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Chapter 740 - Invincible Power

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 740 Invincible Power


    A powerful mountain gale swept across Lantai Mountain. The thousand meter tall peak pierced the sky, looking down on the roaring waves of the Fury Dragon River.

    Be it the many elite cultivators around Lantai mountain or the junior cultivators who went there to watch and learn, they all looked up into the sky where a golden figure surrounded by flames was floating in the air with his hands linked behind his back. His scintillating body was a symbol of invincibility, the flesh of a Fiend celestial.

    In fact, he was a Fiend celestial.

    He had killed seven Earth Level Deities with three punches and all seven of them were at the mid-stage of the Connate Level. Not even the sect masters such as the Azure Mystic Sect Master could have pulled that off.

    "Are they all dead?"

    The development had robbed Bai Suxian's face of color, replacing it with shock and disbelief.

    Shocked by the unprecedented development, she had lost her usual calm and aloofness. The situation had spiraled out of control to a point that Bai Suxian found it hard to come to terms with reality. She had never even imagined that anyone could bring down so many powerful cultivators at once.

    Qi Qingwei was stultified by what had happened. Her heart was filled with regret.

    She had adjusted her expectation of Chen Fan's power many times, but in the end, she realized that she still had underestimated him. Chen Fan's ability far exceeded that of the Thearch's Son. In his twenties, he was already able to bring Earth Level Deities to heel; such power befitted a Supreme Overlord.

    Chen Fan was a one in a thousand year talent. Not even the Azure Mystic Sect Master could compare with him at his age.

    "No wonder he thinks that I've lived under a rock. He was right."

    Qi Qingwei let out a wry smile.

    Meanwhile, the Princess of the Southern Kingdom and Qi Xiu'er both gasped in disbelief. They couldn't believe that this was the same Immortal Master Chen that they knew before.

    "Did I just stumble upon the best teacher I could ever have?"

    A light came up in Qi Xiu'er's eyes as her face was lit up with glee.

    Suddenly, a saddening shriek was heard up in the sky. Snow Fairy had finally gathered herself and bolted, turning into a wash of pale light.

    Frightened, she wanted to run away as far as possible.

    "Come back."

    Chen Fan reached out a hand and grabbed at something.

    The air in a few thousand kilometers suddenly gained solidity as invincible Essence Qi leaked out and turned into many chains that entangled Snow Fairy. With another wave of his hand, Chen Fan gathered the web of chains and brought Snow Fairy back to him.

    "Please don't kill me."

    Horror had contorted her attractive features and filled her eyes with despair.

    She was the elder of the Snow God Palace, and was over three hundred years old. However, her appearance was still that of a young woman in her early thirties with tight curves and alluring lips. There and then, her body shook in fear like a frightened bunny.


    Chen Fan unleashed a seal that bound her soul and spirit to the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    When Chen Fan finally turned around, he was greeted by countless cultivators bowing to him. They were captivated by Chen Fan's unbelievable power. Even the cold and aloof Bai Suxian lowered her head submissively.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and descended.

    Those who had a run-in with Chen Fan, such as two of Wu Tengshan's servants kneeled on the ground, shaking uncontrollably. The thought of meeting the same end as their former master nearly fried their minds.

    However, Chen Fan didn't even spare them a glance. He waved at Qi Xiu'er.

    Qi Xiu'er shuffled toward Chen Fan and murmured under her breath, "Immortal Master Chen, I'm here…"

    "Xiu'er, why that face? I thought you were fearless. Don't you remember how we met, you even dare to peek at my birthday suit," Chen Fan jested.

    Qi Xiu'er blushed, turning her cheeks as red as an apple.

    However, Chen Fan's levity had loosened her up as she slowly gathered herself. Awe and admiration returned to her eyes. "Immortal Master Chen, you kick a**. Who would have thought that you could defeat the Thearch's Son and so many other sages?"

    "You call THEM sages?"

    Chen Fan cracked a derisive smile. "Xiu'er, one day you will also become a powerful cultivator. By then, you will know that these men and women had been living under a rock."


    Qi Xiu'er nodded, unsure what to make out of Chen Fan's words.

    Qi Qingwei stood there in silence. Her eyes shifted left and right, trying to avoid Chen Fan's gaze. However, when she finally registered Chen Fan's eyes on her face, she pulled a taut and unimpressed face to keep up the appearances. To her dismay, Chen Fan's attention didn't linger on her, as he looked away after a quick glance.

    On the other hand, the Princess of the Southern Kingdom walked over to Chen Fan and tried to strike a short conversation with him. Her eyes were brimming with infatuation as she swayed her body closer.

    "Slut," Qi Qingwei murmured.

    Bai Suxian ambled across the arena and bowed to Chen Fan.

    "Bai Suxian from the Snow God Palace welcomes you, Exalted Immortal.

    "I want to apologize for Elder Snow's actions. I wish you could show some mercy, please release Elder Snow. The Snow God Palace would greatly appreciate it."

