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Chapter 736 - Killing Spree

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 736 Killing Spree

    "How is that possible?"Chapter

    Everyone was shocked after seeing how Chen Fan had countered the three young cultivator's attacks and held out against Li Wenchan's raw attack. Zhang Yulong and Zi Tianyu were both among the top five most powerful young warriors in Kunxu.

    Li Wenchan was the strongest of the three thanks to his Diamond Body. He was believed to be able to defeat an Earth Level Deity.

    So tough was Chen Fan's body that he had withstood a direct blow from Li Wenchan. Even the Thearch's Son was taken aback; it took him a while to take in the development.

    However, when he saw Chen Fan's attack, his shock was replaced by fear.


    Chen Fan didn't use any fancy techniques as he punched directly. His fist unleashed a powerful pulse of True Essence that bore down on its target like a mighty waterfall.

    Li Wenchan only had time to cross his arms before his chest to cast a Diamond shield. However, the energy shield shattered into a million pieces under Chen Fan's fist.

    Chen Fan's blow landed on Li Wenchan chest, hammering its chest bones in. Li Wenchan spat out a gush of golden blood and was knocked back a few hundred meters.


    Shock and disbelief even crawled onto Bai Suxian's stone-chiseled face.

    Li Wenchan's Diamond Body could withstand a direct attack of an Earth Level Deity's flying sword. How did Chen Fan cause so much trauma with a punch?

    A hint of regret surfaced in Chen Fan's eyes.

    He was disappointed about the damage he had dealt. If his injury didn't hamper his strength, he could have killed that young man.

    "Again!" Chen Fan shouted.

    He pointed upwards with a finger, shooting a stream of black flame into the sky. It was the Kylin Fire. Zi Tianyu's face paled after he saw the black flame and hurried to charge up his energy, summoning layers of fire to block the attack. However, the Kylin Fire melted his defense with ease.

    In the end, Zi Tianyu was able to escape the deadly Kylin Fire alive, despite the numerous burns he had suffered. The Kylin Fire had also devoured his dark hair.

    After that, Chen Fan landed his deadly gaze on Zhang Yulong.


    He shot out a pulse of deadly Divine Will from his eyes. Zhang Yulong cracked a cold smile. The Dashi Sect was well known for its proficiency in mind-force. Chen Fan had played right into his hand.

    However, as soon as their Divine Wills crashed into each other, Zhang Yulong's body trembled as blood streamed out from his face. The impact felt harder than ramming his head onto the Kunlun mountain.

    In a blink.

    Chen Fan had brought the three elite cultivators to their knees.

    "He defeated fist with fist, fire with fire and will power with will power! Chen Beixuan has reached an unthinkable level of attainment in all three aspects of cultivation: Body, Divine Powers and mind. He is a true Earth Level Deity," Bai Suxian said, her face taut with respect.

    Meanwhile, the other cultivators near the stage were shaken to the core.

    Qi Qingwei was rendered speechless. All three elite cultivators were stronger than her, and yet, Chen Fan had made quick work out of them. Did this mean that Chen Fan was going to emerge victorious?

    "I don't believe it!"

    Li Wenchan finally gathered himself, and despite the heavy injury on his chest, he doubled down on his attack. The golden glow on his body became more intense as the energy inside of him surged.

    He lifted one foot and took a step forward with difficulty.


    Li Wenchan's footstep caused a tremor in the ground. A shockwave of energy ripped out from under his foot as a golden halo appeared behind Li Wenchan.

    Surrounded by the divine light, Li Wenchan looked like Buddha in the flesh.

    "A Mortal Deity!"

    The development piqued the attention of the eight Earth Level Deities who had been observing on the sidelines.

    Meanwhile, the other young cultivators were elated by the incredible scene.

    They could finally witness the full power of elite cultivators. Li Wenchan had reached the Mortal Deity realm a while back and was much more powerful than any Immortal State Warrior thanks to his ability to use the Power of Heaven and Earth.

    "I won't surrender either. "

    Surrounded by roaring energy, Zi Tianyu flew to the sky as he reached a new level. Essence Qi of a belligerent fire element circled around him and formed a cyclone that linked the energy of the earth and the sky, with Zi Tianyu right in the middle.

    Shrouded by a purple flame, Zi Tianyu looked like a Fire Godfiend.

    Another Mortal Deity!

    Meanwhile, Zhang Yulong let out a peal of deranged laughter as terrifying soul energy gathered around him, forming four mind-force dragons.

    Zhang Yulong stepped on one of the dragons and rose to the sky like a sage ascending to heaven.

