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Chapter 733 - Challenge from Wu Tengshan

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 733 Challenge from Wu Tengshan


    A palace appeared in the sky, enveloped in mist. There were servants in white uniforms running around the palace.

    "Yuntian Palace is indeed the top sect in Kunxu. They allow their disciples to use the ‘Feiyun Pavilion,' which is a treasure that's worth more than ten thousand Spirit Stones! It's said to be able to withstand the attacks of an Earth Level Deity," someone exclaimed.

    Li Wenchan, Zi Tianyu and Bai Suxian were all staring at the person at the front of the palace.

    A young man in an emperor's robe stood at the fences of the Feiyun Pavilion. His hair was fluttering in the wind and he was wearing a golden crown. There were nine dragon motifs embroidered on his robe. He looked fierce and superior as if he were the emperor.

    Qi Qingwei had a complex feeling when she saw the man who was arriving.

    The Thearch's Son!

    The top cultivator among the younger generation of the Realm of Kunxu!

    His arrival meant that the Gathering of Lantai had officially started! The Feiyun Pavilion didn't come down to the ground but descended over Lantai. Then, a majestic voice came.

    "Everyone, please gather around."

    "All right, let's see if you're really invincible!" Zi Tianyu burst into laughter and the Purple Fire Wings appeared on his back, shooting towards the sky onto Lantai.


    Li Wenchan took a step and he started walking in the air towards Lantai.

    "It's the Divine Foot. He managed to attain this Divine Power."

    Many were stunned.

    Then, Bai Suxian, Qi Qingwei and the Princess of the Southern Kingdom also cast their spells and flew into the air. Zhang Yulong from the Dashi Sect even created a force dragon and rode on it.

    Lantai was a thousand meters tall and was extremely steep, so only Immortal State Warriors could go up there. The others couldn't fly and could only stay down there, waiting for the result of the battles.

    "Stay here, kid. I'll get back to you when I come down from Lantai."

    Wu Tengshan gave a chilling smile, then a gust of wind rolled him up and left.

    Qi Xiu'er grabbed Chen Fan's hand and mumbled, "Immortal Master Chen, we should go. They won't be coming down any time soon."

    "You might not be able to go even if you want to."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    Qi Xiu'er was startled. She found that Wu Tengshan's guards and friends were looking at them. "Don't try to run away, kid. You'll be dead no matter where you go."

    "I'm not going to run. I'd love to see what Wu Tengshan is capable of since he dared to threaten me." Chen Fan smiled and held Qi Xiu'er by the hand.

    "Girl, didn't you say you wanted to see what the Gathering of Lantai looks like? I'll take you up there."

    Then, Chen Fan held Qi Xiu'er in his arms and flew to Lantai.

    The people around them were immediately terrified. They didn't know that Chen Fan was also an Immortal State Warrior. Being able to reach the Immortal State at such a young age would deem him an elite in Kunxu.

    Even those from the Heavenly Thunder Sect frowned.

    "You're an Immortal State Warrior, so what? Senior Wu isn't someone an Immortal State Warrior can defeat."

    They sneered and waited for the drama.

    Everyone turned to look when Chen Fan arrived at Lantai with Qi Xiu'er. Those present basically knew all the Immortal State Warriors of the younger generation, so they felt a bit weird after seeing such a stranger.

    "Who is he?"

    The Princess of the Southern Kingdom looked over with interest.

    The energy Chen Fan showed to the others was only that of an early-stage Immortal State Warrior, but he looked handsome which aroused the curiosity of the Princess.

    "He's with the Mixed-Essence Sect and he knows Qi Qingwei. I heard that he offended Wu Tengshan down the mountain," Zi Tianyu said.

    "What a shame. Wu Tengshan will kill him no matter how handsome he is," the Princess of the Southern Kingdom said.

    Qi Qingwei was startled. She frowned and said, "Xiu'er, come here."

    Qi Xiu'er was still in shock so she listened to her sister.

    Chen Fan turned around and saw Wu Tengshan grinning at him. He didn't care at all and kept observing all of Lantai. There were dozens of people sitting around and they were all above the Immortal State realm. Almost all the elites of Kunxu's younger generation had gathered there.

    Chen Fan glanced over at those from Snow God Palace but Lu Yanxue wasn't there. He frowned and sat down in a corner with his legs crossed. He decided to ask them about Lu Yanxue after the Gathering of Lantai ended.

    "Why did you come up here?" Qi Qingwei said.

    There was a rule on Lantai. Whoever went up there would be regarded as one of the competitors for the leader position and could be challenged at any time, which was why Qi Qingwei didn't take Qi Xiu'er with her.

    "I don't know. Immortal Master Chen asked me to come."

    Qi Xiu'er looked confused and cute.

