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Chapter 735 - Surprise!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 735 Surprise!

    All Seven Exalted Sects and the Zi family had sent Earth Level Deities to observe the competition. Since Wu Tengshan was the son of the Heavenly Thunder Sect Elder, he became the figurehead within the sect after the death of Earth Level Deity Hanshi.


    Suddenly, a large man with a dark face and angry rounded eyes appeared in the air. He was the Earth Level Deity from the Heavenly Thunder Sect, Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard.

    "Who are you? How dare you kill a disciple of my sect?" Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard shouted; his threatening voice carried so much pressure down onto everyone on the ground that they felt as if a small mountain had been dropped over their heads.

    Most young elites gathered on the mountain scrambled to safety. Stronger ones such as the Princess of the Southern Kingdom gritted her teeth and struggled to hold out. Meanwhile, Qi Qingwei and Li Wenchan were able to stand their ground firmly after gathering themselves.

    Chen Fan and the Thearch's Son were the only two who were seemingly unaffected by the pressure.

    Chen Fan pointed at the arena and said with an indifferent face as energy roiled inside of him, "You have something to say? Why don't you come up here and settle this?"

    By then, he was almost fully recovered and the Fury Dragon River had also given him a great boost in terms of level of attainment. He was on the verge of re-entering the Connate Spirit realm again. A thrilling battle would be the perfect catalyst to stimulate the leveling up process.

    "How dare you!" Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard fumed, golden lightning crackled in his eyes as he raised a palm, ready to strike out.

    Suddenly, Li Wenchan shouted, "Exalted Cultivator, please refrain from interfering with the competition. "

    "Agreed. You will have lots of chances to teach him a lesson. You are an Earth Level Deity, thus you are forbidden from entering the arena as tradition dictates," Daoist Chang Song said.

    "It's our fight, so leave it to us," The Thearch's Son put in.

    Li Wenchan and his powerful peers were proud elites, therefore they would not let Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard interfere with their business. The Exalted Cultivator's involvement would give the young elites an image of weakness; it was something that Li Wenchan would never accept.

    "All right."

    The light in Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard's eyes dimmed a little as he gave the Thearch's Son a furtive glance. Then he turned around and backed off.

    Chen Fan stood still with his hands linked behind his back. His indifferent expression suggested that he was scared of neither the Exalted Cultivator Bronzebeard nor of Li Wenchan. Although he hadn't fully recovered yet, he was confident that he would win the competition.

    "Who's next?" Chen Fan asked casually.

    "Chen Beixuan, you think too little of us. Wu Tengshan was the weakest among us and you killed him only because of his carelessness. Do you really believe that you can defeat all of us?" Daoist Chang Song said with a smirk.

    Although he lacked the Dao Body of Nascent Divinity that the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect had, as one of the leaders in the Azure Mystic Sect, he was a renowned sword immortal. Plus, his older age also gave him an advantage in terms of depth of knowledge and experience compared to his younger counterparts.


    Daoist Chang Song started a sword art and commanded the blade to leave its sheath.

    The body of the ancient sword that he carried on his back was covered with patterns that resembled the bark of a pine tree. Suddenly, the sword turned into a path of yellow glow as it charged out. Chang Song's technique was simple and to the point, with a great economy of movement. Each movement had a purpose and gave very little room for Chen Fan to breathe.

    "Daoist Chang Song really lives up to his position as the lead Sword Immortal at the Azure Mystic Sect. His Sword Art of Cang Mountain can rival the Sword Art of Chagnhe. Although Xuan Luo has a Dao Body of Nascent Divinity, his sword art would pale under comparison with Daoist Chang Song," The Thearch's Son remarked.

    His words shocked everyone.

    Xuan Luo was the name of the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect. If the Thearch's Son considered Daoist Chang Song's sword art better than Xuan Luo's, then Daoist Chang Song's sword art had to be unthinkably powerful. The revelation made people second guess their confidence in Chen Fan, especially Qi Xiu'er.

    She grew elated after seeing Chen Fan unleash his full strength. However, Daoist Chang Song's belligerent Blade Qi disheartened her almost immediately.

    Swish, swish, swish.

    Endless yellow energy beamed up into the sky and formed a path of formidable Blade Qi the size of a mountain. Daoist Chang Song took a deep breath and hurled the huge Blade Qi at Chen Fan.

    Although Daoist Chang Song had not reached the Mortal Deity realm yet, he had displayed an impressive strength that showcased his solid foundation at the Divine Sea level.

    "Forfeit the match now, I might still be able to save your life," Qi Qingwei suddenly shouted out.

    She was the Senior Apprentice-Sister of the Mixed-Essence Sect, the Sect master's favorite. If she vouched for someone's life, even the sect master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect would have to oblige. Lights came up in everyone's eyes as they registered the girl's affection toward Chen Fan. Chen Fan had proven his talent by killing Wu Tengshan and it wouldn't be too hard for a major sect to groom him into an Earth Level Deity.


    Chen Fan laughed and ignored the girl. He focused his attention on the threatening Blade Aura and said. "Qi Qingwei, you have no idea who I am and what I am capable of."

    After he said that, Chen Fan reached out an arm and flicked a finger.

    "I will show you the real meaning of power today."

