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Chapter 703 - Astonishing the World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     703 Astonishing the World

    When the Purple Thunder Blade slashed.

    All the thunderbolts around East Mountain struck the black blade, turning into a ten feet long purple lightning dragon.

    "Why is he still alive?"

    The Patriarch of the Hong Sect trembled and he wanted to escape.

    More than twenty Immortal State Overlords had shown up, and Chen Fan had killed twenty one of them, leaving the Patriarch of the Hong Sect, the Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine and the adjudicator of the Christian Church.

    "We must kill Chen Beixuan, or none of us will be able to get away," the adjudicator grunted.

    Chen Fan was too powerful. The nine Immortal State Warriors of the Christian Church were annihilated in this battle and there were probably just a few Immortal State Warriors left in the entire world.

    Francis looked extremely serious with the Light Divine Staff in his hand and he used several Divine Arts on himself, while Alan raised his Light Blade.


    This time, Chen Fan didn't say anything.

    In a heartbeat, the three Connate Overlords clashed against one another.

    The terrifying lightning dragons flew in the sky and bolts of lightning struck. When the power of a Quasi-Spirit Treasure reached the maximum, even the most powerful Blood Ancestor couldn't withstand the attacks.


    Chen Fan slashed Francis down from the sky.

    The blade aura exploded and cracked the Defensive Dharma Spells on Francis' body. If his linen robe didn't let out some holy light to block the Blade Qi, he would have been killed.

    The Saint Robe, a superior-grade Spirit Robe, had an astonishing defensive power.

    However, Chen Fan didn't care about it at all. He kept attacking and thunderbolts continued striking from the sky, crushing the rocks and cracking the ground.

    "Help me."

    Francis was terrified.

    Even though the Saint Robe was a Dharma Artifact from the former Saints of the Christian Church and was protected by a powerful energy, it couldn't withstand Chen Fan's violent attacks. Francis spurted out blood every time Chen Fan slashed at him, and the robe became brighter and brighter.


    Alan flapped his wings and blocked Chen Fan's attack with his Holy Cross Light Blade.


    A terrifying energy exploded at the contact point of the Light Blade and the Thunder Blade.

    All the rocks at the peak of East Mountain collapsed and countless trees and buildings shattered. Hua Yunfeng and the others immediately hid inside the Green Dragon Grand Array, but those at the foot of the mountain weren't so lucky. They were heavily hit by the energy.


    Alan's Light Blade broke.

    It was only formed by Divine Art, so how could it withstand the power of a Quasi-Spirit Treasure?

    But it had bought some time for Francis to recover and he came fiercely with the Light Divine Staff, letting out several Divine Arts.

    "The Great Collapse."

    "The Blade of Divine Light."

    "The Grand Adjudication Art."

    These Divine Arts had been passed down from the ancient times. Some of them had been completed by the Saints of the Christian Church in the past and more were created by their founder. They were all powerful, especially the Great Collapse which could dissociate anything into particles.

    And yet, Chen Fan went against the Divine Arts directly with his body and he only shook slightly.

    After consuming the essence of the six Blood Ancestors, his Divine Body had become much stronger and more unpredictable.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan drew a semi-circle in the air with his blade and slashed seven times. Each slash created a thin blade aura which was formed by bolts of lightning; each looked like a purple light wave.

    The wave swept across the sky and the air shook as if it was overwhelmed.

    Seeing how terrifying Chen Fan's attack was, Francis raised the staff and said quietly, "The Angel's Advent."

    A pair of white wings spread on his back like angel's wings.

    The wings wrapped Francis in them and formed a giant ball of light.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Seven blade auras hit the light ball one after another and the sky was filled with sparkles. Even though the Angel's Advent was a top Divine Art of the Christian Church and was said to be able to survive the attack of a missile, it seemed to be a bit overwhelmed under Chen Fan's attack.

    After the first slash, the wings cracked.

    After the third slash, the light ball broke.

    After the fifth slash, the blade aura tore the Saint Robe apart.

    After the seventh slash, Francis was knocked away.

    A slit appeared on his forehead and extended down to his left leg, almost splitting him in half. If the Light Divine Staff didn't block a slash for him at the critical moment, he would have been killed.


    Many people gasped after seeing this.

    Francis was the former Pope, the Saint of the Christian Church and had a Divine Artifact, but he couldn't even withstand one attack from Chen Fan. Chen Fan's seven slashes were in fact one slash which created seven layers of energy. At his current level, he could make fascinating attacks with any weapon.

    Azure Dragon said seriously, "Chen Beixuan is really shocking the world this time."

