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Chapter 715 - Chen Fan Is His Name

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     715 Chen Fan Is His Name

    Everyone in the world was wondering what the Superman of the Orient would look like. Some guessed that he was a wizened old sage with long flowy white beard and hair. Some were convinced that he was a divine warrior with a solemn and grim expression. The others thought that he was a deity all the while and who had presided above the clouds, watching over mortals for eternity.

    However, no one had expected Chen Fan to be a young man of a seemingly ordinary appearance.

    He was of average height, with defined features and pale skin, and wore casual outfits that cost no more than a thousand Yuan. He looked just like a college freshman.

    "How old is he? Less than twenty years old?"

    "A deadly murderer who slaughtered tens of thousands of people was a young man from Asia?"

    "OMG, is he the one who forced the United States to its knees and claimed that he wouldn't stop killing until he was the last human standing on earth?"

    There and then, Billions of people exclaimed in their minds at the same time.

    Chen Fan's unswerving belligerence had even scared McCain into submission. However, to everyone's surprise, the savage butcher turned out to be an ordinary Asian teenager.

    "Appearances can be deceiving!"

    Many people lamented in their minds.

    Meanwhile, females across the world were captivated by Chen Fan, as they fixed their attention on him.

    On Weibo, Weechat, Facebook and Twitter, girls screamed, openly expressing their desire to marry Chen Fan.

    With the unthinkable power Chen Fan possessed, he was irresistibly charming to just about any mortal woman. He didn't have to be Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise to become the girls' prince charming.

    "I don't need my man to be handsome or rich, as long as he's willing to take on the world for me."

    -Taylor Swift

    People who had met Chen Fan before experienced much stronger shock and fear than those who had never heard of him before.

    Jin City…

    Qiao Luoyin was having an afternoon tea with her BFF Pei Qiuyun.

    Qiao Luoyin spat tea all over her BFF's face when she saw the news about Chen Fan. Pei Qiuyun was equally shocked, and didn't even bother to clean up her smeared makeup.

    "It's him?"

    Chu Zhou City…

    Jiang Tanqiu struggling to convince Xiao Qian's parents to offer their daughter's hand to him. Seeing Xiao Qian's parent's didn't budge, Jiang Tanqiu let out a wry smile in his mind, and was going to give up.

    Suddenly, the Chen Fan appeared on the news.

    Jiang Tanqiu's eyes widened in shock as he gaped at the screen in silence.

    Xiao Qian screamed out her surprise.

    "Xiao Qiu, Isn't that your schoolmate Chen Fan?"

    Her words grabbed her parents attention, and replaced the displeasure and conceit in their eyes with joy and approval as they gazed at Jiang Tanqiu.

    Si Shui…

    Wu Junjie was having a party with their friends.

    Xu Haoxuan stayed at his father in law's place and missed the party, but he had also caught Chen Fan on the news. He felt a wave of complicated and strong emotions rising inside of him as he watched Chen Fan pining the world under his thumb.

    Yan Jin, the Hong family…

    Xu Haoxuan arrived home after work and was exhausted. Although he graduated from the best university in China, he was still a nobody in the family.

    However, he was greeted by the warmest smile he had ever seen on his inlaw's faces when he entered the living room.

    His girlfriend Hong Mi also gawked at him as if he had just won the lottery and gained a six pack.

    "Haoxuan… It's your friend… he… he—oh my goodness!"

    Many of Chen Fan's old acquaintances shouted out their surprise and amazement.

    Chen Fan had inadvertently changed many people's lives the moment he revealed himself to the world. This was especially true for those who were on good terms with him in the past. From that moment on, the world would look at those people and think only one thing:

    They are Chen Beixuan's friends!

    On the flip side, those on Chen Fan's wrong side were devastated.

    Zhong Hai…

    The managers of the Jin Xiu Group crowded the lobby as they watched the live broadcast. The Jin Xiu Group was a subsidiary of North Qiong Corp, and they had felt the squeeze ever since Fang Qiong had been incarcerated.

    Two young girls who worked the front desk shouted at the top of their lungs once they saw Chen Fan on the news."Isn't that the Chairperson's son?"

    Meanwhile, Managing Director Xu and Manager Xu turned into frozen statues.

    "The Young Master?"

    A few debt collectors in the lobby were terrified by the development as their faces turned green.

    The Tang family…

    The news pulled the rug from under Tang Jianmin.

    The Tang family members had been conspiring together, planning to strike out and avenge Tang Jianfen while the Jin Xiu Group was in a crisis. However, once they saw Chen Fan's godly power on the news, they all were silenced by fear.

    The Ji family…

    After being picked on by many of its former rivals, the Ji family was barely a ghost of its former glory. Visitors used to flood the splendid mansion of the Ji family; at the moment, its large gate was tightly shut, no signs of life were evident. A tall middle-aged man stood like a flagpole in the quiet courtyard; his face was somber and brooding.

    Old Man Ji heaved a sigh. "Daomin, I know time is hard right now, especially after Xiao Chen's death. But we still have hope as long as you're still alive."

