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Chapter 698 - The Earth-shattering Nuclear Weapon!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     698 The Earth-shattering Nuclear Weapon!

    "Susan, it's time to go home."

    Logan, the old fisherman, told his daughter as he put away the fishing net.

    The villagers of Merkava lived right next to the Blood Sea and had been fishermen for generations. There might not be many creatures in the Blood Sea, but there were some delicious whitebaits.

    The blonde, tanned Susan looked up and was about to answer, but she suddenly widened her eyes and stared at something far away. There was a bright light at the center of the Blood Sea enveloped in mist.

    The light was so bright that everything in front of her turned white.

    Then, a white mushroom cloud rose with terrifying light and heat. It went straight to a few thousand meters in the sky like a volcanic eruption and could be seen clearly a hundred miles away. In the end, the impact and the sound came, lifting the mist above the Blood Sea and surging in all directions.

    The Blood Sea was in chaos.

    "This… This is…" Susan said with her trembling lips.

    "A nuclear bomb! Someone dropped a nuclear bomb! Is the next world war coming?" Logan's hands trembled as he recalled the terror during the Cold War.

    Not only them.

    The villagers around the coast of the Blood Sea all looked at the beautiful mushroom cloud. The impact of the explosion even bent the trees and broke the glasses of many houses as if the apocalypse had just arrived.

    When the mushroom cloud rose.

    Alarms in the military base of the superpowers rang at the same time.

    "What's wrong?"

    Director Xiao looked at the warning signs on the screen and frowned.

    "A nuclear explosion inside the atmosphere? In which country? It looks like Eastern Europe? Those countries have nuclear bombs too? Maybe the former Soviet Union left them behind?"

    A nuclear explosion would cause a small-scale earthquake and the seismic waves were different from those of a normal earthquake, so the countries could detect it very easily and would know where it happened.

    Red Sparrow walked over quickly in her heels.

    "Director, the center of the explosion was located on a flatland in Central Romania. The might of the blast detected is of about a million tons, most likely a hydrogen bomb. And…"

    Then, Red Sparrow looked up with anxiousness in her eyes. "This is where the Blood Sea is located. According to our intel, Chen Beixuan seems to have gone there."


    Director Xiao was so shocked he dropped his cigarette.

    Other than China.

    Almost all the large countries, including England, France, Russia, Japan and Germany, detected the explosion. Ever since the Cold War, there hadn't been any nuclear explosion tests in the world.

    The explosion of this million-ton hydrogen bomb in Romania immediately astonished the whole planet! In modern society, anyone who dared to drop a hydrogen bomb in Europe would certainly be doomed! Some said that the senior officials of the European Union had called upon an urgent meeting.

    There was also a heated discussion on the Internet.

    Someone uploaded the video of the explosion, immediately catching massive attention.

    "Oh God! It's really a nuclear explosion!"

    "Based on the height of the mushroom cloud, it's definitely a hydrogen bomb which is of at least a million tons. Why did they drop a nuclear bomb? Is Russia invading the European Union?"

    Countless people commented on the Internet.

    "Is it possible that the United States dropped a nuclear bomb to eliminate aliens or some kind of monsters?" a person asked and was immediately jeered at.

    In Yan Jin.

    Xu Rongfei was doing facials and her best friend, Ningxin, suddenly yelled.

    "Fei Fei, look! A nuclear bomb exploded in Romania."


    Xu Rongfei was startled.

    In Jin City.

    Chen Huaian was practicing. His moves might seem powerless but could in fact break a mountain.

    Suddenly, Chen Guoguo ran to him with a tablet.

    "Grandpa, there was a nuclear explosion in Europe."

    "Hm?" Chen Huaian frowned and took the tablet. When he saw the location of the explosion, he felt worried.

    "It's this… where the Blood Sea is located?"

    In Zhong Hai.

    Wang Xiaoyun was working in the Jin Xiu Group and An Ya came in.

    "What's wrong?"

    Wang Xiaoyun looked up and saw An Ya's anxious look. "Mom, isn't Xiao Fan in Europe? Didn't he travel to Romania to look for the Blood Sea?"

    "Yes! It's one of the seven Forbidden Lands and the Blood Ancestor came from that place…" Wang Xiaoyun said and found that An Ya turned pale.

    She didn't understand what was going on so she glanced at the tablet in An Ya's hands, and was then terrified.

