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Chapter 727 - First Time In Kunxu

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 727 First Time In Kunxu

    The Heavenly Thunder Sect was a major force in the Realm of Kunxu.

    Although the sect's ranking was unimpressive, no one could question the strength of the Earth Level Deity Hanshi. Therefore, his downfall in the mortal world had caused panic in the Realm of Kunxu.

    It wasn't long before people in Kunxu saw countless rays of light streaming toward the Yuntian Palace at the center of the realm. Each light represented an Earth Level Deity; they were gathering at the Yuntian Palace to discuss the implications of the latest development.

    Meanwhile, the low level cultivators in Kunxu also started to boil over after they heard the news.

    "Have you heard? Earth Level Deity Hanshi's Spirit Tablet is broken. He was killed in the mortal world."

    "Heavens! First it was Tian Mingzi, Earth Level Deity Leixing, and Changhe Sword Immortal… now it's the Sect master Hanshi. What is going on in the mortal world? Which mortal could have made such quick work of an Overlord in Kunxu?"

    "A lot of things must have changed over there."

    Cultivators in Kunxu discussed the development among each other.

    Over the last few thousand years, the Gate of Heaven had been opened many times to allow Kunxu Cultivators to travel to Earth. Nearly all of them considered themselves much more superior and enlightened when compared to the mortals on Earth.

    This was the first time for Overlords in the Realm of Kunxu to be killed in the mortal world, pulling the rug from under everyone.

    Inside the Snow God Palace…

    Lu Yanxue was wearing a plain outfit, but it couldn't hide her exquisite features. She was taken aback when she heard news about the mortal world in the chattering of her sect sisters.

    "I wonder how Xiao Wu and Chen Fan are doing," Lu Yanxue thought to herself.

    "Lu Yanxue, the Sutra Library is still messy, clean it again. Hurry!" a woman with a thin face and tall stature said in a cold voice.

    Lu Yanxue lowered her head and replied obediently, "Yes, Sect Sister Qi."

    Even as she shuffled out of the grounds quietly, she heard snide remarks behind her, "She's just a mortal, who does she think she is? I would have her working outside the temple among the lowest-tiered disciples if it weren't for Aunt-Master Hong."

    "Senior Sister, be careful with what you say. She has the Ice Spirit Root, she is special."

    "Hehe, she'll become an Earth Level Deity if the sun rises from the west."

    As the sneers and snickers got louder and more obnoxious, Lu Yanxue lowered her head and left without saying a word.

    Meanwhile, at the Yuntian Palace…

    The palace grounds were paved with fire jade, and its massive ceiling was supported by pillars embellished with golden dragons. Smoke from incense burners lingered around the exposed beams. An angry Earth Level Deity shouted hotly, "Let me take the Dharma Treasures from all sects and storm the mortal world."

    "I will go with you. We can't let our beloved disciples' deaths stay unavenged."

    "The Heavenly Thunder Sect will follow you as well."

    Meanwhile, the sect master who sat at the head of the table looked at each of them, observing the flickering concern in their eyes.

    They were still trying to come to terms with what had just happened. The Earth Level Deity Hanshi had been a force to be reckoned with, and his sudden death told them that things weren't that simple.

    However, they were used to sitting on their high horses. Content breeds arrogance. They were convinced that as long as they reopened the Gate of Heaven, the cultivators in the Realm of Kunxu would annihilate their mortal opponents.

    "All sects should go back and prepare for the reopening of the Gate of Heaven. We shall trample over the mortal's dead bodies," Cloud Heaven Thearch said. He sat on top of a high platform and his body was shrouded by a thick mist.

    "Will do!"

    The Earth Level Deities nodded.

    Fire burned in their eyes. Chen Fan had aggravated them again and again, killing many of their peers. They anxiously waited for the reopening of the portal to rain death and destruction onto earth as revenge.

    However, unknown to the cultivators in Kunxu, Chen Fan was already on his way to find them.


    Inside the portal between the Realm of Kunxu and Earth, a wash of azure light darted left and right, trying to avoid the deadly energy swirls.

    Chen Fan carefully flew past a few deadly energy clusters as he thought to himself, "I am still not powerful enough to traverse the portal in my human form. I'm fortunate to have learned the Sky-Swallowing Painting and attained the Kun Peng Dharma Form. The Kun Peng was a creature that thrived in between dimensions, while in this form I can use the ability called Great Chaos Art to aid my journey in this deadly environment.

    "That being said, this form can only take me to alternative universes that are closely linked to Earth, such as Kunxu. It wouldn't help in a portal that leads to a far away world."

    A few dimension shards grazed his body, instantly opening up a couple of wounds. However, Chen Fan was unaffected by the treacherous journey.

    He would never have peace of mind while the realm of Kunxu still existed.

