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Chapter 700 - The Extraordinary Transformation

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     700 The Extraordinary Transformation

    The threats on the outside world were increasing.

    Since Chen Fan never showed up, rumors about his death seemed more like a fact. This time, the United States planned to do anything to fight till the end, whether Chen Fan was dead or not.

    If they allowed Chen Fan to grow any further, not even nuclear weapons would be able to kill him in the future!

    July 15th, 2012.

    A million-ton hydrogen bomb exploded above the Blood Sea and Chen Fan had gone missing.

    July 16th, 2012.

    The American Army admitted what they did and detained Fang Qiong, North Qiong Corp's CEO. The Supreme Court of the United States made fifty six accusations against her and she could be sentenced to permanent imprisonment for every one of them.

    July 18th, 2012.

    Countless branches of North Qiong Corp were shut down and investigated. The company used to be the top Chinese company with a market value in the trillions, and in a heartbeat, it became the most notorious company throughout history.

    July 20th, 2012.

    The Ninth Fleet of the United States entered the Strait of Malacca and into Singapore. Singapore surrendered and Xie Yan led the members of the Dragon Hall out of the country, hiding deep in the forest in Malaysia. The American Army then started looking for them around Southeast Asia.

    July 22nd, 2012.

    With the support of the United States and Japan, Thailand formed a coalition in Myanmar to exterminate the Magus Sect.

    When the United States started exerting their powers, the entire world was startled. Many countries finally realized how frightening the only superpower and the dominator of the world was!

    North Qiong Corp seemed to be weak in front of the United States.

    "No matter how strong a company is, they can't compare with a superpower. We didn't fight back in the past not because we didn't want to, but because we couldn't!" a Saint of the Christian Church sighed and said.

    Many adjudicators were terrified.

    The power of the United States was endless; only a True God could battle against this superpower. The United States had twelve aircraft carrier fleets and more than one million heavenly armed standing army, while their allies had almost ten thousand nuclear warheads.

    Once the United States was determined, any country or force had to be wary!

    "Even if Chen Beixuan comes back with the super weapon he used to destroy the island, he can't make the United States yield. They're determined to defend their supremacy on Earth," many predicted.

    At the United Nations Security Council in New York.

    "The Vitality Serum produced by North Qiong Corp is a highly toxic chemical. There are thousands of cases in the world that can prove it has killed people, and China is still trying to cover up for them!" the American Ambassador said.

    "These examples have never been confirmed by the experts. We can assure you the Vitality Serum is safe and effective. North Qiong Corp is not a group of murderers…" the Chinese Special Envoy tried to explain.

    "Who said it's not true? Our people drank the Vitality Serum and a hundred and thirty seven of them died. This is enough evidence!" the Japanese Ambassador said.

    "Fifty nine people died in our country."

    "Thirty six in ours."

    "Our country…"

    England, France, Germany, Italy… Many developed countries provided evidence, proving the Vitality Serum did kill a lot of people.

    India even claimed that thousands of people in a village died after drinking the Vitality Serum, which made many Special Envoys raise their eyebrows. The Vitality Serum was expensive and it wasn't even sold in India!

    Facing the accusations of the large countries, China couldn't deny a thing.

    Power was an axiom!

    When everyone said you murdered somebody, there was no way you could deny it even if you were innocent, since you didn't have the right to speak.

    "If China doesn't hand over the leader of North Qiong Corp in two weeks and still tries to shelter these criminals, my nation will impose sanctions on them!" The United States used their trump card.

    "We second it!" Japan was the first to agree.

    "We second it!"

    "We second it!"

    "We second it!"

    Many other countries agreed! Only the Russian Envoy shook his head and made a gesture showing he couldn't help. This time, the entire western world supported the United States and nobody could resist them.

    The United States issued an ultimatum and requested the world to find the murderer in two weeks.

    This also caused a great furor in the Dark World. Those who were defeated, injured or suppressed by Chen Fan also showed up.

    The Divine Master of the Ise Grand Shrine said, "Not only North Qiong Corp, those from the North Qiong Sect also helped Chen Beixuan. Yukishiro Sa, A'Xiu, Yu Wenjin, Xie Yan, Hua Yunfeng… They must also be detained for the trial of the Dark World!"

    The Chinese Martial Arts Community was enraged since Japan had betrayed them once again. They had never thought that Japan would be the first to mutiny before Chen Fan's body was found.

