two of the nine major sects, paving the road toward their dominance.

    Chen Fan had arrested all the attention of the seven sects of Kunxu.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had settled down in an ancient place called Lantai City near the Lantai Mountain. The lord of Lantai City was a Grandmaster who had just reached the Transcendent state. He welcomed Chen Fan's arrival like a servile attendant.

    After the battle at Lantai, Chen Fan had made a name for himself due to his ruthlessness. No one at the Transcendent State would dare defy him.

    Chen Fan was accompanied by the Qi Family sisters as well as the saucy and flirtatious Princess of the Southern Kingdom.

    However, Chen Fan rarely paid any attention to the princess since he spent most of his time creating elixirs or providing guidance to Qi Xiu'er.


    Many Divine Flames shot out from Chen Fan's eyes and landed at the base of the Elixir Brewing Cauldron.

    Although Lantai City lacked the Earth fire of the Sword Palace in Mount Shu, Chen Fan's level of attainment had increased by leap and bounds. Therefore, he was able to refine pills using his own energy.

    Qi Xiu'er watched in curiosity as Chen Fan threw piles and piles of herbs in the cauldron.

    "Master, what kind of pill are you making?"

    "Supreme grand pills. Well, they will be Treasure Pills to be precise," Chen Fan said.

    Treasure Pills were one grade higher than Spirit Pills and were extremely difficult to create even for a Golden Core cultivator. Chen Fan had tried to create Treasure Pills using the Blood Ancestor's essence. However, since the Blood Ancestor was an ordinary Connate being, the pill created from his essence was only of Quasi-Treasure level, it wasn't a real Grand Pill.

    "Treasure Pills?"

    Qi Xiu'er's interest was piqued.

    "Indeed. They are extremely rare and powerful. Using one of them could make you nearly invincible. I am creating this batch for you so that you can rival those supreme Overlords. My only worry is that you wouldn't be able to handle its effect. "

    Chen Fan shrugged.

    "It… it sounds dangerous."

    Qi Xiu'er stuck her tongue out, but her curiosity didn't wane.

    She wondered, what kind of elixirs could turn an ordinary girl into a supreme overlord?

    As Chen Fan added more herbs into the boiling concoction, Qi Xiu'er's face became serious.


    Chen Fan summoned a wash of white glow from the blade strengthening gourd. Qi Xiu'er caught a glimpse of a human shape inside the glow.

    The human also had a pair of wings.

    "A birdman?" Qi Xiu'er asked herself.

    Qi Xiu'er was shocked when she saw Chen Fan force the white water dragon to spit out its Inner Essence.

    The white water dragon had lived for thousands of years and its Inner Essence held enough energy to help an ordinary person reach the Earth Level Deity realm. A pill created from such a powerful ingredient would surely have miraculous effects.

    "Master is creating a Divine Pill of unprecedented effects."

    Qi Xiu'er finally had a lightbulb moment.

    Finally, Chen Fan produced a fruit like object with flashes of lightning energy on its surface. He looked to the north with a hint of regret in his eyes, before he threw the fruit into the cauldron.

    Qi Xiu'er was not an Earth Level Deity, therefore, she had no clue that this was the famous Thunder Fruit. It could transform an ordinary person into a Connate Cultivator in the blink of an eye.

    "I am running out of time. My original plan was to use up these ingredients once I gained the Ice Lotus from the Snow God Palace. That would be a safer plan. However, the entire Kunxu realm will come after me since I killed seven Overlords, and I need to act before they join forces. My current strength would ensure my safety but it can't guarantee victory."

    As he thought, another jet of golden flames shot out from Chen Fan's eyes.

    "Scr*w it, I will go all in now."


    Chen Fan clamped the cauldron with both hands.

    Suddenly, three flames shot out from the Elixir Cauldron and landed on Chen Fan, turning him into a giant fireball.

    The fire on his body grew in size and intensity until it engulfed all the superior-grade ingredients.

    Chen Fan had come up with a plan to hit two birds with one stone. If he were successful, he would not only create Grand Pills, but also become the only ruler of Kunxu.


    A thunderous and deep rumbling sent tremors into the cauldron as flames inside reached their maximum intensity.

    The Treasure Pills were forming slowly but surely within the fiery storm of chaos.