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Chapter 718 - An Earth-shattering Battle

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     718 An Earth-shattering Battle

    The pyramid was only a hundred meters tall, but when it flew from the ground, its body under the soil was exposed, which was more than five hundred meters tall. Even the largest aircraft carrier on Earth was only three hundred meters long.

    It flew into the air.

    The bricks fell off one after another and exposed its true form.

    The black metal and complex patterns inscribed on it were similar to those of the God-killing Spear. Many blue colored currents ran through the entire pyramid and it was enveloped in a giant energy shield, rising into the sky.

    "Oh my God!"

    The people in Florida were dumbfounded. Such a flying pyramid was like a UFO.

    Some young people quickly filmed it with their cell phones and uploaded it to the Internet.

    The Internet was immediately stirred.

    Many netizens had been panicking about Chen Fan's disappearance and they were again shocked when they suddenly saw this scene. Countless reporters came by helicopter. The satellites and the whole world turned their focus to that area.

    At the BBC Television Station in England.

    Hostess Catalina was digging into the love history of Chen Fan and Fang Qiong. She was suddenly startled and said, "Breaking news! There's a UFO sighting close to the southmost part of Florida. Our reporters are going there right now. Here is a sample footage just found online."

    In the video.

    A black pyramid surrounded by electric currents was flying in the sky. It was as large as a small hill looking from afar.

    "What's that?"

    "F**k! Have aliens come to Earth?"

    "First, the eastern deities. Then, the aliens. What's wrong with our planet?"

    People around the world were dumbfounded.

    They had already been stunned by Chen Fan surviving nuclear explosions. Then came the aliens. Many people thought about the rumors of the apocalypse. Would 2012 really be the end of the world?

    "It's the Mayan Temple. The Wise Men restored it and got it running?"

    All the underground organizations and the superpowers were stunned.

    Being long-time rivals of the United States, they knew about many classified projects and information of the country, including the Mayan Temples.

    At the Ye family mansion on Mount Yan.

    Director Xiao said seriously, "Rumor has it that the Mayan Temple is a ruin of the Mayan civilization from the last century and it serves both as a super powerful battleship and as a fortress. However, it was destroyed in a war and fell outside Florida. The United States has many pieces of advanced technology from the Mayan Temple but I never thought that the Wise Men would really use them."

    "They wouldn't activate the Mayan Temple so easily. Perhaps Chen Beixuan is there?" Azure Dragon's eyes brightened.

    "Senior Chen is an Immortal Sage. The Wise Men shouldn't be his match, but I'm worried that there are some super weapons of the Maya civilization in the battleship."

    Ye Qincang frowned.

    The Maya civilization was a civilization that had the most advanced technology in the previous century.

    The Mercury Armor and the God-killing Spear showed how much they thrived back then! Such a technology was far beyond the imagination. They were definitely able to create weapons that were even more powerful than nuclear bombs.

    Red Sparrow and the others were standing aside anxiously.

    At the same time.

    A strong energy wave came from the pyramid.

    "Chen Beixuan, you can live for more than five hundred years, so you still have a long time to go. We can settle this peacefully and we'll give you enough compensation. Otherwise, both parties will suffer."

    The energy wave was like an ocean and it felt superior.

    Chen Fan looked at the battleship in the sky and said, "You think you can negotiate with me with this piece of scrap metal?"

    The North Mystic Celestial Lord had seen many spaceships of the super civilizations in his previous life. Those battleships were at least a hundred kilometers long and even one of them was a super fortress that had used a planet as the starting point, but Chen Fan could still crush them.

    A six hundred-meter spaceship wouldn't even be regarded as a battleship in the universe, so Chen Fan wasn't scared of it at all.

    "How arrogant!"

    Energy waves surged.

    Apparently, the Wise Men were enraged.

    A Wise Man bowed and said, "Chief, we should let the people on Earth see how powerful we are." The other Wise Men also looked over.

    Brooke stood in the command center looking like God; his eyes were blue, filled with electric sparkles.

    The leader of the Lance Family sat in the corner and was thrilled. "Chen Beixuan, you exterminated my entire family. It's your turn now."


    The battle began in an instant.

    A much larger lightning spear shot out from the tip of the pyramid and shone over the world. Chen Fan immediately broke the sonic barrier and dodged at ten times the speed of sound.


