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Chapter 738 - Becoming a Connate Being Again!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 738 Becoming a Connate Being Again!

    The Thread of Blade Essence!

    An invincible sword art! Even though it was an inferior-grade Spirit Artifact, it could easily break the Yuntian Wheel and slice the Thearch's Son in half.

    Everyone was dumbfounded, and even the eight Earth Level Deities were left speechless. Even though the Thearch's Son had just become a Heavenly Being and had yet to make achievements in cultivation arts, he was an Earth Level Deity after all.

    Chen Fan had dealt with him as if he were slaughtering a chicken. Who wouldn't be terrified?

    The Thearch's Son was the most disbelieving of all. He was the Prince of Yuntian Palace and the top elite of the Realm of Kunxu, and yet he had been defeated by Chen Fan? This was a severe blow to his arrogant self.


    The Thearch's Son shouted with hatred on his face.

    An Earth Level Deity's body was way stronger than the body of a mortal! Even if it had been split in half, it could be healed by using Spirit Medicines. But still, this slash was definitely a great humiliation to the Thearch's Son.

    "Chen Beixuan, I will kill you!"

    The Thearch's Son yelled as his eyes turned transparent. Chen Fan's image appeared in his eyes and two ripples went across the air.

    "It's his Time Eyes. He's finally using this Divine Power."

    Bai Suxian narrowed her eyes.

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom was startled. "I heard that the eyes of the Thearch's Son can freeze time and space. It's an invincible Divine Power! This is the reason why the elders of Yuntian Palace chose him to be the King for the coming five centuries. Not even an Earth Level Deity can get away from it. Chen Beixuan is in trouble!"

    Qi Qingwei and Qi Xiu'er also looked over anxiously.

    Chen Fan froze in the air like a mosquito trapped in amber. At that moment, the time around Chen Fan seemed to be frozen as well.

    The Thearch's Son cracked a smile.

    Although he had to use his life to initiate this Divine Power, it was extremely powerful. He could withstand ten attacks from a supreme figure and could even kill one of the Earth Level Deities. Chen Fan wasn't an Earth Level Deity at the moment, so he could only hold on half an hour at most.

    "Let me show you how I will kill you!"

    The Thearch's Son sneered and formed a superior-grade flying dagger as he prepared to attack Chen Fan.

    The Earth Level Deities also shook their heads and thought Chen Fan would certainly die. Exalted Immortal Lingxiao even sneered. The Thearch's Son hated Chen Fan because he destroyed his body. Luckily, he still had a trump card, or he would have done something.

    "Go to hell!"

    While the flying dagger was about to stab Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan raised his fingers and caught it.

    "How is that possible?"

    The Thearch's Son was startled and everyone present froze on the spot. Wasn't Chen Fan trapped in time? How did he get out? This didn't make any sense.

    "How can such an art defeat me?"

    Chen Fan broke the flying dagger, then took a step forward. He suddenly appeared above the Thearch's Son and stepped his foot down.


    Someone shouted from another mountain, but Chen Fan ignored him. He stomped his foot, crushing the head of the Thearch's Son into pieces and destroying his Divine Soul! How powerful was Chen Fan's initial-success Divine Body? He could smash even mountains, not to mention the Thearch's Son.

    Before the Thearch's Son died, his eyes were filled with confusion and shock.

    How could someone break his invincible Divine Power?

    He had no idea that Chen Fan's "Blade of Time" was a Divine Power of the Azure Thearch, which could be used to control time. It was much more powerful than the art the Thearch's Son used.

    "You killed the Thearch's Son?"

    Qi Qingwei got up and looked at Chen Fan with a startled face.

    Bai Suxian and the Princess of the Southern Kingdom were also dumbfounded.

    That was the Thearch's Son!

    The future King of Yuntian Palace had been killed by Chen Fan in front of so many elites and Earth Level Deities? How humiliating was that?

    "Not even my father would dare to do that."

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom smiled wryly.

    At the same time, a cloud came and Exalted Immortal Lingxiao appeared with a furious look. He stared at Chen Fan and said, "How dare you kill the Prince of Yuntian Palace! You must die! You must die!"

    The anger of the Exalted Immortal Lingxiao couldn't even be quelled with all the water in the Fury Dragon River. That was the future King of Yuntian Palace for the coming five centuries. How could Yuntian Palace compete with the Azure Mystic Sect without him? Who could rule the younger generation of Kunxu?

    He could imagine how enraged his Sect Master and the elders would be when he returned to the Yuntian Palace. Exalted Immortal Lingxiao simply didn't dare to think about it. He just wanted to kill Chen Fan right then.

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers and said with cold eyes, "Why are you so annoying? Do you also want to die?"

    "All right, I'll show you how I crush your body and destroy your Divine Soul today!" Exalted Immortal Lingxiao said furiously and his energy was earth-shattering. He was apparently a mid-stage Connate Being.

    "Count me in!"


    A purple flame came and Lord Cold Flame appeared, the Earth Level Deity of Fentian Valley.

    The second Earth Level Deity stepped up.

    "Us too. Chen Beixuan, do you really think we'll let you get away with it?" another person said.

    Swish, swish, swish!

    A white mist, a thunderbolt and a Mind Force came and more Earth Level Deities appeared over Lantai. Six powerful energies immediately fell from the sky and made everyone have difficulty breathing. Even the onlookers down the mountain were frightened.

