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Chapter 730 - Chen Beixuan, Who Are You

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 730 Chen Beixuan, Who Are You

    According to Chen Fan's plans…

    There were only three things he had to do in the Realm of Kunxu.

    To save Lu Yanxue, find the Path of Heaven and kill warriors in Kunxu until they stopped despising the Earth! He had to recover and further cultivate to do all these things.

    The storm in the space passage was too terrifying. Even after two weeks, Chen Fan was only halfway through his recovery. It would take at least three months for him to heal completely, so he desperately needed enough Spirit Medicines to create a peerless medicine.

    "Heavenly Essence Herb? Nine Phoenix Dragon Fruit? Ice Lotus? These are all Treasure Medicines or Quai-Spirit Medicines and there are only a few in the entire Realm of Kunxu. Other than the ones kept in the Exalted Sects or found in the forbidden lands, we've never seen or heard of any of them."

    After Chen Fan talked about the Spirit Medicines, the three masters of the Eastern River Sect turned pale.

    "If you know nothing, then what's the use of you three?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes viciously.

    "Wait, Immortal Master Chen, I've heard of the Ice Lotus. It's planted deep in the Snow God Palace and it blooms every five centuries. It's a Treasure Medicine of the Snow God Palace and can kill a person," the leader said quickly.

    He was called Qing He, the senior of this generation of the Eastern River Sect. The two guys next to him were his juniors, Qing Yuan and Qing Feng.

    After hearing Qing He's description, Chen Fan frowned. Not withering for thousands of years, letting out an aurora when it bloomed, turning people nearby into ice. It indeed sounded like the Ice Lotus.

    "Looks like I have to go to the mountain behind the Snow God Palace."

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin.

    The three masters of the East River Sect had no idea Chen Fan would be interested in the treasures of Snow God Palace. That was an Exalted Sect, one of the seven large sects in Kunxu; there was a supreme figure guarding the palace.

    After that, Chen Fan cast a curse on the three of them and allowed them to leave. When they were out of Qishan City, Qing Feng said furiously, "I will take revenge. Those bastards of the Qi Family dared to point their swords at us. They should go to Hell!"

    "We must discuss this and report to Master. We have to tell him that there's an Immortal State Master who seems to be a disciple of an Exalted Sect," Qing He said with a hint of hatred in his eyes.

    After the three of them left, the members of the Qi Family suddenly became worried.

    "Immortal Master Chen, they're the masters of the Eastern River Sect. You're an Immortal Master of an Exalted Sect so you certainly have nothing to fear, but Qishan City can't bear the consequences," Qi Mufeng said with a wry smile.

    "Father, why are you worried about them? We have Immortal Master Chen and Sister is a disciple of the Mixed-Essence Sect. When she comes back, she'll exterminate the Eastern River Sect," Qi Mufeng said.

    Chen Fan raised his eyebrows. He had heard about Qi Xiu'er's sister many times. She was extraordinary and had been under an Immortal Master from an Exalted Sect for decades. She had already reached the peak stage of the Transcendent State on her last visit, so it was very likely that she had attained an even higher level by then. Besides, she was beautiful and even the elders of the Eastern River Sect had their eyes on her.

    "Your sister is too far away after all."

    Qi Mufeng shook his head and sighed.

    And yet, he started to become respectful to Chen Fan and did everything to help him find any of the Spirit Medicines he needed.

    Until one day, Chen Fan stopped him and asked him what he wanted. Qi Mufeng then hesitated and said, "Our daughter, Xiu'er, has always been naughty, ever since she was small. If she can be your disciple, the Qi Family will do everything it can to serve you."

    Chen Fan smiled and glanced at Qi Xiu'er.

    She put her hands behind her back and turned her face to the side, pretending like she wasn't listening. She was apparently nervous.


    While Chen Fan was about to speak, a voice came from outside.

    "Father, I'll take Xiu'er to the Mixed-Essence Sect. No need to give others trouble."

    Then, a woman entered. Once she came in, the room became brighter; she looked gorgeous in her white gown.

    "Qingwei, you're back."

    Qi Mufeng forced a smile.

    Even Qi Xiu'er also greeted the woman, "Sister."

    "I heard that we have a guest here, so I took the chance to stop by and take Xiu'er with me," Qi Qingwei said as she glanced at Chen Fan, "Which sect are you from? I know all the core disciples of the seven Exalted Sects, including Yuntian Palace, the Azure Mystic Sect, Mount Thunder, Snow God Palace, the Mixed-Essence Sect and the Dashi Sect. Someone young and successful like you should be familiar to me. Why haven't I met you before?"

    "I usually shut myself in to practice. It's normal you haven't met me," Chen Fan replied.

    "Is that so?"

    Qi Qingwei didn't believe it.

    Chen Fan had already noticed her presence, right when she entered the city. What shocked him was that Qi Qingwei was only a few years older than him but she had already reached the peak stage of the Immortal State, similar to the young master of the Azure Mystic Sect and Qian Yexue.