    Daoist Chang Song poured out energy that he had been accumulating over fourty years and transformed it into a giant yellow Blade Aura that was able to crush through an aircraft carrier. However, Chen Fan's counter measure was rife with levity.

    "What a jerk."

    Qi Qingwei furrowed her brow in disapproval.

    She had offered help for the sake of Qi Xiu'er, yet Chen Fan ignored his last chance of walking out of the arena alive. To Qi Qingwei, Chen Fan was already a dead man.

    Tears welled in Qi Xiu'er's eyes. However she was shocked by an incredible development.


    The yellow Blade Qi fizzled away like a bubble as soon as it came into contact with Chen Fan's finger. Daoist Chang Song's energy should have been tougher than steel, but it simply disappeared.

    Chen Fan sent out an invisible force from the tip of his finger and landed on the ancient blade under Daoist Chang Song's horrified eyes.


    The blade was a mid-grade Spirit Artifact. However, it could not bear the stress and shattered into pieces. Chen Fan followed up with a seemingly gentle tap on Daoist Chang Song's chest.

    Suddenly, Daoist Chang Song exploded from the inside, turning into a puff of crimson mist.

    Chen Fan countered a powerful Sword Art, broke a sword and killed Chang Song with three taps of his finger.

    Everyone went silent!

    The outcome had caught everyone by surprise.

    Qi Qingwei's smirk curdled on her face as she grappled with what had happened. Meanwhile, the result shocked Li Wenchan and Zi Tianyu to the core. Even the Thearch's Son was taken aback by such an outcome.

    He was convinced that Chen Fan had killed Wu Tengshan because of the element of surprise. However, he didn't expect Chen Fan to kill Chen Fan with a simple jab.

    "How come he is so powerful?"

    Qi Qingwei's heart raced as she struggled to come to terms with reality.

    Meanwhile, Yun Feng from the Yuntian Palace rose to his feet and shouted, "That's witchcraft. You must have used a lowly witchcraft spell!"

    Three seconds later…

    Yun Feng was slammed down onto the ground and was ground by an unseen force into a pulp.

    The Mieqing Sect representative rose up and protested, but five seconds later, Chen Fan had decapitated him and threw his headless corpse off the arena.

    Everyone became silent.

    In a few minutes, Chen Fan had killed four young elites. Although Yun Feng and Wu Tengshan were not the strongest among their peers, the ease displayed in their execution terrified everyone.

    "This is… impossible"

    Admiration lit up the eyes of the Southern Kingdom's Princess.

    Qi Xiu'er was stupefied by the development. She blinked a few times as she tried to understand what had just happened.

    "Amitabha, please accept the challenge of a humble monk."

    Li Wenchan stepped forward. He carried a string of beads in one hand as his skin shimmered with a golden glow.

    Standing to his left was a furious Zi Tianyu, and to his right was Zhang Yulong from the Dashi Sect. Two force dragons hung from Zhang Yulong's arms, they let out a deep droning as they writhed and twisted their bodies.

    The most powerful elites finally stepped in.

    Worse, three of them got involved at the same time.

    "You can choose any one of us as your opponent," Zhang Yulong announced proudly.

    Everyone looked to Chen Fan expectantly. Let it be Li Wenchan, Zi Tianyu or Zhang Yulong, Chen Fan was in for a tough fight. Those present were convinced that these three top elite cultivators would be able to force Chen Fan to reveal his true power.

    Qi Qingwei rose to her feet and was going to say something, but she hesitated and eventually sat back down.

    Her strength was on par with that of Li Wenchan and it was better for her to wait and see how their fight would turn out.

    "I will fight all three of you at once. I'm in a hurry." Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and answered without even looking at his challengers.

    "How arrogant!"

    Chen Fan's response didn't sit well with the three elite cultivators. No one, not even the Thearch's Son or Xuan Luo would dare to take on three elite cultivators at once.


    Zhang Yulong attacked first. The two force dragons left his arms and charged at Chen Fan.

    The Dashi Sect specialized in Soul Energy.

    Zhang Yulong used an Art called the Dragon Reigning Art. It was one of the seven deadliest arts in the Dashi Sect. Once perfected, one could summon eighteen force dragons. Although Zhang Yulong's execution was far from perfect, it was deadly nonetheless.


    Chen Fan slapped the golden dragons, shattering them in an instant. Those dragons had been formed by powerful soul energy and could break steel with ease. However, they were as fragile as paper dragons under Chen Fan's attack.

    "Let me try!"

    Zi Tianyu opened his mouth, puffing out a purple flame as thick as a newborn's arm.

    The fire crackled in the air as it lanced forwarwd. This was the secret art Purple Fire Divine Body from the Fentian Valley. It was able to burn an Earth Level Deity to death.


    Chen Fan blew air toward the fire and snuffed the flame in a blink.


    Li Wenchan let out a peel of laughter, then took a step forward and hurled a fist at Chen Fan's chest, as his body was suffused with a golden glow. His punch was so powerful that it would split open a mountain.

    However, Chen Fan was unfazed by the deadly punch and allowed it to land on his chest. To everyone's surprise the blow didn't seem to do much.

    "It's my turn now."

    Under Li Wenchan's shocked eyes, Chen Fan cracked a broad smile, and punched out, turning the world upside down.