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Chapter 713 - Capitol Hill

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     713 Capitol Hill

    After Detroit was completely destroyed.

    In Yan Jin.

    Ningxin yelled, "Fei Fei, why did you tell me he's so powerful? He destroyed cities and survived nuclear explosions like a Deity! If I knew earlier, I would have married him."

    Her face was filled with jealousy.

    "Fang Qiong is so lucky! Somebody went head to head with the United States because of her. Why doesn't this happen to me?"

    Xu Rongfei rolled her eyes.

    But looking at the crimson aura on the screen, she couldn't help but feel a bit sad.

    The Wang Family.

    Everyone remained silent. Nobody could say a word; not even Xue Hongmei and Wang Keqin.

    All of them looked pale, as if they had lost their souls.

    Chen Fan's attack had given the Wang Family a severe blow. After displaying a power that could control the Earth, he wasn't someone that could be defeated with gossip and conspiracies.

    The Xiao Family.

    "When the strength of a person reaches the maximum, all powers, money and threats become inconsequential. I used to sneer at Chen Beixuan saying that he's impersonal, but why does he need to care about what other people think? Even if the world is against him, so what? He can just kill us all."

    Old Lord Xiao shook his head and smiled wryly.

    Xiao Xuan blanched and clenched his fists as he looked at the screen.

    The other members of the Xiao Family were trembling as they lowered their heads. All words were useless before such a power. Chen Fan was a God, a Deity, a heavenly emperor!

    In the North Qiong Sect.

    A'Xiu, Yu Wenjin and Yukishiro Sa were beyond thrilled.

    "Master is too powerful! It'll be great if I can be like him in the future," A'Xiu said enviously.

    "You will," Hua Yunfeng said.

    He recalled the scenes he had glimpsed where the Overlords killed in the universe, destroyed pieces of land and split the sky. In front of such a powerful energy, the Five Elements Thunder was nothing.

    "One day, Master will conquer this planet and other worlds, and we'll follow him, bathing in his glory," Hua Yunfeng said firmly.

    Some people around the world were astonished while others were terrified! Chen Fan's friends were cheering while his enemies were feeling devastated.

    But all this couldn't interfere with his determination.

    The crimson aura kept flashing toward Washington.


    The capital of the United States and the center of the world's power.

    Meanwhile, the entire city was in a panic. Everyone knew that the demon who had killed many people was about to arrive. He had just leveled Detroit. Then, would he destroy Washington as well?

    Countless cars were driving out of the city.

    It looked like the end of the world. All residents left their valuables and got out of Washington as soon as possible. The rich tycoons had even escaped long before on their helicopters.

    "Please stay calm. Don't block the roads. The United States Army will protect you no matter what."

    Many armored vehicles entered Washington and troops arrived from all parts of the country, guarding the White House and Capitol Hill. These fully-armored American soldiers were holding their guns tight with sweat in their hands.

    They had never been this anxious.

    Because their enemy was a superman, a God!

    An attractive female reporter yelled in front of the camera,"This is BBC News and I'm your reporter, Catalina. I'm in front of Capitol Hill to deliver the latest news. The attacker will probably come to Washington but we don't know if he would destroy the city or negotiate with the United States. Let us pray that he's a rational person…"

    Capitol Hill, where the United States Congress was located.

    It was right at the center of Washington, between the White House and the Supreme Court. This was the center of power of the entire United States and the world. The Councillors in Congress controlled the fate of the country, and they could impeach the President and declare war on the world.

    At the same time, countless soldiers and media had gathered around Capitol Hill.

    Other than Catalina, reporters from CNN, Radio France, RIA Novosti and Associated Press had also gone to cover the events.

    When Chen Fan's crimson aura entered the United States…

    The entire world was focusing on him. Countless military satellites were operating and many supersonic drones followed him from afar. Places Chen Fan went past became ruins and thousands of soldiers were defeated. Everyone watching this was stunned and more questions came to their minds.

