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Chapter 706 - Risen Again!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 706 Risen Again!

    American media was too powerful. When the trial began, almost all the TV stations in the world started broadcasting.

    North Qiong Corp was a rising company and their fame rested on their Vitality Serum which was regarded as the "Divine Essence of the East!" They were supported by many countries and those who bought the serum said that their bodies indeed underwent some positive changes.

    And yet, in the recent month, the western world defamed them and asked many "victims" to step forward and talk about the dangers of using the Vitality Serum, including damage to children's intelligence, developing physical disabilities, cancer and producing doping effects.

    North Qiong Corp immediately went from being a reputable high-tech company to a fraud company that took money and lives.

    "Public trial? Hm! All of them should be sentenced to death!"

    "She looks pretty beautiful, but why does she have such an evil mind?"

    "Just shoot this female demon who killed so many people."

    Many people who were watching the broadcast were cheering. Only a minority—who had tried the Vitality Serum and experienced the changes in their bodies—disagreed but there were too few of them.

    At Yan Jin Film Academy.

    Ningxin suddenly yelled, "Fei Fei, isn't Fang Qiong, the CEO of North Qiong Corp, Chen Beixuan's fiancée? The United States is holding a public trial against her."


    Xu Rongfei turned around in shock.

    Wasn't Fang Qiong the girl in a white shirt on the screen?

    Xu Rongfei was startled. She knew Chen Fan very well and certainly knew Fang Qiong's status in Chen Fan's mind as well. Since the United States were trying Fang Qiong publicly, did this mean that Chen Fan was in danger?

    At the Fang family's mansion in Jin City.

    Su Susu hugged Fang Mingde and cried her eyes out as she watched her daughter being interrogated on TV.

    Fang Mingde also turned pale; he clenched his fists as he gazed at the screen. That was their only daughter; their only child, and their biggest pride.

    Even so, she was being tried in front of the entire world and might even be sentenced to death, which was a complete humiliation!

    At the mansion of the Wang family on the North Mountain.

    Wang Keqin was thrilled. "Dad, Mom, the United States is trying the CEO of North Qiong Corp, Fang Qiong. Chen Fan will definitely surrender to save his love."

    "That's great. They better sentence her to death. I want this bastard to know the feeling of losing his loved one!" Xue Hongmei gave an evil smile.

    Many other members of the Wang family cheered.

    Only Wang Zhongguo frowned. Chen Fan… wouldn't be threatened that easily, right?

    Many people in Zhong Hai, Hong Kong, Wu Zhou and Chu Zhou City, who knew or did not know Fang Qiong, were looking at the girl in the dock on the TV.

    Countless people stopped what they were doing and watched the broadcast.

    This was the most influential trial with the most views throughout history, which had surpassed the one in Tokyo during the Second World War. At least one billion people were watching and the number was still increasing.

    All the underground forums were in silence.

    "Something big is going to happen!"

    The trial soon began.

    Nine superior judges of the United States were presiding over the case. They enjoyed lifelong power, and could try the Presidents and adjudicate any company or country in the world.

    The only female judge sitting in the middle, Susan Lean, said seriously, "Suspect Fang Qiong, you've been charged with fifty six crimes, including murders, crimes against humanity, manufacture and sale of toxic drugs, crimes against the world, along with deeds of similar graveness. Under your leadership, North Qiong Corp has caused thousands of deaths. Do you plead guilty?"

    "I refuse to plead guilty. Several countries in the world are trying to frame me and North Qiong Corp. I was invited by the CEO of the Star World Corporation for an interview in the United States. How could you arrest me?"

    Fang Qiong looked up with a determined face.

    "You mean these allegations are all false? The claim that 1548 people died after using the Vitality Serum is slander? The evidence provided by France, Germany, England and Japan was forged?"

    There was a hint of disdain in Susan Lean's eyes.

    Someone in the jury was sneering. What kind of company could make a dozen countries collaborate to fabricate evidence? No matter how strong the company was, it was an ant in front of the superpowers.

