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Chapter 701 - Before Mount North Qiong!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     701 Before Mount North Qiong!

    The ultimatum given by the United States and the Christian Church was getting closer.

    North Qiong Corp and the North Qiong Sect had prepared for the worst. Several members of North Qiong Corp's management, including Zheng Anqi, Lu Yanwu, Zhou Jinyi and Cheng Danqin, had been evacuated and taken to the Sword Palace.

    Many members of the Chen Family like Chen An, Chen Ning and Chen Guoguo also left.

    Hua Yunfeng, Yukishiro Sa, A'Xiu and some of the others were still on East Mountain, waiting for the Christian Church and the Immortal State Warriors. They had never told the world that Chen Huaian had become an Earth Level Deity and this had become the North Qiong Sect's last card.

    "Madam, you should also go to the Sword Palace. We'll stay here," Hua Yunfeng said.

    Wang Xiaoyun shook her head. "Xiao Fan has spent his whole life running North Qiong Corp and the North Qiong Sect. As his mother, it's my responsibility to keep them going no matter if he's dead or not."

    "Let Xiaoyun stay. She has reached the Ethereal Enlightenment State. She can help," Chen Huaian said.

    The old man seemed to be connected to the thunder in the sky and his energy was surging endlessly. In just two months, Chen Huaian had reached a higher level; even an experienced Earth Level Deity would be stunned by his progress.

    "Right, we'll stay."

    An Ya nodded firmly.

    In the end, only Hua Yunfeng, Yukishiro Sa, A'Xiu, Chen Huaian, Wang Xiaoyun and Qian Yexue stayed in the mansion on East Mountain, while the others were all sent away.

    Half of the forces of the North Qiong Sect were in Southeast Asia.

    However, the American Army stationed there had already arrived and was going after Xie Yan and the Dragon Hall. Some said that the leader of the American Wise Men came in person and many wondered if he was the CEO of the Star World Corporation, Brooke.

    "Don't worry, we have our old man and the Green Dragon Grand Array. We can hide inside the array if anything goes wrong. I don't think that one Saint from the Christian Church can defeat the North Qiong Sect."

    Hua Yunfeng snickered.

    The time had come.

    On August 15th, 2012, the former Pope of the Christian Church, Saint Francis, led the nine Immortal State Bishops and many other members of the Religious Court to East Mountain, to meet the North Qiong Sect.

    Before the Saint of the Christian Church arrived, countless Overlords from the Dark World had gathered around East Mountain.

    "There are so many people! I didn't know Chen Beixuan had offended this many," White Tiger said.

    In front of him was a crowd that surrounded the mountain.

    Many Dark Overlords from the West, Africa, the Middle East and Japan, who held grudges against Chen Fan, were there. Since Chen Fan was dead, they wanted to vent their hatred on the North Qiong Sect.

    "Have you evacuated the residents around the area?" Azure Dragon asked.

    "Don't worry. This is the suburb of Jin City; there are only a few mansions. Everyone has evacuated and our troops have set a restricted area around the periphery, saying that there's a military exercise. The residents won't come here," Red Sparrow said seriously.

    Having so many Dark Overlords and the Christian Church paying a visit was a massive load for Kunlun. The Special Department almost mobilized everyone to East Mountain, except Ye Qincang who had to stay in Yan Jin.

    Black Tortoise frowned and said, "The North Qiong Sect might have some top warriors, but the Christian Church has a Saint. How can they fight with the Christian Church?"

    "Father told me Chen Beixuan always plans ahead. He must have left something for them," Ye Nantian said.

    Then, there was a commotion.

    A beam of light swept across the sky and landed on East Mountain.

    A bald elder, who was skinny and covered in gold, appeared.

    "It's ‘Guru Guja' of the Indian Brahmin. Chen Beixuan killed his brother Guru Rama and he's coming for revenge," someone yelled.

    Guru Guja remained silent.

    Some people wondered why he didn't take revenge when Chen Fan was there, but they didn't dare say it out loud.

    Soon, more Immortal State Warriors arrived from all directions.

    "The Priest of the God of Gold Temple."

    "The Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine."

    "The elder of the Russian War Wolves."

    "The Patriarch of the Druid Sect of Northern Europe…"

    All Immortal State Overlords were shining bright.

    Everyone else was shocked. They thought there weren't many Immortal State Warriors left on Earth after Chen Fan killed plenty of them, but a dozen showed up that day.


    A pure white light shone over the mountain.

    "The Christian Church is here."

    Countless people, including the Immortal State Overlords, got up and looked over.

    A wood ship flew in the sky, coming towards them. The ship was made of some unknown Divine Wood and was covered in white sacred glitters, like the legendary Noah's Ark.

    "It's a sacred ship! I heard that the Saints of the Christian Church would tour the world on this ship in the past. It can float in the air for a week without falling. I can't believe they brought it here," someone exclaimed.

    The rest were dumbfounded. They had never seen such a Dharma Treasure in modern society.


    The sacred ship landed and nine bishops came out. Every one of them was surrounded by sacred light, with power comparable to an Immortal State Warrior.

    "The nine Immortal State Bishops!"

    Many people gasped and those of the North Qiong Sect were startled.

