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Chapter 702 - Those Who Offended the North Qiong Sect Must Die!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     702 Those Who Offended the North Qiong Sect Must Die!

    "An angel?"

    Not only Chen Huaian, everyone else shouted.

    The wings on the back of the son of God were realistic and they had not been formed by Divine Arts. He looked very similar to the legendary angels. And yet, angels were only myths and had been extinct for thousands of years. Why would he show up here?

    "My name's Alan, the son of God," the son of God said with an aria-like sound. It was the first time they heard the language he used, but they immediately understood what he said.

    He was the son of God?

    The Christian Church was unbelievable. They had been hiding an angel!

    "Master once told me that there used to be many angels in the world. Looks like it's true," Hua Yunfeng said.

    All the faces of the North Qiong Sect's members paled after this.

    The power of Alan was earth-shattering! He was the descendant of God and an angel. Could Chen Huaian really fight with him?

    They found that Chen Huaian looked extremely serious and bolts of lightning gathered behind him. Even though he had achieved the Thunder King Body and completed the "Thunder Soul Sutra" Chen Fan passed down to him, he was in a desperate situation, facing a Saint and an angel.


    Alan started attacking.

    He summoned the Holy Cross Light Blade and spread his wings, flying into the sky. Then, he slashed, creating a white blade aura of dozens of feet long.

    The white blade aura was like a giant Holy Cross Light Blade!

    The Light Blade was like the weapon of God and was powerful enough to crush a mountain.

    "Divine Art, Art of the Holy Cross!"

    Everyone was terrified and even Azure Dragon was astonished. Alan was way stronger than Francis and Ye Qincang; his slash was comparable to the attack of Earth Level Deity Leixing.

    Chen Huaian stepped forward and yelled, "Divine Thunder of the sky, hear my command."


    Thunderclouds gathered and a dozen flashes of lightning struck around Chen Huaian. The thunderbolts formed a cage which protected the members of the North Qiong Sect.


    The Holy Cross Light Blade struck the thunderbolt, creating a thunderous sound.

    The impact spread all over East Mountain. Rocks collapsed, trees were crushed and the tip of the mountain was cut off. Many mansions even shattered into dust.

    A mushroom cloud rose as if a small-scale nuclear explosion had been detonated.

    Those under the mountain were terrified after seeing this happen.


    Chen Huaian was pushed backwards and his face turned red.

    Although he practiced the original cultivation arts, he had just entered the Connate Level, while the son of God seemed to have endless Sacred Power.

    "If the North Qiong Sect hands over all their cultivation arts and stays in the Vatican to confess for ten years, I can forgive your sins," Pope Francis said.

    "No way!" Chen Huaian shouted as he shot out thunderbolts from his eyes. "Again."


    This time, he shot into the sky and cast a spell to summon lightning. Countless thunderbolts then gathered around and the sky became a sea of lightning. There were even lightning dragons flying around.

    Chen Huaian used his full power to exhibit a deadly tactic from the "Thunder Soul Sutra." He formed a cage with the thunderbolts trying to capture Alan, but Alan seemed calm; he wielded the Holy Cross Light Blade in his hand.

    Beams of white light shot across the sky with an energy that could break anything.

    The white light immediately broke the cage and blocked all the attacks. Then, the Wind Thunder Wings appeared on Chen Huaian's back and he controlled the storms and thunder. His eyes let out azure light, trying to paralyze Alan with his "Electric Azure Eyes."

    But the body of an angel was too strong.

    Alan withstood Chen Huaian's Divine Power with his own body.


    Thirty seconds later, Alan smacked Chen Huaian down from the sky with his Punishment Sword Art. Chen Huaian spurted out blood and fell on East Mountain, creating a giant pit.



    Wang Xiaoyun and the others were anxious.

    "I'm fine."

    Chen Huaian got up but there was still blood on his lips and a long wound on his shoulder, which was shining white light and couldn't be healed.

    Alan was unpredictable and Chen Huaian was no match for him.

    "What do you think? If you're willing to confess, I'll forgive the North Qiong Sect," Francis said again.

    "The North Qiong Sect will not give in!"

    A'Xiu stepped forward.

    Hua Yunfeng, Wang Xiaoyun, Yukishiro Sa and An Ya also came up with determination in their eyes. Seeing this sight, Qian Yexue sighed and decided to stand with them as well.


    White light shone in the eyes of Francis and he stretched his hand out.

    This time, his power was even stronger and the Sacred Light Giant Hand covered the entire sky like a thundercloud. When Chen Huaian was about to attack, Alan stopped him immediately.


    There came the sound of a dragon.

