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Chapter 705 - Global Live Broadcas

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     705 Global Live Broadcas

    When Chen Fan appeared on East Mountain, the CIA secret forum was the first to know about it. Countless people in the Dark World watched the battle between the Christian Church and the North Qiong Sect, as it would determine whom the world belonged to.

    "Who do you think is going to win?" someone asked.

    "The Christian Church, for sure! Saint Francis came in person and brought nine Immortal State Bishops with him. Without Chen Beixuan, the North Qiong Sect is definitely no match for the Christian Church," many said with certainty.

    The technician of the Crimson Wings, Raphael, had even set up a live broadcasting of the battle on the forum with the help of the mercenaries in the area.

    "F**k, there's an Earth Level Deity in the North Qiong Sect?"

    "Where did he come from? I had never heard of him!"

    "Luckily, the Christian Church also has an angel. They're indeed the most powerful in the world."

    The appearance of Chen Huaian and Alan at the beginning of the battle had astonished the world. Nobody had ever thought that there would be two more Earth Level Deities.

    Right when everyone was quite certain that the North Qiong Sect would lose, Chen Fan's arrival was completely earth-shattering.

    The entire forum went silent at that moment.

    "Who am I looking at? Chen Beixuan?" someone commented after a while.

    Then, the entire forum was stirred. A lot of comments were posted, expressing how surprised they were. Chen Fan should have died after the nuclear explosion. Why did he survive?

    Countless western Overlords bewailed Chen Fan's appearance.

    After that, the broadcast became Chen Fan's performance. He killed the Immortal State Warriors, the Saint and many people at once, and even captured Alan.

    "Fortunately, I didn't go to the North Qiong Sect."

    Many were glad.

    And more were still in shock! They had never seen Chen Fan's full power; his energy, which crushed mountains and split the sky, was completely earth-shattering.

    "He's the most powerful person in the world. He's Chen Beixuan!" a lot of people mumbled.

    "If not even a million-ton hydrogen bomb can kill him, what else can?" an old Grandmaster said and the entire forum remained inactive for a while.

    Hydrogen bombs were the most powerful weapons in the world. Even though there were nuclear weapons with more explosive capacity, they knew it would be too difficult to target Chen Fan.

    Black and White Demon Hunter sighed and said, "After this battle, no one else in the world will be able to control and resist Chen Beixuan."

    "Right, I heard that the United States caught Chen Beixuan's fiancée and will be put on trial," someone shouted.

    The others were speechless.

    Right, Fang Qiong was still in the hands of the Americans. The United States was truly the dominator of the world; both the Christian Church and the Dark World seemed to be much weaker in front of this country.

    "Is Chen Beixuan going to fight the United States?" someone said.

    The forum went silent again.

    At the Wang family's mansion on North Mountain in Yan Jin.

    Old Lord Wang had announced that he would step back and let Wang Keqin to deal with the family matters when Chen Fan went missing.

    In recent days, Wang Keqin had been feeling happy and everyone at the Wang family estate was constantly flashing radiant smiles, especially Xue Hongmei. After hearing word about Chen Fan's death, she ate several bowls of rice, saying that it was a blessing from God and that even the United States wanted to kill that bastard with a bomb.

    Wang Keqin said at the dining table, "Dad, I heard that the Christian Church is going to visit the North Qiong Sect today."

    "We should just stay out of the matters of the underground world. It's something Kunlun and Ye Qincang have to deal with," Wang Zhongguo said.

    "He's finally dead. I hope all his family members also die to avenge Xiao Chen's death," Xue Hongmei said with hatred.

    "Since Chen Fan is dead, the burden on our family has finally been lifted," Wang Keshan grunted.

    Wang Chenchen listened to them and lowered her head. She had always adored Chen Fan but she dared not to say anything when everyone was condemning him.

    Then, Wang Keqin's phone rang. He picked up the call with a smile but suddenly turned pale.

    "Why? Has the North Qiong Sect been eliminated?" Xue Hongmei asked with a beaming smile.

    Wang Keqin put down the phone and said seriously, "Chen Beixuan is back."

    The entire hall went silent and everyone stopped eating. Xue Hongmei's smile seemed to have frozen and Wang Zhongguo's hands were even trembling.

    "Chen Fan came back?"

    This was totally a bolt from the blue.

    The whole Wang family was clueless about what to do. Xue Hongmei was devastated, many descendants of the second and third generation were terrified, and even Wang Keqin was looking at Old Lord Wang for help.

    Wang Zhongguo said, "What are you afraid of? Nothing will happen to the Wang family with me here."

    Even so, Wang Keqin was still shaking. After all, he had demanded publicly for the senior members of the North Qiong Sect to be handed over to the United States; Chen Fan would never let him get away with it.

    "We'll see what the United States says about it."

    Wang Zhongguo shook his head and his eyes were full of disappointment.

    At the same time, he regretted what he had done in the past. If only he had treated Chen Fan's family better, Chen Fan would be part of the Wang family.

    Not only the Wang family, many other major families were startled by the news.

    "It was a nuclear bomb! Chen Beixuan survived a nuclear explosion? Is he still a human?" Han Junli said.

