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Chapter 695 - Slashing a Blood Ancestor

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     695 Slashing a Blood Ancestor

    Chen Fan slaughtered six Blood Ancestors with a spear!

    This was the power of the God-killing Spear! The black spear taken from the Americans was incredibly powerful once it was initiated with Immortal Will and it could reach twenty times the speed of sound! Even Connate Overlords would be unable to react in time.

    The six Blood Ancestors were fierce at first! They immediately took the lives of a few hundred mortals and Chen Fan could not react in time to save them. Jiang Churan thought she would die, but Chen Fan killed the Blood Ancestors.

    "Are they dead?"

    Jiang Churan's eyes popped out.

    "It's not that easy."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    The Kindred were famous for their astonishing regeneration abilities and could not be killed under normal circumstances, not to mention in the Blood Sea. According to the records from the Christian Church, the Kindred would never die while they were in the Blood Sea.

    As expected, six spouts of blood shot out from the sea.

    The six Blood Ancestors came out of the blood, looking hesitant. Even though there was still a hint of viciousness on them, they were floating in the sky with fright, not daring not to move any closer to Chen Fan.


    The blue God-killing Spear flew around Chen Fan, creating dots of blue light. This Soul Energy Weapon from a superhuman civilization was almost as powerful as a Spirit Treasure, even though it didn't have a spirit.

    One of the five-meter Blood Ancestors said, "The God-killing Spear?"

    "You recognize it?" Chen Fan asked.

    "This is a god-killing weapon of the ancient Mayan that was bathed in the blood of God. I can't believe you have it," another Blood Ancestor said, "Trespasser, you're indeed powerful. If you're willing to give us the sacrifice behind you, we'll allow you to leave the Blood Sea."

    Jiang Churan turned pale.

    "What if I don't want to?" Chen Fan said.

    "Then I'll take your life!" The leader of the Blood Ancestors smiled. "You might be powerful and have a god-killing weapon, but we're invincible while at the Blood Sea."

    The other Blood Ancestors sneered at the same time. "We haven't had blood from an Earth Level Deity of the East in a long time."

    Each of them was powerful, fierce and vicious.

    Jiang Churan's face became even paler, but Chen Fan wasn't scared at all. He heaved a sigh and said, "I was only looking for the Universe Teleport Door your ancestor left… killing you wasn't part of the plan, but I changed my mind when I saw the ten-mile Blood Sea."

    His eyes looked even colder.

    "The Blood Sea was formed with the blood of countless humans. As a member of mankind, I'd be ashamed to meet my ancestors and the Celestial Lords if I can't avenge their deaths!" Chen Fan said loudly, and it sounded like there were countless claps of thunder.

    Even though Chen Fan was an Immortal Cultivator, he was also a human.

    In the universe, the nine largest sects suppressed humans and battled with thousands of races. Chen Fan had represented mankind in the wars fought in his previous life, having defeated many enemies from the alien races. As the reincarnation of a powerful human, he couldn't just stay with arms crossed after seeing this sight.


    Chen Fan's hair fluttered in the air and his body let out beams of azure light. He then shot to the sky towards the six Blood Ancestors.

    The God-killing Spear immediately broke the sonic barrier and flashed forward, creating light blue ray at the end.


    This time, the Blood Ancestors were ready.

    Even though they couldn't go faster than twenty times the speed of sound, they cast a spell and each of them created many doppelgangers so that the God-killing Spear wouldn't find its targets. A beam of blue light flashed over and only two Blood Ancestors exploded.


    Chen Fan didn't hold back at all.

    His azure aura shone all over the sky, and his Divine Body and True Essence merged to form a steel battleship.


    The three-meter leader of the Blood Ancestors was smashed and its chest exploded. The powerful energy immediately tore its wings apart and blew its entire body into little bits.

    But this was only the beginning. The energy of the punch kept going, striking another Blood Ancestor. Its momentum was only blocked after that, when it reached the leader of the Kindred who was five meters tall.


    Then, another Ancestor cast a complicated spell and pointed at the air, shooting a black ray into Chen Fan's body. This was the best curse of the Kindred.

