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Chapter 707 - Killing Along the Way

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 707 Killing Along the Way

    When Chen Fan shot to the sky…

    The large countries around the world received the warning at the same time and countless satellites captured the crimson aura. In fact, Chen Fan wasn't hiding at all.

    The crimson aura swiftly flashed across the sky.

    Countless people looked up and saw the crimson aura. They thought that it was a plane or a rainbow. Some of them even filmed it and sent it to the Internet, but the whole world was paying attention to the trial and nobody noticed the footage.


    Chen Fan broke the sonic barrier and flew in the sky at three times the speed of sound. He soon left China and entered the East Sea. Then, he made a turn and headed for Tokyo.

    Since the battle had begun, Chen Fan had to show the United States that he wasn't a pushover.

    "Beep, beep, beep!"

    The alarm rang at the command center in Japan.

    The Japanese Minister of National Defense looked at the crimson aura on the screen with a pale face.

    "Damn it! It was the Americans who took his fiancée. Why is he coming to Japan?" Everyone was frightened. After all, Chen Fan had destroyed a fleet and killed armored soldiers before! How could Japan resist him?

    "Sir, should we send a fighter aircraft to stop him?" a Major General asked.

    "No take-offs! Not even one!" the Minister of National Defense got up and shouted, "Notify the American Army in Japan right away. The United States caused all this, so they must deal with it."

    In fact, the American fighter aircrafts at the Marine Corps Air Station in Futenma had already taken off.

    A dozen F16 and F15 fighter aircrafts went to intercept Chen Fan at full speed. The United States had prepared to fight and all the military bases around the world were standing by, but they had never thought that Chen Fan would really act.

    "Warning, warning! Ahead of you is the territory of Japan. Stop advancing immediately, or it will be regarded as an act of war…" The American aircraft saw Chen Fan and started issuing warnings to him.

    "So annoying!"

    The crimson aura immediately flashed at several times the speed of sound.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    In almost a blink, several F-16 Fighting Falcon were crushed into pieces. Then, not only did the crimson aura not stop, it kept on pushing forward.

    "Boom, boom, boom."

    The aircrafts turned into fireballs one after another.

    Chen Fan split those supersonic fighter aircrafts in half without using any Dharma Spells. They all crashed before they could launch the missiles.

    In thirty seconds, a dozen fighter aircrafts had been destroyed.

    After that, Chen Fan kept going towards Tokyo.

    This battle happened right above Japan and many Japanese were watching dumbfoundedly. Some of them even filmed it with their phones.

    "Is… is the planet being invaded by aliens?" someone murmured.

    Even though they couldn't see what the crimson aura was, they saw with their own eyes that a dozen American fighter aircrafts had been destroyed. Other than aliens, who else on Earth would dare to take down American aircrafts?

    Meanwhile, the alarm rang in the military base of the United States in Japan, the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet, and the Pentagon in the United States.

    The command center of the American Army was shocked by the instant destruction of a dozen aircrafts.

    Minister Arnold of the Ministry of National Defense, who was also known as Minister Iron Fist, was staring at the bright red dot on the screen. It was flashing through the Japanese territory towards Tokyo.

    Japan covered an area of only several hundred kilometers and Chen Fan almost flashed across the country in a blink.

    "Minister, I've already ordered all the fighter aircrafts in Japan to take off and stop Chen Beixuan from entering Tokyo, so that we can protect our ally," the commander of the American Army in Japan reported, "As long as we can keep him in Japan for half an hour, the F22 fighter jet from our military base in Guam will arrive in time."

    "No… His target isn't Tokyo, but Yokosuka," Minister Arnold said as he watched the fighter aircrafts being destroyed.


    Everyone looked at the map and was terrified. "The USS Abraham Lincoln is still at the port of Yokosuka!"


    The port was located at the forefront of Tokyo Bay and was the first military port in East Asia.

    The American aircraft carrier fleet was usually docked here under normal circumstances. That day, the USS Abraham Lincoln had set out, so there had to be something complicated going on. Before that, the aircraft carrier was only a few hundred meters away from the shore and hadn't left the port.

    "They issued the red alert today and the aircraft carrier is out. Is Russia attacking Japan?" Sergeant David said.

    Most of the American soldiers had no idea what was going on.

