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Chapter 717 - An Alien Battleship?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     717 An Alien Battleship?

    The Star World Corporation was a thriving company established in recent years by the Wise Men of the United States, who had remained in hiding for a century.

    "Nobody knows where the Wise Men came from. Around a century ago, they appeared in North America.

    "They helped the American government to develop the ‘Mayan Temples' and produced many ultra-modern technologies, including nuclear weapons, electromagnetic cannons, laser cannons and God-battling armors.

    "The Wise Men and humans are of different races. Their blood is blue and they're born with Soul Energy. All their adults are Soul Energy Masters. Their leader can control more than ten thousand people and lift a nuclear submarine out of the ocean with his Soul Energy."

    Chen Fan frowned as he listened to the senior officials of the CIA.

    According to these people, the most advanced technology in the United States was all in the Wise Men's hands, and not even the Pentagon had control over them. No one knew what destructive weapons they actually had.

    "Blue blood, powerful Soul Energy and a grasp of technology? They sound like the descendants of some highly-developed civilization." Chen Fan thought of the God-killing Spear.

    That black dagger and the Mercury Armor both came from a powerful technified civilization.

    Speaking of battling power, they were comparable to Spirit Treasures. If a top Soul Energy Overlord had them, he would be able to go head to head with a Connate or Golden Core Cultivator. Besides, both weapons were initiated with Soul Energy which matched the characteristics of the Wise Men.

    "They're just a clan that survived the last century. I will simply exterminate them. They really think they can control everything?" Chen Fan said with disdain.

    He let out his True Essence and crushed the senior officials of the CIA, then shot to the sky towards the south.

    In his previous life, Chen Fan had exterminated countless super civilizations that once ruled the universe. Why would he be afraid of the Mayans? He first went to the few bases of the Wise Men within the United States.

    Unfortunately, those bases had fallen into disuse and all the equipment inside had been destroyed with energy bombs. However, the decoration showed that the technology used in the bases was much more advanced than that on Earth.

    "Haha, you can escape right now but can you run forever?"

    Chen Fan grunted and turned to the direction of the Mayan Temple.

    The Mayan Temple.

    Located at the southmost part of the United States outside of Florida, right across the Gulf of Mexico.

    It was one of the seven Forbidden Lands, an ancient ruin and the home of the Wise Men.

    Half an hour later, Chen Fan appeared above the Mayan Temple. A magnificent pyramid of a hundred meters tall stood in front of him. Its top was a square which was different from the pyramids in Egypt.

    Chen Fan scanned it with his Immortal Will and was immediately blocked by an invisible energy shield. He wasn't surprised; instead, he was actually thrilled.

    "This is it. Let's see how many attacks you Wise Men can take."

    Chen Fan stretched out his hand and gripped.


    He pulled out a black blade. Then, claps of thunder came and flashes of purple lightning were all over the sky. As the terrifying True Essence was infused into the blade, it lengthened into a hundred meters long and was surrounded by purple thunderbolts, like the Thunder Spear of the ancient God of Thunder.


    Chen Fan took an earth-shattering slash.

    The clouds were split by the Blade Qi and the rainforest was burnt into ashes by the lightning. The Blade Qi fell from the sky and struck the Mayan Temple.

    Even a building that was several hundred meters tall would crack and collapse when facing Chen Fan's slash, not to mention a hundred-meter pyramid.

    But the most unbelievable was…


    A blue light shield appeared above the temple. The shield was filled with a blue electric current, carrying a powerful energy. There was an explosion when the Purple Thunder Blade struck the energy shield. "Boom!"

    The thunderous sound pervaded the area above the temple.

    The purple lightning and the blue electric flash clashed against each other. The Purple Thunder Blade eventually used up its power and was blocked by the blue energy.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    This was the first time his Purple Thunder Blade had been blocked, since he became a Connate Being.

    "It's indeed the Mayan Temple."


    Chen Fan shouted and his True Essence surged out. The Purple Thunder Blade expanded to two meters long like a small aircraft carrier and Chen Fan slashed again!


    The sound of the explosion was several times louder than the last one. This time, people dozens of miles away in Florida were also startled; all of them looked up.

    In the Mayan Temple.

    In a futuristic command room surrounded by a large star map and blue electric current, a group of Wise Men in silver tights were staring at the screen anxiously. All of them had transparent skin and blue veins.

