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Chapter 704 - Kill All Enemies Before Stopping

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     704 Kill All Enemies Before Stopping

    "Dead, all dead!" a Japanese Kendo Master looked up and mumbled.

    The Patriarch of the Hong Sect, Guru Guja, the Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine, the adjudicator… Chen Fan killed these famous, powerful Immortal State Overlords easily! The former Pope and Saint, Francis, was also dead.

    East Mountain was flooded with the blood of the Overlords.

    That day's battle had shocked the world and frightened the Dark World.

    But it wasn't the end!

    Chen Fan walked out of the smoke with the Thunder Blade and his eyes seemed to be burning. Those from the Christian Church had attacked the North Qiong Sect when he was injured and threatened to exterminate them; Chen Fan was determined to completely eliminate this threat.


    Alan flew from the ground.

    His blue eyes glanced over Francis' body. "Mortal, how dare you kill the messenger of God! You've committed a sin, and when God comes to the mortal world someday, you'll be sent to Hell forever."

    "If there's a God, I'll just kill him!" Chen Fan said.

    There was disdain and viciousness on his face! The North Mystic Celestial Lord dominated the universe, killing countless Entities and exterminated many large races. How would he be afraid of a so-called "God?"

    That person would at most be a Golden Core or a Nascent Soul Cultivator at most.

    Alan lowered his head and prayed, "Mortal who blasphemes against God, you'll confess and see the greatness of God in the end."

    "I was planning to turn the six Blood Ancestors into a peerless medicine, but I've used them because of you. So now, I'll use you, the descendant of the Light Race, instead!"

    Chen Fan smiled and came forward.

    The blood of the Light Race was much purer than that of the Kindred and could definitely be made into a peerless Treasure Medicine.

    "How dare you!"

    There was unprecedented anger in Alan's eyes.

    The Sacred Sword in his hand suddenly started burning and turned into a Holy Sword of dozens of meters long. As the son of God and an angel, Alan had always been superior and despised humans as if they were ants. Nobody had threatened to make him into medicines in all his life.


    The battle began again.

    This time, Chen Fan didn't hold back anymore.

    His True Essence was infused into the Thunder Blade and formed an earth-shattering blade aura. The entire sky turned into a sea of lightning and countless purple thunderbolts struck like golden snakes.

    Alan also started exerting himself. His eyes, ears and nostrils let out beams of holy light and his wings became blades, making a cross-shaped blade aura in the sky!

    Alan was only a mid-stage Connate Being.

    But the Light Race was a large race in the universe and Alan's blood came from a True God, which was pure and much better than that of the normal members. So, he was even stronger than Earth Level Deity Leixing in terms of battling power.

    "Dong, dong, dong."

    Every time the Sacred Sword and the Thunder Blade clashed, a sound resembling a giant drum was heard.

    The white light and the purple lightning were intertwined. They fell into the ground, then went deep inside East Mountain and finally came back out to the sky. A gap of several kilometers long appeared along the way and countless Dark Overlords were crushed into pieces.


    Chen Fan slashed from afar with great power and struck Alan.


    A white aura appeared behind Alan. There was someone with a pair of wings behind his back inside the white aura, carrying a terrifying energy. The four wings then enveloped Alan and formed a Light Holy Ball.


    The blade aura clashed with the Holy Ball, creating countless light waves.

    "This is?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    "This is a Protection Divine Art my father granted to me. It carries his power and not even dozens of Earth Level Deities can break it," Alan said.

    As the son of God who came to Earth, how would he have no trump cards? This Protection Divine Art was very similar to the "Angel's Advent" Francis had cast but it was ten times more powerful.

    "Is that so?" Chen Fan yelled.

    The Thunder Blade suddenly turned into a hundred-meter lightning dragon, making nine consecutive attacks, which were much more powerful than the previous ones.

    Nine lightning dragons roared and flashed towards the Light Holy Ball.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    The Light Holy Ball shook violently and many feathers fell off, but it withstood the attacks! Qian Yexue was frightened. She knew that Chen Fan's slashes were powerful enough to kill Earth Level Deities and even Earth Level Deity Leixing couldn't survive the attacks from the nine swords together.

    "It's useless. This Divine Art came from a True God and is enough to withstand any attack. Unless you become a True God, you can never break this shield."

    Alan smiled with disdain.

    A True God was a Golden Core Cultivator. None lived on Earth, not even in the secret lands! Those who had reached the Golden Core Level had already left the planet to travel across the universe.

    This time, even Chen Fan frowned and stopped attacking.

    Yukishiro Sa and A'Xiu were also anxious. Was something going to happen?

