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Chapter 709 - Astonishing the World!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 709 Astonishing the World!

    Back to two hours before.

    The United States was broadcasting Fang Qiong's trial live, and according to real-time statistics, seven hundred million people were watching it on their TVs, computers and cell phones.

    Almost one in ten people on Earth was watching it! This broke the Guinness record and tied with the record of CCTV's Spring Festival Gala.

    Soon, some news circulated on the Internet.

    "Something strange happened in Jin City today. A beam of red light rose from the suburbs and flew to the East."

    "Right, I saw it in Jin City. Many people around me were wondering if the country had launched a missile to attack Japan."

    "I'm in Wu Zhou and we saw that too…"

    Some Chinese netizens started talking about the crimson aura first. Chen Fan flew across several cities, including Jin City, Wu Zhou and Zhenhai.

    Then, there was a commotion on the Japanese Internet.

    "I saw the American Army fighting the red alien near the coast of Yamaguchi and a dozen aircrafts were destroyed."


    The footage was then uploaded.

    A crimson aura flashed across the sky and instantly destroyed many American aircrafts, but the video was filmed from afar and the picture was a bit blurry. Many even thought that the video was fake.

    When everyone was having a heated discussion.

    A shocking piece of news came.

    "Yokosuka was under attack and the entire port was destroyed. The USS Abraham Lincoln of the United States was also sunk!"

    This news instantly startled the entire Internet in Japan and it swiftly spread around, catching the attention of many Japanese media. That was the Port of Yokosuka! The first military port in East Asia which had thousands of American soldiers stationed there.

    It was earth-shattering news that the port was under attack, especially when all the aircraft carriers were sunk! Everyone knew that aircraft carriers were the life of the United States. Whenever something happened in the world, the American President would always say "Where are the aircraft carriers?"

    "Is it Russia?"

    "Is there going to be another world war?"

    "Are aliens attacking the planet?"

    Some shocking articles appeared on the Japanese media and everyone was drawn to a heated discussion. Then, the second astonishing news came.

    The military base of the American Army in Futenma was also destroyed.

    Fifteen minutes later.

    The same happened to the base in Sasebo.

    The entire Internet in Japan went silent!

    Everyone was dumbfounded and couldn't believe it! The attack on Yokosuka might be an accident, but since the other two military bases were also attacked, this meant that the other party was targeting the United States.

    "Another world war is coming!" an old man said with his trembling hands.

    All three military bases of the United States in Japan were destroyed in half an hour, including thousands of troops and aircraft carrier fleets. This news immediately shocked the world, just like a bomb would.

    Many TV stations immediately broadcasted a news report.

    "The American military bases were under attack, aircraft carriers were sunk. The identity of the attacker is still unknown."

    "The Russian government said they aren't responsible for this."

    "The Chinese government remains silent…"

    Many famous media and TV stations started broadcasting the news. BBC, CNN, NBC… These TV stations could reach out to more than half of the world's population and were all broadcasting.

    Countless working or shopping people saw the news on TV and looked up in surprise.

    This time, not only Japan.

    England, France, Russia, China… Almost everyone in every country watched the news and gloated, saying that the United States had gone through another 911 attack.

    The American people were enraged!

    They wanted to destroy the country or the organization that attacked their military bases.

    But then, an earth-shattering news came.

    The Hawaiian Islands had been attacked. The United States' Indo-Pacific Command had been destroyed, three aircraft carrier fleets were sunk and thousands of American soldiers were either dead or injured!

    This time, there was even a video filmed by a tourist in Hawaii. In the video, a crimson flash flew around and killed wherever it flew past. He had a blade aura in his hand that was a hundred feet long and it was surrounded by thunderbolts.

    "This is?"

    People around the world were stunned when they saw the footage!

    This was like a scene from a movie. Aliens invading the Earth, Godzilla attacking the city, Iron Man battling with Superman… What happened shouldn't exist in reality but it did.

    This time, the video was a bit clearer. There was a man standing inside the crimson aura, enveloped in red flames like a demon.

    "Is this even real?" Countless people wondered.

    But more and more videos were published on TV.

    Chen Fan destroyed a dozen fighter aircrafts above Yamaguchi, killed many soldiers and sank the aircraft carriers at the Port of Yokosuka. Then he ran wild in the base in Sasebo, destroyed everything in the base in Guam…

    When those videos appeared, the most stubborn people had to accept the truth.

    It wasn't any organization or a country, or an alien, behind the attacks of the military bases of the United States; instead, it was a person, a "superman" who made his appearance in front of the world!

    The world was stirred!

    Countless people widened their eyes as they stared at the TV.

    More than a hundred TV stations around the world stopped their programming and broadcasted the videos. All TV channels, websites, news reports and media were playing the videos of the attack.

    Many members of the TV stations started working crazily.

    Columns, planning, live broadcasting!

    These media professionals and journalists kept collecting information through all sorts of channels, hoping to find out who the attacker was. What did he look like? Was he a human or a God? Why did he attack the bases of the United States?

    "I've never seen such an incident in my life, no, in human history! It's comparable to the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, the First and Second World War and the invention of the steam engine…"

    "This will be the most glorious incident ever in human history and a moment we will all be proud of for our entire lives!"

    "Whoever shows up in the live broadcast in front of the world will become the greatest media figure in history! Because this is the moment this God or superman comes to Earth!"

    — CNN News Director, three times Pulitzer Prize winner, George Steven.

    In fact, just like Steven said, countless media around the world were playing the footage and many people were watching it on their computers, TVs and cell phones.