    A white dragon flew out of the clouds and it stopped Saint Francis with its claws.

    "Is this the spirit of the Green Dragon Grand Array? I'm prepared for it."

    Saint Francis burst into laughter.

    The Sacred Power in his body surged out and he took out a staff. It was apparently a superior-grade Sacred Artifact which carried a large amount of Gift of Light. As he attacked with the staff, the White Drake screamed and the scales on its body fell off.

    After all, it hadn't reached the Connate Level and was only fighting with Francis with the power of the array.

    "Bang, bang."

    Four Connate Overlords battled in the sky.

    The entire sky was covered in thunderbolts and white light, and the Essence Qi was rolling. Compared to Alan and Francis, Chen Huaian and the White Drake seemed to be losing ground.


    The Divine Soul of the White Drake was cracked by Francis' "Great Collapse" and its hundred-meter body exploded. Only its spirit returned to the array and it wouldn't be able to recover in a short while.

    Then, Chen Huaian was knocked down on the ground by Alan. He spat blood and couldn't stand anymore.

    In a blink, the North Qiong Sect fell into a desperate situation.

    "He lost after all."

    Azure Dragon heaved a sigh.

    "The Christian Church is too powerful. Aside from a Saint, they also have an angel. I'm afraid even Chen Beixuan would be helpless against them." White Tiger shook his head.

    "That's it?" Red Sparrow lowered her head and tears welled up in her eyes.

    Many Dark Overlords were cheering. The Christian Church had defeated the North Qiong Sect and the West had won the battle.

    The Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine laughed and said, "From now on, the North Qiong Sect doesn't exist on Earth anymore."

    "Not only do we want to eliminate Chen Beixuan, but also his sect."

    The Patriarch of the Hong Sect smiled with hatred. Even though he had changed a body, he had only reached the early stage of the Immortal State. If Chen Fan had not died, he would have never shown up.


    Guru Guja stepped forward.

    The nine Immortal State Bishops were also ready to attack the North Qiong Sect with their Divine Arts.


    Suddenly, a golden blade aura was shot from afar at an unimaginable speed.

    The blade aura pierced through Guru Guja's head, which immediately separated it from his body. The Divine Soul of this superior Yoga Guru from India was also destroyed.

    "This is?"

    Many Immortal State Warriors were startled.

    Even Saint Francis was stunned and he looked down.

    Many Dark Overlords down the mountain suddenly fell one after another, just like wheat harvested by farmers. A young man in a black shirt came with his hands behind his back. He had dark hair and there seemed to be a red fire burning in his black eyes.

    "Chen Beixuan?"

    Seeing that young man, countless people yelled.

    Chen Fan was a famous figure and everyone in the Dark World knew him.

    Many Immortal State Warriors turned pale and the Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine even fell from the sky.

    "It's really Chen Beixuan?"

    Red Sparrow couldn't believe it.

    And those of the North Qiong Sect cheered.

    "Master is back!" A'Xiu shouted. Yukishiro Sa and An Ya were also thrilled.

    Chen Huaian cracked a smile as he coughed up blood.

    "I knew my grandson wouldn't die so easily!"

    Chen Fan came forward while everyone's terrified eyes looked at him.

    After each step he took, a dozen people would be shocked to death by an invisible energy, and the golden flying sword also slaughtered an Immortal State Warrior in the sky.


    Chen Fan took seventeen steps at once.

    Seventeen Immortal State Overlords fell from the sky and hundreds of Dark Overlords in the mountain died. A river of blood appeared within the crowd.

    The eighteenth step!

    Chen Fan arrived at the top of East Mountain.

    The hundred Dark Overlords around him turned into blood mist! And the three Immortal State Warriors of the Christian Church in the sky were split in half.

    Countless Dark Overlords were screaming and escaping.

    Walking on blood!

    "Chen Beixuan?"

    Francis narrowed his eyes as if he were facing a formidable enemy! Even Alan frowned.

    Nobody had thought that Chen Fan would appear on East Mountain without any injuries. It was unbelievable!

    "Grandpa, Mom, are you alright?"

    Chen Fan ignored Alan and Francis, and looked at all the members of the North Qiong Sect.

    "Don't worry, I'm fine." Chen Huaian laughed as he coughed up blood, but his face was full of joy. "Your grandpa can still live for five centuries!"

    Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya nodded with their teary eyes.

    Chen Fan turned around and glanced at the son of God with his cold eyes. He sneered and said, "I let you go in the Vatican that day and you really think that I dare not to kill?"

    "Today, I'll warn the world with the blood of an angel."

    "Those who offended the North Qiong Sect must die!"


    Chen Fan pulled out the Purple Thunder Blade.