    "Who is he?"

    "Why is he attacking the United States?"

    Even though netizens claimed that it was Chen Beixuan who was trying to save his fiancée, Fang Qiong, there were too many rumors and not many people believed that. More of them thought it was an alien or an incarnation of God.

    A white councillor came out and tried to calm the people on Capitol Hill, "Don't worry. We're the guardians of the United States. We're confident that we can protect the country and maintain the peace in the world."

    And yet, the people weren't foolish. Not even nuclear weapons could kill Chen Beixuan, so who would rather stay in Washington and die? Many reporters from BBC and CNN were also asking all kinds of questions crazily, giving the Councillor a headache.

    Meanwhile, in Capitol Hill, the Councillors were in the middle of a heated discussion.

    Councillors of the Opposition blamed Lance and the others for letting the Army and the Star World Corporation drop nuclear weapons, pissing off Chen Fan. Lance refuted them, saying that it was passed by resolution and everyone voted in favor.

    While they were arguing.


    A piercing sound came.

    A crimson aura shot from the west to the east and the world seemed to have split. Behind the crimson aura was fire, which enveloped the city and made the sky red.

    Chen Fan is here!

    Countless terrified residents in Washington stopped and looked up.

    Many soldiers held their guns while being extremely nervous.

    The reporters turned their cameras to the sky.

    The staff in Capitol Hill, the White House and the Supreme Court all looked at the crimson aura in shock through the windows.

    The crimson aura slowly stopped above Capitol Hill. The entire world was watching and billions of people were holding their breath anxiously.


    The crimson aura disappeared and a man was exposed.

    The man was enveloped in fire and his face couldn't be seen clearly. He was wearing a golden armor and his black long hair fluttered in the wind. There seemed to be red flames in his eyes and the fire in the sky fell onto his back, creating a crimson cape that covered the world.

    "Is he human or a god?"

    Many people gasped before this sight.

    In the Federal Supreme Court.

    "What is that?"

    Susan Lean looked at the sky curiously.

    The sky suddenly became red in color as if there were a fire and a crimson aura stopped right above her head. "Is this the evening glow or is it created by some kind of high-tech projector?" Susan Lean wondered.

    The members of the jury had already turned pale. Someone shouted, "It's him. He's here!"

    "Please remain quiet in court!" Susan Lean yelled.

    But more of them got up and ran outside. Lorent even grabbed Susan Lean and said anxiously, "Your Honor, let's go. There's no time."

    "Why? We're not done with the case…" Susan Lean said coldly and was about to scold Lorent for his rudeness.

    But then, Chen Fan emerged from the crimson aura. Susan Lean was shocked by this sight; she couldn't say anything at all.

    Fang Qiong looked up and stared at the man.

    Chen Fan came down from the sky onto Capitol Hill in front of the whole world. The white Councillor who was trying to calm the reporters saw this and froze like a statue.

    Chen Fan overlooked everyone in the fire and started speaking, "You want to put me on trial?"

    As Chen Fan spoke, claps of thunder came as if the world were collapsing. Countless windows on the buildings around him shattered into pieces.

    A terrifying energy fell on Capitol Hill and many soldiers immediately knelt down. Ordinary people weren't qualified to stand in front of a Connate Cultivator!

    People around the world were watching.

    The Councillor slowly bent his body and finally got on his knees.

    The reporter from BBC immediately took a picture before kneeling!

    A fire fiend was standing in the sky disdaining the world; beneath him were people kneeling, including the Councillors, meaning that the United States Capitol that represented the highest authority in the country had also yielded to Chen Fan.

    He stood above Washington; that image was deeply imprinted in everyone's mind. They would never forget him even after thousands of years!

    "That's the most humiliating moment in human history!"

    "The greatest empire of mankind surrendered to a person! This means that the Extraordinaries will rule the world! This planet will never be under our control again."

    — The 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.