    "Chen Beixuan, you're powerful and unique among mortals! I can see my father in you, but you shouldn't offend us. Just wait for your trial!"

    Alan heaved a sigh, then turned around and left.

    "Wait," Chen Fan said.

    "Why? Do you want to apologize? It's too late," Alan said.

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin and replied, "No, I'm thinking how I can break your turtle shell without hurting you. After all, I still have to use you to make medicine."

    He wasn't joking.

    Chen Fan could certainly make attacks comparable to those of a Golden Core Cultivator, with the "Five Elements Thunder" in the Five-Elemental Divine Seal and or a small nuclear weapon he got in Russia.

    Alan would die if Chen Fan used both weapons.

    "Fine! This attack was actually prepared for those from the Realm of Kunxu, but I'll let you see it first."

    Chen Fan sighed and stepped forward, slashing with the Thunder Blade.


    A black blade aura appeared.

    It was three feet long and was covered in flashes of purple lightning. In the end, it became black in color and the sky was filled with thunderbolts.

    Looking through Chen Fan, there was an ancient God standing in the sea of lightning with a sword, who could split the air with a slash!

    "Is this… the ‘Thunder Divine Blade' in the ‘Thunder Soul Sutra?'" Chen Huaian exclaimed as his eyes popped out.

    The Thunder Divine Blade!

    A sword art the ancient God of Thunder had used to dominate the universe. It was said to be able to kill a Perfected Immortal! During the heyday of the God of Thunder, he had used it to split a Divine Beast in half.


    Right when Alan's face was still full of disdain.

    The black blade aura had struck the Light Holy Ball.

    The four angel's wings were supposed to be powerful enough to withstand an attack of a missile, but the black blade cracked them as easily as cutting butter. The blade aura then swept across the air and hit Alan.


    Alan widened his eyes and couldn't believe what he had seen.

    There were eight Protection Divine Arts on his body but they had all been broken by the Thunder Divine Blade. In the end, the blade drew an arc and cut off the wings on his back.


    Alan screamed and fell from the air.

    All the powers of the Light Race came from the wings on their backs. Losing the wings would mean losing the core of their energy.


    Chen Fan slashed again.

    The blade aura turned into a cage that trapped Alan inside. It then became a thunder ball that fell from the sky and entered the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    The remaining Dark Overlords were frightened.

    If the powerful son of God died, how could they resist Chen Fan?

    Those in the front were especially terrified as they heard Chen Fan mumble about making medicines with the son of God. They immediately knelt and said, "Heavenly Chen, we've been blinded by the Christian Church. We're only here to watch the battle and we've never wanted to offend the North Qiong Sect."

    "Right, we only came here to join in the fun!" a group of people yelled.

    Many Japanese warriors even claimed that they had arrived to provide aid to the North Qiong Sect after knowing that the Christian Church was on its way.

    A member of the Thai Royal Family even rushed to Chen Fan and begged for mercy on his knees.

    This time, Chen Fan didn't trust them anymore.


    He shook the Thunder Blade.


    There came a clap of thunder. Then, hundreds of thunderbolts struck like spears shooting from the sky, turning the Japanese and the western warriors into charcoals.

    But it wasn't enough. Chen Fan looked vicious and he was determined to kill all his enemies before stopping.


    Flashes of lightning struck one after another.

    The Martial Artists from Indonesia, the Venerables from Western Europe, the Extraordinaries from North America, the Masters from the Hong Sect, the Rainforest Warriors from South America… Chen Fan slaughtered all those who offended him and came to attack the North Qiong Sect.

    After thousands of thunderbolts, it finally stopped.

    Meanwhile, only half of the Dark Overlords at the foot of the mountain were left. Thousands of them came from all over the world trying to attack the North Qiong Sect, but half of them ended up being killed.

    "Hail Heavenly Chen."

    The remaining Overlords didn't show how frightened they were; they simply knelt on the ground instead to thank Chen Fan for his mercy.

    Looking at the terrified Dark Overlords, those of the North Qiong Sect felt like they were dreaming. Had they won? Half of the Overlords in the world had gathered to exterminate the North Qiong Sect but they had been killed by Chen Fan instead?

    "Two Saints, twenty four Immortal State Warriors, over a hundred Grandmasters and thousands of Dark Overlords. They were all elites of the underground world, but Chen Beixuan killed them all by himself. He's really dominating the world!" Azure Dragon said as his hands trembled.

    After this battle, there would be no Immortal State Warriors and Grandmasters in the entire world, and the Dark World would decline. Even mentioning Chen Fan's name would make them shake, let alone think about becoming his enemies!

    Red Sparrow lowered her head and said, "I can imagine how this is going to startle the world."

    In fact, the world had already been startled!