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Chapter 726 - Entering Kunxu!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 726 Entering Kunxu!

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi was a supreme figure.

    He had cultivated for a long time and was a Sect Master in the Realm of Kunxu. He had participated in countless battles, mastered endless secret arts and had a lot of Defensive Dharma Treasures on his body. Killing him was too difficult.

    But he had been backed into a corner by Chen Fan.

    He ran all the way to the west, to the Deity Burial Valley. Apparently, he wanted to get to the Gate of Heaven, but Chen Fan wouldn't let him. If Earth Level Deity Hanshi returned to Kunxu, the entire realm would be stirred. When the Gate of Heaven truly opened, the Earth Level Deities from that realm would enter the planet; not even Chen Fan could stop hundreds of them.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan stuck out his finger and crushed a Spirit Artifact.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi had to use the Blood Escape Spell again. His thumb exploded and turned into a blood mist that enveloped him, but Chen Fan immediately broke the sonic barrier and chased after him at five times the speed of sound.

    Don He Province, Zhong Zhou, Xikang Province…

    The two of them went across half of China. In the end, Earth Level Deity Hanshi entered the Deity Burial Valley and Chen Fan stopped him at the Gate of Heaven.

    At the Deity Burial Valley.

    The Gate of Heaven was still standing on the stone platform. Earth Level Deity Hanshi was only a hundred steps away from it, but at the same time, he looked gloomy.

    Because there was a person between himself and the Gate of Heaven.

    Chen Fan!

    He stood in front of the Gate of Heaven as if he were isolated from the world and Earth Level Deity Hanshi was blocked a hundred steps away.

    "What a shame!"

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi heaved a sigh.

    He became calm again. "I'd have taken out the treasures from my sect if we were in the Realm of Kunxu. They can certainly kill you. I just wasn't able to bring too many Dharma Treasures this time."

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers and said, "Even if you had a Spirit Treasure, I can still kill you."

    "You're shameless."

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi grunted and said no more. He turned around and looked at Chen Fan. "Chen Beixuan, you're indeed a rare talent. You might be able to become a Sky Immortal like those in the ancient times, to be on an equal footing with my Ancestral Master, the Old Man of Nine Abandonments and the Lord of the East House. Still, this world has limited your development, you've reached the highest level you can achieve in this world."

    "Nothing can save you."

    Chen Fan came with his hand behind his back.

    Chen Fan was furious, since Earth Level Deity Hanshi interrupted his wedding festivities and tried to destroy East Mountain.

    "No, what I mean is, when the Gate of Heaven opens in three years, the deities in Kunxu will come to the mortal world and you'll definitely die!" Earth Level Deity Hanshi burst into laughter.

    "Three years is like the blink of an eye to Earth Level Deities like me. Three years later, those who come, including the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, the Master of Snow God Palace, Elephant God Master and Cloud Heaven Thearch, all of them are more powerful than I am. You might be able to kill me, but can you kill those deities in Kunxu?"


    Chen Fan wasn't worried at all.

    As he walked, his body let out beams of azure light and his Armor of Golden Flame was burning violently, as if he was a God.


    The last battle began.

    This time, Earth Level Deity Hanshi exerted himself to the limit and used all kinds of forbidden secret arts. The Heavenly Thunder Dharma Body appeared and Lord Heavenly Thunder moved fiercely with the Heavenly Retribution Sword in his hand.

    Chen Fan didn't care, throwing punches immediately.

    His Divine Body was indestructible. He could break the Dharma Form of Lord Heavenly Thunder, including all kinds of Dharma Artifacts and secret arts. Chen Fan took ten steps at once and punched ten times, crushing seven Spirit Artifacts and knocking a Quasi-Spirit Treasure away. In the end, Earth Level Deity Hanshi couldn't bear it anymore and flew backwards, making a thousand-meter trench on the ground.

    "Forbidden Secret Arts, Mixed-Essence Divine Thunder!"

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi spurted out blood and his white hair fluttered in the air.

    Many kinds of Divine Thunders were released from his hand.

    Black Divine Thunder, Azure Divine Thunder, Purple Divine Thunder, Yin Yang Divine Thunder…

    In a blink, Earth Level Deity Hanshi used nine Thunder Arts in quick succession; the nine Divine Thunders combined into a colorful thunder ball which carried a horrifying energy.

    Chen Fan said, "It's similar to the Five Elements Thunder, but your level is too low. If you practice for a hundred thousand years more, you might be able to create another cultivation art that can compare to the Five Elements Thunder."

    As the reincarnation of the Celestial Lord, the biggest advantage he had after being reborn wasn't the vast knowledge, which included all sorts of arts and spells, but his discerning ability.


    Earth Level Deity Hanshi struck the thunder ball.


