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Chapter 699 - The World Has No Chen Beixuan

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     699 The World Has No Chen Beixuan

    An azure cocoon with mysterious fire patterns and the image of a howling Kun Peng was floating deep in the Blood Sea.


    The cocoon started cracking, creating spiderweb shapes and exposing what was inside.

    Chen Fan sat in front of the Blood Door cross-legged and was surrounded by a golden aura. Inside the golden light was the Armor of Golden Flame and a girl with silver glitters around her was leaning on him.


    Chen Fan opened his eyes slowly.

    Crackling sounds were heard and his Armor of Golden Flame disappeared in the fire, showing Chen Fan's body.

    Chen Fan was naked at the moment, since his clothes were shattered by the power of the nuclear bomb.

    The crystal clear Divine Body started to crack. Even though the cracks were as small as spiderwebs, they were all over Chen Fan's body; he looked like a glued porcelain vase after being smashed, beautiful and fragile.

    Nuclear weapons were too powerful.

    Although Chen Fan wasn't right at the center of the nuclear explosion, the heat he had endured was as high as a hundred million degrees. He was only a few meters away from the bomb and the Blood Sea had weakened the power a bit, but he had borne at least half of the energy.

    "If I was alone, I might not have been injured, but Jiang Churan and the Universal Teleport Door were also here."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    He glanced at the girl covered in silver glitters.

    When the hydrogen bomb exploded, Chen Fan immediately pulled Jiang Churan into his arms and used his Defensive Divine Power to shield the area within dozens of meters with his True Essence, and put the Mercury Armor on Jiang Churan's body.

    The Mercury Armor was something Chen Fan retrieved from the God-battling Team of the United States.

    It had the defensive power of a Spirit Treasure and not even an energy bomb could break it. Chen Fan would have been completely fine if he had used both the Defensive Divine Power and the Mercury Armor on himself, but he had to save Jiang Churan.

    "Unfortunately, my energy is weaker than it used to be. I only protected Jiang Churan, but I couldn't cover the teleport door." Chen Fan looked at the Blood Door.

    It had turned into a pile of white bones.

    The teleport door had always been fragile and it needed a lot of arrays for protection. It used to be guarded by the seven Blood Ancestors and nobody could enter this place. Who would have thought the Star World Corporation would suddenly detonate a nuclear bomb?

    Not even the land of the True God could bear an internal nuclear explosion, not to mention a fake one without protection. The teleport door had already shattered the moment the bomb exploded.

    There was even a giant pit at the bottom of the sea with Chen Fan as the center.

    The pit was around a hundred meters wide, just like a meteorite crater, and the castle above them was blown into little bits. There was even a giant hole in the Blood Sea.

    "The Star World Corporation? The United States?"

    Chen Fan looked cold.

    He had never felt so defeated since he was reborn and he even survived the battle in Warg Valley, but this nuclear explosion had nearly killed him. After all, it was a million-ton hydrogen bomb which was a hundred times more powerful than the usual nuclear weapons.

    "Let's find a place to heal first, then I'll take revenge!"

    Chen Fan wrapped Jiang Churan in a yellow aura and dug into the ground.

    He found a valley in Eastern Romania and formed an array there to start the healing process. This time, Chen Fan was severely injured. His injuries seemed to have been made by a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator.

    The Armor of Golden Flame was shattered into pieces instantly and his Divine Body was also cracked. However, with Chen Fan's level, it would only take a couple of months for him to recover as long as he didn't die.


    The strong Wood Element Spirit Qi gathered at the valley from all directions.

    The small cracks on Chen Fan's body started to disappear, becoming a crystal clear gem again.

    While Chen Fan was healing, the entire world went through a massive change because of the battle.

    The next day.

    The spokesperson of the American Army said there was a military exercise in Romania and they detonated a million-ton hydrogen bomb! The European countries condemned the United States for a bit and forgot about it.

    After all, there weren't any casualties this time as the explosion took place on a wasteland.

    But the underground world was stirred.

    Everyone knew it wasn't a military exercise but an attack on Chen Fan. They were all waiting for the result of the nuclear explosion to see if Chen Fan was dead or not.

    A few days later after the radiation was reduced, the Star World Corporation immediately sent people into the Blood Sea to see if Chen Fan was alive. However, the Blood Sea had already returned to normal and it was even more difficult to go deep inside, so the progress of the Star World Corporation's probing was slow.

    As time went on, one day, two days, three days… Chen Fan had yet to show up.

    "Chen Beixuan died in the nuclear explosion!"

    At first, this was only a doubt of several people. Then, it became a mutual thought of the whole western world. Even though nobody had found his body, many of them said that anything close to the explosion center would have been melted; Chen Fan must have already turned into ashes.

