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Chapter 734 - Killed with One Hand

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 734 Killed with One Hand

    Zhang Yulong scoffed at Wu Tengshan, "Wu Tengshan is an elite of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the son of the Grand Elder, and yet he's challenging a nameless person. What a disgrace to the Heavenly Thunder Sect."

    "Wouldn't the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Sect do anything to take revenge? He's powerful and is a good friend of Cloud Heaven Thearch. Not even Earth Level Deity Hanshi is able to deal with him," Zi Tianyu said.

    "Come here. I'll protect you if you're willing to be my lover." The Princess of the Southern Kingdom chuckled. The Southern Kingdom had always been open minded and the princess was famous for her boldness, so no one was surprised.

    "You're shameless."

    Qi Xiu'er stuck out her tongue.

    Chen Fan was still sitting there, hanging by a thread. His breath seemed to be following the movement of the Fury Dragon River, but Wu Tengshan and the Earth Level Deities didn't notice that.

    "Why? Are you scared? If you're scared, you can surrender and kneel before me. Then, jump off Lantai and never show up in front of me again," Wu Tengshan said arrogantly.

    Everyone looked at Chen Fan. Some were doubting, some felt sorry for him and others were gloating.

    They knew of Wu Tengshan's strength. Even though he wasn't as powerful as Li Wenchan, Qi Qingwei and Zhang Yulong, he was comparable to Daoist Chang Song, Zi Tianyu, Yun Feng and Bai Suxian, and was way stronger than the others.

    Chen Fan didn't reply; he kept his eyes closed.

    This time, even Li Wenchan frowned. He widened his eyes and looked at Chen Fan. "Brother, you can't reject a challenge on Lantai. If you don't want to accept it, you have to leave."

    Chen Fan remained silent.

    Even Qi Qingwei shook her head. He was stubborn and shameless.

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom was a bit pissed.

    Although she liked Chen Fan's appearance, people from the Southern Kingdom appreciated warriors who never gave up and fought until the end! Chen Fan was a coward in her eyes right then.

    "Fine, that's enough."

    The Thearch's Son spoke.

    Wu Tengshan dared not to disobey him and he mumbled as he sat down.

    "This kid humiliated Changhe Sword Immortal, saying that he can kill him with one hand. I must teach him a lesson and let him know the power of the large sects and Exalted Immortals."

    Even the Earth Level Deities who sat aside widened their eyes after hearing this.

    Changhe Sword Immortal was a talented and superior figure, who once defeated many cultivators on Lantai and killed a white dragon! How could someone humiliate him? Wu Tengshan knew that the Thearch's Son admired Changhe Sword Immortal the most and would never tolerate such disrespectful behavior.

    "Oh, really?"

    The Thearch's Son frowned.

    Daoist Chang Song, the leader of the Azure Mystic Sect, got up and said furiously, "Changhe Sword Immortal is my master. How dare you say that!"

    This time, even the Princess of the Southern Kingdom remained silent.

    This was about the face of the Exalted Sects. If they didn't teach Chen Fan a lesson, how could they maintain their power?


    Qi Xiu'er was about to cry.

    Qi Qingwei said coldly, "This is his fault. He just likes to bluff. Even if I save him now, can I save him forever?"

    "But…" Qi Xiu'er was extremely anxious. She wanted to say that Immortal Master Chen was only joking.

    And yet, everyone there was superior and powerful. She couldn't say anything.

    "Calm down, Daoist Chang Song. Let me go first." Wu Tengshan smiled.

    Then, Chen Fan finally opened his eyes.

    He got up and turned around, looking at Wu Tengshan. "Did you yell and interrupt my cultivation?"

    "Wu Tengshan said you humiliated my master. Is that true?" Daoist Chang Song said expressionlessly. Chen Fan ignored him and kept staring at Wu Tengshan.

    "You've been disrespectful to me since we met down there. Do you really think that I'm a pushover?"

    "What's wrong with disrespecting you?"

    Wu Tengshan stood arrogantly and his body was covered with flashes of lightning.

    Chen Fan didn't answer. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Wu Tengshan.


    A strong invisible energy appeared and Wu Tengshan was pulled towards Chen Fan as if he were being sucked into a black hole.


    Wu Tengshan used the strength of his entire body and tried to escape from the True Essence, but Chen Fan kept holding that posture.

    Then, Wu Tengshan realized that the invisible energy was as steady as a mountain and his body was involuntarily going towards Chen Fan's hand.


    Chen Fan had dragged Wu Tengshan from a hundred feet away.

