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Chapter 724 - Wife, Watch Me Kill This Worm!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 724 Wife, Watch Me Kill This Worm!

    "Indeed, It's me."

    The man floated in the air, garbed in the emperor's stately outfit. His gaze was steady and piercing; flickers of lightning flashed in his eyes from time to time. His presence was so powerful that clouds were stirred. He was no doubt the most dangerous foe Chen Fan had ever encountered on earth.

    He was the Sect master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, the Earth Level Deity Hanshi.

    Fang Qiong's heart suddenly sank to the bottom of an icy cave.

    The Gate of Heaven was closed, so how did he traverse to Earth from Kunxu? Earth Level Deity Hanshi was the sect master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, an overlord in the Realm of Kunxu who had reached the late-stage of the Connate Spirit. He was far deadlier than any other opponent Chen Fan had encountered.

    "I came from the Deity Burial Valley and have been waiting for you since last night. I allowed you a taste of happiness in life because that will make my revenge much more satisfying. It's time to pay for what you did to my disciples."

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi fumed as he waved a fist in the air.

    Even as he did that, a young couple appeared behind him; they were Xiao Wu and Zhang Ran who had been tasked to guard the Immortal Portal. They shouted at Chen Fan at the top of their lungs, "Senior Master Chen! Get out of here right now! He used an Immortal Treasure and passed the portal!"

    The two's warning was cut short by Earth Level Deity Hanshi as he waved a hand and summoned an unseen force to lash out at the young couple. The young man and the girl suddenly disappeared; only a lingering mist of blood suggested that they were alive a second before. "They have betrayed Kunxu. Death to both of them!"

    "Xiao Wu, Zhang Ran…"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as a coldness flashed across his face.

    He was too slow to stop the tragedy. The young couple was from the Black Water Sect in the Realm of Kunxu, but they had been friendly toward people of the Earth. Their masters had sacrificed themselves for the Earth's survival, and so did they.

    "Qian Yexue, you are the goddess of the Snow God Palace. How dare you betray your own kind? I shall take you back to Kunxu and bring you to justice."

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi extended an arm, sending out a powerful surge of energy that cleared the clouds and pressed down onto the Green Dragon Grand Array. White Drake and the Green Dragon rose to the sky to defend the array, but they were no match against a late-stage Connate Cultivator.


    The force penetrated the defense and turned into an apparition of a giant hand filled with a sizzling electrical energy. The hand bore down on Qian Yexue and seized her, lifting her up above the clouds.

    "What is going on?"

    The guests at the East Mountain Meadow were shocked by the development. Chen Huaian and Ye Qincang hurried to examine the sky, and found out that they were under attack. "Sh*t, he's a powerful foe. We will help Senior Chen, while the rest of you start working on the Green Dragon Grand Array."

    The two of them transformed into two streaks of light that raced across the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

    Meanwhile, Earth Level Deity Hanshi had brought Qian Yexue in front of him. Qian Yexue's face darkened as soon as she saw who was after her. "Sect master Lei, how did you get here? I thought the Immortal Portal was sealed."

    "Are you afraid? I would never have thought that you would betray Kunxu. You are directly responsible for the deaths of Leixing and Tianmin! I will bring you to justice today. The God's Guillotine awaits you!"

    After he finished fuming, he cast a Dharma Seal onto Qian Yexue to immobilize her.

    Fear flickered in Qian Yexue's eyes as she struggled to move but failed.

    The mention of God's Guillotine sent fear into the Goddess' heart. That was the last place she wanted to visit.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi saw Ye Qincang and Chen Huaian charging toward him, but his attention didn't linger on them. Instead, he landed his steady gaze at Chen Fan.

    "I'm surprised to see a talent such as you appear in the mortal world. You shouldn't have messed with the Realm of Kunxu. Our powers are beyond the imagination of lowly mortals."

    His impassive manner made him sound like a judge reading out the final verdict.

    Ye Qincang and Chen Huaian had landed near Chen Fan. They both felt an unprecedented pressure coming off from this stately old man. Ye Qincang figured that the old man's power had to exceed the combined forces of five Earth Level Deities in the Realm of Kunxu.

    "His power is terrifying. Is that the true power of the Overlords in the Realm of Kunxu?"

    Ye Qingcang was shocked.

    The scurrying clouds suddenly stopped moving as the lightning energy that surrounded the Heavenly Thunder Sect Master started to charge up. Once unleashed, those energies would devastate everything within a kilometer radius. His gaze grew cold and threatening like a carnivorous beast of a time long past.

    Qian Yexue's face paled after seeing the development.

    He was powerful even by Kunxu's standards. Only a few other sect masters and Curmudgeons in Kunxu would dare to face him.

    "Xiao Fan…!" Fang Qiong shouted at Chen Fan, her voice was broken.

    Chen Fan ignored her, and took a large stride. Winds howled around him, tossing up his dark flowing hair and making his sleeves flap, but his steps were steady. An azure glow slowly illuminated his body and outlined his muscles.

    "Three moves. If you can counter three of my moves, I will spare your life."

    Golden flames sprouted from his eyes, bright as beacons.

    "You're shameless."

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi hissed, eyes filled with conceit. "I will let you hit me three hundred times. How about that? If you can so much as harm a hair of mine, I will leave you alone."

