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Chapter 739 - Defeating Powerful Cultivators

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 739 Defeating Powerful Cultivators

    When Chen Fan recovered and became a Connate Being again…

    A ray of light was shot to the sky from his head and combined with the Essence Qi of the world, forming a canopy above Lantai Mountain.

    At that moment, countless onlookers looked up and witnessed this incredible scene.

    The Essence Qi within dozens of miles vibrated and turned into clouds of mist. Chen Fan stood in the air with his hands behind his back like a God.

    An azure aura appeared on his body and he was surrounded by layers of crimson fire. There were three-color flames burning in his eyes.


    Under everyone's attention, Chen Fan's energy surged endlessly and quickly went beyond that of a normal Earth Level Deity and the six heavy hitters. In the end, it reached an unimaginable level.

    He seemed to have turned from a little beast into a Rex.

    "It feels so good to have my strength back!"

    Chen Fan stood on Lantai and narrowed his eyes.

    The six Earth Level Deities were terrified. They watched Chen Fan enter the Connate Level with their own eyes.

    "Kill him!" Lord Cold Flame yelled.

    Such a drastic change frightened them and they started to attack more viciously.


    Six destructive energies fell from the sky.

    Blade Qi swept across a hundred meters, Cold Flames froze the air and claps of thunder shook the world… Each of the six heavy hitters were mid-stage Connate Cultivators and were comparable to Changhe Sword Immortal and Earth Level Deity Leixing. They were terrifying when they worked together.

    But Chen Fan wasn't the same anymore.

    Facing those attacks, Chen Fan was still looking calm, as if it were only a gentle breeze.


    Chen Fan flicked his sleeve.


    He didn't use any Divine Powers or cultivation arts; he simply slashed with his True Essence, but the attack cracked the air. There seemed to be a sharp knife passing by, splitting the clouds into two.

    The knife slash went through a thousand meters.

    It split the world in half with Chen Fan as the center!

    The Cold Spirit Fire, the All-directional Blade Qi and the Heavenly Dragon Thunder disappeared completely. The heavy hitters were immediately frightened and could only move aside.


    A ray of white light swept across them.

    A mountain thousands of meters away was cracked into two pieces.

    Splitting a mountain with an attack!


    Many onlookers and the Earth Level Deities were stunned. Even though Earth Level Deities were said to be capable of moving mountains, they could only crush little hills.

    So, nobody could have imagined how powerful Chen Fan was.

    "Is… is he a human?"

    Looking at the mountain which collapsed to both sides, Bai Suxian and the others were dumbfounded.

    "What the f**k. He's as fierce as a dragon!"

    The jaw of the Princess of the Southern Kingdom dropped, while she remained speechless.

    Qi Qingwei was also dumbfounded. How would this be something Chen Beixuan did? Was he really not a disciple of any sects? He was apparently a peerless Earth Level Deity!

    "Immortal Master Chen is amazing!"

    Only Qi Xiu'er jumped and yelled with excitement.

    "Who are you? Even though the Thearch's Son had become an Earth Level Deity, he's not as powerful as you are!"

    Exalted Immortal Lingxiao looked at Chen Fan in shock.

    The Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu knew that someone young and powerful wouldn't be just a nobody.

    "Chen Beixuan!" Chen Fan replied.

    This time, nobody looked down on him anymore. Everyone remembered the name, as it represented a peerless Overlord!

    "I don't care if you're Chen Beixuan or Chen Nantian. Anyone who dares to kill the Prince and provoke the large sects has to die!" Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard shouted and the thunderbolts on the Purple Lightning Hammer became as large as a small mountain, striking at Chen Fan. The more powerful Chen Fan was, the harder those Earth Level Deities were attacking.

    "After all, Kunxu belongs to the Exalted Sects. We can't let you run wild here."

    Qixu Sanren of the Mixed-Essence Sect and Snow Fairy from the Snow God Palace also saw Chen Fan as their biggest enemy and were determined to kill him.


    Chen Fan didn't care at all and he stuck out a finger.


    He stopped the Purple Lightning Hammer with a finger.

    This superior-grade Spirit Artifact was more powerful than Tian Mingzi and Wu Tengshan, and was able to crush a mountain. And yet, it couldn't even get through Chen Fan's finger.

    Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard turned pale. He couldn't break the finger no matter how hard he tried.

    "Let's work together," Exalted Immortal Lingxiao said seriously.

    They knew Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard was at a disadvantage.


    This time, not only the six Earth Level Deities, even Snow Fairy and Qixu Sanren attacked together. Their attacks immediately filled the sky.

    Eight powerful cultivators attacked together.

    "Even a supreme figure would be scared," The Princess of the Southern Kingdom mumbled.

    "Even the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect would have to yield." Bai Suxian smiled wryly.

    The power of the eight heavy hitters was too frightening. Only Yuntian Palace could make them all come out. The eight of them together were enough to exterminate some weaker sects.

    Chen Fan looked expressionless after facing such an attack.

    He gently raised his left hand and clenched his fist. He put his thumb between the index finger and middle finger, then threw a punch.


    A golden aura appeared on Chen Fan's body and it formed a beam of light that was shot from his left fist.

    The ray of light seemed to be invincible and everything ahead of it had to give way. It was like a technique of the God of War.

    True Martial Divine Fist!


    The world collapsed!

    The True Martial Divine Fist immediately blocked the attack and everyone was pushed more than ten feet backwards. Then, the Fist Qi kept hitting Lord Cold Flame. He could only send out one Spirit Flame before shattering into pieces along with his Divine Soul.

    He killed Lord Cold Flame with a punch!

    Everyone was stunned by such an earth-shattering energy.

    "First punch!" Chen Fan said expressionlessly and stepped forward. His entire body then turned into a dragon and quickly dashed towards his enemies.

    The remaining seven Earth Level Deities were already frightened but they were still fighting back.

    "All-directional Destructive Sword Art."

    "Purple Lightning Hammer."

    "Icy Divine Light."

    Many Divine Powers, cultivation arts and Dharma Artifacts moved towards Chen Fan from all directions, but his True Martial Divine Fist was too terrifying. He went past ten times the speed of sound and couldn't be captured at all.

    The next second, he was already in front of Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard.

    Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard yelled and initiated the Purple Lightning Hammer. He created two ten feet purple blade auras which flashed towards Chen Fan.

    Purple Electric Thunder Slash, a cultivation art of the Heavenly Thunder Sect!

    "Second punch!"

    Chen Fan didn't care about it. He shouted and threw another punch.


    The purple blade aura immediately exploded.

    The golden fist energy was unbeatable! It broke all the talismans and Dharma Artifacts, and smashed Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard from head to toe. The Four Righteousness Protection Auras were as vulnerable as pieces of paper in front of the True Martial Divine Fist.

    The second Earth Level Deity, Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard, had died!

    At this moment, the other six cultivators were terrified.

    "Run!" Exalted Immortal Lingxiao shouted.

    Chen Fan survived their attacks and killed them easily.

    This meant that Chen Fan's power was way above them, having reached an incredible level. Even those heavy hitters had no chance of fighting back when facing Chen Fan.

    "Third punch."

    Chen Fan slowly lifted an arm.

    A golden light wheel appeared behind him.

    The light wheel was a foot large like a little sun floating in the sky. The golden light it radiated was infinitely pure, tough and indestructible.


    As Chen Fan punched, the world seemed to be split.

    A beam of golden light flew through a thousand feet across the sky in an instant. Everything in front of the golden light wheel, including Dharma Artifacts, sword arts and the Arhat Golden Body, didn't seem to exist.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Qixu Sanren was the first one to explode. His body and Mixed-Essence Qi Bell shattered into little bits.

    Then, the Sword Immortal of the Azure Mystic Sect, Overlord Sumi of Mount Thunder… Four Earth Level Deities were run over by the light wheel and they all shattered into pieces together with their Dharma Artifacts.

    Lastly, the Exalted Immortal Lingxiao of Yuntian Palace.

    Exalted Immortal Lingxiao sent out three superior-grade Spirit Artifacts and used a deadly secret art, but all those things were useless in front of the True Martial Divine Fist.


    Exalted Immortal Lingxiao also exploded.

    Only Snow Fairy was left in the sky. She stood there dumbfounded and couldn't believe what just happened.

    Chen Fan had killed five powerful cultivators with a punch. Together with the two who had died before, only one of the eight Earth Level Deities remained alive!

    Everyone went silent!