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Chapter 697 - The Real Tactic

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     697 The Real Tactic


    The wind was howling and the Blood Sea was raging.

    Blood started raining from the sky, as if expressing sadness because of the five Blood Ancestors' demise. Even though the Blood Sea didn't have a soul, it had been created by the ancestor of the Kindred. Since five of them had died, troubled emotions could be sensed.


    Chen Fan stood in the air holding his sword with disdain in his eyes.

    The appearance of the six Blood Ancestors had only lasted for a dozen minutes, but most of these Overlords—who had guarded the door in the Blood Sea and fought the Christian Church for countless years—had already been killed by Chen Fan. Only Nicolas, the last Blood Ancestor, had barely survived.

    "Do the American Wise Men really think they can kill me with these losers? Didn't they know that I killed five Earth Level Deities and six Spirit Beasts in the Deity Burial Valley?"

    Chen Fan smiled and walked forward.

    Every step he took separated the blood clouds above him and the waves underneath.

    The five-meter Nicolas with the Withering Crown turned pale; it stared at Chen Fan anxiously. This was the first time it felt frightened in thousands of years.

    Chen Fan was too powerful.

    Not even the energy of the entire Blood Sea was able to contain him, and he had killed five Blood Ancestors! The Thunder Blade in his hand was a veritable bane to them.


    Nicolas launched an attack using the Withering Crown.

    After all, it was the strongest Blood Ancestor and had lived countless years in the world. Its dark energy was comparable to the power of a mid-stage Connate Being. As he activated the crown with its full power, a small Blood Sea projection appeared behind it.

    Then, he attacked with the energy of the entire Blood Sea.

    A hundred-meter crimson light ray appeared in the sky, with enough power to crack the air and crush an Earth Level Deity. The Withering Crown even let out beams of green light; it seemed as if it would evaporate all of Chen Fan's blood.


    Chen Fan raised his sword with coldness in his eyes.

    A bright light shone on the Thunder Blade and it clashed against Nicolas' blood claw.


    Spouts of water shot out of the Blood Sea.

    This was the horrific energy storm caused by the Blood Sea's surging energy. It started spreading everywhere and the blood rain in the sky was blown away.

    "Swish, swish."

    In a blink, Chen Fan slashed thirteen times.

    Each slash carried the power of a peak-stage Connate Being which could be used to kill an Earth Level Deity. After that, the energy of all the thirteen slashes tore the blood claw apart and struck Nicolas.


    It sounded like an earth-shattering bolt of lightning.

    The bright blade aura was strong enough to split the universe.

    First, the Withering Crown worn by Nicolas exploded, and the mini Blood Sea behind it was also crushed. In the end, Nicolas' left arm was cut off and the blade aura split its body in half, starting from its shoulder and going through its stomach.


    Nicolas screamed and fell into the Blood Sea. Half of its body had been blown into blood mist.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan went after it in the Blood Sea.

    Then, an array appeared above the castle and a terrifying energy was gathered, intent on absorbing Jiang Churan's essence. Apparently, it was a ruse prepared by Nicolas so that he could buy some time to escape.

    Chen Fan frowned and broke the array immediately, then he formed an aura around Jiang Churan and held her in his arms.


    Jiang Churan suddenly saw Chen Fan in front of her.

    "Follow me."

    Chen Fan held her with one arm while he used his sword with the other. Then he turned into a flash of purple light and dived into the Blood Sea. The purple light made a passage in the thick blood so that they could run after Nicolas.

    "Thank you… for saving me."

    Jiang Churan lowered her head and said gently while in the purple aura.

    "Of course! You're my classmate and also Auntie Tang's daughter! But I couldn't save the others in time," Chen Fan said calmly.

    When the array was initiated, Chen Fan didn't react fast enough and a few hundred young people died. Chen Fan blamed the Blood Ancestors for it so he had to kill Nicolas.

    "Classmate? And it's just because of my mom?"

    Jiang Churan was disappointed but she quickly smiled again and looked up.


    There were layers of seals in the Blood Sea and it got harder and harder as they went deeper. Still, the Purple Thunder Blade was powerful; it could slash open any kind of seal.

    In the end, the purple light broke the last barrier and an ancient door appeared in front of them.

    The door was located deep in the Blood Sea. It had been completely built with white bones and was about dozens of meters tall. Glitters moved on its surface, as if it was indeed connected to an alien world.