    The lightning spear struck a mountain nearby.

    The mountain was crushed into pieces and the thunderbolt bashed the ground like a whip.

    "Swish, swish."

    The Maya battleship was in full operation and its power was much stronger.

    Many gargantuan lightning spears swept across the air and cracked the ground. All trees, creatures, mountains and rocks were as vulnerable as pieces of paper in front of those spears.

    Each attack was comparable to the power of a peak-stage Connate Being and even Chen Fan had to be careful.

    "I can't believe the battleship is still this powerful after thousands of years." Chen Fan was shocked but he wasn't afraid. As long as there were no Golden Core Cultivators, he would still be invincible on Earth.


    A purple lightning struck.

    Chen Fan merged with the blade and turned into a speedy lightning, flashing through the air. He slashed at the pyramid and made its energy shield vibrate.

    It was like a battle between two Gods.

    Every move they made was earth-shattering, and the impact could go as far as ten kilometers. Citizens of Florida could see this clearly.

    "Wait, who's that? Chen Beixuan?"

    Countless people were stunned after seeing those explosions.

    While they were curious about where the battleship came from, they saw Chen Fan fighting against it.

    "Look, there's a star ring on the pyramid. Isn't that the symbol of the Star World Corporation? Is this a high-tech battleship developed by them?" an observant netizen yelled.

    Everyone finally realized that Chen Fan was looking for the Star World Corporation!

    "The Star World Corporation is so ambitious that they developed such an advanced weapon. Without Chen Beixuan to counter them, will they be conquer the entire world?"

    At this moment, countless people on Earth were terrified; it was especially the case for many Americans. This was the first time they had seen how powerful the Star World Corporation was. Considering their forces around the United States, in Congress, the government and the Pentagon, they all turned pale.

    "Bang, bang."

    The battle continued.

    Chen Fan's blade aura shot across the sky and went through the lightning spears, attacking from time to time. The Wise Men were apparently anxious and discovered that they couldn't hit Chen Fan easily.

    Even though the battleship was massive.

    It could move very quickly. It flew towards the Atlantic Ocean, trying to go underwater to escape Chen Fan's attacks.

    "Where are you going?"

    Chen Fan let out his Defensive True Essence and took an attack from the lightning, then slashed at the energy shield. The five hundred-meter battleship dropped and some buzzing sounds came out of the shield.

    "Damn it!"

    Brooke was also enraged.

    "If Thor's Whip doesn't work, then initiate the God-killing Cannon. Let Chen Beixuan see how powerful we are."

    His eyes were filled with electric sparkles.

    "Clatter, clatter."

    Many barrels came out of the surface of the pyramid and were covered in blue colored surges of electricity, similar to the electromagnetic cannon of the God-battling Team. And yet, there were thousands of them all over the pyramid.

    In a blink, the pyramid became like a fully-armed brawny man.


    As the order was issued.

    Hundreds of electromagnetic cannons fired at the same time.

    Hundreds of light beams shot over the sky. Each of them was a dagger exuding blue light, moving at twenty times the speed of sound. They could crush a mountain and penetrate through an aircraft carrier. Their power was comparable to the God-killing Spear.

    Even Chen Fan looked a bit serious.


    A black swirl appeared in the air and protected Chen Fan. Then, the Armor of Golden Flame was also ignited. Facing such a powerful attack, Chen Fan had to be careful.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    The hundred swift daggers struck him at the same time. The black swirl moved violently and exploded. Then, the daggers struck at Chen Fan again, making the golden flame grow and the azure light shine.

    The hammer hit the bell, creating a certain "dong" sound.

    In the end, even Chen Fan seemed to be overwhelmed. He was knocked out, then he plummeted, sliding on the ground for several kilometers in Florida, crashing through a dozen buildings before stopping.


    Countless people in the audience gasped.

    Even the battleship with the most turrets only had dozens of cannons, but the Mayan battleship had a few hundred. The weapons they used were actually the terrifying electromagnetic cannons, which were more than a thousand times more powerful. It was indeed an ultimate battling machine.

    "Has Chen Beixuan lost?" many people wondered.

    Fang Qiong, Xu Rongfei and the others of the North Qiong Sect were also stunned.