    "Right! Our King of Gong Tau, Master Daxin, was a compassionate person but Chen Beixuan and Xie Yan murdered him. We can't just let them get away!" the Thai Prince said.

    Then, other forces also spoke one after another.

    Guru Guja of India said Chen Fan had killed his brother "Guru Rama" and was the enemy of the entire Brahmin, so they also thought the North Qiong Sect should pay for his sin.

    Other organizations like the Diablo Mercenary Band and the Crimson Wings also said that Chen Fan had killed their former leader and that the North Qiong Sect was going to pay for it.

    Soon, almost half of the organizations in the Dark World stepped forward to condemn the North Qiong Sect.

    Chen Fan had made too many enemies around the world. Some families and sects in China thought Chen Beixuan had killed too many people and that China shouldn't help him.

    The major families in Yan Jin also wanted to do something.

    When Chen Fan was there, they dared not to do anything stupid, but once he died, they had no concerns anymore. If it wasn't for Ye Qincang, the Xiao Family and the Wang Family would have already dealt with North Qiong Corp.

    Even so, Wang Keqin of the Wang Family still came up and said, "North Qiong Corp is indeed harmful to the people and the country. We should hand over the senior members of the company to quell the world's anger."

    These news hit North Qiong Corp hard, but then another more crucial news was swiftly spread across the world.

    Saint Francis of the Christian Church addressed the public.

    Chen Fan had taken many secret treasures and books from the Christian Church and humiliated them. So, Saint Francis was going to lead the bishops to the North Qiong Sect and settle the accounts.

    The world was stunned once the news came out.

    Countless Overlords in the Dark World, including many Immortal State Warriors, came from around the world to gather at the North Qiong Sect!

    In a blink, the North Qiong Sect became the enemy of the world.

    And yet, Chen Fan, who was hiding in a valley in Romania, was completely unaware of that.

    The most important thing for him right then was to heal. The nuclear weapon had been too powerful and it almost destroyed his Divine Body.


    Some Wood Element Spirit Qi came from all directions.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was famous for its "longevity" and had one of the top recovering abilities among the Divine Bodies. With sufficient Wood Element Spirit Qi, Chen Fan could recover even if he had become a skeleton.

    The cracks on his body started to heal.

    "No, it's going too slow. I'll need at least three months to recover completely but I can't wait for that! The United States won't stop once they start their plan. I wonder how Xiao Qiong and my parents are doing."

    Chen Fan was anxious.

    He hesitated for a bit and finally took six red pearls from the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    There were blood red flames burning in the pearls.

    "What's that?" Jiang Churan asked.

    "The essence of the Kindred. When the six Blood Ancestors died, I took their essence with Dharmic Power and was planning to make elixirs and a pot of medicines out of it, but I don't have time to do that now. I will simply consume them," Chen Fan explained, then swallowed them and initiated the Swallowing Divine Power.

    After all, the Kindred weren't the descendants of Divine Beasts and there was a lot of evil energy in their blood. If Chen Fan used their essence to make medicines, he would be able to adapt slowly to the transformation, and if he took them all at once, there would be some side effects. Still, he had no time to waste.


    How powerful was the essence of the six Kindred?

    The energy was even stronger than the Swallowing Divine Power Chen Fan had used in the Deity Burial Valley. After all, the Kindred was a race from the universe and two of them were mid-stage Connate Beings.


    A red flame came out of the cracks on Chen Fan's body. This red flame carried the purest blood power and an extremely dark energy. Countless illusions appeared in front of Chen Fan as if there were some devils trying to drag him down to Hell.

    Chen Fan sat in the fire cross-legged and the azure aura around his body became calmer.

    Refining his body with demon's fire!

    His body healed continuously inside the Hellfire.

    Many wounds healed and he seemed to be much stronger than he used to be. In the end, Chen Fan turned into an azure gem enveloped in the blood red fire. He was undergoing an extraordinary transformation, achieving a Divine Body of a higher level.

    One day, two days, three days…

    One week, two weeks, three weeks…

    A month later when Jiang Churan almost finished the Essence Gathering Pills and thought Chen Fan wouldn't wake up.

    He opened his eyes.


    Two bolts of lightning struck the cave.

    A red flame burnt in Chen Fan's eyes like true Hellfire.

    He got up slowly with an extremely powerful energy exuding from his body. It seemed as if he were going to tear the sky apart, then shake the sun and the moon! His azure Divine Body shone brighter, and some red and golden threads were entwined around it, making the body seem immortal.

    "It's time for revenge!" Chen Fan said coldly.