    "Chen Beixuan is really here?"

    A bald Wise Man frowned.

    He wore glasses and had an elegant appearance. Outsiders would be shocked if they saw him, since he was the CEO of the Star World Corporation and the leader of the Wise Men, Brooke.

    "Chief, we've underestimated Chen Beixuan's power. He still managed to find us, even though we escaped quickly and abandoned a few bases. The politicians of the United States must have betrayed us," another Wise Man said.

    "I never thought that nuclear weapons wouldn't be enough to kill him, or that he would have such terrifying weapons. Detroit was a city able to house millions of people, but he leveled it with one strike. Are all the Immortal Cultivators in the East this powerful? Even more powerful than technology?" Brooke frowned.

    There were blue flashes or energy in his eyes, which looked as deep as the ocean.

    If Chen Fan were there, he would know that those weren't electric flashes, but surges of Soul Energy. Brooke's Soul Energy was even stronger than that of an Earth Level Deity; it was comparable to Chen Fan's. He had reached a level in which he didn't need to rely on his body.


    The temple shook again and the star map vibrated.

    A Wise Man who controlled the blue light ball turned around and shouted, "Sir, the shield's energy reserve has dropped to 80%. It will be destroyed after approximately seven attacks."

    After hearing what he said…

    The Wise Men in the Mayan Temple were startled.

    They knew how terrifying the energy shield of the temple was. It could withstand the attacks of nuclear weapons, but they had never thought that Chen Fan could destroy it in less than ten slashes.

    "Chief, what should we do?"

    The other Wise Men looked over.

    "Let's use our energy weapons and show Chen Beixuan the power of the Mayan civilization." Brooke narrowed his eyes, letting out bright electric flashes. "We wouldn't have taken action if he didn't come, but he ran into our territory."


    As Brooke yelled.

    A thick electric current came out of the pyramid and gathered above the temple. Then, an electric ball was formed in the air.

    At first, the electric ball was only the size of a soccer ball. It then expanded and became as large as a house, like a little sun.

    The blue electric bolts turned into pure white light in the end.

    "This is?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and the Thunder Blade slowed down.


    A thick beam of light was shot out from the little sun. It had been formed with electric bolts and it flashed at a lightning-fast speed towards Chen Fan. Before it arrived, the energy inside had already cracked the atmosphere and burnt the air, creating some sparkles.


    Chen Fan placed the Thunder Blade horizontally in front of his chest.


    He was pushed several kilometers backward and crashed into the rainforest. The thunderbolt created a ten kilometer long gap in the rainforest before stopping.

    If someone looked down from the sky.

    The entire rainforest had been split in half with the Mayan Temple as the center. The gap was a few meters wide and ten kilometers long, as if the scythe of Death would have left a trail across the ground.


    This was only the beginning.

    The electric ball let out many thunderbolts, like a missile base launching endless rounds of missiles.

    Bolts of lightning struck around Chen Fan.

    Each of them was comparable to the attack of an Earth Level Deity. If Ye Qincang and the Blood Ancestor were there, they would have been killed or at least they would have ended up severely injured.

    But how powerful was Chen Fan?

    Even a thousand lightning bolts were unable to kill him! His initial-success Divine Body, Divine Powers and armor couldn't be destroyed by nuclear weapons, let aside some thunderbolts.


    Chen Fan shot into the sky and passed through the lightning. Countless bolts of lightning went through his body when they hit him, as if he were a bubble.


    Chen Fan went in front of the temple and slashed at it.

    The slash was three hundred meters long. When the purple lightning struck, people dozens of miles away could also see it. In the end, the Thunder Blade struck the Mayan Temple and the blue energy shield shook violently.

    "Warning, warning! Energy reserve has dropped below 30%. Extremely dangerous. Warning, warning…"

    This time, all Wise Men, including Brooke, were terrified.

    "Chief, what should we do?"

    Everyone looked at him anxiously.

    Brooke frowned and made a decision.

    When Chen Fan slashed again and was about to break the energy shield, the ground suddenly shook and the soil cracked. The pyramid rose and flew to the sky like a UFO.

    "This is?"

    Chen Fan stopped the Thunder Blade and frowned.

    Many onlookers from Florida were also startled.

    "A UFO?"