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Chapter 716 - Kill Them Off

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     716 Kill Them Off

    For Chen Fan.

    Those on Capitol Hill weren't the ones who dropped a nuclear bomb onto the Blood Sea and detained Fang Qiong for a public trial. They were only a group of puppets. The ones behind them were the Wise Men, who had overwhelming power. They posed as the senior officials of the United States, controlling the country's economy, politics and military.

    For example, the Lance family only had a marginal relation to the Wise Men.

    Many other Councillors, tycoons and Generals were controlled by the Wise Men and the Star World Corporation was only one side of it.

    "Wait for me!"

    Chen Fan kissed Fang Qiong's forehead and turned into a ray of crimson light, flashing towards the Pentagon.

    The Wise Men controlled countless weapons there and Chen Fan's mind would only be eased after taking care of them.

    "What is he doing?"

    Susan Lean and the others were anxious.

    "He's on his way to take revenge. May God forgive our sins."

    McCain lowered his head. Since Chen Fan was so firm, the Councillors of the Congress couldn't do anything at all. Councillor Lance was immediately smacked to death and Chen Fan interrogated his spirit to extract some intel.

    The rest of the Councillors were stunned.

    No one else dared to resist Chen Fan again.

    The Pentagon.

    It was the largest military building in the world, located at the southwest of Washington next to the Potomac River, where the Ministry of National Defense was located. The building covered an area of 2.36 million square meters and had twenty two floors with twenty three thousand people working inside.

    Looking down from the sky, the building was majestic; it looked like a giant star.

    This was the supreme military center of the United States, a place where the most powerful forces on Earth were controlled. However, the entire Pentagon was in chaos at the moment. Even though countless troops were being mobilized from all directions to guard the building, nobody could be at ease.

    "He's here."

    When the crimson light arrived at the Pentagon, the entire building was in silence. Many officers and clerks looked at Chen Fan; the tanks, cannons and machine guns on the helicopters were pointing at him, but no one dared to fire.

    Thousands of soldiers were ahead of Chen Fan, but they seemed to be invisible.

    Chen Fan was covered in blood and his eyes were filled with rage. In front of such a powerful being, many American soldiers felt as if the guns in their hands were fire torches at best.

    "Your government has surrendered. Do you still want to fight?" Chen Fan said.

    His thunderous voice made countless glasses shatter.

    Many Generals in the command center of the Pentagon turned pale. They led over millions of American soldiers to uphold their dominance and controlled the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. And yet, when Chen Fan arrived, they found themselves completely incapable of resisting.

    Minister Arnold looked around.

    The Commander of the African military region, the Commander of the European military region, the Chief of Naval Operations, the Army's Chief of Staff, the Air Force's Chief of Staff, the Commandant of the Marine Corps… There were dozens of four-star Admirals in the command center.

    There were also many Lieutenant Generals, Major Generals and Brigadier Generals!

    All the senior officials of the United States Army were there. They used to be superior and fierce, but they all looked pale and their legs were even trembling right then.


    Minister Arnold heaved a sigh, then got up slowly and walked out of the building.

    In front of thousands of soldiers, the United States Secretary of Defense and the Commander-in-chief of the Army lowered his head and said to Chen Fan, "Mr. Chen Beixuan, respectful greetings from the American Armed Forces. The Pentagon welcomes you."


    Countless soldiers were shedding tears.

    Even Arnold the Iron Fist Minister had yielded to Chen Fan, meaning that millions of American soldiers had also surrendered.

    Chen Fan flew down and approached Arnold with hands behind his back. He said, "I'm here to settle a score and get my revenge."

    He looked enraged and fierce; the soldiers and officers around him lowered their heads and dared not to look into his eyes.

    "Sir, it's not what you think…"

    Arnold and the other Generals were frightened, but Chen Fan had already stretched out his hand. He pointed at the Generals one by one.

    "Admiral Gusta, the Chief of Staff of the Navy, provided battleships and intel for the Star World Corporation. He must die."

    "Admiral Landers, Commander of the Strategy Department, provided a hydrogen bomb for the Star World Corporation. He must die."

    "Lieutenant General Richard, NASA's Deputy Administrator, provided satellites for the Star World Corporation. He must die."

    Chen Fan killed one person each time he pointed out what each of them did.

    His invisible beam of light directly blew their heads up. He mentioned seventy five names consecutively, meaning that he had killed seventy five American Generals, including ten Admirals, forty eight Lieutenant Generals and a dozen Major Generals.

    Many had died at the entrance of the Pentagon.