    "Hm, he's so reckless. Let's see what will happen to him when Wu Tengshan finds him." Qi Qingwei grunted and pulled Qi Xiu'er behind her.

    "Stay behind me. No one will challenge you."


    Qi Xiu'er sat down obediently.

    Suddenly, several beams of light fell from the sky onto the eight peaks of Lantai Mountain. Everyone, including the onlookers down the mountain, was startled. No one dared to speak at this point.

    The Earth Level Deities had arrived!

    When the light dissipated, eight fierce Sages appeared. They came from the seven Exalted Sects and the Zi family of Fentian Valley.

    They were there to supervise, but they wouldn't interrupt the battles. All of them sat on the peaks without saying a word and nobody dared to disturb them. Even in the Realm of Kunxu, Earth Level Deities were superior beings.

    "The Gathering of Lantai begins!"

    The Thearch's Son got up and said, "Anyone who wants to issue a challenge, please come forward. You can also challenge me."

    Zhang Yulong chuckled and said, "Haha, you're invincible. Who would dare to challenge you?"

    The others nodded.

    The most powerful person was usually challenged last in the Gathering of Lantai.

    "I'll go first. I want to see the cultivation art of Snow God Palace." The Princess of the Southern Kingdom got up and looked at those from the Snow God Palace.

    Bai Suxian walked to the stage without saying anything.

    They were both powerful fairies; they were also among the top ten most beautiful women. Their family backgrounds were just as impressive. So, their battle immediately caught everyone's attention.

    "Boom, boom!!"

    The two of them started fighting. The Princess of the Southern Kingdom had a pair of golden rings, which were a set of mid-grade Spirit Artifacts comparable to one of a superior-grade. On the other hand, Bai Suxian only sent out two rays of Icy Divine Light.

    Everyone was watching anxiously,

    Only Chen Fan sat in the corner with his back facing the others, closing his eyes to cultivate. His energy fluctuated with the waves of the Fury Dragon River as if he were merged with the world. His broken meridians and acupuncture points started to heal with the help of the Spirit Qi, and his body started to become a perfect gem piece.


    In the end, Bai Suxian knocked out the golden rings of the Princess of the Southern Kingdom which made her surrender. After that, more and more young elites stepped out and challenged one another.

    Li Wenchan, Qi Qingwei and Zhang Yulong had been challenged.

    But they showed the others how powerful the large sects were. They took down their enemies in three or five attacks. Li Wenchan even stood there and allowed a flying sword to slash him which didn't injure him at all, making his rival surrender in the end.

    The Earth Level Deities watched silently. One of them said, "Even though there are a lot of elites among the younger generation, those from the seven large sects and Fentian Valley are the best."

    The Earth Level Deity of the Azure Mystic Sect added, "After all, the majority weren't raised in the large sects with many top secret arts and Dharma Artifacts. It's a shame that Xuan Luo, Tian Mingzi and Qian Yexue died in the mortal world. Otherwise, they might have been able to give the Thearch's Son a hard time. Li Wenchan and the others are still too weak."

    The Earth Level Deity of the Dashi Sect suddenly asked, "Right, White Fairy, I heard that Snow God Palace once brought a girl back from the mortal world. Is that true?"

    "Indeed," White Fairy of Snow God Palace said.

    "The mortal world is weird and unpredictable. Even Earth Level Deity Hanshi died there. The seven Sect Masters have decided to use secret treasures to open the Gate of Heaven and send someone to assess the situation. They also need to search the soul of the mortal woman in your palace to understand the situation in the mortal world," someone from Yuntian Palace said.

    "I understand," White Fairy frowned and said.

    Compared to the safety of the Realm of Kunxu, Lu Yanxue was nothing. Thinking of the consequences of the soul-searching process, White Fairy felt a bit sorry for the girl.

    "You're from the mortal world after all."

    White Fairy heaved a sigh.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    The battles were still in progress on Mount Lantai.

    After dozens of battles, everyone's strength could be gauged.

    Still, the Thearch's Son remained mysterious and superior. He hadn't fought with anyone yet.

    Li Wenchan, Qi Qingwei, Bai Suxian and Wu Tengshan were all at the highest level. They were the elites of the large sects who had reached the peak stage of the Immortal State or had even become Mortal Deities!

    Mid-stage Immortal State Warriors like the Princess of the Southern Kingdom belonged to the moderate level, same as the other elites from the seven large sects.

    Finally, the early-stage Immortal State Warriors were at the lowest level.

    Only the Thearch's Son, Qi Xiu'er and Chen Fan hadn't battled yet. Then, Wu Tengshan got up and looked at the corner.

    "Chen Beixuan, I'll challenge you."

    Everyone saw a man, who had long hair and had his back facing the others, sitting in a corner.

    Who was that?