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Chapter 720 - The Emperor of Earth

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     720 The Emperor of Earth


    The Pyramid-shaped ship fell from the sky and was engulfed by the vast ocean, stirring up waves of unprecedented size. Many people who were watching the battle let out gasps of cold air after witnessing the incredible scene.

    That was a Battle Cruiser of astonishing extraterrestrial technology that was capable of annihilating an entire city.

    And yet, Chen Fan sank it to the bottom of the ocean with one blow.

    A Dark Overlord exclaimed on the internet, "Chen Beixuan is a beast! If the war machine of the Mayan race doesn't take him down, then who could?"

    Other people shared his amazement and fear. Chen Fan had officially claimed the seat of power on earth after he had brought the United States to their knees and defeated the Wise Men. No one on this planet would ever dare to challenge him.


    Suddenly, the Mayan Battle Cruiser broke through a giant wave and rose above the sea.

    It turned out that Chen Fan's last attack had severely damaged its structure, but it didn't immobilize it. It had dived into the ocean in an attempt to escape Chen Fan.


    Coutless brilliant rays of blue lights shot out from the metallic obsidian-colored surface of the ship: the result of the Wise Men's effort of charging up the battle cruiser. The pyramid shaped behemoth was a spacecraft and when it was much faster than any man made vehicle.

    Suddenly, a giant electromagnetic coil appeared around the pyramid as the spacecraft suddenly accelerated to subsonic speed. It charged forward with the same amount of momentum as a moving mountain.

    By then, the Mayan Battle Cruiser finally revealed its most powerful weapon: itself.

    "You won't get away," Chen Fan said coldly.

    He took a step forward, covering a thousand meters in an instant and arriving near the Pyramid. He hurled a fist at the ship's metallic wall, shattering its remaining energy shield and landing a punch directly on the ship's hull.

    The impact gave off a blinding azure flash.

    Chen Fan's punch was so powerful that it threatened to collapse the space and stop the passage of time. When the explosive force in his punch was finally unleashed, the pyramid was knocked off course, flying back a few dozen meters.


    The wise men were shocked beyond belief.

    None of them had expected Chen Fan to be not only a powerful spell caster, but also possessed an unmatched physique. Brooke's face darkened while the Lord of the Lance Family was overtaken by fear.

    He had never thought that Chen Fan would chase him all the way to the lair of the wise men.

    "Shit, shit! Chen Beixuan is going to kill us all!" Lord Lance said with a pale face.

    "Let's lure him into the ocean and use the Doomsday Device. Get rid of him already," Brooke shouted.

    Under his command, the Mayan Battle Cruiser dived into the ocean despite Chen Fan's relentless attacks. Chen Fan was able to land a few solid blows on its walls, but was unable to penetrate the walls.

    "This material is similar to the one used on God-killing Spear. "

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He was slightly taken aback by the Ancient Mayan's technology. They were able to create a structure so tough that it could withstand attacks from a Golden Core cultivator or a nuclear bomb.

    "But it's just a machine, and won't pose a threat to me unless it's operated by a powerful foe."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as he charged up his energy, transforming his body into a Kun Peng: a mythical behemoth that was a few times stronger than Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan flapped one of his wings and landed a blow on the pyramid, cracking the black metallic surface and leaving a ten meter long gash.

    "Damn it! What was that?"

    The Wise Men were shocked by the turn of events.

    "We originally thought Chen Fan was a human… where did he get those wings?"

    By the time they realized what was happening, it was already too late. Chen Fan's attacks had lacerated the ship in many places, and some attacks penetrated through layers of metal and reached the inner chambers.

    "The main armor is about to give in," a wise man reported.

    "Initiate the super Energy Bomb and blow him to pieces." Brooke hissed.

    The Energy Bomb was the most powerful weapon of the ancient Mayan people.

    It relied on raw energy to create devastating effects. Clark from the God-battling Team used it once and had annihilated everything within a hundred meter radius. The device on the Mayan Battle Cruiser had been charging up energy over the last few centuries and once detonated, it could slaughter anything within a few dozen kilometers.

    However, it also meant that the Wise Men would be unable to use this device for another hundred years. Therefore, Brooke had hesitated using it until then.


    A large dark blob appeared at the top of the pyramid, as if out of nowhere. It grew in size rapidly, like a blooming flower of death. Be it water, sand, or sea creatures, it annihilated anything within its reach, and created a vacuum at the bottom of the ocean.

    Driven by gravity, sea water gushed into the vacuum, only to be evaporated and disintegrated at a molecular level.

    When the dark energy finally dissipated, a circular waterfall was in place where the dark ball used to be.

    "Is he dead?"

    Some Wise Men finally let out a sighs of relief.

    The Energy Bomb was the Mayan people's coup de grace. They believed that it was powerful enough to slay a god. However powerful Chen Fan was, he would not be stronger than ancient gods.

    Their relief was short lived; what they saw next robbed them of their last hope for survival.


