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Chapter 725 - Defeating a Supreme Figure

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 725 Defeating a Supreme Figure

    Before his arrival.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi had never thought that Chen Fan would be this powerful.

    After he caught Zhang Ran and Xiao Wu and got some information from their Divine Souls, he went all the way to East Mountain without knowing that Chen Fan had once defeated countries and survived nuclear explosions. Otherwise, he wouldn't have acted so confidently.

    "I was too careless."

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi looked serious and there were azure glitters on his Wind Thunder Wings. At the same time, he took out a transparent sword from his sleeve; the weapon was surrounded by an azure lightning.

    Once the sword appeared.

    Bolts of lightning struck; a burst of energy that was on par with the might of the Purple Thunder Blade was shot into the sky.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi said with pride, "The sword is called ‘Heavenly Retribution Sword.' It was made with the azure thunder above the Realm of Kunxu by our Ancestral Master ‘Lord Heavenly Thunder,' to deal out punishments on Heaven's behalf.

    "This sword is the treasure of my sect. It has killed seventeen Earth Level Deities and you'll be the eighteenth."

    Another Quasi-Spirit Treasure!

    It was even stronger than the Purple Thunder Blade!

    But Chen Fan looked calm; he had even taken the initiative to slash with his sword.

    Countless bolts of lightning turned into the Purple Thunder Blade. The blade eventually became black and swept across the air, creating a mark as if the sky had been split.


    Earth Level Deity Hanshi summoned the powers of the Heavenly Retribution Sword.

    Flashes of azure lightning struck and each of them carried a destructive energy, as if they were part of the divine retribution against the world.

    Chen Fan followed the blade and turned into a blade aura.

    The power of Earth Level Deity Hanshi was also infused into the Heavenly Retribution Sword. The two Quasi-Spirit Treasures—the transparent Heavenly Retribution Sword and the Thunder Blade surrounded by purple thunderbolts—clashed against each other in the air.

    "Bang! Bang!"

    The two lightnings clashed against each other.

    Each flash of azure lightning and purple lightning carried a terrifying energy, enough to crack giant stones and crush military vehicles. An area of about a hundred meter radius was immediately turned into a sea of lightning.

    "Go!" Earth Level Deity Hanshi yelled.

    His eyes were like flashes of light and his energy was earth-shattering. A ten feet aura was filled with a terrifying Thunder Dharmic Power. Anyone who entered that area would be crushed into pieces by the energy and the lightning bolts.

    But Chen Fan kept pushing with his blade.

    Chen Fan looked at Earth Level Deity Hanshi coldly. He only wanted to split this man in half, especially for having interrupted his wedding.


    In the end, Earth Level Deity Hanshi was overwhelmed and he was knocked backwards, creating a big hole in the clouds. The Heavenly Retribution Sword also let out some sounds and vibrated violently.

    Speaking of quality.

    The Heavenly Retribution Sword was better than the Purple Thunder Blade and was also a Quasi-Spirit Treasure, but one was made with thunderbolts and the other had been created from bodies of Entities. In terms of materials, the Heavenly Retribution Sword was controlled by the Sect Masters of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, having been refined many times.

    And yet, Chen Fan was much stronger than Earth Level Deity Hanshi.

    "It's impossible. How is this possible?"

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi was stunned.

    He was the Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, a supreme figure of the Realm of Kunxu with a Quasi-Spirit Treasure, no less. How would he lose to someone from the mortal world?

    "If you have a Spirit Treasure, you might be able to fight with me. A peak-stage Connate Being is nothing to me." Chen Fan sneered and moved forward.

    The Purple Thunder Blade let out some buzzing sounds.

    This was a rare moment it could beat the Heavenly Retribution Sword after thousands of years.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi froze. The Spirit Treasure couldn't be used, unless it was a matter of life and death. Although he was the Sect Master, he dared not to take it to Earth and become the sinner of the sect.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi shouted, "Heavenly Thunder Dharma Body!"

    A giant phantom, which was also wearing a dragon robe and the emperor's crown, appeared behind him. A terrifying energy surrounded it, as if it were Lord Heavenly Thunder.

    Once the phantom appeared, Earth Level Deity Hanshi became even fiercer than before.

    "It's surprising to see there's a Dharma Body Art on Earth, but it was only created by you. How can it stop me?" Chen Fan's hand didn't stop moving.


    A thunderbolt struck when the Thunder Blade slashed.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi also went forward with his sword. The phantom behind him followed suit, pulling a semi-transparent sword out of thin air. The sword was similar to the Heavenly Retribution Sword, as if there were two Earth Level Deity Hanshi present.

    Dharma Body was a secret art of the Realm of Cultivation. It could elevate the might of all kinds of Divine Powers and Dharma Spells once achieved.

