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Chapter 729 - Kneel and I“ll Spare You!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 729 Kneel and I“ll Spare You!

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    The Eastern River Sect.

    The power leading the seventeen cities within five hundred miles which represented millions of people. Although they weren't quite famous in the Realm of Kunxu and were only a bit more powerful than the Black Water Sect, they were an Immortal Sect after all. The Lord of a city had to be respectful even to their disciples.

    The three masters of the Eastern River Sect arrived on their cranes.

    The giant white cranes were six meters long. Their feathers were hard like steel and their sharp claws were shiny. The three of them arrived at the mansion and the elders of the Qi Family immediately went out to greet them.

    The leader yelled, "Ask Qi Mufeng and the guy who's pretending to be the disciple of an Exalted Sect to come out."

    He was around fifty years old and was wearing a black robe with a white crane pattern, which was the logo of the Eastern River Sect. He had the energy of a Sage and there were glitters flashing in his eyes. He was apparently an Ethereal Enlightenment Master, which was the same as a Martial Arts Grandmaster on Earth.

    While an elder was about to explain, "The Lord is on his way…"

    Qi Mufeng came and said with a smile, "Why didn't you tell me you're coming? We've already made our contribution a while ago. Do we have to make another donation again?"

    The young man on the left shouted, "Qi Mufeng, your Captain reported that someone's pretending to be an Immortal Master of an Exalted Sect here. Quickly hand him over!"

    Then, Qi Mufeng realized that Qi Dong was also on the crane but was hiding in the back and was startled by this. He said, "Qi Dong, what have you done?"

    "I just don't want my Lord to be fooled by bad people," Qi Dong said.

    "You!" Qi Mufeng was enraged. When he was about to speak, a cold voice came.

    "Are you talking about me? Looks like you haven't learned your lesson!"

    Everyone turned around and saw Chen Fan and Qi Xiu'er. After putting on clothes of the Realm of Kunxu, Chen Fan immediately painted the picture of an elegant young man. He was wearing an azure robe and his hair was tied up with a golden ring. He looked as handsome as a noble.

    "Are you the one who is pretending to be the disciple of an Exalted Sect?"

    The three masters of the Eastern River Sect looked over with disdain in their eyes.

    Chen Fan hid his energy; he only looked like an ordinary mortal to outsiders. He didn't look like an Immortal Master who had many Divine Powers.

    The master on the right shook his head and said, "Looking good, but you're only a mortal."

    The master on the left said with a grunt, "Pretending to be an Immortal Master of an Exalted Sect and fooling the Lord of the city. You must be executed."

    The leader said firmly, "Come here. Kneel down and prepare to die!"

    The words of the three masters brought silence to the entire mansion.

    The elders of the Qi Family dared not say anything. The Eastern River Sect had been dominating the Manggu Range for more than four centuries and generations of the Qi Family lived under the Eastern River Sect. Who would have the guts to resist them? They had the power to control the lives and deaths of their people.

    Qi Dong looked at Chen Fan with a thrill reflected in his eyes.

    "Immortal Master Chen indeed has Dharmic Powers and Divine Powers. He might not have attained them while under an Exalted Sect, but there must be an origin…" Qi Mufeng tried to explain and the young man on the left waved his hand, letting out an invisible energy.

    "It's none of your business."


    Even though Qi Mufeng was an Internal Force Master, an Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivator was no match to the Martial Arts Grandmasters. The energy swiftly moved eight feet and struck his body. Qi Mufeng spurted out blood and was knocked out six meters backwards, falling on the ground with a pale face.

    "My Lord!"


    All the members of the Qi Family yelled.

    Tears were running on Qi Xiu'er's face. She went forward to help Qi Mufeng, then she said with a furious look, "My father only said something and you went and did this to him. Is the Eastern River Sect so rude?"

    "Right, does the Eastern River Sect think Qishan City is empty?"

    Some young members of the Qi Family pulled out their swords and gazed at the three masters.

    "How dare you! If you keep being so disrespectful, we'll exterminate the Qi Family and ask someone else to lord over Qishan City," the leader said.

    Members of the Qi Family were frightened.

    They finally remembered how cruel the Eastern River Sect was. Ten years in the past, the Li Family in Autumn Cold City had a quarrel with an elder of the Eastern River Sect and that elder simply exterminated the entire family because of a so called disrespect.

    A few elders of the Qi Family looked at Qi Dong and were stunned.

    The Eastern River Sect only wanted to change to a more obedient Lord as they weren't satisfied with Qi Mufeng! Chen Fan was only an excuse. They would have still gone there eventually, regardless of Chen Fan's visit.

