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Chapter 710 - Reappearance of Nuclear Weapons

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 710 Reappearance of Nuclear Weapons

    The Pacific Ocean was ten thousand kilometers wide from east to west.

    China was located in the west of the ocean and the United States in the east.

    Chen Fan took only two hours to fly from Jin City to the United States across the entire Pacific Ocean. He had already astonished the world and frightened everybody in those two hours.

    "God has come to Earth!"

    "No, that isn't God. It's superman! Superman in the East!"

    "We never thought that we'd be living in a movie and witnessing this moment!"

    Countless people exclaimed.

    The White House, the Parliament and the Pentagon were in chaos. Minister Arnold looked at the screen with a pale face. The bright red dot representing Chen Fan had already arrived at the west coast of the United States and behind him was a messy war zone.

    "Sir, the White House has called so many times. The President has sent over three Special Envoys to ask if we can stop Chen Beixuan or not! The members of the Parliament also commanded you to give an explanation," the deputy said anxiously.

    "This is a moment of life and death for the United States. I request permission to use nuclear weapons," Arnold said.

    The three Special Envoys from the White House nodded in agreement.

    "The President asked us to bring the passcode box here. We must do everything to eliminate Chen Beixuan!"

    When the enemy arrived, the mobilization of the United States was shown in full!

    The Navy, the Army, the Air Force, the National Guard, the Marines‚Ķ The United States set up many lines of defense in the country.

    Many missiles were prepared and the entire North America became a giant missile base!

    Over five thousand fighter aircrafts took off from the military bases in North America towards Chen Fan. The military strength of the United States was beyond overwhelming.

    They had eleven aircraft carrier fleets, thirteen thousand fighter aircrafts, ten thousand tanks, thousands of missiles and countless military satellites. The forces they had were enough to defeat all the other countries in a world war.

    When they deployed these forces, the world was stunned.

    Countless people were frightened after seeing the fighter aircrafts in the sky and the weapons on the ground on TV. How would someone dare to challenge such a superpower?

    But Chen Fan's power was more terrifying!


    Chen Fan didn't cover himself anymore when he arrived in North America. The crimson aura flashed above Los Angeles and many people in California looked up with troubled feelings.

    The battle almost started in an instant.

    Numerous F14, F15 and F16 fighter aircrafts flew over to stop Chen Fan. Many missiles were launched from ten kilometers away and were shooting towards Chen Fan at several times the speed of sound.

    Chen Fan didn't dodge; he simply shot forward with his crimson aura.

    His initial-success Divine Body was impervious to normal missiles. His True Essence had already blown up the supersonic missiles when they were a hundred meters away and there were plenty of fireballs in the sky.

    "Oh my God!"

    Seeing this sight, the eyes of many pilots popped out.

    Even though they had seen the videos, they were still startled when they witnessed this with their own eyes. Someone could withstand missile attacks with his body?


    Chen Fan then merged with the blade and turned into a blade aura, which was going as fast as ten times the speed of sound!


    Before the pilots knew it, Chen Fan had already flashed and appeared ten kilometers further, just in front of them.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Fireballs exploded in the sky and a dozen fighter aircrafts were split in half every time the blade aura moved. Chen Fan destroyed forty three fighter aircrafts before stopping.

    Ten times the speed of sound was quite difficult for Chen Fan at the moment.

    The rest of the fighter aircrafts had already made evasive maneuvers out of fear. There were hundreds of fighter aircrafts; even if they couldn't kill him they could besiege and interfere with his movements.

    Facing the group of escaping aircrafts, Chen Fan yelled with a cold voice.

    "Sword array!"


    A ray of light shot out from the Blade Strengthening Gourd and turned into some small swords. There were ninety nine swords in the sky and each of them was a Quasi-Spirit Artifact.

    It was the "Starry Sword Array" Chen Fan got from the Sword Palace!

    This was the array Old Man of Nine Abandonments used to guard the Sword Palace and suppress the Realm of Cultivation in the ancient times. The ninety nine flying swords together were strong enough to kill an Earth Level Deity, and what Chen Fan focused on was the array's capability for mass killing.


    Chen Fan flicked his fingers.

    The ninety nine flying swords turned into ninety nine beams of light that went after the fighter aircrafts. Each of them broke the sonic barrier, creating some squeaking sounds and bright blade auras; they were comparable to the slash Chen Fan used in Japan.

    There came the sound of an explosion in the sky.

    "Boom, boom!"

    In a blink, almost a hundred fighter aircrafts crashed. Even though they had supersonic capabilities, they were large and clumsy. How could they get rid of the flying swords?