    "Plus, the Path of Heaven might be inside the Realm of Kunxu. I had to pay a visit sooner or later." Chen Fan's eyes grew cold as he opened up both wings and shouted, "Open!"


    With a loud noise came an opening at the end of the portal.

    The opening was shrinking in size rapidly, almost as soon as it appeared. Chen Fan charged forward, transforming into a thin streak of light that dashed through the opening.

    Meanwhile, the cultivators guarding the Gate of Heaven thought that they felt the gate shake a little, but when they took a second look, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

    A few hundred kilometers away from the Gate of Heaven, a portal suddenly opened up, spilling out a wash of azure light.


    The light dissipated, revealing Chen Fan and an apparition of the Kun Peng. The beast smirked at the sky and disappeared into Chen Fan's body.

    Chen Fan's body was covered with wounds. One wound ran from chest to waist, nearly severing him in two. Such an attack should have killed a Golden Core cultivator. The journey had taken a toll on Chen Fan's system; his strength had dropped from the Connate Level to that of a Foundation Establishment practitioner.

    However, Chen Fan was not concerned about this setback.

    He took a deep breath and cracked a satisfying smile.

    "Such rich Spirit Qi. I haven't felt so good in ages. It's almost as if I were back in the Realm of Cultivation."

    The Spirit Qi in Kunxu was more abundant than in any place on earth.

    Chen Fan surveyed his surroundings and found a forest ahead of him. The trees in the forest were all over a hundred meters tall and under their massive canopies were all kinds of cryptids. A giant golden bird swooped down and snatched a prey the size of an elephant.


    Chen Fan wanted to stand up, but found that it was impossible. He activated his inner sight and realized that half of his meridians were torn; even his invincible Jade Bones were cracked at some places. Worse, there was only half of his True Essence reserve left in his system.

    "I might have pushed myself too far. The space portal is still too much for me."

    His injuries were much more serious than what he had sustained in the Blood Sea.

    However, Chen Fan didn't seem to be worried.

    "The Azure Thearch Longevity Body has been widely known for its rejuvenation ability. With the abundant Wood Element Spirit Qi in this realm, I should be able to recover to full strength in less than three months. Plus, I still have the Divine Child inside the Blade Strengthening Gourd."

    The power of the Divine Child made Chen Fan second guess himself. He wagered that he wouldn't be able to contain him if he were to release him at the moment. It was better to wait until he turned him into a Treasure Medicine.

    "I shall annihilate the Realm of Kunxu as soon as I am fully recovered," Chen Fan thought to himself as he slowly closed his eyes.


    He sat cross legged under a giant tree.

    He adjusted his body and set it into an embryonic state, drawing Wood Element Spirit Qi toward him. As countless little wisp of green energy entered his body, his wounds started to heal and his breath became stronger.

    Mid-stage Foundation Establishment… late-stage…

    Three days later, Chen Fan was back at the Ethereal Enlightenment Level.

    Half a month later, Chen Fan had reached the Divine Sea.

    Just as his power increased, so did the amount of Wood Element Spirit Qi he required. Wood Element Spirit Qi from a thousand meter radius was slowly funneled toward him.

    Chen Fan drank the dew condensed on the leaves when thirsty and ate the Essence Gathering Pills when hungry.

    Fang Qiong and An Ya had stuffed the Blade Strengthening Gourd with all kinds of food and amenities, including a vehicle. If Chen Fan craved for fresh meat, he would lure a small beast out of the woods using his Divine Will and later BBQ the critter over open fire.

    The beasts in the Realm of Kunxu grew up in an environment filled with Spirit Qi; as a result, their meat was extremely juicy. If Chen Fan wasn't in a hurry to recover his strength, he would have fallen prey to gluttony, sampling all the wild beasts in the woods.

    One day, Chen Fan was harnessing Spirit Qi under a tree as usual.

    He had been sitting like that for weeks; not even the patch of fallen leaves over his shoulders could distract him. Most of the wounds on his body were healed so he had regained his godly appearance. Even the wounds inside his body were healing at a rapid rate.

    Suddenly, a girl's voice came up from a distance, "Dad, I sense many Spirit Qi threads converging here. Could it be a Spirit Medicine?"

    Then, Chen Fan heard a quick succession of footsteps landing on crunchy leaves.

    A deep voice came up, "Xiu'er, be careful. There might be beasts around here." Suddenly, the bush before Chen Fan opened up, revealing a cute young girl in a flaming red outfit.

    The girl gaped in surprise as she discovered Chen Fan, then she jerked her head to a side while shouting in panic.

    "What's going on?" The deep voice sounded concerned. The speaker sped up, then acted just as shocked when he arrived before Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan slowly opened his eyes.

    He examined the two intruders, and then looked back at himself. Then and only then did he realize he was naked from top to bottom. His clothes had been destroyed in the portal.

    The North Mystic Celestial Lord met the people of Kunxu in his birthday suit.