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Chapter 708 - A Bloodbath

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 708 A Bloodbath


    The most famous island in the Pacific Ocean which was a popular vacation spot. Every summer, countless tourists went there from all around the world to enjoy the sunlight, the beaches and the bikini beauties.

    But at the same time, the island was the largest overseas military base of the United States. The headquarters of the Pacific Fleet was located there, tasked with suppressing the entire Pacific Ocean! The famous "Pearl Harbor" was on the third largest island in Hawaii, "Oahu."

    During the Second World War sixty years in the past, Japan had once sent a fleet to launch a sneak attack on this port, an event later known as the "Pearl Harbor Incident!" The United States then participated in the war, causing Japan's defeat.

    At the moment, the siren had once again gone off at Pearl Harbor.

    "Attention! All soldiers prepare for battle immediately. All battleships sail and all aircrafts take off. The enemy is about to enter Pearl Harbor! The enemy is about to enter Pearl Harbor…"

    The siren was ringing.

    Countless American soldiers were running around.

    They had enjoyed peace for decades, never thinking that someone would attack Hawaii.

    Meanwhile, in the underground base of the United States' Indo-Pacific Command.

    The Generals stared at the screen with pale faces. In less than an hour, four military bases in East Asia had been destroyed. If there weren't photos from the satellites, they wouldn't have believed it.

    "A demon, he's indeed a demon! He killed thirty thousand of our men and destroyed two aircraft carrier fleets," Lieutenant General Ryan said with trembling hands.

    "This is to provoke and to declare war against our country! He's worse than Japan back then. We must fight until the end," a hawk shouted.

    The other Generals were also enraged.

    The Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Ocean Ducao said, "This is not the time for revenge. We must make the right decision. What's Chen Beixuan's next move? Will he stop or will he keep attacking? If he continues, he must be planning to cross the Pacific Ocean and target our territories. Hawaii will be the first one."

    "Three aircraft carrier fleets are docked in Hawaii. Send the command for them to sail right away and go as far as possible. Also, order all the soldiers to prepare the equipment, including nuclear weapons. I've already sent a request to the Ministry of National Defense and the passcodes for the nuclear weapons will be forwarded anytime soon. The most important thing now is, where is Chen Beixuan located?"

    Everyone looked at the intelligence officer.

    The intelligence officer was drenched in cold sweat. "The satellites could still locate Chen Beixuan, but he disappeared after he entered the Western Pacific. It's difficult to find him in the ocean. We need some time."

    "Oh no!" Ducao was startled after hearing what the intelligence officer said.

    But it was too late.


    There came a thunderous sound.

    A crimson aura stopped above Pearl Harbor.

    Chen Fan traveled several thousand kilometers instantly and arrived in Hawaii! Many Generals were terrified. Chen Fan was still in Guam not long before.

    Guam was three thousand kilometers away from Hawaii and even a supersonic fighter aircraft needed three hours to get there.

    So, at how many times the speed of sound was Chen Fan going?

    Five times? Six times?

    No one dared to imagine.

    And the attack had arrived.


    The Purple Thunder Blade which was surrounded by red flames and thunderbolts swept across the air and struck the USS Nimitz. This nuclear-powered aircraft carrier then sank into the ocean.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    The missiles were launched, targeting Chen Fan.

    Hawaii's attacks were more violent than those in Guam and Yokosuka. After all, they were well-prepared for battle. And yet, Chen Fan didn't care about the normal missiles anymore.


    He slashed and the Blade Qi moved in a hundred feet range. All the missiles were destroyed by the energy and they exploded in the air.

    Then, Chen Fan merged with the blade and turned into a beam of light, flashing to a place a thousand feet away.

    "Boom, boom!"

    There were dozens of fireballs in the sky.

    These fireballs were the fighter aircrafts that had just taken off, including a few F22 stealth fighters. They couldn't withstand Chen Fan's attack and immediately exploded.

    "He's too powerful… He's too powerful!"

    The American soldiers on the ground were all frightened.

    Their anti-aircraft guns, machine guns and cannons were completely useless against Chen Fan; they burned into ashes before they could get near him. The missiles that could barely threaten him were also destroyed.

    "He's an incarnation of a demon!"

    Some Generals in the underground base were also trembling when they saw the attack through the video feed.

    "Fire the electromagnetic cannon now!" Admiral Ducao said.

    The American Army had equipped the USS Harry S. Truman with the most advanced electromagnetic cannon, which was powered by the energy of nuclear power reactors and was much more powerful than the ones used by the God-battling Team.