    Second Lieutenant John laughed and said, "Don't worry. We've got the Russians under control. They wouldn't dare to come, unless they want another world war."

    "Woooo Woooo…"

    The alarm rang, and David and John were terrified. This alarm meant that the enemy was about to attack Yokosuka! But in fact, they were both unfamiliar with such an alarm.

    The last time this happened was during the attack on Pearl Harbor sixty years before.

    "Where's the enemy? Is this a false alarm?" David said.

    Many American soldiers who ran out of their rooms were confused.


    Suddenly, a thunderous sound came above the Port of Yokosuka, as if a fighter aircraft were flying low. Everyone looked up and saw how a crimson aura flashed through the air from the West and stopped.

    There was a man standing inside the crimson aura.

    That man was covered in crimson fire as if he were a devil from Hell.

    "This is…"

    Countless American soldiers stared in shock at the crimson aura hovering in the sky, while the USS Abraham Lincoln immediately sailed and tried to escape to the ocean.

    A cold voice came from the crimson shadow. "Kill!"

    After that, a hundred feet long blade with flashes of purple lightning twined around it fell from the sky and slashed at the USS Abraham Lincoln.

    That nuclear-powered aircraft carrier covered by a strong alloy, which was 333m long and could carry a hundred thousand tons of water, was split in half by the Purple Thunder Blade, directly sinking into the ocean.


    Many American soldiers gasped.

    That was an aircraft carrier, which represented the strongest power in the world and was the symbol and life of the United States. It had sunk just like that?

    Someone filmed the scene and uploaded the footage on the Internet.

    At the same time, the sound of gunfire came and many soldiers finally reacted, starting to attack Chen Fan. Then, missiles were launched with him as their target.

    But Chen Fan immediately flashed and the Blade Qi swept for a thousand feet.

    In a heartbeat, countless thunderbolts struck from the sky. The Blade Qi cleaved the battleships, crushed the buildings and split the ocean.

    Yokosuka had only the size of a small town.

    All buildings, local architecture and any construction in front of the Blade Qi was shattered into little bits. Those battleships docked at the port sank into the ocean and the missiles exploded before hitting Chen Fan.

    Ten minutes later.

    Chen Fan stopped attacking, then he turned into a crimson aura again and left.

    The surviving soldier got up from the ground and glanced around.

    Yokosuka, which used to be the first military port in East Asia with dozens of battleships and thousands of soldiers, had already turned into ruins. Intact buildings were nowhere to be seen.

    "Beep, beep, beep."

    A voice came from the intercom again. "This is the United States' Indo-Pacific Command. We deemed critical to notify that the enemy is about to attack Yokosuka. Be on high alert and ready to fight. I repeat. The enemy is about to attack Yokosuka…"

    Sergeant David picked up the intercom with his trembling hand and answered, "Sir, Yokosuka has been destroyed… We lost more than ten thousand soldiers and the USS Abraham Lincoln…"

    "There's only one… enemy!"

    The entire United States and many countries in the world were stunned by the destruction of Yokosuka.

    Someone attacked the American aircraft carrier? This was a declaration of war against the United States! Yokosuka was the top military port in East Asia and the United States relied on it to suppress Japan. Thousands of elite soldiers were stationed there… were they all gone?

    Chen Fan's terrifying energy was shown in front of the world.

    It was as destructive as nuclear weapons and had caught everyone off guard.

    But this was only the beginning. Since the battle had started, Chen Fan would not be merciful. How could he dispel the North Mystic Celestial Lord's anger if he didn't kill as many Americans as he wanted?

    Ten minutes later.

    A hundred fighter aircrafts at the American Marine Corps Air Station in Futenma were destroyed by Chen Fan.

    Half an hour later.

    The United States Fleet Activities in Sasebo also fell under Chen Fan's attack. Thousands of American soldiers died and the entire military base sank into the Pacific Ocean.

    Forty five minutes later.

    The United States Naval Base in Guam was leveled and more than ten thousand American soldiers were either dead or severely injured. After the USS Carl Vinson sailed for ten kilometers, Chen Fan caught up and destroyed all seventeen battleships, including the aircraft carrier.

    In less than an hour, the United States had lost four military bases, thirty thousand soldiers and two aircraft carriers, but this was only the beginning.

    The crimson aura shot across the sky towards Hawaii!