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Chapter 728 - Who Are you?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 728 Who Are you?


    It would take a lot to embarrass a Celestial Lord, but being naked in front of strangers seemed to be too much even for Chen Fan. He summoned a black robe with an art. The middle-aged man was shocked by Chen Fan's ability and respect surfaced on his face.

    "I am Junior Cultivator Qi Mufeng, and this is my daughter Xiu'er. It is my honor to meet you, Immortal Master."

    "Immortal Master?"

    Chen Fan was taken aback.

    The girl kept her face buried in between her palms while only peeking through her fingers. She followed her father's example and bowed to Chen Fan. "My name is Qi Xiu'er. Nice to meet you, Immortal Master."

    "You may rise."

    Chen Fan furrowed his brow.

    Chen Fan sensed Internal Force inside the father-daughter pair. Qi Mufeng was at the mid-stage Foundation Establishment, while Qi Xiu'er had just reached the introductory level.

    "They would have been powerful internal force warriors if they lived on Earth, but in Kunxu, they are nobodies," Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Qi Mufeng and Qi Xiu'er rose to their feet.

    "I was wounded while fighting against a powerful foe and was forced to recuperate here. Ah… Where am I, and who are you?" Chen Fan used the easiest excuse he could come up with.

    Although Qi Mufeng remained unconvinced, the unwary girl believed every word Chen Fan had said. So she answered all of Chen Fan's questions.

    Chen Fan learned that anyone who reached a level of attainment higher than Ethereal Enlightenment would be called Immortal Master in the Realm of Kunxu.

    He also learned that the mountains around him were part of the Manggu Range, which stretched across the entire realm. Many monsters and Fey Beasts lurked in these mountains; the further one went, the more dangerous it was. Chen Fan was standing right on the mountain range's boundary.

    "We are from Qishan City just outside of these mountains. My father is the City Lord," Qi Xiu'er said with pride on her face.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He had learned from Qian Yi Xue that the Realm of Kunxu's population was in the hundreds of millions, scattered in countless settlements. These settlements were independent city states, and could be as large as metropolises on Earth. Although those settlements were autonomous, each of them was affiliated to a major sect, and had to listen to the Sect Masters' orders.

    "Qishan City is under the Eastern River Sect's protection. According to the sect rules, we are required to report your presence to the Immortal Masters of the Eastern River Sect," Qi Mufeng said slowly.

    "Eastern River Sect? I've never heard of it. How does it compare with the Heavenly Thunder Sect or the Azure Mystic Sect?"

    Chen Fan yawned.

    Qi Mufeng tightened his back as his face became serious. "The Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Azure Mystic Sect are Exalted Sects that have been around for thousands of years, they are guarded by Supreme Overlords. The Eastern River Sect only had one Earth Level Deity in its heyday. May I ask if you are from the Heavenly Thunder Sect or the Azure Mystic Sect?"

    Admiration and fear were written all over Qi Mufeng's face.

    A Immortal Master from a large sect obviously deserved much more repect than even the Sect Master of the Eastern River Sect.

    "Sure," Chen Fan replied.

    Chen Fan not only knew cultivators from those sects such as Earth Level Deity Hanshi and Earth Level Deity Leixing, but he had also killed all of them.

    Qi Mufeng bowed deeply to Chen Fan and invited him to visit Qishan City. Chen Fan accepted the invitation.

    By then, his wounds had almost recovered and he had also reached the Divine Sea level again. With the help of many tricks and devices under his disposal, he was confident about his safety.

    "I should head out and look for some medicine to create Grand Pills using the Divine Child. That should help me recover even faster," Chen Fan thought to himself.

    "Immortal Master Chen, which Sect are you from?"

    "Immortal Master Chen, have you seen real sages? What do they look like?"

    "Immortal Master Chen, my sister was taken away by elders of the Immortal Sect. My dad said he's going to send me away to the Immortal Sect as well."

    Qi Xiu'er prattled on.

    Her innocent face bloomed like a flower and reminded Chen Fan of his disciple A'Xiu.

    As soon as the three of them left the forest, they were greeted by a cavalry column. The soldiers were wearing black armor and riding tall beasts with horns on their foreheads.

    "My lord, my lady."

    A young man leading the black knights got off his mount and strode toward them. His steps carried formidable energy and confidence, a telltale sign of his Transcendent State power. If he lived on earth, he would have been a new rising star in the Martial Arts world. The knight's gaze landed on Xiu'er.

    Qi Mufeng introduced the two, "Immortal Master Chen, he is the captain of the city's guard, Qi Dong. Qi Dong, this is Immortal Master Chen, our guest. Please treat him with the utmost respect."

    "Immortal Master?"

    Qi Dong looked up and found that Chen Fan was just an ordinary young man. A flicker of conceit flashed across his face, but he quickly masked it with a smile.

    He then offered Chen Fan one of the horned beasts as a steed.