    "Grandpa, Brother Ye, please guard the North Qiong Pavilion. Wife, I will squash this worm."

    Chen Fan took a few more steps as the Divine Light burned brighter until it became a huge golden conflagration. His honeymoon had been interrupted, and their lovenest was under attack. He poured all the anger into the fire around him, until it was hot enough to burn a Celestial Lord to death.

    Suddenly, the two powerful energies clashed into each other.


    The impact split the sea of clouds into two.

    The people on the ground were shaken after they sensed the terrifying power above the clouds. The energy of the enemy was ancient and hungry. Hua Yunfeng, Xie Yan and Azure Dragon all knew that Chen Fan was up against a powerful foe.

    However anxious they felt, they couldn't do anything to help.

    "Please relax, everyone, we should believe in our Master's ability. He will win, he always does," Hua Yunfeng said firmly, trying to calm everyone.

    The two energies were intertwined as they stirred the clouds to form two cyclones. The two twisters both grew in size as they clashed into each other.

    The outpour of energy from these clashes forced Ye Qincang and Chen Huaian to retreat into the North Qiong Pavilion. The North Qiong Pavilion was a Dharma Artifact, it could therefore provide some protection. Ye Qincang also rescued Qian Yexue from the mayhem.

    "Tell Heavenly Chen to be careful! He is a powerful foe. Even the Azure Mystic Sect Master fears crossing swords with him," Qian Yexue urged.

    Ye Qincang let out a wry smile. They wouldn't even get near Chen Fan, much less warn him of any danger. However, the girl's words shocked Ye Qincang.

    He, Chen Fan and Earth Level Deity Hanshi were all Connate Cultivators, but his power was much inferior. Earth Level Deity Hanshi could have killed him by lifting a finger.

    "So that's the strength of late-stage Connate Level. No wonder Senior Chen told me that everytime I made any progress in the Connate Level, my power would increase at least ten times. The difference between an early-stage and a late-stage Connate Cultivator is as great as that between an Internal Force User and an Immortal State Warrior," Ye Qincang murmured to himself.

    Meanwhile, the battle in the sky had just begun.

    Chen Fan turned up his palm and lifted it. With a loud clunk, a dark blade with sizzling energy appeared in his hand. Purple electric energy arced across the blade's thick spine from time to time. The body of the blade was clear and was filled with zapping energies.

    "The Purple Thunder Blade was crafted by my Ancestral Masters using the body of a Thunder God. You think you can defeat me with my own weapon?" Earth Level Deity Hanshi let out a peal of laughter.

    He waved his sleeve and summoned a large Thunder Dragon. The Dragon's eyes were two balls of flashing lightning.

    Demon Divine Thunder!

    It was the most powerful Divine Power of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

    Leixing had used it before, but the Earth Level Deity Hanshi's execution of the art was far deadlier in comparison.

    "First hack!" Chen Fan yelled.

    True Essence poured into the Thunder Blade as the flashes of light intensified. The Blade Auras grew rapidly in size and reached a hundred meters in a blink, illuminating the sky with their deadly glow like legendary blades wielded by primordial gods.

    The Blade Qi slit open the sea of clouds as bolts of lightning jolted up from the body of the blade, charging up its energy.

    "This is…"

    The Earth Level Deity Hanshi was taken aback.

    His impassive face finally showed signs of fear and surprise as he witnessed how the power of the blade surged beyond what he could have ever imagined.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi had never thought to find such an amazing ability in a mortal.

    "Hasn't he just reached the Earth Deity level? Why is he already more powerful than me?" Even as Earth Level Deity Hanshi pondered, Chen Fan attacked.


    The Divine Blade swept across the sky in a flat arc.

    The attack was much more breathtaking while looking from the ground. The Blade Auras sliced through clouds as thick as blankets with their sizzling purple energy. The movement of the Blade Auras sent chills down people's spines.

    The blow was aimed at Earth Level Deity Hanshi. To him, it felt like the blade had hacked open reality itself, creating a fissure that sucked all matter into the void, until only the blade and its movement remained.


    Earth Level Deity Hanshi shouted in a hurry, pouring out his Dharmic powers into the golden dragon. The dragon charged out in a zigzag pattern to stop Chen Fan's attack.


    A deafening blare came up when the Demon Divine Thunder clashed with the Purple Thunder.

    The two energy surges struggled against each other for only a very brief moment before the dragon was split into two by the Blade Auras. The Blade Auras jetted forward at Earth Level Deity Hanshi.

    Earth Level Deity Hanshi scrambled to cast defensive spells to repel the Thunder Blade, but failed.

    Standing on his last leg, Earth Level Deity Hanshi was forced to rely on arts that he didn't want to use. Suddenly, the Wind Thunder Wings appeared on his back and they lifted him up to evade the deadly attack.

    The Sect Master flew back a few thousand meters after only the first round of exchange.

    Before Earth Level Deity Hanshi could gather himself, he heard Chen Fan's voice resound in his ears.

    "The second hack!"


    The sky was torn open by a powerful force, giving birth to a violet storm. Constant flashes of lightning merged together and formed a blade that was far deadlier and threatening than the last blade.

    Color was drained from Earth Level Deity Hanshi's face as he realized that he was in trouble.