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Chapter 711 - Destroying Cities!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 711 Destroying Cities!

    He was still alive?

    The crimson aura that shot out of the mushroom cloud was clearly seen in the middle of the screen and nobody could stop thinking about it.

    Anyone who had common sense knew what this meant!

    "He survived a nuclear blast?"

    Countless people were stunned.

    This was something that could only be seen in legends or movies, but it happened in front of the world today. The destructive nuclear bomb didn't kill Chen Fan?

    "He's definitely not a human. Is he God or a demon?"

    The Americans were devastated.

    At this moment, countless people in the world got on their knees, kowtowing to the crimson aura flashing on the screen!

    "He's the incarnation of God! He must be here to punish the United States for their sins," many claimed.

    Many people on the Martial Arts and Dark World forums around the world were at a loss for words. Even though Chen Fan had returned from the Blood Sea and most of them wondered if nuclear bombs could kill him, seeing it with their own eyes produced an indescribable effect.

    "My nation has made a big mistake!"

    Erika closed her eyes and heaved a sigh.

    Many Japanese swordsmen seemed to have lost their souls.

    As for the Wang Family, Wang Keqin was frozen like a statue while Xue Hongmei's eyelids couldn't go any wider. Wang Zhongguo heaved a sigh, then closed his eyes and shook his head with a wry smile.

    "I pushed away such an outstanding grandson. I thought I was clever but I couldn't even see his talents."

    In Yan Jin, Jin City and Hong Kong.

    Many people who were close to Chen Fan were relieved.

    Wang Xiaoyun even lost her energy and sat on the ground. Then she yelled, "This stupid boy! He's always making people worry."

    Even so, her eyes turned red and her mind was finally relaxed.

    Chen Fan's survival was a bolt from the blue for the American Army.

    At the Pentagon of the United States of America.

    "That's impossible! That's impossible!"

    The Generals were all terrified.

    Nuclear bombs were the most powerful weapons on Earth and one was enough to level a city with a population of a million people. It was totally out of their expectations that Chen Fan could withstand nuclear explosions; this outcome was something that they definitely couldn't accept.

    The commander of the Navy yelled, "Keep going. If one doesn't work, then we'll launch ten, a hundred! If one million tons of explosives aren't strong enough, then we'll use ten million tons!"

    Minister Arnold's fingers trembled but he didn't stop the commander.

    Soon, a second nuclear bomb was heading to the Missouri state line. It was a long-range missile but Chen Fan wasn't planning to go head to head with it anymore.

    He had sensed the previous nuclear bomb.

    Based on his speed, he should have escaped easily from the blast radius, but Chen Fan wanted to see if his body could withstand a nuclear explosion, which was why he didn't run right away.

    When the hydrogen bomb exploded, its impact was destructive. Even though Chen Fan wasn't at the epicenter, he was quite near to it. His Mercury Armor was shattered by the explosion and it turned into mercury that ran back into his body.

    After that, his "Golden Flame Armor" also cracked because of the impact. His Defensive True Essence turned into dust after 0.1 second and he got out of the explosion area with only the strength of his body.

    "The power of a nuclear explosion is indeed terrifying. It's comparable to an attack of a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator. If it wasn't for my Mercury Armor, the Golden Flame Divine Power, my Connate Level and a much stronger Divine Body, I wouldn't have survived the explosion."

    Chen Fan pondered.

    His body had absorbed the essence of six Kindred and had become stronger. Although it hadn't reached the phenomenal success level, it already had a hint of immortality, meaning that Chen Fan was close to attain a Golden Core Body.

    "Now that I've already found your limits, you'll never be able to kill me."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    He instantly broke the sonic barrier and left the explosion area at ten times the speed of sound.

    The United States Army was already in a raging frenzy.

    The third nuclear bomb was dropped near the Missouri River by a B2 Bomber.

    The fourth nuclear bomb exploded near Springfield. It had been planted there in advance but the time needed for it to initiate was enough for Chen Fan to run away.

    The fifth one was dropped…

    The American Army dropped the seventh and the most powerful nuclear bomb. It was a seven million-ton intercontinental missile shot from a nuclear submarine. After going out of the atmosphere, it dropped at more than ten times the speed of sound and exploded in St. Louis.

    Millions of people in the city witnessed the earth-shattering power of the nuclear bomb.

    "That's insane!" countless people in front of the TV mumbled

    The United States Army had already gone mad. They didn't care about anything else. They even planned to plant a ten million-ton hydrogen bomb in the city center, to detonate it when Chen Fan went past, but Minister Arnold stopped them.

    "You think you're the only one who can do this?"

    Chen Fan was also enraged after being attacked by seven nuclear bombs.