    "I promise you, father, I will restore the Ji family's former glory," Ji Daomin said.

    A flicker of hatred flashed in his eyes.

    "Chen Fan, It's all your fault! You ruined my family and killed my beloved son."

    Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a familiar face on the TV; the image cast a freezing spell on him. Life and color quickly drained away from his face.

    "Why… why him?"

    Old man Ji let out a sour laugh and closed his eyes in resignation.

    "So be it. We are just dreaming after all. We wouldn't stand up to him in a thousand years."

    Ji Daomin didn't say anything; still, his legs were wavering, and his eyes were filled with despair.

    Chen Fan's appearance didn't just terrorize the Ji family, but also many other factions and families that he had a run in with. They were forced to abandon all hope after seeing how powerful Chen Fan was.

    "Who is that? He looks very familiar."

    "That's right! He looks like Goddess Xu's secret boyfriend, but not as handsome."

    "Humph! What use are good looks when he could have the whole world?"

    Many Chinese netizens chatted with each other about Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan had been caught on video strolling with Xu Rongfei at Yan Jin University. That video had gone viral and was viewed by millions of people; many of which noticed the similarity between Chen Fan and the man in the news.

    "Chen Fan is his real name, and he also goes by Chen Beixuan, Heavenly Chen, Superpower Chen. He's the most powerful man in the Dark World, and the strongest Earth Level Deity. He ranks number one on the Divine Roll and is the sect master of the North Qiong Sect. He's from the Chen family of Jin City and has turned twenty two years old this year."

    Chen Fan could no longer hold on to his disguise as the internet users and intelligence departments around the world delved deeper into his background and connected the dots.

    The world boiled over as Chen Fan's identity was finally confirmed.

    "Who would have thought that the Dark World, Vampires and Werewolves were real?"

    "He has been active around the world all this time, defeating Russia, Japan, and the European Union as early as when he was only sixteen years old."

    "Oh my god. His other look is so handsome. Quick! hold me, I'm about to faint."

    Many internet users screamed out loud.

    Many girls who valued appearance more than anything else could no longer hold back their excitement and swore that they would never marry anyone else except for Chen Beixuan.

    England, the BBC Television Station…

    The saucy anchor at the BBC announced to the audiences with excitement in her voice, "This is BBC news, I am Kim Kashan, bringing to you the most detailed analysis on the background of Chen Beixuan, the Superman of the Orient.

    "Many of you might have already learned that Mr. Chen Beixuan is the Superman of the Orient who defeated the United States. However, the latest update on the story tells us that the bad blood between Chen Beixuan and the United States might have run much deeper than we have thought.

    "The United States had previously assaulted Mr. Chen while the latter was in London. However, Mr. Chen was able to turn the tables around and pushed back the Americans, aggravating them further. Later, they mobilized their aircraft carriers to a point near London.

    "Their action ended in disaster as Chen Beixuan unleashed hell onto the fleet and destroyed an entire island right before the American's Navy's eyes."

    The screen then showed footage of Chen Fan blowing up the island while the US captains turtled in the USS Washington. The terrified look on the US general's face made many viewers smile.

    After that clip, the BBC anchor revealed to the world about what happened next. The engagement between Chen Fan and Fang Qiong, the threat from the US ambassador, Chen Fan's disappearance in the Blood Sea, the wrongful incarceration of Fang Qiong and so on.

    The anchor spent a significant amount of air time describing the relationship between Chen Fan and Fang Qiong, how they had been high-school sweethearts and later met again at the university, that Fang Qiong had married Chen Fan despite the immense pressure, and several other facts, each detail being more touching than the one before.

    The love story was so moving that even Chen Fan's enemies felt that the United States were the ones at fault, having instigated Chen Fan's ire.

    Many girls broke down to tears after hearing about their romance.

    "The most shocking revelation we have learned so far is that Mr. Chen once saved the entire human race," Kim Kashan said seriously.

    Then she retold the things that happened in the Realm of Kunxu, and Chen Fan's heroic battle against the sects in the Gate of Heaven.

    The world was shocked. People had never thought that there was another world parallel to this one. To make it worse, that world was filled with deadly warriors as powerful as Chen Fan. They were in awe of Chen Fan's bravery while facing tremendous danger.

    "He is a hero, a saint!" countless people exclaimed.

    Compared to his contribution to mankind's survival, his vicious attack against the Americans was so insignificant that it could be easily brushed off. His altruistic spirit and bravery made the United States the loser in the public eye. People also loathed the Star World Corporation for their despicable use of nuclear weapons in the Blood Sea.

    Chen Fan quickly became the hero of all humanity. People who fought alongside him were also put on the pedestal by the public, such as Ye Qincang.

    Meanwhile, inside the Supreme Court…

    Chen Fan untied Fang Qiong and said, "Xiao Qiong, stay here. If I don't come back for you, someone else will send you back to China safely."

    "Where are you going?" Fang Qiong was perplexed.

    "I have some old businesses to take care of."

    Chen Fan smiled thinly as a cold light danced in his eyes.

    It was high time to settle things once for all.