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Chapter 722 - Wedding of the Century

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     722 Wedding of the Century

    In Chen Fan's previous life, he returned to Earth once after two centuries. At that time, he had reached the Soul Formation Level and he was an immortal. He traveled across the universe and buried Xiao Qiong in her hometown.

    Even though Chen Fan only scanned through it once with his Immortal Will…

    How powerful was a Soul Formation Cultivator? His Immortal Will could cover the entire world and he could split the ocean and sink the earth easily. No Connate or Golden Core Cultivators could hide from him.

    "When I returned, the Earth had already formed a unified federal government and started exploring outside the solar system. Before that, there should have been a disaster that caused many casualties.

    "However, that disaster wasn't recorded in history. Officials claimed that it was the Third World War, which was caused by nuclear explosions. Since then, humans on Earth worked together and resisted their enemies. Thinking of it now, this seemed to be strange."

    Chen Fan frowned.

    And yet, no matter if Mayans or other races returned, it wouldn't be something that would happen in a short time. Cangqin took Chen Fan away in 2022 when Chen Fan was about thirty years old. There were still ten years left and the Earth was peaceful before he left.

    "These ten years are enough for me to find a passage that leads to other worlds so I can reach the Golden Core Level."

    Chen Fan shook his head and forgot about his worries.

    He started to absorb Brooke's Soul Energy and Immortal Will with the Soul Refining Art. He closed his eyes and the aura around his body was shining bright; golden threads gathered at his eyebrows and his Immortal Will became stronger.

    At the same time, the news about Chen Fan's wedding circulated around the neighborhood.

    At first, everyone thought it was fake, but after the members of the Chen family confirmed it, the upper-class community in the entire world was stirred.

    It was Chen Beixuan and Fang Qiong!

    The wedding of the most famous couple in the world was definitely a big deal! Billions of people on Earth would want to see it.

    In the end, the wedding was decided to be held on August 31st.

    Chen Fan and Fang Qiong weren't planning to make it big. They had had enough attention from the world. There were thousands of media representatives outside East Mountain every day, trying to interview them.

    They were all top media, including BBC, CNN, AFP and the Wall Street News Agency.

    Even if they couldn't see Chen Fan or Fang Qiong, they would also interview the members of the Chen family and the disciples of the North Qiong Sect. Many reporters even went to Chu Zhou City and Si Shui to investigate the experiences Chen Fan had as a child.

    Jiang Tanqiu had become famous recently. As Chen Fan's former classmate, he had become a star in Chu Zhou City.

    "Just invite some friends, classmates and members of the Chen and Fang families. If we make it too grand, the entire East Mountain will be crowded with people," Chen Gexin said.

    Wang Xiaoyun pondered for a while and agreed.

    "But where will the wedding take place? East Mountain Meadow or Zhong Hai?" Wang Xiaoyun asked.

    "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." Chen Fan smiled.

    The wedding was getting closer. Many people around the world who knew they weren't qualified to attend the wedding arrived earlier and presented their gifts.

    On August 31st.

    Guests from all over the world, including the politicians of different countries, tycoons, CEOs and other heavy hitters gathered on East Mountain.

    Jin City was flooded with luxury cars.

    Many flights landed on the city and filled all the spaces at a few airports nearby.

    Even though Chen Fan didn't invite them, they came anyway.

    "Mr. Bill Gates, CEO of the Microsoft Corporation."

    "Mr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google."

    "Felipe VI, King of Spain…"

    Kunlun set up some barriers ten kilometers away and military guards were stationed all over East Mountain, but nobody could stop these bigwigs from entering.

    It seemed that all the top names around the world were gathering on East Mountain.

    "This is too grand! I can't believe we get to see this in our lifetimes," Fang Mingde said.

    "Everyone here is worth a hundred times more than you are. Your daughter and son-in-law are much more powerful," Su Susu said with disdain.

    Fang Mingde giggled and said, "You can't compare me with him. He's a Sage. It's certainly our honor that Xiao Qiong can marry him!"

    Their status had been rising lately because of Fang Qiong.

    Who didn't want to fawn over Fang Mingde in recent days by saying that he found a good son-in-law who gave glory to the country? Even the superior mayors and CEOs of the big companies smiled at him.

    When they entered the North Qiong Pavilion.

    The entire place was full of bright lights and red decorations. Fang Qiong was especially beautiful that day. She was wearing a red dress, jade hairpins and red lipstick.

    Chen Fan was wearing a black robe. Although it looked a bit weird, it was simple and elegant.

    "Xiao Fan, my Dad wants to come and see Xiao Qiong," Su Susu said.