    Chen Fan's Kun Peng Dharma Form and Tong Shan's Tiger Demon were also Dharma Bodies, but Earth Level Deity Hanshi's could never compare to the Kun Peng Dharma Form of. Even Tong Shan could defeat him after entering the Connate Level.


    The Thunder Blade and the Heavenly Retribution Sword clashed again.

    This time, Chen Fan didn't hold back anymore. He slashed and split the Heavenly Thunder Body, hitting Earth Level Deity Hanshi dead on.

    "Ahrr!" Earth Level Deity Hanshi screamed.

    He clashed against a mountain near East Mountain and split it in half. If his Earth Level Deity Body wasn't strong enough, he would have been smashed into pieces.


    Chen Fan came down from the sky with coldness in his eyes.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi was frightened.

    This was the first time he felt his life was threatened. Chen Fan's terrifying power was beyond his imagination. "Not even the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect or the Master of Yuntian Palace are as strong as him."

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi shot out from the mountain and flapped his Wind Thunder Wings, then turned into a white lightning and escaped.

    He couldn't imagine why there was such an Overlord in the mortal world.

    "You can't get away!"

    Each step Chen Fan took covered a thousand feet. Even though he had not summoned the Kun Peng Dharma Form, his speed had reached five times the speed of sound and he instantly caught up with Earth Level Deity Hanshi.

    Chen Huaian and the others were dumbfounded.

    The powerful Earth Level Deity Hanshi was brutally beaten by Chen Fan?

    "That's a supreme figure…" Qian Yexue said.

    Ye Qincang shook his head. "Senior Chen's power has reached a point beyond our imagination. I'm afraid that not even the powerhouses in the Realm of Kunxu are a match for him."

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    They clashed a few times.

    Every time Earth Level Deity Hanshi tried to escape, Chen Fan slashed him down from the sky.

    "Heavenly Thunder Dharma Body."

    "Heavenly Thunder Eyes."

    "Dragon Thunder Hand…"

    Many secret arts and Divine Powers of the Heavenly Thunder Sect were released from Earth Level Deity Hanshi's hand. As a peak-stage Connate Cultivator who had lived five hundred years, he was extremely powerful and knew an unimaginable number of secret arts.

    But Chen Fan broke all of the Dharma Spells and Divine Powers.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi spurted out blood several times.

    He had never met such an enemy. Chen Fan didn't even use a Divine Power or Dharma Spell, and still, his attacks were overwhelming. Chen Fan's True Essence was so powerful it could kill him.


    Once again.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi's Divine Powers were subdued by Chen Fan and he fell from the sky onto a highway, smashing a hundred meters of the road and forming a human-shaped pit.

    The Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect couldn't bear it anymore.

    "Chen Beixuan, do you really think I can't deal with you?"

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi ran on the road with a vicious look.


    Chen Fan ignored him and slashed as he flashed forward.

    "Go to hell!"

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi took out a black and white jade ball surrounded by two qi dragons from his sleeve. There were flashes of lightning around the jade ball, carrying a destructive power.

    Qian Yexue saw the jade ball in the air and was startled.

    "Oh no, it's the Yin Yang Thunder of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. I heard that it took the Earth Level Deity of the sect more than a century to make one. It's powerful enough to shatter the earth!"

    But it was too late.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi had set it off.


    Two black and white air currents exploded and turned into a terrifying thunderstorm. The entire three-kilometer area was enveloped by black and white qi. The highways, trees, lawn and rice fields nearby were completely destroyed.


    A golden ray of light escaped from the thunderstorm and Chen Fan appeared.

    He was wearing the Armor of Golden Flame and the power of his Divine Body was surging to the maximum. The Five Thunder Seal above his head let out beams of light.

    "How dare you!"

    Chen Fan was enraged. He had never thought that Earth Level Deity Hanshi would have such a tactic available; it was as powerful as the energy bombs of the Wise Men. If Chen Fan hadn't turned on his shield in time, he would have been severely injured.

    "Still not dead?"

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi gasped.

    The Yin Yang Thunder was the treasure of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Even the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect couldn't survive its attack. So, how strong was Chen Fan's body?

    "Take one more strike from me."

    Then, Earth Level Deity Hanshi immediately attacked again, but this time, he shot at East Mountain.

    A distraction!

    "Oh no!"

    Chen Fan was startled. He quickly turned into a beam of light and flashed towards the Divine Thunder at several times the speed of sound. If the Divine Thunder exploded, everyone on East Mountain would die.

    As he kept up with the Yin Yang Thunder, he cast a few Dharma Spells and sealed the Divine Thunder. At the same time, Earth Level Deity Hanshi had already turned into an azure light and disappeared in the sky.

    "I'll kill you no matter where you go."

    Chen Fan was enraged; he immediately ran after him.

    When both of them disappeared, only the mess near the East Mountain was left.

    "The fireworks for the wedding were a bit late!"

    Wang Xiaoyun smiled with embarrassement.