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Chapter 696 - Killing Them All

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     696 Killing Them All

    There weren't immortals in the world.

    Just like Chen Fan's Azure Thearch Longevity Body, if it borrowed the wood forces from the thousand-mile forest; nuclear weapons weren't strong enough to kill him. As for the Blood Ancestors, since their Divine Souls were connected with the Blood Sea, they could use the power of the sea to rebuild their bodies.

    But what could they do if their Divine Soul was also destroyed?


    A bolt of purple lightning struck down.

    This artifact was the treasure of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. Crafted by a Sky Immortal, it was an extremely terrifying and rare Quasi-Spirit Treasure on this planet. Chen Fan could kill any peak-stage Connate Beings with it. A Kindred would be unable to withstand its attack; both body and Divine Soul would be destroyed by the lightning.


    The other five Blood Ancestors yelled.

    They had been in the Blood Sea for countless years and were Kindred of the same generation, so they were close like brothers. Since Chen Fan killed one of them, they were determined to take revenge.

    Their leader who was wearing the Withering Crown cursed Chen Fan with a resentful look, "How dare you kill Rusfan! I'll dig out your heart so I can seal your Divine Soul inside. I'll make it last for ten thousand years so that you live forever in pain!"


    Chen Fan didn't say anything.

    In his eyes, these stupid Kindred had been manipulated; those behind this plot were the Star World Corporation and the American Wise Men. After killing them, Chen Fan would have to pay a visit to the United States and settle the scores with the Wise Men.


    Another flash of purple lightning struck.

    Chen Fan slashed with the black sword in his hand.

    The True Essence then turned into a ten feet long electric dragon surrounded by flashes of lightning, cracking in the air with a terrifying energy. The Blood Sea was therefore split in the middle, creating a long gap.

    "Our dearest ancestor, please grant us power!"

    The Blood Ancestors didn't fight back recklessly.

    Instead, they whispered in an ancient language with an evil power. When the spells started working, the ten-mile Blood Sea became fierce.

    The waves were raging.

    There was red lightning in the sky; bean-sized blood drops started pouring down. The entire world was like crying angrily. As the Blood Ancestors waved their claws, the powerf of the Blood Sea went towards Chen Fan.


    A hundred-meter blood wave was formed between Chen Fan and the Blood Ancestors. Countless monstrous Blood Beasts roared inside and the wave tried to drag Chen Fan down to Hell like a giant hand.


    Chen Fan looked calm.

    The purple lightning dragon split the blood wave; many red and ugly Blood Beasts were smashed by the blade aura and the Blood Qi was also dissipated.


    Five giants of dozens of meters tall appeared behind the waves.

    They had been formed by the blood in the Blood Sea, as if the Blood Ancestors were wearing armor, and they flashed towards Chen Fan from all directions.

    Each move they made carried the energy of the entire Blood Sea.

    "Chen Beixuan, can you feel your energy decreasing? We're the dominators of the Blood Sea! You won't be able to borrow any power from the world or even to refill your energy."

    The leader of the Blood Ancestor burst into laughter.

    The Blood Sea was like a sacred land built by the ancestor of the Kindred; it was a completely isolated world. In the Blood Sea, the Blood Ancestors were the Entities and this was their country.

    Some invisible chains then came from all directions, wrapping around Chen Fan's body. The world didn't give him energy and even slowed him down at the same time.

    As he struggled, he found it more difficult to escape, just like a fish caught in a dense puddle of glue.

    "So what? I can still kill you with a slash."

    Chen Fan put the sword forward.

    The purple thunderbolt seemed to have reached the end of time.

    His energy was enough for him to fight for three days and three nights. Besides, Chen Fan could swallow the entire Blood Sea if he pushed the power of the Swallowing Divine Power to the maximum.


    Chen Fan slashed gently as if he were just opening a door.


    The attack was silent; there wasn't any blade aura or lightning dragons.

    But the air seemed to have frozen and a crack appeared. Countless red chains broke and the large raindrops were also split.

    The invisible wave moved from Chen Fan to the five Blood Ancestors. It reached the thirty-meter Blood Ancestor at the front—the one who was holding the Dark Magic Bottle—neatly splitting him in half.

    The wave kept moving forward.

    "Poof, poof, poof."