    Many senior members of the Han family looked serious. They knew better than Han Junli what it really meant for Chen Fan to come back alive! This meant that not even nuclear weapons could kill him; the threat of the superpowers hanging over Chen Fan had been suddenly reduced.

    Old Lord Han said, "Juntu, lock up your brother and send someone to the North Qiong Sect to apologize to the Chen family."

    "Yes, grandpa."

    Han Juntu lowered his head.

    Major families like the Xiao family and the Qin family immediately sent someone to apologize to Chen Fan, but their leaders didn't go there in person, just in case.

    "Meanwhile, the United States is extremely fierce and they may not give in. One party must lose! I think Chen Beixuan is no match for them," Xiao Changfeng said.

    Xiao Xuan and the others also nodded.

    No matter how powerful Chen Fan was, his opponent was the United States, the dominator of the world. He didn't seem to have a chance for this battle.

    Many large countries were stunned by the return of Chen Fan, but they all shook their heads after their analysis.

    "Chen Beixuan went missing for a month before coming back. He was apparently injured due to the nuclear explosion, which means that nuclear weapons might still kill him. Last time, they used a million-ton bomb, so they can definitely use a billion-ton next time."

    "The United States has the strongest nuclear arsenal in the entire world. They can kill Chen Beixuan a hundred times if they want."

    "In order to defend their status in the world, the United States will not give in."

    In fact, many hardliners in the United States also spoke.

    "If one hydrogen bomb can't deal with Chen Beixuan, we'll drop ten!"

    "We can't yield this time. We must make Chen Beixuan surrender. Otherwise, how can we remain as the dominators of the world?"

    "Command all the aircraft carriers to the East Pacific, and keep all nuclear submarines, strategic bombers and intercontinental missiles on alert. We're fighting till the end!"

    Many hawks and American consortiums worked together to assist the American Army. Among them, the Lance family was the most active. After all, Chen Fan was their enemy.

    In an unknown valley in the United States.

    Several bald men were discussing something in a futuristic underground base. These men had fair skin and invisible veins which exposed the light blue blood with blue glitters.

    "Mr. Brooke, Chen Beixuan survived the attack."

    "Looks like we've underestimated him. It's indeed difficult to kill him as he was deep in the Blood Sea and away from the explosion center."

    "Next time, it'll be even harder to lure him into the explosion zone. Watch out for his revenge."

    The Wise Men seemed a bit worried but the blue-eyed man in the middle said, "It's all right. We still have one more trump card. As long as we have her, we have Chen Beixuan's life."

    "You mean…"

    The Wise Men openly shared the feeling of excitement through their eyes.

    In the meantime, after East Mountain became peaceful again.

    Chen Fan opened the Green Dragon Grand Array and invited many of his friends and allies to the real North Qiong Pavilion. The large amount of Spirit Qi in the array and the Spirit Medicines astonished Azure Dragon and a few others.

    "They have so many medicines here. How many Grandmasters can Kunlun make out of them?" White Tiger exclaimed.

    Everyone in North Qiong Pavilion sat on the floor.

    Wang Xiaoyun, Chen Huaian and An Ya were really pleased by Chen Fan's return. Wang Xiaoyun even held Chen Fan in her arms and started crying.

    Chen Fan smiled and said, "Don't worry, Mom. I'm fine."

    Yukishiro Sa and the others also smiled but there was a glint of worry in their eyes.

    "What's wrong?"

    Chen Fan quickly sensed something unusual. He looked around and asked seriously, "Where's Xiao Qiong? Why is she not here?"

    After Chen Fan exited the valley and took Jiang Churan to Europe, he returned as soon as he could. He heard that the North Qiong Sect had been under siege, so he didn't know what had happened to Fang Qiong.

    "Fang Qiong… has been detained by the United States. The CEO of the Star World Corporation, Brooke, invited her there," Hua Yunfeng said.


    Chen Fan got up with great viciousness. The others felt as if the air in the hall had frozen.

    His family and Fang Qiong were the most important people for Chen Fan. He wasn't as furious as he was right then even when the Star World Corporation dropped the nuclear bomb on him.

    "Xiao Fan, calm down. The Americans will definitely send Xiao Qiong back when they know you're alive," Wang Xiaoyun said.

    Azure Dragon also nodded and thought the United States would release Fang Qiong and apologize, like Russia did.

    "Hm, I hope so."

    Chen Fan grunted and got up immediately, getting ready to save Fang Qiong.

    Then, Red Sparrow suddenly came in anxiously with a tablet.

    "The United States is going to try Fang Qiong publicly and the live broadcast has already begun."

    They saw Fang Qiong standing in the dock in a white shirt and two armed soldiers on both sides. In front of them were several judges.

    When Chen Fan saw Fang Qiong, his body froze.


    A terrifying energy fell in the hall as if an ancient beast had been awakened. Even Chen Huaian stepped back and was frightened.

    August 15th, 2012.

    The Federal Supreme Court of the United States put Fang Qiong, the CEO of North Qiong Corp, on trial. She was facing fifty six charges, including a number of murders, and could be sentenced to permanent imprisonment or even death.

    The trial was broadcast live to every country and everyone could watch it!