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Chapter 712 - A Crimson Ligh

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 712 A Crimson Ligh

    This was Detroit!

    It used to rank among the top ten biggest cities in North America, but it was a mere shadow of its former glory, practically a ghost city. The skyscrapers that sprawled across the massive city were gone, erased by Chen Fan from the surface of the Earth.

    Such terrifying power!

    The scene turned everyone into a bundle of nerves, gasping in unison. Suddenly, a deadly silence fell over the entire planet as the seven billion men and women on earth were all rendered speechless by the development

    Many elders kneeled on the ground and exclaimed in a shaky voice, "Such power can only belong to a God. He must be the True God who has descended on earth."

    Meanwhile, most other people were still trying to overcome their fear.

    They might be less afraid of such power if it belonged to a nation instead of a single man, since nations acted more reasonably than men they knew very little of. So far, no one knew if Chen Fan was good or evil, crazy or sane. He could very well be a psychopath that wielded a deadly weapon.

    Meanwhile, the citizens of the United States were shaken to the core.

    Most Americans had visited Detroit before and many had grown up there. Even those who had never been to the city must have driven a car that had been made in Detroit at some point in their lives. For such a renowned landmark to be completely erased from their country was a devastating blow to the Americans.

    "He is such a beast! "

    Even the netizens in China were shocked by Chen Fan's incredible display of brutality.

    Their fear and disbelief were shared by all the other nations of the world.

    Before that day, many people had already been aware that Chen Fan possessed a super weapon which he used to destroy a small island. However, the City of Detroit was not a small island; it was a metropolis that was several times larger in size.

    At the White House, the United States of America…

    "Damn it! Didn't you say that Chen Beixuan's weapon was not ready yet? Explain THIS to me then! His power has grown at least ten times!" the president of the United States exclaimed.

    Sitting around him were ministers of different government departments; they all kept their silence.

    The Director of the CIA was among them, and he, too, remained quiet.

    They had grossly underestimated Chen Fan's power. When he unleashed the Five Elements Thunder in a London suburb five years back, he had drawn energy from nature only for a very brief moment.

    On the other hand, the Divine Thunder that Chen Fan had just dropped was the result of more than half a year's worth of energy. Once Chen Fan had reached the Connate Level, the efficiency of Chen Fan's work was increased enormously. In addition, Chen Fan had channeled most of the Kindred's Essence into the Five Thunder Seal to boost its power.

    With so much energy wrapped up inside the Thunder Seal, its attack had easily razed an entire city to the ground.

    Such power was almost comparable to that of a Golden Core cultivator.

    A few officers came up to the president and urged, "Mr. President, it's not safe here, you should head to the emergency shelter right away. Chen Beixuan may arrive at any time, and we all need your leadership during this time of crisis. "

    The President wanted to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth. He considered his options for a moment and eventually decided to follow the officers to the helicopters.

    Meanwhile, inside the Pentagon, the event had turned many American generals into frozen statues.

    Fear and shock were written all over Minister Arnold's face.

    "Minister, what's our plan? Are we going to activate the Doomsday Device?"

    Minister Arnold raised a hand and was going to give an order, but the hesitation and fear in his eyes got the better of him.

    The Doomsday Device was a nuclear weapon created during the Cold War. During that time, the USSR had tested a fifty-million-ton atom bomb called the Khrushchev Bomb. It had completely pulverized everything within a few hundred square kilometers.

    In response to that threat, the United States had also created their own super weapon: a hundred million ton nuclear bomb. It was so deadly that it would definitely cause harm to innocent civilians when used. It was powerful enough to destroy a small country on earth.

    "Minister, you have to make the decision now before it's too late. "

    Many generals looked at Arnold.

    Minister Arnold took a deep breath to pull himself together. Even as he was about to give the order, he let out a ugly grin and said, "It's already too late."

    Everyone looked out the window and saw the blue sky had turned a furious red, like boiling blood.

    While Chen Fan was wreaking havoc in the United States, citizens of the other nations took to the internet to find out more about this mysterious young man. Not a lot of people knew who Chen Fan was and even fewer saw this war coming.

    Some people suspected that Chen Fan was a super soldier from China, a product of the Chinese military's secret projects.

    Some claimed that Chen Fan was a superman from the planet Krypton.

    Many people also believed that Chen Fan was the incarnation of God, and he was going to punish the Americans for their sins.

    Rumors and gossip quickly spread across the internet like wildfire.

    Many people suspected that Chen Fan was the Myanmar Sage. However, the Sage was seen radiating an azure glow, while Chen Fan was surrounded by a crimson light.

