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Chapter 721 - Message from Space

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     721 Message from Space

    August 15th, 2012…

    On this day, humans had been dealt a severe blow! When many people opened their eyes, they found that the entire world had completely changed; it wasn't a place only for mortals anymore.

    Vampires, werewolves, supermen, martial artists, warlocks, aliens…

    Things that only existed in legends and stories gradually came to light. The mortals finally realized that these beings had always been hiding next to them, some of them having existed for more than ten thousand years, long before our human civilization.

    "The Realm of Kunxu, the Maya civilization, the Kindred, the Werewolves… I didn't know Earth was such a dangerous place," many said on the Internet.

    People found a lot of mysteries throughout history and discovered that they had been exploits or remnants belonging to some Transcendent State or Immortal State Overlords.

    Ye Qincang of the East, the Christian Church of the West, the Kindred of the Dark World, the Wise Men of North America… but one person had stolen the spotlight from them:

    Chen Beixuan!

    "There has never been someone as powerful and invincible as Chen Beixuan throughout human history, including the history of the cultivation world! He's like a True God from the ancient times, unbeatable and incomparable!"

    "He's God. He's a deity. He's an immortal!"

    The Observer left this comment on the underground forum before going offline. It was circulated around the Internet and was recognized by billions of people in the world.

    Since then, many sects were established on Earth.

    Such as the "North Mystic Sect," the "Chen Sect," the "North Mystic Fan Club," and so on.

    These people worshiped Chen Fan and thought that he was the only True God in the world! In fact, Chen Fan indeed was no different from God at this level.

    On a plane above the North Pacific Ocean.

    "God is just a powerful cultivator," Chen Fan said as he surfed the Internet.

    The tall Fang Qiong sat next to him, wearing a red lipstick color. After killing Brooke, the leader of the Wise Men, they immediately set off for China.

    The American government sent him back with the most solemn courtesy.

    Sixteen of the most advanced fighter aircrafts surrounded Chen Fan while some from other countries joined in from time to time. Chen Fan was truly enjoying the treatment of the most powerful person on Earth.

    "So, Xiao Fan, have you become a God?" Fang Qiong asked.

    "The path I'm treading is the Immortal Dao, which is different from a God's. According to the categorization on Earth, I should be a Demigod, only a step away from becoming a True God."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    A Connate Being was called an Earth Level Deity in the East and a Saint or Demigod in the West. Only a Golden Core Cultivator could be called a Sky Immortal or a True God!

    Many Gods around the world were in fact Demigods. The Divine Artifacts Chen Fan got from the Dark World Arbitration Department had been mostly made by them.

    "Which one is more powerful, the Divine Dao or the Immortal Dao?"

    Fang Qiong blinked curiously.

    "Each of them has their advantages and weaknesses." Chen Fan smiled with a hint of pride in his eyes. "But in this century, Immortal Dao rules the world!"

    While Fang Qiong was about to speak, a coastline appeared in front of her.

    They arrived in China.

    Chen Fan was warmly welcomed this time.

    Countless residents in Yan Jin went to the airport, trying to see the legendary superhero who had suppressed the United States. China mobilized both the police and military troops to maintain security, but they couldn't stop people from coming and the ten-kilometer passage was packed.

    Chen Fan and Fang Qiong appeared and waved at the crowd, then turned into a beam of golden light and shot into the sky, amidst the exclamation of the people left behind.

    It took less than two hours for Chen Fan to go from Yan Jin to Jin City.

    When they arrived at East Mountain…

    Fang Qiong was just as excited as a child.

    "Honey, flying is really fun. I want to do it again!"

    An Ya came quickly after seeing the light landing. After hearing Fang Qiong, she said, "You're already calling him Honey? What will you call him once you're married?"

    Fang Qiong was no longer shy, after everything that happened in the United States. "That's how I want to call him. You can do the same if you dare!"

    An Ya blushed and pinched Fang Qiong's waist.

    "You stupid boy! You should be pleased after making such big news. Have you ever thought about how worried we were?" Wang Xiaoyun said furiously as she approached and grabbed Chen Fan's ear.

    "It hurts. Mom, please," Chen Fan begged and smirked.

    If outsiders saw this, their eyes would pop out. The man who flew to Capitol Hill and made the United States yield was this boisterous young man?

    "Stop it." Wang Xiaoyun didn't believe him. "Nuclear bombs couldn't kill you and you say this is painful? Do you know how worried I, your dad and Xiao Ya were…"

    Tears welled up in Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya's eyes.