    "The Su family of Wu Zhou City?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    The Su family was Fang Qiong's family but Chen Fan had a bad impression of them. When Chen Fan was missing, the Su family had always made things difficult for Fang Qiong; Chen Fan had already respected Su Susu by not eliminating them.

    "Let grandpa and Su Xiao come. The others have nothing to do with the Chen family," Fang Qiong said coldly.

    In the end, most of the members of the Su family were barred from entering East Mountain; only Su Yanghao walked into the North Qiong Pavilion with the help of Su Xiao. "I'm here to congratulate Heavenly Chen and Xiao Qiong for your marriage, and also apologize to both of you!"

    Su Yanghao was ninety years old and he looked a bit guilty.

    He was filled with remorse.

    If he had insisted back then, the Su family could also enjoy such a glory.

    "You're our guests. There's no need to talk about anything else," Chen Fan said indifferently.

    Other than the Su family, the Ye family of Mount Yan, the An family of Don He Province, the Zheng family from Hong Kong and the Lu family of Lin City paid a visit to congratulate them. Even the major families of Yan Jin were there.

    "Xiao Fan, the leaders of the Qin family, the Xiao family and the Han family are waiting at the foot of East Mountain," Wang Xiaoyun said.

    "They're not welcomed here," the Chen family said firmly.

    The Chen family wasn't just the top family of Jin City, but also of China and the world! Who else dared to offend the Chen family and the North Qiong Sect?

    Several major families from Yan Jin were banned from entering East Mountain.

    Old Lord Qin looked at East Mountain as he stomped his foot while Qin Yaner seemed to be thinking about something. As for Old Lord Xiao, he shook his head and heaved a sigh, then left with Xiao Xuan.

    Xiao Xuan clenched his fists and felt it was the most humiliating moment in all his life.

    Finally, the wedding began.

    Chen Fan finished the entire procedure in front of the guests from all over the world.

    That day, he wasn't the North Mystic Celestial Lord, but Chen Huaian's grandson, Wang Xiaoyun's son and Fang Qiong's husband. A Sage could be the King of Gods when he was fierce and a loyal servant when he lowered his head.

    He knelt in front of his parents with a glass of wine and looked at his gorgeous wife, as if it had been a century.

    On the other hand, some families were feeling gloomy.

    The Wang family.

    The entire mansion was extremely quiet. Xue Hongmei had a heart attack when she saw the crimson light that went to the West and she was sent to the hospital. She had been yelling Wang Chen's name and claimed that she had seen her grandson the last few days.

    The other members of the Wang family were too ashamed to show up. The Wang family had become the laughing stock among the upper class in Yan Jin and nobody took them seriously anymore.

    Only Wang Zhongguo sat at the peak of North Mountain and looked over to Jin City.

    His grandson getting married should have been the most glorious moment of the Wang family, but he screwed up.

    Wang Keqin came in and said, "Dad, the hospital called. Mom passed away."

    Wang Zhongguo didn't reply; he only heaved a sigh.

    In Chu Zhou City.

    Jiang Churan finally returned from Romania. Chen Fan left in a hurry after sending her to a small town. She watched the astonishing battle in the United States while she was on the plane.

    After she got home, Auntie Tang and Jiang Haishan cried tears of joy.

    But soon, they started to ask about her relationship with Chen Fan and if they were still in contact. Jiang Churan knew what they were up to and felt troubled by this.

    Chen Fan wasn't that timid young man anymore.

    He was the most powerful person on Earth, someone whom the superpowers looked up to. He could destroy a country with a word and shake the world with a stomp. Countless women wanted to marry him, including princesses and daughters of tycoons.

    For some reason, Jiang Churan didn't tell them about what happened to her and Chen Fan in the Blood Sea.

    After experiencing the moment of life and death and staying together for a month, Jiang Churan felt as if there were some kind of weird connection between Chen Fan and herself.

    "Unfortunately, he will never like me."

    Jiang Churan shook her head.

    That day was his wedding day.

    Even though the North Qiong Sect was securely guarded, some reporters still managed to get in and secretly broadcast the event to the world. Billions of people sat in front of the screen, watching this spectacular wedding.

    Jiang Haishan said as he drank, "One thing I regret the most in my entire life is that I looked down on that kid. Otherwise, Ranran would have been the one marrying him and we'd be the family on the screen."

    "Hm, I wanted to introduce Xiao Fan to Ranran, but you disagreed. A fine time to be regretting it, right?" Auntie Tang said.

    Jiang Haishan was indeed regretful.

    He looked down on Chen Fan and thought he was just an ordinary young man. Nobody had thought that he would rise to the top in five years.

    "Dad, stop. It's my fault."

    Jiang Churan lowered her head.

    She felt troubled. A thought suddenly came to her mind, "Would Fei Fei be attending the wedding?"

    Xu Rongfei was indeed on East Mountain.