    Not only those in Yan Jin, Zhong Hai and Jin City, countless others related to Chen Fan saw the news report. Many of them thought it was a normal nuclear explosion, except for a minority who knew where Chen Fan was.

    On the coast of the Blood Sea in Romania.

    Several fair-skinned, bald and blue-eyed men were staring at the mushroom cloud. There was a star on their chest which was the logo of the Star World Corporation.

    "There's no way Chen Beixuan could survive the explosion of a million-ton hydrogen bomb! The atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki back then was only dozens of thousand tons," a Wise Man said.

    "Unfortunately, we couldn't bring more nuclear weapons here because we had to fool the European Union. Besides, Chen Beixuan's Immortal Will is too sensitive. We could only detonate the bomb after he dived into the Blood Sea, which was why he was away from the explosion center. Otherwise, he would have died from the heat," another Wise Man said.

    "No matter what, he's dead by now. No one can survive a nuclear explosion. Now, we should contact Leader and start dealing with North Qiong Corp," the leader of the group said with certainty.

    Then, they turned around and left.

    Things had settled at the moment the bomb exploded! Anyone would have been shattered in front of a nuclear bomb no matter how powerful he was. Not even the Blood Sea could withstand the energy of the bomb, not to mention a human.

    When the Wise Men returned, some shocking news had been spread across the Dark World.

    The Star World Corporation was behind the nuclear bomb attack. They had detonated a million-ton hydrogen bomb on the Blood Sea in order to eliminate Chen Beixuan.


    The world was stunned.

    Everyone froze when they heard about it.

    "It's Chen Beixuan?"

    The underground forums were stirred.

    Countless people joined in and discussed.

    After Chen Fan suppressed the Realm of Kunxu, he had been the most powerful Overlord on Earth! Even the superpowers were scared of him. So, many wondered if nuclear weapons could kill Chen Fan. They had never thought that their doubts would have been answered that day.


    Many people's hands were trembling.

    Once a nuclear bomb exploded, no one would be able to hide it from the world and billions of people would know about it! Having used it to attack Chen Fan, the Star World Corporation indeed had dared to undertake this by any means!

    "How did the Star World Corporation get a nuclear bomb?" someone wondered.

    "I heard that the Star World Corporation is supported by the American Army, so the United States is in fact the one who did this. They finally eliminated him," another person replied.

    "It's fine if Chen Beixuan is really dead, but if he's alive, he won't let any of them get away. By then, a world war will break out!"

    Some of them were worried.

    Many believed that Chen Fan had died.

    After all, nuclear weapons were able to suppress the Earth and were also the reason why the superpowers could be so superior in the world. A million-ton hydrogen bomb could easily level a city, so it was impossible that Chen Fan was still alive.

    "Chen Beixuan is finally dead!"

    Countless western warriors gloated.

    The furious countries of the European Union suddenly felt a bit pleased and Japan even started celebrating. The Japanese Prime Minister had publicly announced that the demon was dead!

    At the same time, the North Qiong Sect was devastated.


    Yu Wenjin couldn't believe it.

    "Xiao Fan did go to Europe to check out the Blood Sea," Wang Xiaoyun said with great sadness.

    "F**k the Star World Corporation! F**k the United States!"

    A'Xiu was enraged. She couldn't wait to go to the United States right then and behead the CEO of the Star World Corporation.

    "Don't worry, Master will be fine," Hua Yunfeng comforted them.

    But this time, he wasn't quite sure, either.

    After all, it was a nuclear weapon! He could feel the earth-shattering power just by watching a video on a screen, so how much pressure would Chen Fan bear at the center of the explosion?

    "Just trust Xiao Fan! The only thing we can do now is to protect ourselves and wait for him to come back," Chen Huaian said. Everyone felt calm with him guarding the North Qiong Sect.

    Then, Wang Xiaoyun suddenly shouted, "Oh no! Xiao Qiong is on her way to the United States to have a business meeting with an American company. The plane has already departed… That company seems to be the Star World Corporation."


    Everyone was startled.

    "When it rains, it pours."

    Meanwhile, at the Universal Teleport Door deep in the Blood Sea.

    A giant azure cocoon of dozens of meters large lay there like an enormous bird egg. The evaporated Blood Sea and the huge pit around it showed how powerful the nuclear bomb was.

    The cocoon floated there as if thousands of years had passed! Then, it suddenly moved; a hand broke the cocoon and stretched out.