    "You guys are full of sh*t. That's Chen Beixuan, the number one warrior on the Divine Roll and a living legend. The United States kidnapped his fiancée so he went apesh*t on them."

    Some Martial Artists from China who were aware of the situation finally broke their silence.

    However, no one on the internet seemed to believe them at first.

    A lone wolf takes on a powerful nation to save his lover. Such plot was not only inconceivable in real life, but also trite even by webnovel standards.

    Over time, more and more details about Chen Fan were exposed on the Internet.

    Those fuzzy images and videos when coupled with detailed witness accounts provided an almost complete picture of Chen Fan's achievements over the last five years, many of which were censored by the governments around the world until then.

    In January, 2009, Chen Fan defeated the Fourteenth Brigade in Japan.

    In March, 2010, Chen Fan defeated the Infantry Division 116 in Russia and killed a Lieutenant General.

    In November, 2011, Chen Fan annihilated the Black Sea Fleet and downed over a dozen fighter jets from the European Union.

    When those individual dots were joined together, people finally started to see the common denominator in these events.

    By then, Chen Fan could no longer hide his true identity from the world.

    "Is it for real? Can a twenty two year old young man do that? He defeated the European Union, Russia, and Japan, now he is taking on the United States?"

    "What about the Dark World, the Blood Race and the Blood Wolf? Are you sure those are real?"

    "Superpower Chen? Heavenly Chen? Curmudgeon Chen? What kind of names are those?"

    Many people on the internet voice their questions.

    However, if those events weren't real, how could they explain what was happening then? As the people came to terms with their discoveries, many girls quickly found themselves enthralled by Chen Fan.

    "Fang Qiong is the luckiest girl in the world. If only I had a boyfriend who would start a war against the world just for me. "

    Infatuation aside, many people still found it hard to believe and so they focused their attention on Chen Fan and the United States, patiently waiting for Chen Fan's next move.

    Supreme Court. Washington State, USA.

    Standing next to the American Parliament was the Supreme Court building. Sixteen enormous marble columns supported its roof and its entrance was flanked by two statues, representing law and order. The air inside was heavy with solemnity.

    Nine Associate Judges of the Supreme Court sat in high chairs, as they went over Fang Qiong's case.

    Inside the room, they were the gods and their words the bible. Not even the president could revoke their decision, much less anyone else.

    The chief Associate Judge, Susan Lean was in a good mood.

    She studied Fang Qiong with a smirk, as if she were a poor little critter that fell into her trap.

    Fang Qiong had denied all the allegations, and insisted that she was innocent. However, as the evidence and witnesses were presented to the court one after another, her heinous crime became apparent to the jury.

    "Miss Fang Qiong, you must know how weak and pathetic your defense is. With all this evidence against you, we can put you behind bars even without your confession. Don't worry, we will have your pretty little boyfriend too, so that you two can have a reunion in jail."

    Susan Lean grinned.

    "I am innocent, and so is he!"

    Fang Qiong held her chin up, looking as strong and defiant as ever.

    Susan Lean thinned her lips into a smile and kept her silence. She ordered the court to proceed with the rest of the hearing.

    It wasn't long before Susan Lean found out that something was amiss in the air. There was a noticeable disturbance among the crowd and many people were staring at their cell phone screens with shock and disbelief.


    Susan Lean hit the block with the gavel heavily.

    This was the most high profile case she would ever get her hands on, so no disturbances would be tolerated.

    However, people seemed to be ignoring her, and the quiet murmur had grown into an open discussion.

    "What the heck?"

    Even as Susan Lean wondered what was going on, the courtroom gate was pushed open and a group of men in black suits stormed in. Susan Lean recognized the person leading the group, it was the CIA Director. Why is he here?

    The Director came up to the Judge sitting at the head of the table and whispered something into his ears.

    The judge's face paled almost instantly.

    "What's going on Lorent?" Susan Lean asked with a scowl.

    Judge Lorent squeezed out a smile and said, "Your honor, let's call it a day. Something… big has happened."

    "What? What would be more important than this trial?" Susan Lean asked indignantly.

    "Her… her fiancé is here," Judge Lorent replied disheartenedly.

    "So what? Even the president of the United States has to follow my rules in this room. No one can save her now, not even god," Susan Lean hissed.

    Suddenly, she heard screams outside the window.

    Susan Lean furrowed her brow and looked towards the commotion. She saw something that she would never forget.

    The formerly cloudless sky had been covered with crimson clouds. She looked closer and realized that those weren't clouds at all; it was fire. The entire sky was on fire.

    A crimson light traced an arc across the firmament and landed at the Washington State.

    Chen Fan had arrived!