    "This must be the future heir of the Mixed-Essence Sect," Chen Fan thought.

    As expected, two disciples of the Mixed-Essence Sect came in and said respectfully, "Senior, we've warned the Eastern River Sect and their Sect Master promised us that they will never disturb us again. He has also punished the three masters who came last time."

    "Sister, have you become a senior of the Mixed-Essence Sect?" Qi Xiu'er asked.

    Even Qi Mufeng looked up in shock.

    "Three years ago, she defeated all the seniors in the sect, in a battle and went all the way to the top. When she becomes a Sage, she'll be the next Sect Master," one of the disciples said with pride.


    Everyone in the room gasped.

    The Mixed-Essence Sect was one of the seven large sects in the Realm of Kunxu and was on an equal footing with the Azure Mystic Sect and Yuntian Palace. It had thousands of years of history and Ye Qincang even got the cultivation art of the Mixed-Essence Sect from the Deity Burial Valley.

    Qi Mufeng was the Mixed-Essence Sect's top disciple of this generation, and she would be in charge of the sect in the future. How talented was she?

    "There's finally glory for the Qi Family!" Qi Mufeng was so excited that his hands were trembling. The elders were also crying emotionally.

    Those who looked down on Qi Mufeng lowered their heads.

    "Even though the Eastern River Sect has an Earth Level Deity, he is already four hundred years old so he doesn't have much time left. They won't offend the Qi Family anymore as they want their sect to survive. Don't worry," Qi Qingwei said calmly without looking at Chen Fan. Instead, she turned around and told Qi Xiu'er, "Xiu'er, go pack you things and come with me.

    "I'm going to the Gathering of Lantai on September 9th. By then, all the elites of the large sects in the entire Kunxu will gather at the Fury Dragon River to battle for the leader's position. You should come with me and meet the real heavy hitters of the Realm of Kunxu."

    "Huh? The Gathering of Lantai is about to start?" Qi Xiu'er's eyes brightened and she glanced at Chen Fan. "But I really want to learn from Immortal Master Chen. He's really powerful and he knows a lot of Dharma Spells…"


    Qi Qingwei narrowed her eyes. Qi Xiu'er was so terrified she almost cried.

    "You should come with me and have a look," Qi Qingwei said to Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan chuckled and was about to reject the offer. How would the North Mystic Celestial Lord listen to the orders of such a woman?

    However, Qi Xiu'er ran over and pulled Chen Fan's sleeve. Looking at her face, Chen Fan patted her head and said, "Alright, I'll go with you."

    "Brother Chen is the best."

    Qi Xiu'er gave a beaming smile.

    Qi Qingwei frowned but refrained from saying more.

    Since they didn't have much time, they set off right after they packed their things. Chen Fan had the Blade Strengthening Gourd so he put everything inside, but Qi Xiu'er was different. She was going to the Mixed-Essence Sect to learn and Qi Mufeng packed seven bags for her.

    Luckily, Qi Qingwei had brought an Immortal State Beast.

    The giant beast had scales all over its body and its four feet were as thick as posts. It was dozens of meters long like a moving mountain, and every step it took shook the world. Rumor had it that it was an ancient beast called the "Earthquake Beast." It carried a house on its back like a moving palace and it could clearly display Qi Qingwei's status in the Mixed-Essence Sect.

    They stopped from time to time along their journey.

    All the lords of the cities they went past greeted them respectfully, and the sects also sent people to meet them. Their trip was extremely smooth which showed the power of an Exalted Sect.

    Chen Fan also took the opportunity to buy some Spirit Medicines.

    There was abundant Spirit Qi in the Realm of Kunxu and there was a wider variety of Spirit Medicines than on Earth. If he wanted to make a peerless medicine to breakthrough, he needed all sorts of medicines. Qi Qingwei only observed him in silence.

    The two disciples of the Mixed-Essence Sect laughed at the back.

    "Not everyone can brew elixirs, and there's no use buying so many Spirit Medicines. It's not that his chances to succeed would improve if he adds more types of Spirit Medicines."

    Chen Fan ignored them. The disciples of Kunxu wouldn't understand the Elixir Brewing Arts of the Sages. They would be terrified if they knew those were only half of the Spirit Medicines, and that the main ones were made with the angel of the Light Race.

    Only Qi Xiu'er tagged along everyday to help him. She was looking forward to seeing Chen Fan succeed in making the medicines.

    One day, two days, three days… His injuries gradually healed and almost all the medicines were gathered.

    Roughly ten days later, they were quite close to Lantai Mountain. While everyone was resting, Chen Fan sat somewhere as usual and a shadow suddenly moved close to him.

    "Chen Beixuan, who are you?"

    Qi Qingwei's beautiful face appeared in the dark.

    She was cold and fierce!