    Those Earth Level Deities were all mid-stage Connate Beings.

    In fact, those who represented the large sects were all the top cultivators of the sects. Ordinary Earth Level Deities were no match for these elites.

    "Yuntian Palace, the Azure Mystic Sect, Mount Thunder, the Dashi Sect, the Heavenly Thunder Sect and Fentian Valley!"

    The six Earth Level Deities sneered and stood in the air, furiously staring at Chen Fan.

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom was nervous.

    Representatives from five Exalted Sects and Fentian Valley had arrived, except the Mixed-Essence Sect and the Snow God Palace. Chen Fan had made them furious.

    Snow Fairy from Snow God Palace heaved a sigh and said, "If you're willing to come to Snow God Palace and stay in prison for three hundred years, I can ask the Exalted Immortals to spare your life."

    "How dare you disrespect me?"

    Chen Fan sneered and didn't care at all.

    "How arrogant!" Exalted Immortal Lingxiao shouted and started attacking.


    A giant dragon claw fell from the sky and went towards Chen Fan. Before it went down, its powerful energy had already arrived.

    Those who were at a low level on Lantai were pushed down to the ground. Only Qi Qingwei and some others were still standing, but everyone looked frightened.

    Exalted Immortal Lingxiao was a mid-stage Connate Being and had cultivated for three centuries. He was even more powerful than the Thearch's Son.


    However, Chen Fan wasn't worried at all. The azure aura around his body was enlarged and the fire in his eyes burned viciously. He threw a punch and shot up to the sky like a beam of golden light.


    The Yunlong Claw and the golden light ray clashed against each other.

    The sound of an explosion was heard in the sky and endless Qi Energy was spread in all directions, levelling Lantai. Many elites were knocked out. If it wasn't for Qi Qingwei, Qi Xiu'er would have been the first one to shatter.


    Chen Fan hadn't recovered fully after all, so his power was a bit weaker than before. He was smacked down on Lantai and a giant pit appeared.

    Lord Cold Flame took the opportunity to attack. A blue firebird appeared in the sky and flew towards Chen Fan. The firebird had no temperature, but Chen Fan seemed to be slightly serious.

    "It's the ‘Cold Spirit Fire' of Fentian Valley. I heard that it's found under the ice and it can burn ceaselessly for a thousand years. Once hit, even Earth Level Deities will turn into ice," Bai Suxian said.

    "Fire!" Chen Fan yelled.

    His Li Fire Golden Eyes sent out two golden flames and clashed against the Cold Spirit Fire.


    The sky was filled with blue flames and the firebird chirped. Even though the Li Fire Golden Eyes had a higher quality, it was weaker than the attack of Lord Cold Flame. Chen Fan was pushed several steps backwards before stabling his footing.

    "Let me!" Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard of the Heavenly Thunder Sect said viciously.

    He had waited for this opportunity for too long. He immediately formed a giant hammer surrounded by purple lightning, which then grew to the size of a house and smashed at Chen Fan.

    "Purple Lightning Hammer, a superior-grade Spirit Artifact! Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard is pulling all the stops," Qi Qingwei exclaimed.


    Chen Fan's body was covered in azure glitter and most of this aura was concentrated on his right fist. All of his energy was gathered to block the Purple Lightning Hammer. He was going to use his body to fight a superior-grade Spirit Artifact!


    There came the sound of a giant bell.

    It sounded as if two giant wheels collided. The terrifying energy was spread in all directions.

    The ground started to collapse and Chen Fan's feet went down. In the end, the entire Lantai Mountain cracked and Chen Fan fell down.

    Qi Xiu'er was anxious, but this was only the beginning. Then, the Earth Level Deities from Mount Thunder, the Dashi Sect and the Azure Mystic Sect attacked.

    They were all mid-stage Connate Beings and were more powerful than normal Earth Level Deities. Each of their attacks could break mountains and crack the air. The entire Lantai Mountain then turned into a sea of Essence Qi.

    Although Chen Fan was powerful and his body was strong, he struggled to fight back when facing the six Earth Level Deities. At last, he spurted out blood and fell back.

    "Chen Beixuan is going to lose."

    Bai Suxian lowered her head and sighed.

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom felt sorry for Chen Fan and Qi Xiu'er was already crying, looking at the young man in the sky.

    "You're powerful enough but you can't defy fate."

    Qi Qingwei heaved a sigh.

    Although Chen Fan was powerful enough to be regarded as the top cultivator among the younger generation, it was already incredible he could keep fighting against six Earth Level Deities for such a long time.

    "Go to hell!"

    The six Earth Level Deities didn't want to waste more time and they attacked together.

    The sky was immediately filled with purple lightning, flames and blade aura. Six different energies struck at the same time which almost cracked the world! Not even a supreme figure would go head to head with this terrifying energy and the impact reached dozens of miles, frightening countless people.

    Facing such an earth-shattering attack, Chen Fan smiled and shouted.



    A powerful energy was shot from his body and soared into the sky! Chen Fan seemed to have broken a cage and entered another level. His body was enlarged and went beyond the mountain!

    The Essence Qi within seventy miles had been stirred up.

    After entering Kunxu for two months, Chen Fan had finally become an Earth Level Deity again!