    At the same time, Alan had started attacking again, trying to stop Chen Fan.

    "Clang, clang, clang."

    The two of them battled in the sky.

    Both Chen Fan and Alan were going beyond three times the speed of sound! A beam of white light and a flash of lightning interlaced in the air.

    Every time they clashed…

    Rocks shattered and the earth collapsed.

    A hundred meters of East Mountain were cut off when they fought and they even seemed to be able to level the entire mountain. Apparently, the son of God was way more powerful than Francis was.

    He was holding the Holy Cross Sacred Sword.

    It was the sword of the ancient Roman guards and was as long as the height of two humans. There were holy flames covering it; it created bursts of fire and a thunderous sound every time it slashed.

    "A Quasi-Spirit Treasure?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    Only a Quasi-Spirit Treasure could remain intact after clashing continuously with the Thunder Blade.

    The son of God must have been adored by his father which was why he was given a Quasi-Spirit Treasure.

    "This sword is called the ‘Heavenly Fury.' It was made by my father with the icy iron from Hell and the fire from Heaven. The day it was completed, it started a fire all over a mountain and it took ten days to put it out."

    Alan said arrogantly, "Mortal, you're powerful and fortunate enough to see this Divine Sword."

    "How dare you be as haughty as I am? I've even killed the Gods of the Light Race."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    The Light Race was a large race in the universe which occupied countless planets. They promoted their beliefs and had certainly confronted mankind.

    Chen Fan used to represent the True Martial Celestial Sect in the wars. In one occasion, he had battled with twelve Gods of the Light Race all by himself and killed seven of them in the end, astonishing the universe.

    "How dare you blaspheme against God!"

    There was anger in Alan's blue eyes.

    The Gods of the Light Race were Void Returning Beings and had an extremely high status among their people. What Chen Fan said was akin to humiliating the idols of a follower.

    "Divine Retribution Sword!"

    Alan slashed with all his might.

    The Holy Cross Sacred Sword was surrounded by milky fire which seemed like it could even refine the air! The fire was pure and comparable to the Kylin Fire. Not even Earth Level Deity Leixing would have dared to fight the sword directly.

    Fire and lightning were twining around the ten-feet-long Holy Cross Light Blade and fell from the sky as if the retribution from Heaven had come.


    Chen Fan vibrated the Thunder Blade.

    Claps of thunder immediately came.

    A terrifying lightning came out of the black blade and turned into a dragon, flashing towards Alan. In a blink, only the milky fire and purple lightning were left in the sky.


    The fire and lightning exploded and seemed to have crushed the sky.

    A powerful energy cut off the tip of the mountain and a massive mushroom cloud rose as if another nuclear bomb had exploded. The few thousand Dark Overlords quickly escaped from East Mountain and the slowest were smashed by the energy.

    "It's terrifying!"

    Countless people were trembling.

    The battle between Chen Fan and Alan completely showed how powerful peak-stage Earth Level Deities were. Even Ye Qincang and Francis were as weak as children in front of them.

    The Patriarch of the Hong Sect said, "Who's going to win?"

    Everyone widened their eyes and saw a man shooting across the sky like a meteorite, clashing into a mountain thousands of meters away.

    That man had wings on his back and was wearing a white robe, which was apparently Alan.

    Meanwhile, his lips were bleeding, feathers were coming off from his wings and there was a mark on his chest. The purple lightning had hit him squarely, almost splitting him in half.

    "The son of God lost?"

    The adjudicator couldn't believe it.

    And the hearts of countless Dark Overlords sank.

    Even Alan, who had a Sacred Sword, lost to Chen Fan. So, who else could be a match for him? Them?


    The Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine immediately created a black mist and ran away.

    A cold voice was heard, "Since you're already here, give me your life."


    Then, there was a clap of thunder.

    The Divine Master was struck by a thunderbolt; this Japanese Grand Onmyoji didn't even have time to scream.

    Bolts of thunder continued to strike from the sky.

    The Patriarch of the Hong Sect and the adjudicator were then also struck.


    Francis screamed as he turned into a white ray of light, trying to escape. Although he was injured, he was a Saint after all and he had the Light Divine Staff. His speed broke the sonic barrier; he wanted to run away while Chen Fan was resting!

    "Go to hell!"

    Even though Chen Fan had not appeared, a blade aura had struck Francis from an unbelievable angle. The Saint of the Christian Church was frightened; he was split in half together with the staff. His Divine Soul was also smashed into little bits.

    The Saint had been killed with a slash!

    Countless Overlords at East Mountain were left dumbfounded and speechless.

    Chen Fan had astonished the world!