    An elder sighed and said, "I should have told my Lord to respect the masters who come to collect donations and give them more money and Spirit Stones. He thought that he'd be fine being obedient, but now, someone's here to settle the scores."

    Qi Xiu'er's heart fell, once she saw the actions of the Eastern River Sect's superior masters, and especially, the reactions of the Qi Family members who dared not to say a word and the complacent Qi Dong.

    She finally realized that her father was nothing to the disciples of the sect.

    "What should we do? What should we do?"

    Qi Xiu'er was devastated and she glanced at Chen Fan as if she was looking at her last hope.

    Chen Fan stepped forward calmly.

    Even if Qi Xiu'er didn't ask him for help, Chen Fan would step up, considering their hospitality and what the masters of the Eastern River Sect said.

    "Looks like these people think that I'm a pushover because I was injured. It's time to kill someone and suppress the Realm of Kunxu."

    Chen Fan approached the masters with hands behind his back.

    "Why? You're begging us now? It's too late! If you kneel down and kowtow to the masters, they might spare your life," Qi Dong sneered and said.

    "I wonder, who gave you the guts to act this way?"

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    He stretched out his hand and grabbed slightly. An energy was manifested which dragged Qi Dong towards his hand. Chen Fan made a gripping motion.


    The commander of Qishan City's guards was crushed into a blood mist and his Divine Soul was also destroyed without being able to say a word.


    Everyone went silent.

    The masters of the Eastern River Sect became serious and they looked at Chen Fan in shock.

    Everyone knew how powerful Qi Dong was. Even the strongest among the three of them would struggle to kill him. And yet, Chen Fan killed Qi Dong as easy as slaughtering a chicken, which completely terrified the others.

    The elder who led the three of them frowned and said, "You've gone too far, friend. Qi Dong was one of my men."

    They immediately called Chen Fan their friend after seeing how powerful he was, but Chen Fan didn't care about them. He looked up to the sky with hands behind his back without looking at the three masters.

    "Kneel and apologize to Lord Qi and Xiu'er, then I'll spare you!"

    "How dare you!" the Taoist on the left yelled.

    The other two were also enraged. Their leader then said, "You're indeed powerful, but don't you think that you can run wild in the territory of the Eastern River Sect after killing Qi Dong. The Eastern River Sect has an Earth Level Deity, six Immortal State Warriors and many disciples. You can't fight with Sages no matter how strong you are."

    The members of the Qi Family, including Qi Mufeng and Qi Xiu'er, were startled.

    An Earth Level Deity!

    This was a being that sat on top of the people of the Realm of Kunxu. The large sects could rule Kunxu because they had Earth Level Deities.

    Otherwise, there would be hundreds of Internal Force Masters in Qishan City who could crush the three masters of the Eastern River Sect. Even Immortal State Warriors would be unable to defeat a hundred thousand soldiers. After all, people in the Realm of Kunxu had basically practiced Internal Force and their level was much higher when compared to people on Earth. Only Earth Level Deities could ignore everything and smash everything. They could kill everyone no matter how many enemies there were.

    Chen Fan widened his eyes and shouted, "Kneel down!"

    A fierce energy immediately surged out of his body.

    The Eastern River Sect representatives felt like there was a mountain above them; the three white cranes screamed and fell on the ground. The three masters wanted to fight back, but they all knelt on the ground in less than a second.

    "An Immortal State Warrior! You're an Immortal State Warrior!"

    Their leader was shocked.

    A Transcendent State Cultivator was an Immortal Master! An Immortal State Warrior was also a heavy hitter in the Realm of Kunxu. The Eastern River Sect only had a few elders who had achieved the Immortal State.

    Chen Fan was so young, and yet he had the power of an Immortal State Warrior. Only disciples from the large sects could be so talented.

    "Is he truly a disciple of an Exalted Sect?" They wondered.

    After that, the three masters of the Eastern River Sect apologized to Qi Mufeng respectfully in front of the members of the Qi Family.

    Their leader even gave Qi Xiu'er a bottle of Spirit Pills and asked her to forgive them.

    The eyes of Qi Xiu'er popped out.

    The masters of the Eastern River Sect were like Sages and they would slaughter people in the mortal world. They had never been so respectful. Nobody could avoid the urge to look at Chen Fan.

    Only him could make the three masters of the Eastern River Sect act so respectfully!

    "This is truly the power of an Immortal Master of an Exalted Sect. We're indeed lucky." Qi Mufeng burst into laughter while Qi Xiu'er was in awe.

    Then, the three masters approached Chen Fan with a beaming smile.

    "We've already apologized. We can leave now, right?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes. "I'm only sparing you from death. Did I say that I'll let you go?"


    The three of them were dumbfounded.