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Chapter 714 - The United States Yielded

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     714 The United States Yielded

    On Capitol Hill.

    Chen Fan's arrival astonished the world. The scene where everyone knelt before him and everything he said was translated and broadcasted through countless TV stations and media around the world for billions of people to see.

    Everyone was first startled, then they started to wonder.

    "Is he speaking Chinese?"

    "What does he mean by being put on trial? The United States is going to try him? That's why he's upset?"

    The Internet in China was also stirred.

    "Sh*t, he really is Chinese!"

    "The United States has messed with the wrong person. He's a Deity from China."

    "Wait, why do I feel like this has something to do with North Qiong Corp's trial?"

    Then, the Councillor who knelt down looked up and said, "Sir, the United States didn't want to offend you… It's just a misunderstanding!"

    George Wood had never been so frightened and embarrassed.

    As a new Councillor, he had been assigned by his seniors to calm the media and the people, but he had never thought that Chen Fan would appear right at this moment. Chen Fan's energy made him tremble; it was as if an ancient beast were in front of them.


    Chen Fan's eyes were filled with anger.

    "The Star World Corporation first sneak-attacked me with a nuclear bomb, then the United States detained my fiancée and put her on public trial. Your judges even claimed that they would try me as well. And now, you're telling me it was just a misunderstanding?

    "I, Chen Beixuan, am not a pushover.

    "Surrender, or die!"

    Chen Fan spoke as loud as claps of thunder.

    Countless people weren't even able to stand and they covered their ears. His voice resounded throughout Washington.

    The clouds in the sky rolled because of his voice. George was smacked down with his face on the ground; he couldn't get up at all.

    At the Supreme Court.

    Susan Lean widened her eyes and stared at the man that came out from the fire in the sky. She had never thought that the invincible Chen Beixuan was Fang Qiong's fiancé.

    People turned their attention from the judges, lawyers and members of the jury to Fang Qiong.

    They were in awe, envious and remorseful.

    Fang Qiong ignored them; she only looked at Chen Fan. The bravery, fear and frustration seemed to have dissipated. Only Chen Fan was left in her eyes.

    At the same time, Chen Fan was on Capitol Hill.

    The Councillors inside couldn't just sit there anymore.

    A dignified, elegant Councillor came forward and yelled, "Mr. Chen, nobody wants to convict you. It's just a misunder…"

    Before he finished talking, Chen Fan flicked his fingers and burned the Councillor into ashes.

    "What else?" Chen Fan said.

    Those Councillors had issued the order to drop the nuclear weapons and detain Fang Qiong, and then, they were trying to fool Chen Fan, saying that it was just a misunderstanding. How would he believe it? He was enraged; he needed the blood of these American senior officials to quell his anger.

    "Sir, please calm down. We'll give you an explanation…" The second Councillor came forward, trying to convince Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan flicked his fingers again and the head of the second Councillor exploded.

    "Keep going," Chen Fan said indifferently.

    "Sir, you're only worsening the situation…" The third Councillor was split in half.

    "Chen Beixuan, don't think that the United States will be afraid of you…" Four more Councillors tried to threaten Chen Fan but were immediately smashed into puree.

    Ten Councillors had gotten up and tried talking to Chen Fan firmly, gently or respectfully, but Chen Fan killed them all without holding back. The other Councillors were frightened and the whole world was dumbfounded.

    Nobody had thought that Chen Fan would dare to kill those Councillors in front of the world.

    Each and every one of them represented a supreme power, and were even superior in comparison to presidents of some small countries. Hundreds of them together could even make the President of the United States step back.

    In the end, none of the remaining Councillors stepped forward. All of them lowered their heads and trembled.


    The eleventh Councillor got up.

    He was an old man with white hair. He looked extremely superior and dignified.

    "Mr. Chen, killing doesn't solve the problem.

    "Your fiancée is still in our hands and the United States still has the power to destroy everything.

    "Right at this moment, thousands of nuclear weapons in our country are pointing at the entire world. They're powerful enough to destroy the planet. Maybe you don't care about the others, but what about your family and disciples? They're not capable of surviving nuclear explosions as you are. Do you really want to fight until the end and destroy the world?" the old man said firmly and he was standing upright.