    Then, a blonde adjudicator helped an elder get off. The elder had no sense of life, just like a dead tree, but everyone knew him.

    "Saint Francis, the 42nd Pope!"


    The elder coughed and said with his narrowed eyes, "Chen Beixuan took dozens of Sacred Artifacts and secret books from the Christian Church in the Vatican. Please give them back to us."

    "Hm! Master doesn't need any Sacred Artifacts. Why would he care about them? You're lying," A'Xiu said.

    Guru Guja stepped forward and said, "But everyone knows Chen Beixuan killed my brother Guru Rama."

    "Right, he caught five of our Demon Gods to make a Spirit Artifact which made the Ise Grand Shrine the only one left among the six shrines. The North Qiong Sect must admit what he did," the Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine shouted.

    "And Europe."

    "And Thailand…"

    The Immortal State Warriors made accusations against the North Qiong Sect one by one.

    All other Immortal State Warriors, except the elder of the War Wolves, supported the Christian Church and those of the North Qiong Sect looked cold.

    Many of the Immortal State Warriors in fact didn't bear any grudges against Chen Fan, like the Priest of the God of Gold Temple. Chen Fan had never been to South American but the Priest claimed that Chen Fan killed one of their disciples during the battle with the Black Sea Fleet.

    "If you want to exterminate the North Qiong Sect, then fight with us."

    Hua Yunfeng came forward and his Burning Cloud Qi Energy surged to the sky like fire.

    He had already entered the Immortal State, and after two years of cultivation, he had reached the mid-stage Divine Sea. Seeing this sight, many were frightened.

    "Come on!"

    Yukishiro Sa, A'Xiu, An Ya, Wang Xiaoyun and Qian Yexue were all ready.

    Every one of them had practiced cultivation arts and entered the Ethereal Enlightenment State. Together with many Spirit Artifacts, their power was comparable to the Immortal State Warriors. Besides, some Immortal State Warriors hesitated after seeing Tong Shan, who looked like the incarnation of the Tiger God, standing there quietly.

    Hua Yunfeng seemed to be powerful.

    Qian Yexue was even more famous and was a Goddess from Kunxu.

    Tong Shan was even more powerful. His Tiger Demon's Physique Refinement Art was enough to tear an Immortal State Warrior apart. The giant axe in his hand was full of Malice Qi, making the others feel terrified.

    "The North Qiong Sect is indeed the top sect in the world. They're too powerful," many mumbled.

    These people could definitely defeat all the Overlords present.


    The elder then heaved a sigh, took a step forward and stretched out his left hand. "God has mercy on the world, but people are ignorant and disrespectful."


    An endless Sacred Power came out of the elder's body! The entire East Mountain shook violently as if it were going to collapse.

    A Sacred Light Giant Hand dozens of meters large fell from the sky and headed towards the members of the North Qiong Sect like God's hand.

    Before the hand arrived, its terrifying energy had frightened everyone and Tong Shan even roared as an image of the Tiger Demon appeared behind him.

    "This is the power of a Saint. He can crush all the Immortal State Warriors."

    Countless people were terrified.

    The world could finally see the attack of a Connate Being after Chen Fan battled with Ye Qincang and killed the Blood Ancestors.


    The Tiger Demon rose and tried to protect everybody, but the giant hand smacked it down immediately. When the Sacred Light Giant Hand was about to smash the members of the North Qiong Sect…

    Suddenly, a giant hand appeared and lifted the Sacred Light Giant Hand.

    "You're a guest. Isn't it rude for you to do such a thing?"

    An old man's voice came from afar.

    Saint Francis was stunned.


    Everyone was shocked.

    An elder, who was wearing a formal attire like a Sage, came out of the crowd. Every move he made seemed to be carrying the energy of the world and he was floating in the air.

    "An Earth Level Deity?"

    Those who knew what this meant gasped.

    Apart from Chen Fan, there was another Earth Level Deity in the North Qiong Sect? This was totally beyond everyone's imagination! Even Red Sparrow and White Tiger were dumbfounded.

    "Isn't that Chen Huaian? When did he become an Earth Level Deity?"

    Red Sparrow's eyes popped out.

    "So, this is the trump card General talked about. Chen Beixuan is indeed unpredictable," Azure Dragon said.

    Being able to make an old man become an Earth Level Deity, Chen Fan's power was unimaginable!

    "There's an Earth Level Deity in the North Qiong Sect. Does it mean that they will win the battle again?"

    People's hearts sank.

    An Earth Level Deity had the strongest battling power and even a dozen Immortal State Warriors would be unable to defeat him.

    Everyone looked at the Christian Church to see what they would do.

    "I didn't know there was another Earth Level Deity in the North Qiong Sect! I've underestimated Chen Beixuan." The elder heaved a sigh and suddenly smiled. "Luckily, I've prepared for it. My Lord, it's your turn to shine."


    A barefoot, blue-eyed young man came out.

    A pair of realistic ten-meter wings spread on his back. The young man was like an incarnation of an Entity and was much stronger than Francis. The pure Gift of Light in his body astonished everyone else.

    "This is…"

    Chen Huaian looked serious.

    "An angel?"