    The Mixed-Essence Divine Thunder exploded. This was a forbidden secret art of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Countless seniors of the sect had died because of it, so they banned their disciples from practicing it. Its power was indeed terrifying.

    A ball of lightning exploded.

    The area was surrounded by thunderbolts and half of the stone platform was destroyed. The Spirit Beasts in the Deity Burial Valley hid in a corner and were trembling. They could feel the massive power resulting from the two energies clashing against each other. Each of the energies could level the entire Deity Burial Valley.


    After the lightning weakened, Earth Level Deity Hanshi was panting in a corner of the stone platform. When the Divine Thunder exploded, he slipped aside and avoided the center of the thunderstorm, but Chen Fan was only fifty steps away from it. He must have been swept away.

    "Not even a Sky Immortal is able to withstand the Mixed-Essence Divine Thunder of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Chen Beixuan, you're still too weak…"

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi smiled. Even though his body was full of injuries and half of his meridians were broken, he was thrilled since he was able to defeat such a powerful enemy.

    "Is that so?"

    A clear voice came from the lightning mass.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi stopped laughing and looked over in shock.

    Chen Fan was enveloped in an azure aura as he moved forward, letting the lightning strike him like the waves hitting on a reef.

    "You're alive?"

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi widened his eyes and said with fright in his eyes, "No Earth Level Deity can withstand my Mixed-Essence Divine Thunder! That is, unless you have the body of a Sky Immortal… but how is that possible? If you do, doesn't it mean that you're only half a step away from becoming a Sky Immortal? But you're only at the early stage of the Earth Deity level!"

    Sky Immortals!

    Even in the ancient times, they were beings that could shake the world and were regarded as the True Gods in the West! When the Earth collapsed, the Sky Immortals also managed to escape the planet.

    There hadn't been a Sky Immortal in the Realm of Kunxu for thousands of years.

    The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect was barely close to that level.

    "A Golden Core Body? I haven't achieved that yet but I'm close," Chen Fan replied and stepped on Earth Level Deity Hanshi who lay on the ground. He wasn't able to bear it.


    The bones of Earth Level Deity Hanshi broke and his chest was dented. Even his heart was crushed. He would probably die after being injured so severely.

    "Chen Beixuan, even if you kill me, you'll be the same as me one day. The others in the Realm of Kunxu will take revenge for me. I'm waiting for the moment they come into the mortal world and turn this piece of land into Hell."

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi burst into laughter.

    "Really? you won't survive to see that day."

    Chen Fan then stomped on the head of Earth Level Deity Hanshi and turned around, walking towards the Gate of Heaven! The body of Earth Level Deity Hanshi had been destroyed and his Divine Soul started to shatter. He looked at Chen Fan in confusion.

    He only saw Chen Fan walking to the Gate of Heaven and turning into a light ball. There was a weird beast inside.

    "It seems to be the Kun Peng, a legendary Divine Beast.

    "What is he doing?"

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi was confused.

    The last thing he saw was that the Kun Peng spread its wings and clashed against the Gate of Heaven. The entire gate shook and Chen Fan gradually entered.

    "He's going into the Realm of Kunxu?"

    The Earth Level Deity Hanshi was shocked.

    "It's impossible. Nobody can cross the Gate of Heaven without the power of a Sky Immortal and a Space Treasure. He's going to die…"

    Unfortunately, Earth Level Deity Hanshi couldn't watch Chen Fan die. His Divine Soul exploded and golden flames came out from it, burning him to ashes.

    Ye Qincang and Chen Huaian arrived and only saw Chen Fan for a moment.

    "Take care of the North Qiong Sect and wait for me to return…"

    Everyone looked at the Gate of Heaven in surprise.

    "He entered the Realm of Kunxu by himself?"

    Qian Yexue was dumbfounded.

    That was the legendary Realm of Kunxu, a world full of Earth Level Deities; there was a chance that even Sky Immortals were hidden inside. Only Qian Yexue knew how terrifying the Realm of Kunxu was and how many Overlords there were.

    Ye Qincang looked around and said, "Senior Chen volunteered to go in there and suppress Kunxu. We must remember that he's the hero of all mankind! From now on, those who dare to offend the North Qiong Sect will be the enemies of Kunlun and China."

    Everyone nodded.

    At the ancestral hall of the Heavenly Thunder Sect in the Realm of Kunxu.

    Located inside a mountain surrounded by clouds and thunderbolts…

    The elders of the Heavenly Thunder Sect were sitting in the hall quietly with their legs crossed. Suddenly, a tablet set at the highest place exploded.

    All the elders opened their eyes at the same time and were clearly startled by this.

    Those tablets carried a hint of spirit of the disciples of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. If they died outside, the tablet would break. The one at the top belonged to the Sect Master…

    An elder said as he trembled, "The Sect Master died in the mortal world."

    In a blink, the news spread across the entire Realm of Kunxu.

    Everyone was stunned.