    Even though he spoke respectfully, everything he said was aimed at deterring Chen Fan from killing again. The nuclear arsenal that could exterminate mankind was the biggest trump card the United States had.

    Many people had recognized the old man through the screen. He was one of the most powerful figures in the United States, the President of the Senate, McCain. For most of the time, even the President had to be careful in front of him.

    Everyone in the world held their breath when the old man spoke.

    The Earth had never been so close to an apocalypse.

    "Really? Then, all humans on Earth will die with them," Chen Fan said.

    He looked expressionless.

    The Americans thought they could threaten him with his family, but they didn't know that the North Mystic Celestial Lord couldn't be threatened. Chen Fan would never give in, even if he had to sink North America, destroy the world or turn billions of people into dust.

    If Fang Qiong died, Chen Fan would certainly destroy the United States to avenge her! If Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin died, he would also do the same. Sometimes, taking a step back in the universe would make things happen again and again.

    McCain looked at Chen Fan.

    There was indifference in his red eyes, like God overlooking the world. Those didn't seem like human eyes. He seemed to have lived thousands of years and seen through life.

    McCain heaved a sigh and finally lowered his head in front of the world.

    "Sir, you won!

    "The United States of America begs for an end to this battle."

    As the President of the Senate and the most powerful figure in the United States, McCain was the most superior person in the country when the President was away. He yielded to Chen Fan in front of billions of people, meaning that the United States had surrendered.

    In the meantime, many people around the United States were crying their eyes out!

    Countless soldiers knelt on the ground and lowered their heads in shame.

    Ever since the United States had been established two centuries before, it had been on top of the world, dominating the planet for half a century. They had never surrendered to anyone, especially when the other party was just a person.

    Everyone in the world was relieved and was looking at the man standing in the sky with a terrified face at the same time.

    He had suppressed the world on his own!

    Chen Fan defeated the United States, the Earth's dominator, and stood on top of the world! There had never been such a powerful being in human history!

    Many people had a hunch.

    From then on, the dominator of the planet would be a single person.

    "Haha, surviving nuclear explosions and destroying cities with one attack! Who else can resist such an Overlord? Chen Beixuan is not just the most powerful person in the Dark World anymore. He's the most powerful person in the world!"

    Countless Dark Overlords lowered their heads and sighed.

    At the same time, other people were wondering.

    "Who exactly is that?"

    "And who's his fiancée?"

    Then, Chen Fan entered the Congress. Nobody knew what he discussed with the Councillors. When he stepped out of Capitol Hill, McCain's face was pale; he was shaking when he walked.

    The United States must have surrendered its sovereign rights under humiliating terms.

    Still, the American people were extremely curious at the moment, and they only cared about who this superman or Deity was.

    In front of many media and cameras.

    Chen Fan walked into the Supreme Court, passing through the group of Councillors.

    Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court were only a few hundred meters away. The fire around his body was burning fiercely and he was enveloped in an aura. There were burn marks along his way and nobody dared to get close to him.

    As Chen Fan got closer to the Supreme Court.

    An idea came to many people's minds and they were all startled.

    "Would Fang Qiong be his fiancée?"

    Nobody had thought that was the reason Chen Fan had gone to the U.S.!

    "He did this for his love!" countless people exclaimed.

    Billions of women in the world were touched and their eyes were full of jealousy! The act of going against a country for his girlfriend was way more romantic than any flowers, luxury cars and diamond rings…

    Chen Fan entered the Supreme Court.

    The nine judges were still there; Susan Lean was trembling in her chief position and many members of the jury were standing inside. And yet, Chen Fan could only see the weak woman at the stand.

    "Tip, tap."

    The crowd made way for Chen Fan and Fang Qiong.

    In front of billions of people in the world.

    "Clomp, clomp."

    Chen Fan walked forward.

    The fire around his body gradually disappeared and his golden armor turned into dots of golden light. His eyes weren't red and his black hair wasn't fluttering anymore. He became an indifferent young man in a casual outfit.

    The young man moved next to Fang Qiong and cracked an ashamed smile.

    "Xiao Qiong, I'm here to pick you up."


    Fang Qiong nodded. She couldn't stop crying and finally ran into the young man's arms.

    At this moment, many women were crying and a lot of people were dumbfounded. Those who knew Chen Fan had their eyes wide open.

    "It's him?"