    A three-meter alloy spear was shot out from the electromagnetic cannon, flashing towards Chen Fan at twenty times the speed of sound. The USS Harry S. Truman was also pushed back several meters because of this attack.


    The spear created a long white mark in the sky, which couldn't be seen with bare eyes. It had arrived in front of Chen Fan as soon as they fired it.

    "Is this your trump card?"

    Chen Fan stretched out his hand with his cold eyes.

    He gripped the metal spear immediately.


    A terrifying energy exploded from his hand. The alloy spear was strong enough to penetrate an aircraft carrier. Chen Fan gripped it tight and it couldn't move forward, no matter how fast it shook.


    Everyone gasped while watching this.

    "That's a super electromagnetic cannon that can pierce through a ten-meter steel plate! He caught it with his bare hand?" Lieutenant General Ryan yelled.

    Admiral Ducao was terrified.

    "Oh no, the USS Harry S. Truman…"

    It was too late.

    Chen Fan held the spear in his hand; he bent its body into a bow shape and shot it back.


    A sound barrier cloud appeared in the air and the alloy spear flashed towards the USS Harry S. Truman at a high speed. This aircraft carrier was made of steel, clearly not as hard as Chen Fan's body.

    In a blink, the spear penetrated the aircraft carrier.

    A giant hole appeared in the middle of the deck which was ten meters large; it went through all the decks, armors and cabins. After piercing through, the alloy spear shot deep into the ocean.

    The fourth aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman, sank.

    After a minute, the fifth aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, was split in half by Chen Fan's slash and it sank into the ocean.

    Up until then, all five aircraft carriers of the Pacific Fleet had been sunk.

    The Navy had almost lost half of their forces!


    The entire underground base went silent as the Generals stared at the screen dumbfoundedly. They watched how Chen Fan carved a path of slaughter in Pearl Harbor and leveled the entire Oahu.

    Countless coconut trees, tropical plants and constructions were torn to pieces by the Blade Qi.

    Many battleships docked at the port sank into the ocean and the fighter aircrafts crashed one after another. The entire Pearl Harbor was flooded with blood and a lot of American soldiers died.

    "This is worse than Japan's attack sixty years ago!" Lieutenant General Ryan mumbled.

    Admiral Ducao clenched his fists and said, "Send a message to the Ministry of National Defense. I need the authorization to use nuclear weapons so I can blow that demon out of the sky!"

    There were hundreds of nuclear warheads stored in Hawaii.

    Unfortunately, the United States' Indo-Pacific Command didn't have the power to launch any nuclear weapons. They needed the authorization from the Ministry of National Defense and the White House.

    "Yes, sir."

    The officers quickly sent the message.

    The Generals were enraged; they were waiting for the authorization to launch the nuclear missiles and blow Chen Fan into pieces. They didn't care even if they had to sacrifice the entire Pacific Fleet and Hawaii. After all, their underground base could withstand nuclear explosions.


    Suddenly, the base shook violently.

    "What's wrong?"

    The Generals were terrified.

    "Sir, someone's attacking the base!" The intelligence officer turned around with a pale face.

    Everyone looked at the screen and watched Chen Fan standing in the sky, slashing at the mountain with his Thunder Blade.

    The United States' Indo-Pacific Command had been built under an extinct volcano in Oahu.

    "Bang! Bang!"

    As Chen Fan attacked, the entire volcano started shaking and everyone could feel the quake, even though they were dozens of meters underground.

    "Is he mad? He wants to destroy the entire volcano?" Lieutenant General Ryan yelled.

    In fact, Chen Fan was indeed planning to do so.

    Even though the United States' Indo-Pacific Command was hidden deep under the ground, Chen Fan's Immortal Will covered the entire island and he certainly discovered those Generals who were wearing a uniform.


    Chen Fan's True Essence surged out and the Purple Thunder Blade turned into a three hundred meters Divine Blade surrounded by thunderbolts and red flames, floating in the sky. Even the tourists on the other islands saw this.


    The blade slashed and split the entire mountain in half. The blade aura went down dozens of meters and destroyed the military base. Admiral Ducao was crushed into pieces before he could say a word.

    After a slash.

    The United States' Indo-Pacific Command had collapsed completely!

    Hundreds of thousands of international tourists witnessed everything on another island, as they looked at the crimson aura in the air.

    They saw the destruction of Pearl Harbor, the three sinking aircraft carriers, Chen Fan splitting the mountain and destroying the base, and how he flew away towards the United States after all this.

    "Something's going to happen! Something big!" an old man mumbled.

    In fact, the entire world had already been stirred because of Chen Fan's attacks! This time, not only the senior officials of the countries and the underground world, billions of people were also stunned!