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh, then held them in his arms and said, "Mom, sister, be at ease. I won't worry you again."

    Wang Xiaoyun grunted.

    "If you marry Xiao Qiong quickly and give me a grandson, I'll let you do anything you want and I won't be worried even if you die out there."

    Chen Fan turned around and looked at Fang Qiong. Seeing her gentle eyes, he said, "Alright, let's do it!"

    Chen Fan's promise to marry was well thought out.

    It was too dangerous this time. He could have put himself and the North Qiong Sect in danger. But all enemies on Earth had been dealt with by then. The Christian Church was destroyed, the Wise Men were exterminated, the Kindred were eliminated and the United States had yielded. Nobody could threaten the North Qiong Sect from then on.

    After that, Chen Fan could finally leave the planet.

    And before he left, it was necessary to make Fang Qiong and his parents feel at ease.

    "What does Brooke's last message mean?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    The Mayans and the elders would return, the Earth would turn into a battlefield and there would be a war? Chen Fan didn't believe any of those things. During a critical moment, Brooke would certainly say something exaggerated so that Chen Fan would stop.

    But Chen Fan didn't kill Brooke completely. He kept his memories.

    In the study at the North Qiong Pavilion.

    Chen Fan flicked his sleeve and a blue light ball appeared in the air. The light ball had been formed by Soul Energy like the stars in the universe. Each dot of Soul Energy was comparable to that of a person and there were thousands of them.

    "The ancient Mayans abandoned their bodies and cultivated their Soul Energy, which was similar to some Buddhism sects and technologic civilizations. When their Soul Energy reached the maximum level, their Primordial Essence would be forever maintained. One person can turn into millions and control thousands of battleships. One person is a race, a heritage."

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin.

    And yet, they needed at least the Soul Formation Level to do so, and the ancient Mayans apparently had no such beings. Otherwise, they wouldn't have left the planet.

    "Let's see what information I can get from his memories."

    Chen Fan placed his hand inside the light ball.

    A strong Immortal Will surged into his body and Brooke's life-long memories flashed by Chen Fan's eyes, from his birth to when he grew up, to later become powerful and dominate the world… Centuries of memories flooded in.

    Normal people should have already felt dizzy dealing with such complicated memories, but Chen Fan was determined and couldn't be disturbed. He glanced through the things that were unimportant and looked for some key information.

    "The Wise Men are indeed descendants of the ancient Mayans. In the ancient times, the Mayans lost in the Battle of Deities and ran off on their battleships. Only one was left in North America and the remaining Mayans married humans, to later establish the Wise Men group.

    "The Wise Men chose the United States a hundred years ago and helped them suppress both the Christian Church and the Kindred, eventually getting control of the planet. Besides, they used the power of the United States to restore their spaceship so that they could leave the Earth to find their ancestors.

    "Strange… If the Mayans are coming back, why did they leave the Earth?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    Suddenly, footage from a century ago appeared in front of Chen Fan.

    "I see."

    Chen Fan realized.

    In the video, a stone room deep in the pyramid suddenly lit up and a message came from one of the detectors. The message was short but Brooke was extremely excited, as it came from the Mayans.

    "We'll return… The war will begin… We'll revive the ancient times… Descendants of the Earth, be prepared."

    This message brought extreme joy to the Wise Men.

    They had developed their technology and helped the United States dominate the world, but Brooke and the others waited for ten years, twenty years, thirty years… still, the Mayans had not arrived.

    Once a century passed, they couldn't wait anymore.

    That was why they started repairing the spaceship to search for the Mayan planet.

    "For the Wise Men who don't have a long life, a century means several generations of people.

    "However, a century isn't enough for a trip in space. My master, Cangqin, used to spend thousands of years traveling across the universe once. The Mayans were possibly still preparing for their journey when they sent this message. If they encountered any problems, it may take two centuries more for them to get here."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    He had traveled across the universe, so he certainly knew how wide and dangerous it was. Space travel was the most dangerous activity.

    "No wonder I didn't see the Christian Church, the Kindred and the Mayan battleship after returning a century later. They must have left the Earth.

    "Of course, there's another possibility.

    "The Mayans have already come and the war has ended. When I came back, it was already the post-war period of the planet and history has been altered."

    Chen Fan's eyes narrowed and were filled with coldness.