    The United States was apparently determined to fight until the bitter end. If he didn't retaliate with a power of a similar magnitude, he would never be able to stop them.

    "Let me show you that I'm also capable of destroying the United States."

    Chen Fan's eyes were filled with coldness.

    Rock Town in Illinois.

    Rock Town was a famous Army base in the United States. It was an armored division with more than ten thousand soldiers stationed there to guard the gateway to Washington.

    That day, all soldiers were prepared to fight as they knew Chen Fan was coming.

    "What's up with this man? Why does he hate the United States? Why is he attacking us? Is this really a punishment from God?" Corporal James said with a cigar in his mouth.

    "Shut up. He's only an enemy, not a God. We'll defeat him no matter how strong he is," the Second Lieutenant said.

    While they were talking, someone suddenly shouted.

    Many of them looked up and saw an unbelievable sight.

    A crimson cloud appeared which covered a few miles of the sky like a cloud cover. Everyone's eyes popped out because of the shock.

    That wasn't the evening glow. It was fire and meteorites!

    "Five Elements Dharma Spells, Skyfall Spell!"

    Then, an endless rain of fire rain fell from the sky like meteorites smashing down, covering the entire Rock Town. In almost an instant, all buildings, armored vehicles and constructions within several miles had been crushed by the meteorites, and the ground collapsed by a few meters.

    Looking from above, a large and smooth pithole appeared on the ground as if it were a mirror.

    He destroyed a town with one attack!

    Thousands of soldiers were burnt into ashes.

    This was the power of the Skyfall Spell! After reaching the Connate Level, Chen Fan could cast a lot of large-scale Dharma Spells that had an energy output comparable to modern weapons. And yet, these Dharma Spells needed a long time to gather energy, so they couldn't be used in time during a heated combat. Instead, they were perfect for attacking some solid targets.

    This was only the beginning.

    Ten minutes later, Chen Fan used the Thunderstorm Spell above Oak Lawn.

    The sky above the city was covered with bolts of thunder, which turned into a white thunderball of about ten feet large. It then smacked down with a terrifying energy.


    A bright white light shone over Oak Lawn. It wasn't just ordinary light but the terrifying flashes of lightning, which immediately burnt down the entire city. Countless buildings turned into dust and the fortifications were destroyed.

    Oak Lawn was a small city and most residents had already moved out. It had been transformed into a defensive base of the United States and more than ten thousand American soldiers were stationed there. However, all of them had died and the entire city turned into ruins.

    Countless people on Earth witnessed this attack.

    Billions of people immediately gasped. Such an attack could certainly compare to a small-scale nuclear weapon.

    And yet, Chen Fan didn't stop.

    Twenty minutes later, Chen Fan used another Dharma Spell, the Earthquake Spell. A military base built on a mountain was destroyed; the entire mountain collapsed.

    Half an hour later, Chen Fan entered the Reynolds Air Force Base…

    He used six Dharma Spells to destroy six enormous military bases and kill thousands of American soldiers along the way.

    But this wasn't the most horrifying deed.

    Forty five minutes later, Chen Fan was above Detroit.


    This huge city located in Michigan covered an area of dozens of miles and was once known as the most glorious car city in the United States. Many car companies were founded there; there had been over five million workers during its golden years.

    At the moment, the city had already become empty. A lot of car companies withdrew and the city turned into a place where thieves, gangsters and Latin Americans gathered. Dozens of murders and shootouts happened every day; many of the common citizens had left the city, leaving countless abandoned buildings behind.

    Chen Fan stood in the air, overlooking this empty city expressionlessly.

    "It's time to let the humans on Earth see what we're capable of."

    He stretched out his hand in front of the world and countless satellites; a colorful seal surrounded by thunderbolts appeared on his palm.

    Five Thunder Seal!

    The energy that had been accumulated in the seal for so long was finally surging out.


    This time, Chen Fan initiated the Five Thunder Seal with the power of the Connate Level and released the "Five Elements Thunder," which was much more powerful than the last time he used it in London. After all, the Five Thunder Seal had just been completed back then and the accumulated energy wasn't that much. At the moment, the energy gathered in the seal was extremely strong.


    Detroit was struck by a bolt of lightning.

    The broadcast paused for a second.

    Then, thousands of buildings in the city shattered like sand castles on the beach. The whole city then exploded and disappeared.

    The explosion left a flat land of dozens of miles wide.

    The ground was as smooth as a mirror and the entire city, including many gangsters living there, had turned into dust after being struck by the lightning.

    A city was destroyed with one strike!

    This was the real power of the Five Elements Thunder!

    The entire Earth went silent. All the eyes focused on the broadcasts had almost popped out!