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Chapter 719 - Smash the Battle Cruiser

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     719 Smash the Battle Cruiser

    The Mayan Battle Cruiser didn't stop after the initial strike and flew to Florida, hovering over the sunshine state. Blue lights flickered on its cannon, ready to strike again.


    Hundreds of light beams were shot and pummeled the land below, rending the skyscrapers into pieces.

    Blue energy flashed across the sky and white hot air trailed behind it, knocking down the concrete and steel buildings as if they were houses of cards.

    Be it office buildings, apartments or houses, the deadly energy rammed through them all the same, killing countless innocent people. It was apparent that the Wise Men had completely forsaken their honor.


    Saddening screams rose from the city.

    People who lived outside of the downtown area turned on their heels and bolted as the city's downtown area fell into chaos. People who were watching the live feed through television had also turned into a bundle of nerves as they wondered who could stop the madness.


    A crimson light surged up from the ground, threatening to pierce the sky.

    Chen Fan's Armor of Red Flame reflected the crimson glow of the fire dancing around him; his eyes were two spheres of conflagration. His armor had been dented around the chest area after being confronted by the Electromagnetic cannon.

    Chen Fan was brimming with anger.

    "Sword array!"

    He tapped the Blade Strengthening Gourd and summoned a shower of Blade Aura to appear in the sky, forming the Starry Sword Array. There were ninety-nine flying swords in total, each deadlier than the other. Cold light ran down from their deadly edges, illuminating half of the sky.


    Chen Fan turned his palm.

    Suddenly, countless Sword Auras arced across the firmament like burning meteors and thudded against the energy shield of the Mayan Battle Cruiser. The energy shield started to shimmer as small dents started to spread all over its surface. Those dents had been created by the initial impact with the flying swords; the damaged area grew in size as they kept pushing inward.

    "Fire, fire!"

    The wise men panicked.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    The sky had been covered by projectiles shot by the Electromagnetic cannon. The Mayan Battle Cruiser had been besieged by flying swords, but it didn't waver. The small sun-like object at the top of its deck shot out a bolt of lightning that was a few kilometers in length. This was the Mayan Battle Cruiser's other weapon: Thor's Whip.


    The ground trembled under the formidable joint forces of the Electromagnetic cannons and Thor's Whip.

    Those weapons reduced the buildings inside Florida cities to a pile of sand with one blow.

    The sunshine state had sustained heavy casualties in only a few minutes into the war.


    Thor's whip knocked a flying sword to the side. A few other flying swords quickly responded and started to encircle Thor's Whip, clashing into the deadly lightning energy from time to time at Chen Fan's behest.

    The Mayan Battle Cruiser had been created using highly advanced technology and boasted an impenetrable defense. Not even late-stage Connate Cultivators could have pried open its hard shell, much less conventional weapons.

    "During the last aeon, the Mayan Battle Cruiser was able to take on a Golden Core Cultivator. But unfortunately, it has to face me today."

    Chen Fan thought to himself while holding an impassive and indifferent face.

    He flew to the sky and looked down at the Mayan Battle Cruiser from above, as a halo appeared above Chen Fan's head. Within the halo was an iridescent seal. Ancient and primordial energies leaked out of the seal from time to time, in the form of lightning tendrils.

    "Is that Chen Beixuan's super weapon?"

    Many Wise Men were disheartened when they saw such a development.

    They had seen the seal before, when Chen Fan used it to wipe out the city of detroit from the face of the earth. The terrifying sight caused so much fear in the wise men that it lingered in their minds till that day.

    "His superweapon still needs to be charged before it can be used," Brooke broke the silence.

    Suddenly, the ancient seal grew much brighter, as five lightning bolts struck down from heaven. Those five lightning bolts merged into one in the air and formed a large column of violent electric energy. Its surface was a shifting pattern of darkness and intense light.

    Although the thickness of the lightning shaft was only one tenth of that in Detroit, it was extremely deadly nonetheless.


    The lightning shaft struck the ship's energy shield and created a squeaking noise that sounded like atoms being split apart. The Five Elements Thunder carried such unrelenting force that threatened to devour anything in its path, including the energy shield.

    "WARNING, WARNING… Energy shield down to twenty percent."




    In a blink, the energy field was down to less than ten percent, and the indicator on the dashboard turned red.

    "Access back-up energy source."

    Brooke ordered as soul energy surged in his eyes, spilling out and going through the wall of the room to take control of the ship. The leader of the Wise Men's personal energy had breathed a new life into the ship, giving it enough maneuverability to evade the attack.


    The shaft of lightning missed the ship and landed on the sea instead.

    The impact created a giant hole in the sea that exposed the ocean floor.