    The third Mortal Deity.

    In a blink, all three of them entered the Mortal Deity realm. As they tapped into the forces of nature, their energy made the waters of the Fury Dragon River roil.

    "What is going on?"

    People beneath the Lantai Mountain rose to their feet in excitement.

    "I sense three Mortal Deities. Could it be that three of the combatants have broken through? Maybe the battle is about to end," someone said.

    "It shouldn't be. It has just begun," another person in the audience said.

    Even as everyone wondered what was going on, another intense battle was about to take place on the Lantai Mountain.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the threat of the three Mortal Deities. He looked into the distant river and noticed a writhing water dragon lurking under its waves.

    "Chen Beixuan, you should feel honored to see our full power."

    Zi Tianyu wore the fiery energy like another layer of skin. Without incredible power, the Zi family would have never been listed alongside the major sects.

    Qi Qingwei pulled a taut face.

    Taking on the combined forces of three elite cultivators was suicide. Not even Bai Suxian could last more than one second.

    "Perhaps only the Thearch's Son could hold out against three at the same time."

    Qi Qingwei looked at the Three Pure Ones and noticed that the young man had become even more distant than three years in the past.

    Chen Fan said nonchalantly, "You talk too much, let's do it already."

    "You are courting death!"

    Zhang Yulong thinned his lips into a cold smile as he commanded the four mind-force dragons to charge at Chen Fan. Behind each mind-force Dragon was a powerful cyclone.

    So powerful were a Mortal Deity's spells that no mortal could survive their deadly rampage.

    Zi Tianyu also shot out divine flames from his eyes. Those Divine Flames turned into a rain of fire that fell above Chen Fan. Hidden inside the fire was a purple fire wheel that charged at him.

    This was the superior-grade Spirit Artifact: Wheel of Divine Flame

    Li Wenchan was the last one to lash out.

    He had sustained the heaviest injury, but his counter attack was the most powerful out of the three.


    Li Wenchan stepped forward as his body slowly absorbed the energy in the halo. His body grew larger as his skin gained a metallic texture.

    Li Wenchan extended an arm and slammed it down onto Chen Fan.

    "Arhat Golden Body!"

    Everyone was shocked by the development.

    This was the most advanced art practiced at the Leiyin Mountain. Rumor had it that only the Elephant God Master had mastered such an art. No one had thought that Li Wenchan also had access to this art. Although he could only unleash ten percent of the art's power, the attack was devastating nonetheless…

    Chen Fan remained calm; suddenly, he broke the sonic barrier.


    Chen Fan flew up into the sky like a dragon, a streak of white turbulence trailed behind him. He rested one hand before his chest and formed a seal, then pressed his palm down.

    "A Thousand Lotuses!"


    The attack shattered the four mind-force dragons, and then went after Zhang Yulong. Zhang Yulong blanched and scrambled to cast protection spells.

    However, resistance was futile before the mighty Thousand Lotuses.

    "Boom, boom, boom."

    Chen Fan's attack blew through a dozen will-force barriers and landed squarely on Zhang Yulong's forehead.


    Zhang Yulong's body exploded from the inside and turned into countless fragments.

    Chen Fan didn't stop. He reached out a hand and snatched the Wheel of Divine Flame in the air. Zi Tianyu was elated by the development. Even as he was going to double down on his art and sever Chen Fan into two, Chen Fan hurled the wheel back at him.


    The Wheel of Divine Flame flew back with ten times its former speed. It sliced open the air as it arced across the sky. Before Zi Tianyu could shore up any defense, the wheel went through his body, severing him into two.

    The second elite cultivator was slain.

    Chen Fan turned around and slammed a palm into Li Wenchan's palm strike.

    An eye for an eye.


    The impact of the five meter tall golden Arhat with the average-sized teenage boy let out a blaring noise louder than a Buddist temple's bell chime.

    Li Wenchan's body let out a flash of brilliant golden glow as he charged his Arhat Golden Body to the max. However, his strength was a far cry from Chen Fan's. It wasn't long before blood started to spill out from all the apertures of his face.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan's face remained calm as a faint azure glow appeared on his body.

    His initial-success Divine Body could defeat a Connate Cultivator with bare hands!


    Li Wenchan's palm was split open and the wound quickly extended to his shoulder, chest and finally his head. His body exploded, turning his mortal coil into a shower of blood.

    Chen Fan was the only one left standing in the arena. He linked his hands behind his back and looked into the distance with divine indifference in his eyes.

    In a blink.

    He had killed three elite cultivators.

    All the while, he had only used one hand.

    He had killed all three of them with one hand!