    It then slashed four more Blood Ancestors as it moved forward, finally weakening when it reached the fifth. It only injured the Blood Ancestor with the Withering Crown.

    A silent slash had slaughtered five Blood Ancestors!

    This attack had even split the Blood Sea; the four Blood Ancestors were as vulnerable as tofu in front of him. The pressure from the world didn't seem to affect him.

    "Roar, roar!"

    The five Blood Ancestors let out an earth-shattering roar at the same time.

    They couldn't believe that the power of the Blood Sea couldn't suppress Chen Fan. He had such terrifying energy! Normally, an Earth Level Deity could only exert the power of a peak-stage Immortal State Warrior once he entered the Blood Sea and even a Sky Immortal would be affected.

    "You think several little vampires can take over the world?"

    Chen Fan snickered.

    Golden Core Cultivators could control the world; outsiders going into their land would be the same as offending the whole world.

    The Blood Sea was like an enormous Golden Core land, a sacred land of the gods on Earth. However, the five Blood Ancestors were only Connate Beings and they didn't have complete control of the energy.

    "Suppress!" the Blood Ancestors shouted.


    The Blood Qi surged into their bodies and healed them. They stretched out their claws and formed many red chains out of thin air that were wrapped around Chen Fan.

    The Blood Ancestors used the original power of the Blood Sea to capture Chen Fan.

    "It's useless. You're like children driving a truck. The energy is too strong for you and you can't control it." Chen Fan slashed right away.


    The blade aura swept across the sky!

    Then, Chen Fan and the Thunder Blade merged into one and turned into a purple lightning. The red chains broke one by one and the purple lightning flashed for a hundred feet, hitting a Blood Ancestor.

    The thirty-meter Blood Ancestor was split in half.

    Then, a Kindred wearing the Ring of Death was exposed.

    This Blood Ancestor, called Howard, said as a slit appeared on its forehead, "How is that… possible?"

    The slit extended to its neck, chest, abdomen, and in the end, it was split in half. A purple blade aura then exploded from the slit and blew Howard's body into a blood mist. Its Divine Soul had also been destroyed by the lightning!

    The second Blood Ancestor was dead!

    Chen Fan was terrifying with the Quasi-Spirit Treasure in his hand! These Blood Ancestors had extremely high battling power after taking the energy from the Blood Sea.

    Howard and some of them were comparable to mid-stage Connate Beings and the two leaders were even close to the peak stage. And yet, they were still vulnerable before Chen Fan, dying with one slash!

    "Howard!" the remaining four Blood Ancestors yelled.

    Unfortunately, they weren't immortals anymore and their Divine Souls had been destroyed by the lightning. So, how could they resurrect? These Blood Ancestors were indeed tough to deal with. If it wasn't for the Purple Thunder Blade, Chen Fan would only be able to engulf them with his Swallowing Divine Power.

    But the Purple Thunder Blade was made with the body of the Thunder God and was made for killing monsters and demons. So, it was like the bane of the Kindred.

    "And you."

    Chen Fan stood there holding his sword with a cold look.


    A bolt of purple lightning struck down from the sky.

    All the blood waves and chains summoned by the Blood Ancestors were split by Chen Fan. His True Essence and his Quasi-Spirit Treasure together might even be able to destroy a sacred land of the Gods, not to mention a mere fake like the Blood Sea.

    After seven finger flicks.

    The Blood Ancestor called Flare—who took people's Divine Souls with the Dark Magic Bottle—was killed by Chen Fan, and his Divine Soul was burnt into ashes. The third Blood Ancestor was down.

    After fifteen flicks.

    Blood Ancestor Carnes—who had the Silver Left Hand and controlled the power of Death—was crushed into pieces together with its Divine Soul, and its Silver Left Hand was also cracked. The fourth Blood Ancestor died.

    After thirty two flicks.

    Dracula—one of the two Kindred leaders and the most powerful Blood Ancestor, who had brought destruction and death to the world with the Staff of Death—was slashed thirteen times. Then, Chen Fan summoned the "Lesser Five Elements Thunder" and destroyed its Divine Soul.

    Only Nicolas remained in the end; he was the Blood Ancestor with the Withering Crown. He stood on the Blood Sea with a pale face.

    Jiang Churan looked up and stared at that young man with the thunder blade and fluttering hair.

    In just ten minutes.

    Five out of six Blood Ancestors had been defeated!