    "Yes," Fang Qiong said firmly.

    During the trial.

    Many news were sent to North Qiong Pavilion through Kunlun.

    "The Pentagon has already issued the highest war alert and mounted all missiles on the launchers. All battleships have left the port and the troops have mobilized every member they had. The Department of Defense even issued an order to spare no effort in case of war."

    "The USS Abraham Lincoln has departed from the Port of Yokosuka in Japan."

    "The five nuclear submarines at Guam's military base seem to have entered Japan."

    "Several B-2 Stealth and Strategic Bombers have departed from the Air Force base in California, heading west…"

    The faces of those in the North Qiong Pavilion looked more serious as the news arrived; it meant that the American Army was already prepared for a nuclear war.

    "Sir, the American Special Envoy has arrived in Yan Jin. He said they're sorry for what happened in the Blood Sea, since it was apparently a misunderstanding. They hope that there will not be any conflicts between you and their country. Also, Miss Fang Qiong won't be tried, but she will stay in the United States as their guest for a while…" Azure Dragon said.


    A'Xiu and the others were enraged.

    On one hand, the United States was preparing for a world war. On the other hand, they hypocritically apologized and threatened Chen Fan with Fang Qiong at the same time, saying that she would be their guest for a while. How long would that be?

    A year? Ten years? A hundred years?

    Wang Xiaoyun looked worried.

    If Chen Fan didn't do anything this time, the United States would go even further in the future.

    Chen Fan remained silent and kept looking at the screen. The trial was still in progress.

    "… There are many witnesses that can testify that they suffered from various physical disabilities, sudden illnesses and deterioration of their faculties after they drank the Vitality Serum," Susan Lean continued.

    The witnesses were summoned one after another.

    They came from countries around the world, including England, Japan, France and mostly India. A skinny man cried and claimed that everyone else in his village had died after drinking the Vitality Serum.

    Fang Qiong looked at all of this indifferently.

    She didn't deny a thing. Even though North Qiong Corp had never sold any Vitality Serum in India, Fang Qiong knew it was useless to say anything. It was only power pushing the trial, not justice. This was international politics.

    "Other than your own charges, there's another special accusation against your fiancé. The Japanese government claimed that he killed thousands of soldiers in Japan," Susan Lean suddenly said.

    Fang Qiong immediately blanched.

    Those in front of the TV were stunned. Anyone who knew Fang Qiong was aware who her fiancé was.

    Chen Fan!

    The United States was going to file a lawsuit against Chen Fan as well.

    Even though Susan Lean didn't say his name, the entire Dark World knew exactly who she was talking about.

    At Yan Jin Film Academy.

    Ningxin got up and said, "Did the United States also get him? Isn't he powerful?"

    Xu Rongfei didn't say anything. She stared at the screen as she bit her lower lip; it was already bleeding.

    In Jin City.

    Su Susu was also terrified. "Will Chen Fan be all right? Xiao Qiong is already there. If something happens to him, who's going to save my daughter?"

    Fang Mingde remained silent and his face was completely pale.

    Su Susu's heart sank to the bottom.

    At the mansion of the Wang Family on North Mountain.

    Countless descendants of the Wang Family were thrilled.

    "Yes, they better sentence all of them to death so I can feel better. Oh, my poor grandson!" Xue Hongmei said.

    And on the forums in Yan Jin, London and Paris.

    Many people had realized what the United States wanted to do.

    "They're trying to put pressure on Chen Beixuan. While everyone in the world is watching the trial, will Chen Beixuan dare to go there and save Fang Qiong?"

    "The one who arranged this live broadcast is brilliant! Chen Beixuan might not be afraid of the United States, but what about the entire world? If the evidence proves Fang Qiong guilty, she will become a sinner through the ages and Chen Beixuan will be rescuing a murderer, a devil! He will be condemned by the world and become everyone's enemy!"

    "Chen Beixuan needs to yield!" a lot of people said.

    The leaders of the large families—including the Qin family, the Han family and the Xiao family—also came to a similar conclusion.