    The Wise Men let out a gasp of cold air after they saw such an event.

    If the blow landed on the ship, it would tear apart the energy shield. Thanks to Brooke, they were saved from such catastrophe.

    An old Wise Man said with gloomy scowl, "My lord, the back-up energy represents key resources saved by our ancestors for interstellar traveling. If we use all of it now, our plan of leaving the Earth would need to be delayed for another hundred years."

    "If we don't kill him, we will never leave earth, " Brooke replied brusquely

    The back-up energy quickly restored the energy shield. Over countless generations, the Wise Men had saved those energies for their eventual voyage into space. The storage of energy was so vast that not even the energy production of the entire north american continent could replenish half of it.


    The lightning whip was over two thousand meters long and ten meters in thickness. It struck at Chen Fan with such ferociousness that many people watching the action nearly jumped out of their seats.


    Chen Fan looked indifferent as he methodically channeled his True Essence into the Five Thunder Seal.

    His Thunder Seal drew the Essence Qi within a ten kilometer radius to him, recharging the seal in an instant. Fully charged, the seal unleashed another lightning shaft that was a few times larger than the one before.

    Chen Fan was infinitely close to the Golden Core realm in his level of attainment, therefore, he was able to unleash the full power of the Five Elements Thunder.

    The lightning shaft carried the force of destruction and chaos—the most primordial power in the universe, and landed on the whip. The impact unleashed a flash of light that was so intense that it muted all colors and erased all shapes from this world.

    People watching the battle gaped at the white screen in shock and terror.

    The impact produced a deluge of electromagnetic pulse that disabled all electronic devices. The invisible pulse was followed by a more violent force wave that uprooted all buildings near the impact.

    "Dong, dong, dong."

    Chen Fan followed the attack with three more Five Elements Thunder and the Mayan Battle Cruiser countered the strikes with three more Thor's Whips.

    The battle unleashed such an unthinkable destruction upon Florida that split the earth in half and changed the course of rivers. Over half of the cities in Florida were razed to the ground during the battle and the casualties were in the hundreds of thousands.

    Over time, the battle moved from land to the ocean, stirring up tsunamis to crash onto the shore.

    "That's brutal! Are they even human?"

    Many people watched the battle through the satellite feed and what they saw terrified them.

    At first, they were floored after seeing the Mayan Battle Cruiser's advanced technology and its ability to dominate even the most powerful conventional weapon. Then, they were shocked again by Chen Fan's godlike power.

    "If god really exists, Chen Beixuan has to be one. "

    Many Dark Overlords murmured to himself.

    Even Ye Qincang was enamored by Chen Fan's abilities.

    Chen Fan had shown him the true power of a Connate Cultivator. During the battle, Chen Fan was no less deadlier than a warrior of such a realm, Golden Core Cultivator. Such feat would be impressive even among the Immortal Cultivators of the Realm of Kunxu


    Chen Fan shook the Thunder Seal.

    Dark clouds rolled over from all directions, and countless lightning bolts descended upon the seal. Already, a lightning shaft of epic proportion was taking shape before everyone's eyes. It would unleash enough force to remove a mountain with ease.


    Brooke shouted a command.

    All wise men poured their soul energy into the battle cruiser without holding back; their effort lit up the pyramid at the top of the deck as blue lightning tendrils started to form around its surface. After a few seconds, a three thousand meter long Thor's Whip was whipped from the ship, tracing a blinding arch in the sky.


    This was the final showdown and the energy from both sides had reached the max level.

    The Wise Men channeled every last bit of the back-up energy into the attack while the belligerent lightning shaft bore down on the ship like the God's divine judgement.

    The Mayan Battle Cruiser unleashed its final attack: a three kilometer long lightning whip that lashed across the sky.


    The scale of the impact and its destruction was beyond words.

    A whiteness engulfed the battlefield, and a blare drowned all sounds. Looking from afar, the battle field was nothing but a white dot. Hiding underneath that empty void was a violent storm of energy and sea waves that were over a hundred meters in height.

    "Who won?"

    Over a billion audiences watched the battle through a live feed , and they glued their gazes on the screen, waiting expectantly.

    For a while, the white light had obscured the battle in the satellite feed. After the violent energy finally subsided and the whiteness faded away, the audience had witnessed a scene that would be permanently tattooed in their brains.

    They saw an Invincible warrior wearing the Armor of Golden Flame; a lightning seal hovered above his head with as much balance as the warrior's divine judgment.

    There was his health Under his feet was the slain behemoth. The energy shield of the Mayan Battle Cruiser cracked open as the battle cruiser slowly fell from the sky and splashed into the ocean.

    Chen Fan had annihilated the invincible battleship before everyone's eyes.