    A few dozen kilometers away, a wash of azure light appeared; in it was a giant Kun Peng, flapping its wings. A cold fire burned in Chen Fan's eyes. He knew the Wise Men had a last trick up their sleeves, but he didn't expect it to be that powerful.

    "The Energy Bomb is as powerful as the Five Elements Thunder. I would be severely wounded if not dead if it landed on me. Luckily, I was paying close attention, and the Kun Peng's form also granted me incredible speed, so that I was able to evade the blow. Otherwise, it would be a bad day for me."

    The more Chen Fan thought about it, the angrier he got.

    The thought of an all-mighty North Mystic Celestial Lord falling prey to a small trick didn't sit well with him.

    He flapped his wings again, and charged out like the mighty Vermilion Bird that crashed through three thousand realms without stopping. Chen Fan no longer held back his strength and unleashed the star-devouring raw power of the Kun Peng Dharma Form onto the ship. The blow created an enormous crack across the space craft.

    The ship's energy was running low, so Brooke could only scramble to mend the damage without being able to fight back.


    Chen Fan doubled down on his aggression and transformed back into his human form. A blade sizzling with purple electric energy appeared in his hand. Chen Fan swung the blade around, letting its sharp tip slice open the air, unleashing a shower of lightning that concealed his body. Chen Fan hacked downward with the blade, splitting the curtain of blinding flashes from the middle like the primordial god that ended the reign of chaos and created both Yin and Yang.

    Thunder Divine Blade first form: Splitting Yin and Yang.

    This was an eternal art passed down by the Thunder God primordial deity. The Thunder Divine Blade was a mighty art that could rival the True Martial Divine Fist. Although Chen Fan had bestowed the Thunder Soul Sutra to his grandfather Chen Huaian, the old man would never be able to unlock its real power.


    A black Blade Aura arced through the air and sliced open the pyramid like gutting a fish, disemboweling the ship to reveal the inner mechanical parts. The blade cut through them with ease and finally reached the command deck.

    However, he wasn't finished yet.

    The charged Blade Qi exploded while it got close to the Wise Men, blowing their fragile bodies into pieces.

    Brooke was the only one that escaped by transforming into a ray of blue light.

    "My Lord, please spare my life! I know many things about the Mayan race and their technology," Brooke pleaded.

    "Noisy," Chen Fan said indifferently and bore down the blade onto Brooke.

    The blade tore open the fabric of reality, ramming straight through Brooke's protective soul energy and landed on him. The thin edge of the blade unleashed an immeasurable amount of force straight down, rending Brooke's armor into pieces at first, and then splitting his body into two from the middle.


    A faint blue glow escaped from Brooke's cracked open skull. It quickly gained more solidity as it flew up into the sky and transformed into an apparition of Brooke.

    So powerful was Brooke's Soul energy that he could exist in this form for eternity. The Demon Gods from Japan simply couldn't compare. His soul energy was even more powerful than the Divine Will of some Earth Level Deities. Therefore, although Chen Fan's attack had ruined his physical form, it had damaged very little of his soul energy.

    "Sir, we can talk." Seeing Chen Fan's attacks were unable to harm him, Brooke was able to breathe for a moment.

    However, he couldn't be more wrong.

    "Blade of Divine Essence!"

    A stream of golden light burst out from the middle of Chen Fan's eyebrows.

    The light transformed into a small golden blade; its surface was covered with mythical patterns. The presence of the golden blade cast a frozen spell on the world around it, freezing everything and everyone in their tracks.

    Chen Fan had used the Blade of Divine Essence to slaughter a Mortal Deity when he was at the Divine Sea level. Since then, the power of the blade had grown into epic proportions.

    Brooke shivered as soon as he saw the blade.

    "God Slaying Blade! This is the secret Soul Blade used by the most powerful elder of the Mayan race. How did you—"


    Chen Fan cut him short with the wave of a hand.

    The small blade jetted out and turned into a streak of golden light in the deep ocean. It flew through a school of fish and took their fragile souls and spirits in an instant.

    Although Brooke was a Soul Energy Master and possessed immeasurable soul energy, the blade made quick work of him nonetheless.

    "Please, my lord! I have important information that I can share with you. My people are about to return to earth, the war is coming!"

    Brooke shirked painfully.

    Chen Fan didn't listen to his plea and unleashed nine Blades of Divine Essence at once. Once Brooke had finally become silent, he rolled the remaining soul energy into a ball and put it back in a pocket.

    Consuming that pure soul energy could improve his Divine Will significantly. Plus, Chen Fan could access all the information that had been stored in Brooke's memory, particularly the one about the "coming war."

    "What am I going to do with the pyramid?"

    Chen Fan looked to the ruined battle cruiser and shook his head.

    Meanwhile, his audience was speechless after what they had seen; all of them were shocked beyond belief.

    August 15th, 2012…

    Chen Beixuan defeated the United States and annihilated the Wise Men's battle cruiser. From that day onward, he would be the most powerful man on Earth, the unequivocal ruler of earth.