    "We're here!"

    Chen Fan's eyes brightened and he immediately rushed to the door.

    Even though it was located inside the Blood Sea, there wasn't a drop of blood within a hundred meters, which implied that an invisible shield was surrounding it.

    "Huh? What's this?"

    Jiang Churan covered her mouth.

    There were bones of beasts, bodies of the alien races, and many human skulls on the door. It exuded a sense of the ancient times; it looked like a magic door to Hell.

    "This is the Door of Blood built by our great ancestors which leads to our origin. They will return to Earth through this door someday. By then, the entire planet will turn into a sea of blood and us Kindred will drink as much blood as we want and dominate the world," Nicolas said as it leaned on the door and coughed.

    Half of its body had been cut off, so only half of its wings remained, making it impossible to escape. Besides, bolts of purple lightning were flashing on its wound, corroding its body at all times. Even though it was the most powerful Blood Ancestor, it would slowly die due to such a severe injury.

    "This is only a Universal Teleport Door that connects to some Kindred planet deep in the universe."

    Chen Fan walked to the door and touched it gently.

    "It's useless, trespasser. The door can only be opened with the blood of a True God! How would there be a real Entity on this planet? You'll be trapped here forever."

    Nicolas burst into laughter and spurted out black clots.

    The blood of the True God?

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He read from the records of the Christian Church that a "True God" was a being in charge of a piece of land. In the Realm of Cultivation, it would be the Golden Core Cultivators, and on Earth, it would be the Sky Immortals.

    Such beings could travel across the universe with their own bodies; all of them had left the Earth ages before. Why would they stay on this barren planet?


    Chen Fan flicked his finger and created a gold and black flame.

    The golden Divine Flame and the black Kylin Fire combined and became a two-colored flame, falling on Nicolas's body. The Li Fire Golden Eyes immediately burnt Nicolas into ashes before it could even scream and its Divine Soul was also destroyed.

    "You want to leave the planet?" Jiang Churan asked in shock.

    "It's only a thought. I haven't decided the exact time I'm leaving," Chen Fan said as he sent his Immortal Will into the door to see how it had been built and how he could open it.

    Jiang Churan immediately went silent; there was a glint of sadness in her eyes.

    Chen Fan asked, "Right, what's that Star World Corporation you talked about? I've been hearing that name often in the last few days."

    "The Star World Corporation is a high-tech company that has thrived in recent years.

    "Their headquarters is located in the United States but they have many divisions around the world. The smart phones and software they have developed are really popular and they have replaced Apple as the largest technology company in the United States. I heard that the market value of the company has exceeded trillions of dollars and their CEO, Mr. Brooke, has become the top tycoon in the universe."

    Jiang Churan added angrily, "But I can't believe they would do something like this. Even though they sponsored our adventure, their ultimate goal was to carry out a dark ritual and wake the demons. Chen Fan, I would have died if it wasn't for you."

    Jiang Churan looked at Chen Fan with gratitude.

    "It's nothing," Chen Fan replied indifferently.

    He had never heard of the Star World Corporation in his previous life.

    It seemed that the American Wise Men were behind this. When Chen Fan fought against the last Wise Man, his final words implied that he had a strong master. Besides, many robots had been sent to lead the adventurers into the Blood Sea to wake the six Blood Ancestors, which should be according to their leader's commands.

    "I can't believe people would still provoke me after I suppressed Kunxu! Looks like I have to visit the United States and clear all the threats on Earth before leaving," Chen Fan said coldly.

    But then, his hand suddenly stopped.

    "The Wise Men are resourceful. Their leader has controlled the United States and dominated the Earth for a century. I'm sure they know I killed many Earth Level Deities in the Deity Burial Valley, but they still think that the Blood Ancestors can defeat me? This doesn't seem like something they'd do. Unless somebody else is behind this, the only thing that can harm me on Earth is…"

    "What's wrong?" Jiang Churan wondered.

    Chen Fan looked extremely serious.

    He looked above at the surface of the Blood Sea. There was suddenly a bright light which shone through the Blood Sea and lit up the entire sky like a little sun.


    A mushroom cloud rose from the Blood Sea.

    It was extremely bright; it carried a terrifying energy that surged in all directions. The explosion could be seen clearly, even from a hundred miles away. Countless people looked up and watched this sight with dumbfounded expressions.