    They rode swiftly across the landscape and Chen Fan was amazed by the endurance and speed of his mount. Qi Xiu'er was riding in the same saddle with Chen Fan and she kept on throwing questions at him.

    Sensing the girl's excitement and curiosity, Chen Fan wagered that Qishan City had to be a very secluded place that rarely had any visitors. While in a good mood, Chen Fan offered the girl a few jokes for good measure, making the girl giggle uncontrollably.

    Qi Dong watched their interaction quietly with a furrowed brow.

    After a while, they finally reached Qishan City.

    Qishan City had been built at the foothills of the Manggu Range, and took up nearly half of a large hill slope. It was big enough to allow ten thousand residents to live within its walls comfortably.

    Qi Mufeng prepared a banquet in the City Lord's Hall to welcome Chen Fan. Many elders of the Qi Family and the leaders of Qishan City were invited. Chen Fan scanned the guests and none of them had reached the Ethereal Enlightenment realm.

    "Divine powers form naturally once a cultivator reaches the Ethereal Enlightenment. No wonder they address people as Immortal Masters when they attain such a level," Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Qi Dong raised a bronze cup and asked, "My name is Qi Dong, leader of the Black Knights. Allow me to drink in your honor. I wonder, which sect are you from and what level of attainment have you achieved?"

    Qi Mufeng furrowed his brows and chided, "Manners! He's an Immortal Master."

    "My lord, I don't recall ever having an Immortal Master visit our hovel in the middle of nowhere. I have to recommend caution and prudence," Qi Dong said with a smirk.

    His words caught the elders of the Qi family by surprise and made them think.

    The Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Azure Mystic Sect were the most powerful sects in Kunxu. Even their disciples were formidable; they would hardly deign themselves to visit small cities such as theirs.

    "Are you questioning me?"

    Chen Fan put down the cup and plastered on a half-smile.

    He had no quarrel with Qi Dong, but the lewd gaze he directed at Qi Xiu'er was definitely a sign of what drove his animosity.

    "No. I just hope our lord will be more careful. If you really are from an Exalted Sect, I will apologize to you with my utmost sincerity."

    "He's right, which Exalted Sect member would visit Qishan City? Not even the elders from the Eastern River Sect would want to visit us if they didn't have to collect donations from us."

    "Maybe our lord was fooled by his small tricks."

    "I agree with Qi Dong."

    The elders nodded in agreement, leaving Qi Mufeng between a rock and a hard place. He thought Chen Fan was an Immortal Master after seeing him summon a robe out of thin air. However, he couldn't be certain about Chen Fan's origins.

    "Did he really lie to me?" Qi Mufeng wavered.

    Qi Xiu'er's face flushed red and she shouted, "What do you mean Qi Dong? Immortal Master Chen said he is from an Exalted Sect, are you calling him a liar?"

    "My lady, the world is a dangerous place. Let this be one of your lessons."

    Qi Dong continued, "If you really are from an Exalted Sect, then please show us your sect badge. As you know, all members of Exalted Sects carry an unique badge as identification."

    Everyone looked at Chen Fan.

    Even Qi Xiu'er was taken aback; she looked at Chen Fan anxiously. The badges were symbols of the sects' integrity and honor. No one would dare to forge something that carried so much meaning for the powerful sects.

    Chen Fan toyed with the wine cup and remained silent.

    "See? He doesn't have it." Qi Dong stepped forward as energy inside of him flared. One of his hands touched the hilt of the blade strapped to his waist and said, "You have lied to our Lord. Please leave the city or else…"

    His aggressive energy hung in the air; it was enough to strike fear into any mortal's heart.

    Chen Fan looked up.

    "Who are you to question me?"

    "You!" Qi Dong shouted as he pulled out his sword.

    Chen Fan flicked a finger and hissed, "Get out of my face."

    A jet of invisible force came out from the tip of his finger and rammed into Qi Dong; his body was sent flying through walls and disappeared in the courtyard.

    A deadly silence fell over the hall…

    No one dared to speak a word as they gaped at Chen Fan in disbelief. Qi Dong was the strongest fighter in Qishan City, having reached the Transcendent State. Not even the sect master of the Eastern River Sect could have defeated him so easily.

    "Immortal Master, he really is an Immortal Master!"

    The turn of events elated everyone.

    Qi Mufeng raised his wine up and apologized to Chen Fan while Qi Xiu'er fixed her infatuated gaze on Chen Fan like a silly fan girl.

    Many elders also rose to drink in Chen Fan's name. Everyone seemed to have already forgotten about Qi Dong.

    After the banquet, Chen Fan decided to stay in Qishan City for a while. He could recuperate while gathering herbs to create a Treasure Medicine.

    On the third day, Qi Mufeng went to look for Chen Fan with a sour face.

    "Immortal Master Chen, the elders of the Eastern River Sect have arrived."