    "The United States is the dominator of the world after all. They're very good at killing someone by swaying the public opinion," Old Lord Xiao sighed and said.

    Xiao Xuan lowered his head and felt pleased.

    Meanwhile, in the United States Capitol.

    The most powerful Senators of the country were having a heated discussion.

    Cruz Lance, the vice president of the Senate, got up and said, "Everyone, today will be a day to remember in history. An Overlord with super powers is going to surrender to the United States of America, and this is due to the efforts made by all of us. Let us drink a toast to the judges at the Supreme Court, to the great American law and to our colleagues!"


    The Senators toasted.

    The eyes of those heavy hitters who controlled the entire United States and the world were filled with glints of wisdom. They believed that they could tame an eastern dragon with political tactics.

    "…Sir, the United States sent you a message. If you refuse to make peace, they'll fight till the end and will not hesitate to use their nuclear weapons. Miss Fang Qiong will also go on trial and be sentenced to death," Azure Dragon said with worry.

    "Countries, including England, France and Russia, hope that you can think about the overall situation and accept to negotiate for now. If the nuclear weapons are initiated, the world will be destroyed."

    Ye Nantian also came with the latest news.

    Wang Xiaoyun and the others turned pale.

    England, France, Russia, Germany, Japan… Almost all the powerful nations in the world sent a message, saying that if Chen Fan disobeyed them, he would be against the entire world.

    Li Wuchen was also there.

    "…The country also hopes you can calm down and settle things through negotiation."

    The North Qiong Pavilion went silent. At this moment, the entire world seemed to be opposing Chen Fan; he virtually had no allies.

    Everyone looked at Chen Fan, waiting for his decision.

    As long as Chen Fan was willing to yield, this battle would end. And yet, if he chose to keep fighting, nobody knew what would happen next.

    Chen Fan was still standing there silently, watching the situation unfold.

    "Miss Fang Qiong, if you're willing to plead guilty to all fifty six charges, we'll withdraw the allegations against your fiancé."

    Susan Lean stared at Fang Qiong like a beast watching its prey in the trap.

    Fang Qiong sat there alone, looking skinny.

    Everyone could see the hesitation and struggle in her eyes through the screen.

    "Xiao Fan," Wang Xiaoyun said anxiously.

    This time, Chen Fan finally moved.

    He turned around and walked towards Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin, then lowered his head and said.

    "Mom, Dad, please forgive me. I know that everything I did in the last few years has disturbed your peaceful lives and has made you live in fear, but I must be willful this time…"

    He looked up with determination in his eyes.

    "Fang Qiong is my wife, my love, my partner. She's sacrificing herself for me. I promised to take care of her forever so I don't want to give in this time."

    Wang Xiaoyun didn't say a word while Chen Gexin nodded.

    "You're a man. Do what you must. Don't worry about us."

    Chen Fan glanced at all the members of the North Qiong Sect. Yukishiro Sa, A'Xiu and An Ya; all of them nodded and Chen Huaian also gave an encouraging smile.

    He heaved a sigh, then turned around and walked to the door of the hall.

    Chen Fan knew that once he stepped out, the world would never be the same! The development of human civilization would undergo a drastic change and countless people would witness everything. There might even be a nuclear war which would destroy the planet.

    "But without Xiao Qiong, what does this planet… mean to me?"

    Chen Fan walked with coldness in his eyes and there seemed to be fire burning around him.

    "Mr. Chen, what are you going to do?"

    Azure Dragon and Li Wuchen were worried.

    Chen Fan walked out of the North Qiong Pavilion, looking up to the sky. He then looked back and cracked a smile.

    "I'm going to get my wife back."

    "And show all the humans on the planet that they've forgotten how powerful we are!"

    Then, Chen Fan shot to the sky in front of everyone's astonished faces and turned into a beam of crimson light, swiftly flashing towards the United States.

    On that day.

    The entire population of Jin City looked up and saw a beam of light that split the sky in half.

    That beam of light was fierce!

    Chen Fan had risen again!