    Bai Suxian was wearing a plain white dress but it didn't stop her from being the most gorgeous woman in the crowd. Her beauty was irresistibly persuasive to many men.

    "I have a few questions for her, then I will make a decision."

    Chen Fan turned his head and ignored the goddess, leaving her hanging there with embarrassment.

    Qi Xiu'er suddenly remembered something and asked, "Immortal Master Chen, will you be OK after killing so many Earth Level Deities?"

    Many people heard her question and lamented in their minds.

    "Sister, are you slow or something? Why did it take you so long to realize that? Chen Beixuan killed seven Overlords and the Thearch's Son. He has become the enemy of all the seven Exalted Sects as well as the Fentian Valley. No one has ever done anything like this."

    Hidden underneath the respect on many people's faces were gloating smirks.

    Chen Fan didn't mind the threat at all and replied casually, "Don't worry about me, I will be fine."

    Then he cast his gaze to the distant river.

    Rogue waves had come up in the Fury Dragon River while everyone's attention was on the battle. A ten meter tall water wall appeared in the distance and it was charging toward the shore.

    "Is that the white water dragon?" the Princess of the Southern Kingdom shouted.

    Many people looked to the river.

    A white water dragon had been living under the Fury Dragon River for thousands of years. Every few decades, the dragon would swim upstream toward the source of the river to harness its energy. The white water dragon's Elixr Qi could significantly boost a cultivator's level of attainment, so much so that it could turn a mortal into a Connate Cultivator. The battle against the white water dragon was also part of the Gathering of Lantai's agenda.

    However, over the last few hundred years, only the Azure Mystic Sect Master and Changhe Sword Immortal were able to engage with the white water dragon long enough to extract his Qi. The eight overlords had gone to the competition not only to observe the fight, but also to protect their disciples from the deadly beast.

    "Xiu'er, I will catch that white water dragon for you to keep as a pet."

    Chen Fan laughed as he sauntered closer to the shore.


    Chen Fan waved a hand, sending out a stream of energy that cut through the river and stopped the water wall cold in its tracks.

    He had stopped the water flow with the wave of a hand.

    The audience was enraptured by his strength.

    Changhe Sword Immortal was well known for his ability to cut through the same river, but the cut he had made was tiny compared to the one made by Chen Fan. In other words, Chen Fan had outdone even the most powerful cultivators in Kunxu.

    "Oh really? Awesome!" Qi Xiu'er shouted in excitement.


    An angry dragon roared deep underneath the tumultuous river. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a three hundred meter long great serpent appeared on the surface. It's body was covered with glistering white scales and its head was the size of a house. It's huge eyes scanned the shoreline before they disappeared behind an impenetrable mist.

    This white water dragon was much more powerful than the Poisonous dragon in the Deity Burial Valley. It was on the verge of turning into a real dragon.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the incredible sight of the dragon; he reached out and grasped the air.

    "Come over here!"

    Chen Fan combined his powerful True Essence with his physical strength to create a ten meter wide azure energy hand. The energy spread its fingers and grabbed the white water dragon tightly.

    "Argh!" "Argh!"

    The White water dragon roared. The pain was driving it to the verge of madness.

    The dragon had existed over thousands of years and was as powerful as a supreme overlord.

    It could easily pin any Earth Level Deity under its claws. Not even Changhe Sword Immortal could defeat it. Driven by hunger, it had been in a hurry to harness the energy and didn't want to waste time on an Earth Level Deity. So, it had spared some of its Elixir Qi to Change Sword Immortal to get it over with as quickly as possible. Chen Fan was the first opponent it met that wanted him not for its Elixir Qi, but to turn him into a pet.


    Feeling humiliated, the white water dragon charged up its energy.

    The water in the river started to boil over as huge waves came up and clashed into the shore. The foam and bubbles of the waves fizzled and turned into water element Essence Qi. After taking in enough Essence Qi, the water dragon arched its back and broke free from the hand, shooting up into the sky.


    Chen Fan stepped forward, letting the surrounding energy toss his silken hair around.

    Chen Fan commanded the Essence Qi within a few dozen kilometers to converge toward him. The Energy hand was suddenly brought back to life; it grabbed the white water dragon by its tail.

    This giant energy palm made the three hundred meter long white water dragon look small in comparison.

    The beast tried to break free, but the clamp was like iron. It watched with great sadness as Chen Fan pulled it closer to the shore. Chen Fan started an art and shrunk the giant creature to the size of a small snake before he placed it inside the gourd.

    Everyone's eyes popped out in disbelief.

    "Is… is this the meaning of invincible?" the Princess of the Southern Kingdom mumbled.

    November 15th, 2011.

    Chen Fan entered Kunxu and regained the Connate Level at the Lantai Mountain. He killed seven overlords and captured Snow Fairy, then he stopped the flow of the river and gained a pet dragon. He showed the realm of Kunxu the true meaning of strength.

    The entire Kunxu was shocked after they heard the news.