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Chapter 737 - Killing the Thearch“s Son With the Flick of a Finger

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 737 Killing the Thearch“s Son With the Flick of a Finger

    Everyone gasped and remained speechless by the turn of events.

    A deadly silence fell over the enormous arena. Be it be Bai Suxian or Qi Qingwei, they all felt their words had caught in their throats. Ever since Chen Fan stepped forward, they had been hammered by one surprise after another.

    He had killed three peerless elite cultivators.

    All three of them were at the Mortal Deity realm.

    Worse, they had been killed by Chen Fan using only one hand. All the while, Chen Fan had acted with a great measure of levity, as if he had just squashed some ants under his feet. The execution of Li Wenchan was particularly memorable. He had defeated Li Wenchan's Arhat Golden Body using his raw physical power. Everyone knew and feared what this achievement implied.

    Even the eight Earth Level Deities who were observing the competition were shocked.

    Many people looked at Chen Fan with fear. Chen Fan calmly stood still. It was as if the three elite cultivators had been killed by someone else.

    "He's a beast! Such power! I thought he was a coward but it turned out that he simply didn't care to dirty his hands dealing with Wu Tengshan."

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom pouted a little as she fixed her wide eyes on Chen Fan, batting her lashes.

    Qi Qingwei looked embarrassed. She had always looked down on Chen Fan, convinced that he was just acting nonchalant. However, it turned out that she couldn't be more wrong.

    "Who else?" Chen Fan asked casually.

    Chen Fan's question sounded almost surreal to everyone.

    Never had anyone outside of the Seven Exalted Sects won a fight in this arena, much less outright dominating the competition. Ever since the rise of the Seven Exalted Sects, their young cultivators had claimed victory during each and every Gathering of Lantai. The rest of the cultivators were merely cannon fodder.


    Many people looked to the Thearch's Son.

    The Thearch's Son was wearing a robe decorated with nine water dragons, each more grandiose than the other. Those water dragon's had piercing gazes that seemed to be able to see through the passage of time.

    By then, Chen Fan had picked off some of the most powerful young cultivators. No one expected Bai Suxian or Qi Qingwei to defeat Chen Fan, so the Thearch's Son was Kunxu's last hope in defeating Chen Fan.

    "You are not worthy of my time," the Thearch's Son said.

    He took a few steps forward and shot Chen Fan a sharp glance. His imposing manner suggested that he was born to lord over the world.

    "You physique is tougher than Li Wenchan's; your Divine Will overcame Zhang Yulong's Will Force; Your Divine Powers countered the Zi family's secret art; Your abilities would make you a peerless fighter in Kunxu. However…"

    With every step the Thearch's Son took, a wisp of Qi was summoned under his feet. After a few dozen steps, he was shrouded by mist. Before his face disappeared behind the mist, a hint of regret flashed across his face.

    "However what?" the Princess of the Southern Kingdom asked, eyes filled with questions.

    Bai Suxian lowered her head and lamented, "However, the Thearch's Son has already become a Heavenly Being."


    The Thearch's Son landed his next step slightly higher than the ground, and he was able to elevate above the ground using any spells.

    The other cultivators could no longer register the presence of his energy. It was as if he had become one with the world. He was plugged into the hidden energy web of the universe and he could summon violent storms or deadly thunders by plucking strings that were woven into reality.

    An Earth Level Deity!

    Everyone gaped at the Thearch's Son with disbelief.

    There were only a few hundred Earth Level Deities in the entire Kunxu. They were formidable forces that dominated the realm. Nearly half of them resided in the Seven Major Sects. It took those sects hundreds of years to gain that edge since less than ten people could have reached the Earth Level Deity realm in each generation.

    Except for the Thearch's Son, the youngest Earth Level Deity was in his forties. The Thearch's Son had just broken that record and reached the Earth Level Deity realm at the age of thirty. It was unheard of.

    "The Thearch's Son has already become a Heavenly Being. No wonder the Yuntian Palace remained silent all the while."

    White Fairy gave the Exalted Immortal Lingxiao a sidelong glance.

    The others also felt a pang of jealousy.

    The Thearch's Son had leveled up while their heirs were slaughtered by Chen Fan. If the Thearch's Son emerged victorious that day, he would dominate the rest of the sects for centuries.

    "The Azure Mystic Sect Master rose to power three hundred years ago and brought the Azure Mystic Sect to the peak of its power. A hundred years ago, they also produced another powerful warrior: Changhe Sword Immortal. These two mighty figures have increasingly become a threat to our dominance. However, as long as we have the Thearch's Son, the future will always belong to us." Exalted Immortal Lingxiao laughed in his mind.

    Meanwhile, the cultivators around Lantai Mountain were stunned by the development.

    On the cultivation journey, having a headstart meant a permanent edge over others. The Thearch's Son being able to reach the Earth Level Deity realm ahead of his peers meant he would no doubt claim the seat of power once his wings were fully fledged.

    "I wouldn't have partaken in this year's competition if I had known the Thearch's Son had already reached this realm."

    Many people shook their heads and let out wry smiles.

    The gap between the Qi Refinement level and the Connate Level was huge. Therefore, no one had ever heard of a mortal defeating an Earth Level Deity with Chen Fan's victory as the only exception.

    Many people gloated as they looked at Chen Fan. They were convinced that submission was his only option and resistance would be futile.

    A hint of pity flashed in Qi Qingwei's eyes.

    "Chen Beixuan, you were blinded by your own arrogance. You have no idea how powerful the Thearch's Son can be."

    Meanwhile, Qi Xiu'er was shocked speechless by the presence of the Earth Level Deity.