    Those Generals used to command over thousands of soldiers and overlooked the world, but they were too vulnerable in front of Chen Fan.

    In the end, the Generals looked pale and Minister Arnold's hands were shaking.

    "Sir, are you done?"


    Chen Fan's eyes were filled with coldness and disdain.

    He flicked his sleeve and shot out a golden blade aura that penetrated the Pentagon. The Blade Qi broke the walls and killed many people inside the building.

    Other than the Generals, there were many people who had worked for the Star World Corporation inside the Pentagon. The Celestial Lord couldn't be humiliated, so how would Chen Fan show them mercy?

    He had obtained information from Councillor Lance's Divine Soul and found the list of related personnel that included a few senior members of the Star World Corporation. Under Chen Fan's Immortal Will, the entire Pentagon was exposed and nobody could escape from his blade aura.

    On that day, the Pentagon became an Asura Field.

    According to the statistics, more than five thousand out of twenty three thousand people in the Pentagon were killed. This day was regarded as their Good Friday! Those in the Pentagon would never ever forget about it.


    Chen Fan retrieved the flying sword until he felt like he had killed everyone that deserved to die, then said, "That's all."

    After that, Chen Fan turned into a beam of crimson aura and left.

    Minister Arnold and some of the others walked into the Pentagon and saw blood and bodies everywhere.

    On August 15th, 2012, in the evening.

    So much blood had been shed throughout the United States.

    Although the forces of the Star World Corporation were scattered around the United States, they couldn't stop Chen Fan. The country was immediately flooded with blood and people called this the Night of Blood.

    In New York.

    The Star World Corporation headquarters, the three hundred-meter Star World Tower, turned into ruins and thousands of people died.

    In Chicago.

    The weapon research center of the Star World Corporation covered more than a hundred thousand acres of land and was a factory that had produced countless high-tech weapons. Even so, Chen Fan wiped it off completely from the face of the earth with a thunderbolt, killing thousands of people in the process.

    In Philadelphia.

    Thousands of mercenaries in the Security Department of the Star World Corporation resisted Chen Fan with live ammunition, but they were all slashed into half and were crushed together with the building.

    In Houston.

    The Star World Corporation's…

    Chen Fan didn't hold back and killed all the people who were related to the Wise Men and the Star World Corporation. Even though he couldn't eliminate the entire country, he would never show mercy to the culprits.

    The entire world saw how cruel Chen Fan was.

    People finally realized Chen Fan wasn't only a hero who saved the world, he was also a fierce person who would do anything to seek revenge! Family was the most important thing to Chen Fan and anyone who offended them had to die!

    The Lance family had sixteen branches in the United States and they were all exterminated by Chen Fan. A few hundred members had died, except for their leader.

    The world was stunned by Chen Fan's actions.

    "We shall never provoke Chen Beixuan and his family. This should be added to our laws and written on the Constitution!" the presidents of many countries declared.

    As for Japan, they were extremely frightened.

    Their Prime Minister had already traveled to Jin City to meet Chen Fan's parents and apologized personally.

    The Prime Minister of Thailand even got on the plane immediately and traveled to pay a diplomatic visit.

    At the Yan Jin Film Academy.

    "Fei Fei, your lover is too vicious. He's killed more than a hundred thousand people," Ningxin said.

    "What lover?" Xu Rongfei glared at her best friend.

    "Hm, has he become your husband? How can his body be so strong? How can you take it?"

    Xu Rongfei hit her forehead and was speechless.

    Aside from Japan and Thailand, countless of Chen Fan's enemies traveled to China to extend their apologies. They were completely terrified.

    Chen Fan defeated the United States and showed an invincible power.

    He took revenge against the Pentagon and the Star World Corporation, showing his determination to settle the scores! So, who would remain unafraid when facing such a powerful and hateful enemy? The sect master of the Hong Sect, the Lee Family of the Samsung Group and the leaders of the European Union were surely having a hard time to sleep.


    After splitting the CIA building in half and crushing an Extraordinary, Chen Fan approached the senior officials of the CIA and pulled one of them closer with a hand gesture.

    "Where are the seniors of the Star World Corporation? What weapons do they have?" Chen Fan asked.

    That senior official burst into laughter. "Chen Beixuan, the power of the Star World Corporation and the Wise Men is beyond your imagination. Just wait for their revenge…"

    Before he finished talking, Chen Fan had already broken his neck and glanced over indifferently.


    Many senior officials of the CIA looked at one another and someone soon gave in.

    The truth about the Star World Corporation and the Wise Men was finally exposed in front of Chen Fan.