    If people from the Realm of Cultivation saw this, they would definitely be dumbfounded.

    Controlling nine flying swords at the same time was already the limit for an Earth Level Deity, but Chen Fan was controlling almost a hundred of them. Each flying sword was considerably powerful, meaning that his Immortal Will and True Essence had almost reached the Golden Core Level.

    In fact, only the reincarnation of a Tribulation Cultivator like Chen Fan could control so many Dharma Artifacts at the same time.


    After three waves of attacks.

    The sky became empty. Most of the hundreds of aircrafts crashed in less than one minute and only a few of them were able to escape.

    This scene was broadcasted in the command center of the Pentagon through satellites and drones.

    The entire hall was in silence.

    Many Admirals, Lieutenant Generals, Commanders and Minister Arnold looked at the screen, watching the group of fighter aircrafts being destroyed by Chen Fan.

    Time went by.

    Five minutes later, Chen Fan broke through the second line of defense in Nevada and a missile brigade was annihilated.

    Ten minutes later, Chen Fan entered Utah. The United States deployed three Air Defense Divisions there but they were all annihilated. The Purple Thunder Blade swept across the sky and killed thousands of American soldiers.

    Fifteen minutes later, Chen Fan entered Colorado‚Ķ

    The lines of defense were destroyed easily by Chen Fan and everyone could only think of one word:


    Indeed, those lines of defense were like steel walls during the First and Second World War, but they couldn't stop Chen Fan at all.

    He could easily destroy a group of fighter aircrafts, missile bases or lines of defense.

    "Sir, the 1st Cavalry Division was annihilated thirty seconds ago," the deputy said.

    Everyone was startled.

    The 1st Cavalry Division of the United States had a history of a few centuries and was the most elite armored division in the country. They were equipped with hundreds of tanks and countless missiles, but they still couldn't stop Chen Fan.

    The most important thing was that the 1st Cavalry Division was deployed in Kansas, which was located in Midwest America and was closer to the country's capital, Washington.

    Benjamin, the Navy's Lieutenant General yelled, "Sir, we must make a decision now."

    "Sir, please give your orders."

    The Generals got up one by one and looked at Minister Arnold.

    Minister Arnold stood on the second floor, gripping the fence tight. He had white hair and his body was slightly bent.

    After a while, Minister Arnold opened his eyes and said, "Fire the nuclear bomb!"

    Chen Fan's route had always been monitored by the American satellites. They could easily predict his path and set up a trap in advance.

    Right when Chen Fan defeated another troop, the nuclear bomb buried underground immediately exploded.


    The world seemed to have cracked, bringing the arrival of the apocalypse.

    A giant mushroom cloud rose and stirred up several million tons of soil which then spread in all directions. Those a few hundred kilometers away could also see the fire and hear the thunderous sound.

    August 15th, 2012, 5pm.

    The United States detonated a three million-ton hydrogen bomb on the plains of Kansas.

    The world was stunned!

    Billions of people around the planet witnessed this scene through different broadcasts.

    Nobody had thought that the United States would really use this weapon.

    Everyone was watching anxiously; they saw how invincible Chen Fan was! Any troop or weapon in front of Chen Fan was smashed.

    At the moment, nuclear weapons were mankind's last line of defense.

    "He's certainly dead! Not even God can withstand nuclear explosions. The temperature at the epicenter was more than ten million degrees," many people said.

    And more were feeling troubled.

    On one hand, they hoped Chen Fan would survive because he was like a hero in the legends, as grand as the Monkey King or Prometheus, when he attacked the United States! On the other hand, nobody wanted to live in a world that had a God who couldn't even be killed with nuclear weapons.

    In Yan Jin.

    "Is he dead?"

    Ningxin's eyes were wide open.

    Xu Rongfei had torn the blanket and her nails penetrated deep into her palms without realizing what she was doing; she simply watched anxiously.

    In Jin City.

    All the members of the North Qiong Sect were extremely terrified.

    Those who were weak-hearted dared not look and had already lowered their heads.

    The Wang Family.

    "Brave, brave!" Xue Hongmei said with her eyes as round as saucers.

    In Japan, in the West, in the United States.

    Many of Chen Fan's enemies were ready to cheer and celebrate his death.


    A beam of crimson light surrounded by flames and thunderbolts shot out of the mushroom cloud, which looked like the Monkey King rushing towards the Buddha five centuries before.

    At that moment.

    The entire Earth was in silence!

    Everyone was stunned!