    "I have been cultivating for thirty five years, and never once did I feel threatened. I only considered Xuan Luo and the other senior cultivators as my rivals."

    Thearch's Son's voice drifted down from the sky.

    "Three hundred years ago, the Azure Mystic Sect Master subjugated the water dragon and took away its energy. Changhe Sword Immortal did the same thing a hundred years ago. Today, it's my turn to repeat history."

    The Thearch's Son looked to the Fury Dragon River, outright ignoring Chen Fan.

    The gap between an Earth Level Deity and a mortal was unbridgeable.

    Chen Fan didn't break the silence until his opponent had finished talking.

    "Are you done? If you are, come to accept your death. I'm in a hurry."

    His words shocked everyone.

    Even the Thearch's Son turned around and looked at Chen Fan. Everyone glared at Chen Fan as if he had lost his mind. It was suicide to aggravate an Earth Level Deity while the latter had always wanted to kill him.

    "Hehe, you are a funny guy. They call you Chen Beixuan. I will remember that name."

    The Thearch's Son cracked a smile as he murmured the name.


    Chen Fan charged at his opponent with a punch.

    Powerful waves of True Essence ripped out from Chen Fan, forming a ten meter long golden dragon that split open the sky.

    The Thearch's Son reached out with one hand, transforming a puff of cloud into a robe which he used to entangle the dragon. The Thearch's Son tightened the noose, squeezing the dragon until it was shattered into pieces. After countering Chen Fan's attack, the Thearch's Son charged out.

    "You are not a Heavenly Being, therefore you will never understand the power of an Earth Level Deity."


    The entire world felt the Thearch's Son's powerful Essence Qi coming down from above like a deadly tsunami. The other cultivators were shaken to the core by the terrifying sight.

    Chen Fan extended an arm and punched, shattering the incoming energy.

    "Earth Level Deity? I have killed more than ten of them already."

    "How arrogant!"

    The Thearch's Son furrowed his brow and doubled down on his attack. The belligerent mist around his body suddenly gained solidity and turned into countless soldiers with shiny armors and sharp blades.

    "This is the Art of Heavenly Soldiers from the Yuntian Palace. Only Earth Level Deities can use such a powerful art since it drawd a huge amount of energy from the user," someone exclaimed.

    There were over a hundred Heavenly Soldiers and each wielded as much power as Transcendent State Warriors. The deadly retinue was led by nine Heavenly Generals. They took the form of nine writhing dragons that charged at Chen Fam from nine different directions. Their overwhelming energy suggested that they had reached the peak of the Transcendent State.


    Chen Fan held an indifferent face and flew to the sky as he summoned nine flying swords from a small gourd hanging by his waist. Those blades flew up into the sky and swooped down, taking out the nine Heavenly Generals with ease.

    "So this is what made you so cocky? Well, it's pretty impressive, I'll give you that."

    The Thearch's Son nodded as a hint of pity surfaced on his face.

    "You really shouldn't have crossed me."


    Everyone watched as a bangle on the Thearch's Son's arm flew into the sky and grew in size. It transformed into a pair of misty wheels which whirled as they sliced through the air, sending powerful energies right into the high heavens.

    "Those are the Yuntian Wheels from the Yuntian Palace, superior-grade Spirit Artifacts."

    The development caught the attention of the Princess of the Southern Kingdom.

    The other people's faces paled at the sight of the Spirit Artifacts. The wheels came in pairs and therefore were much more powerful than regular Spirit Artifacts. Not even an Earth Level Deity could withstand a direct blow from these deadly wheels.

    Meanwhile, although the power of the nine flying swords had multiplied ever since they came into Chen Fan's possession, they were inferior-grade Spirit Artifacts at most; they weren't a match against the wheels.


    The Yuntian Wheels quickly grew to the size of spaceships. They bore down onto Chen Fan, bringing a deep rumble and deadly force.

    Qi Qingwei heaved a sigh and then lowered her head.

    Despite Chen Fan's incredible display of strength, everyone was convinced that the Thearch's Son would crush him and gain the ultimate victory.

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom also looked sad and regretful. Other people either shook their heads or smirked expectantly, waiting for the coming of age of the next ruler of the realm.

    Qi Xiu'er was the only one who still had a sliver of hope despite the concern in her eyes.

    Chen Fan rubbed his hands over the nine blades as he gazed softly down their length. "The key to the power of Dharma Artifacts doesn't lie in the artifacts but in the wielders. Xiu'er, let me show you your first lesson today. Watch and learn."

    Even as Chen Fan said that, he started an art and flickered a finger.

    "Pixiu, Rosemallow, and Asura !"

    "Red Skirt, White Drake, Black Tortoise!"

    "Yellow Peony, Azure Snake, and Violet Clouds!"

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers nine times and shot nine small blades into the air. They lined up and became a streak of golden thread that could cut through metal.

    "Nine swords as one, Thread of Blade Essence!"

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers.

    Suddenly, nine flying swords charged out at the same time, turning into a faint yet visible Blade Aura. Even as everyone thought the flying swords were gone, they saw an incredible scene.

    The ten meter long Yuntian Wheels were sliced open by the golden thread like a piece of tofu.

    The golden thread passed the Yuntian Wheels and flew toward the Thearch's Son.

    The Thearch's Son charged up his energy and activated layers upon layers of defense. However, his protections fell short against the golden energy and crumbled. The thread eventually reached Thearch's Son and sliced him into two.

    The Thread of Blade Essence!

    Chen Fan had cut the Thearch's Son in two with the flick of finger.