    "Don't forget about Warg Valley," someone said.

    But most of them had been carried away by the joy of victory.

    Countless people in the underground world were cheering for the power of modern technology and the death of Chen Fan. Not long before, Chen Fan had suppressed Europe and forced the Christian Church to yield, so his death was a total relief for the Europeans.

    "Chen Beixuan indeed went to the Blood Sea and he's not a True God, so he might not have been able to survive," a Saint of the Christian Church said in public.

    The others finally realized there was a Saint in the Christian Church! And the Saint's statement served them as confirmation. The entire world then believed Chen Fan was dead.

    "From now on, the world has no Chen Beixuan!"

    Countless people on the underground forums felt sad.

    They watched Chen Fan grow and became the most powerful person in the world, an invincible legend! Still, this legend had died that day.

    Both the Star World Corporation and the American Army were the ones who killed this legend.

    "After all, the United States is the strongest country on Earth. No wonder the Christian Church doesn't dare to resist even if they're protected by the Saints. Their nuclear weapons are way too terrifying."

    A lot of people were frightened.

    Many countries in the world congratulated the United States one after another.

    The Japanese Prime Minister said the United States had defended the Earth, eliminating the demon and protecting mankind.

    The French President said what the United States did was right, decisive and courageous.

    The British Prime Minister said the United States was still the only leader of the world.

    The United States suddenly became extremely fierce and powerful as if the world had gone back to the 90s, when the Soviet Union disintegrated and the United States could do anything they wanted!

    The condemnation from China didn't get any attention at all and the country seemed especially weak and lonely in front of the power of the entire world.

    "North Qiong Corp is an illegal company and has caused thousands of deaths."

    The United States then claimed that the Vitality Serum sold by North Qiong Corp was a poisonous drug mixed with stimulants that had caused countless deaths.

    The CIA had detained Fang Qiong, the CEO of North Qiong Corp, who went to the United States for a business meeting and the Supreme Court of the United States had filed a lawsuit against her.

    She was facing fifty six allegations.

    That is, including seventeen murders and three crimes against humanity. Once the lawsuit was filed, Fang Qiong might be sentenced to a thousand years in prison or even death.

    The North Qiong Corp branches in North America, South America and Europe were all closed down by the local governments.

    Countless western media outlets started denouncing North Qiong Corp. Many members of the management were arrested and the countries even threatened China to hand over all of their staff for an international trial.

    In Jin City.

    The senior members of the North Qiong Sect and the Chen Family were gathered in the mansion on East Mountain.

    Everyone looked enraged and worried. There had been a lot going on recently at North Qiong Corp and they had been under the pressure of the entire world. Such pressure came from more than a hundred countries, including the superpowers and dozens of developed countries.

    Even China could barely withstand such a great pressure, not to mention North Qiong Corp.

    "How's Xiao Qiong?" Wang Xiaoyun said with worry.

    "Fang Qiong has been detained since she got off the plane. The CIA sent dozens of members of the God-battling Team led by a Soul Energy Master. Our guards wanted to fight back but that man immediately stopped them. So, Fang Qiong asked everyone to put down their weapons and stop resisting," Hua Yunfeng said.

    Fang Qiong was an Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivator and her guards were even stronger, but they still weren't powerful enough to fight with the United States.

    "F**k the Star World Corporation! F**k the CIA!"

    A'Xiu banged on the wood table and cracked it. "We must think of a way to save her!"

    "It's impossible. Fang Qiong must be locked in the most secure base in the United States. She's their trump card. Once Chen Fan comes back, they'll use her as bait to capture him," Chen Huaian shook his head calmly.

    Everyone went silent.

    "What about the Dragon Hall?" Wang Xiaoyun asked after a while.

    "Not good. Xie Yan is already there but the American aircraft carriers have entered the Strait of Malacca and arrived in Singapore. The Lee Family has surrendered and the Dragon Hall has been occupied. Xie Yan is now leading his disciples to fight in Borneo…"

    Another bad news came.

    Thailand had already planned to form a coalition to go to Myanmar and exterminate the Magus Sect. Meanwhile, almost everyone in Southeast Asia was against the North Qiong Sect.

    "What did the Chinese government say?"

    Wang Xiaoyun felt hopeless.

    "China has done everything possible. After all, it's not the most powerful country in the world. They've been so kind bearing the pressure from a hundred countries for us and not handing us over. However, pressure keeps on increasing and they might not be able to withstand it for too much longer."

    Chen Huaian shook his head. "We can only rely on ourselves now."

    Everyone looked at each other and saw how they shared the anxiousness and desperation in their eyes.

    Was the great North Qiong Sect going down?