    Then, Chen Fan stepped on his head and said, "What about now?"

    "Bastard, let me go!"

    Wu Tengshan was enraged and his body let out beams of golden light. He was extremely vicious as he had never been so humiliated before.

    "Chen Beixuan, I swear I'll catch you and strike you with lightning for a thousand years to destroy your Divine Soul…"


    Chen Fan pushed Wu Tengshan's head into the ground with his foot and broke his bones.

    Everyone then woke up from the shock.

    They stared at Chen Fan as if they were looking at a monster.

    Wu Tengshan was a disciple of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Even though he was weaker than Qi Qingwei and Li Wenchan, he was a peak-stage Immortal State Warrior after all. And yet, an early-stage Immortal State Warrior was stepping on him right then.

    Qi Qingwei was also stunned.

    She had never thought that Chen Fan would be so powerful. Although he might really have sneak attacked, he was strong enough to enter the peak stage of the Immortal State and was comparable to the elites.

    Li Wenchan from Mount Thunder came out and said, "Brother, we should think about the face of the others during the battles. Let's just release him first."

    "He's right. Wu Tengshan might have been rude, but he did that for my master's sake. If you want to fight, I'll fight with you," Daoist Chang Song said.

    "Release Wu Tengshan and start the battle again."

    The Thearch's Son spoke.

    "Right, let me go. You sneak attacked me. We should start the battle again and see how my Divine Thunder deals with you!" Wu Tengshan couldn't speak so he used his Immortal Will.


    This time, Chen Fan stepped on him hard once again.

    A human-shaped pit that was a few meters deep appeared on Lantai. Wu Tengshan's limbs were broken, his chest dented and his organs had almost exploded.

    Chen Fan had used 30% of his power and no Immortal State Warrior could bear it. However, a white aura appeared around Wu Tengshan's body. It was the talisman given by his father, the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. It was extremely strong and couldn't even be destroyed by an Earth Level Deity.

    "How dare you!"

    Daoist Chang Song was enraged.

    They had tried to convince Chen Fan but he still did that. He was blatantly provoking them! Even Li Wenchan became serious. He talked to Chen Fan twice but Chen Fan ignored him, which made him feel as if his face had been lost.

    "You think the seven Exalted Sects can't deal with you?"

    Li Wenchan got up slowly.

    A steady and indestructible will gathered around him and his body was covered in glitters of golden light, as if the Buddha had come to Earth. He had apparently initiated the Diamond Body.

    Daoist Chang Song didn't say anything, simply pulling out the sword on his back.

    "Release him!"

    Yun Feng shouted!

    "Chen Beixuan, kill me if you can. Otherwise, I'll exterminate your sect once I break free," Wu Tengshan shouted. He wasn't afraid of Chen Fan's attacks because of the talisman, so he gradually became more arrogant.

    "Really? All right," Chen Fan replied calmly.

    He pulled Wu Tengshan up. While everyone thought he was going to yield to the seven sects and release Wu Tengshan…


    Chen Fan's energy turned Wu Tengshan's body and Divine Soul into blood mist. The white aura around Wu Tengshan was also dissipated.

    Before Wu Tengshan died, he still looked frightened.

    He was the son of the supreme figure of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, a peak-stage Immortal State Warrior. He even had the protection talisman of his father!

    Why would anyone kill him? How could anyone kill him?

    The entire Lantai was in silence.

    Even the Thearch's Son was startled. Nobody had thought that Chen Fan would really kill Wu Tengshan!

    "How is that possible?"

    The eyes of the Princess of the Southern Kingdom popped out and she couldn't believe it at all.

    Chen Fan was only a normal Immortal State Warrior in their eyes. But just then, he killed Wu Tengshan and broke the talisman of a supreme figure so easily, which was completely beyond their imagination.

    Qi Qingwei froze there.

    "He… he killed Wu Tengshan?"

    Qi Qingwei widened her eyes and was overwhelmed by disbelief.

    Even though Qi Qingwei had always thought that Chen Fan was powerful, she didn't know he was that strong. What terrified her was that he could kill someone without hesitation.

    "That was the son of the Heavenly Thunder Sect's Grand Elder. This is bad," Zi Tianyu said with a wry smile.

    Everyone knew that the Grand Elder would do anything to take revenge and was extremely powerful. Otherwise, someone would have already dealt with Wu Tengshan.

    "How dare you!" Someone shouted from the side.

    A thick thunderbolt struck. Apparently, the Earth Level Deity of the Heavenly Thunder Sect was enraged. He was planning to ignore the rules and fight directly.