    The number of people watching the live broadcasts skyrocketed.

    One hundred million, three hundred million, five hundred million…

    Ten minutes later, it broke the record set by Fang Qiong's trial and exceeded seven hundred million.

    Twenty minutes later, the number of people watching the live broadcasts reached one billion.

    Half an hour later, more than two billion!

    This meant that one in three people on Earth was watching this earth-shattering broadcast and everyone had only one question in mind.

    "Who exactly is that?"

    "This is BBC TV and I'm your hostess, Kim Kashan. After sorting the information collected from the CIA and our news department, we've got a rough idea of where this "superman" comes from. He should be of Chinese origin. Please look at the following pictures," the blonde, hot hostess said emotionally.


    The audience was startled.

    Even the Chinese people were dumbfounded. It was one of them who destroyed four American military bases and sank five aircraft carrier fleets?

    A series of videos were played on the screen.

    Those videos started from Hawaii, then Guam, Sasebo, Futenma, Yokosuka, Yamaguchi… Many people had already noticed that this was Chen Fan's attack route.

    "But this footage can't prove the attacker is Chinese. He can also be Japanese!"

    Many questioned the information available.

    But then, a video was played.

    It was filmed using a cell phone so it wasn't very clear, but the audience could still see a crimson aura rising from a mountain and shooting towards the East. The person who filmed it was yelling in the video and Chinese people could tell that he was speaking a Chinese dialect used in Southern China.

    Kim Kashan analyzed, "According to what is seen in the video and the IP address of the uploader, the crimson aura came from a mountain in the suburbs of Jin City in China.

    "It flashed across China, then went to Japan through the East Sea and started attacking.

    "Based on the route, the attacker is most likely Chinese."

    At this moment, the ratings of the entire BBC station soared.

    The Internet was in chaos because of this report. The Chinese netizens were thrilled.

    "The superman who attacked the United States is Chinese. He's a hero! The United States has been running wild around the world and we've always wanted to take them down."

    Only those close to the Chen family were surprised.

    That looked like the group of mansions on East Mountain where the Chen family was… And wasn't Master Chen of Jiang Bei the most famous member of the Chen family? Was this superman Master Chen?

    In Yan Jin.

    Xu Rongfei saw the program on the BBC and was stunned.

    Ningxin was still guessing who the superman was and considering if he was the legendary Myanmar Sage, but Xu Rongfei suddenly said, "There's no need to guess. I know who he is."

    "Who?" Ningxin was shocked.

    "Chen Fan," Xu Rongfei replied.

    At the mansion of the Wang family on the North Mountain.

    "It's Chen Fan!" Wang Zhongguo said seriously.

    The other members of the Wang Family were startled and Xue Hongmei sat there without saying a word. Chen Fan had destroyed five aircraft carrier fleets and half of the forces of the American Navy since he shot to the sky.

    Such a peerless person was totally beyond people's imagination!

    "How dare he? How dare he? It's the United States!" Wang Keqin murmured.


    Everyone was terrified.

    That was the United States, the dominator of the world and the mightiest superpower!

    How could Chen Fan attack and declare war against them?

    But everyone became speechless after watching the crimson light which crashed the aircraft carriers in the videos.

    The Qin family, the Xiao family, the Han family… All of them shut their mouths and widened their eyes when they saw the footage.

    They finally realized how powerful Chen Fan was!

    In the past, Xue Hongmei and Han Hongkun had dared to offend Chen Fan because they didn't know that he was a dormant dragon. When the dragon finally awoke, everyone was in awe of its power.

    At the Su family mansion in Wu Zhou.

    Old Lord Su stared at the crimson aura in the video and glanced down.

    His brothers and his son, Su Zhengde, lowered their heads and couldn't look into Old Lord Su's eyes. When Chen Fan went missing, the Su family had made things difficult for the Fang family and the Chen family. Many members of their third generation, including Su Qian, even gloated when Fang Qiong was detained by the United States.

    Su Yanghao heaved a sigh.

    "We finally had someone like Fang Qiong after three centuries.

    "But we didn't cherish the opportunity and even pushed her away. And now, someone's challenging the United States, the dominator of the world, for her sake! If Fang Qiong were still a member of the Su Family, she would have brought us true glory."

    Everyone remained silent and lowered their heads, feeling regretful.

    Regardless if Chen Fan won the battle or not, he would be remembered for generations! It was because this was the first time someone fought against a superpower on his own!

    This was an unprecedented feat throughout human history!

    Su Xiao stood there looking at the crimson aura on the TV and was in awe.

    Who didn't want their lovers to go against the world for them?

    As opposed to the netizens's reactions, all the countries around the world and the underground world were in silence.

    The war had begun!

    All the other countries, including England, France and Russia, had never thought that Chen Fan would go head to head with the United States and they had no idea what to do. The entire Dark World was stupefied.

    "Chen Beixuan is too fierce. He doesn't care about public pressure, nuclear weapons or threats to his family. The United States has underestimated him," someone sighed and said.

    "No, we all did," the Observer said calmly, "We've been wrong since the beginning. We thought that Gods would obey the will of mortals, but we didn't know that they wouldn't be threatened by humans."

    "Chen Beixuan is a human, not a God!" Another person retorted.

    "When he shot to the sky and suppressed the world's superpowers, he was already a God! An Entity that overlooks the world high above!" the Observer said.

    The entire forum immediately became silent.

    Everyone was excited, as if they were witnessing the making of history.

    At the same time, a land appeared in front of Chen Fan.

    It was the United States!