    The Withering Curse!

    It could weaken any plant or creature. Even an Earth Level Deity would be drained immediately and the Divine Soul could only leave the body.

    Still, Chen Fan's energy had risen to the maximum, as if he were a little azure sun in the sky. He took the attack of the curse and his aura dimmed for a second, but it immediately brightened up again.

    "How is that possible?"

    The leader of the Kindred was stunned.

    No Earth Level Deity could withstand the Withering Curse; the only options would be to fight it with Dharma Treasures or to escape with secret arts.

    "Unless he's almost immortal and has achieved the body of God?" the leader thought and found it ridiculous. A true God would be the top being on Earth even in the ancient times, but Chen Fan was in his twenties. How would he be able to achieve the body of God?

    But it didn't have time to think further.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Chen Fan flashed across the sky like a fighter aircraft.

    Each of his attacks carried the energy of an exploding planet. No Kindred could withstand his punch, and even the two mid-stage Connate Kindreds exploded right after a blink.


    The Blood Ancestors rose again from the Blood Sea and were all looking anxious.

    After all, they weren't immortal and their Divine Soul would be crushed some day if Chen Fan kept attacking.

    "Initiate the Dark God-refinement Array," the Kindred leader shouted and waved. A staff flew out from the Blood Sea and landed in its hand. The object carried terrifying energy; it appeared to be a superior-grade Spirit Artifact.

    "The Staff of Death!"

    It was a Sacred Artifact which represented the power of death and was the top Divine Artifact among the seven of the Kindred.

    The other Blood Ancestors also summoned their Divine Artifacts one after another.

    "The Corrosion Bracelet, the Dark Magic Bottle, the Ring of Death, the Silver Left Hand and the Withering Crown."

    Six superior-grade Dharma Artifacts came forth. Each Blood Ancestor was holding a different Divine Artifact; they harnessed their powers to form an hexagram-shaped array. The dark forces on their bodies surged and the sky suddenly darkened, as if they were in Hell.

    The Dark God-refinement Array!

    It was an array formed by six Blood Ancestors with six superior-grade Spirit Artifacts and was said to be able to refine gods.

    Chen Fan stood inside the array and could feel the dense dark forces. This energy was terrifyingly corrosive; it carried a true sense of Hell. Even the body of an Earth Level Deity would rot and his soul would be contaminated if he touched it.


    The dark forces and the azure light around Chen Fan twined together; when they made contact, it sounded as if a piece of hot iron were being quenched in water.

    Smoke was billowing and the forces were trying to consume Chen Fan's flesh, but the Azure Thearch Longevity Body was extremely strong; they would need at least several days to achieve this.

    "Your array needs at least seven people to be fully activated. It's much weaker with one of you missing… it's completely harmless like this."

    Chen Fan smiled.

    The Blood Ancestors were immediately startled.

    Their forefathers had passed down the Dark God-refinement Array and left seven Divine Artifacts for the seven Kindred. And yet, Reinhardt had taken the last one, the "Blood Holy Grail," to Qin Chen Mountain and was swallowed by Chen Fan, who also kept the Blood Holy Grail. Only six of them remained and the array was incomplete.


    Chen Fan stepped forward and his energy surged.

    Then, an ancient Kun Peng appeared behind him, spreading its wings. Its horrific energy came out of Chen Fan's body, filling the entire array.


    How frightening was it when Chen Fan exhibited the full power of the Kun Peng?

    The attack was comparable to that of a peak-stage Connate Being and it immediately broke the Dark God-refinement Array. The six Blood Ancestors were knocked out, almost dropping their Divine Artifacts.

    "Damn it!"

    The Blood Ancestors had never thought that Chen Fan would be this terrifying.

    However, it was too late. Chen Fan flashed to three-meter Blood Ancestor who was holding the "Corrosion Bracelet" and made a grabbing motion.


    He pulled out a black sword out of thin air.

    The purple thunderbolt wrapped itself around the blade, making the black sword look as if forged from flashes of lightning. This was apparently the Quasi-Spirit Treasure, the Purple Thunder Blade!

    Chen Fan slashed with the blade and a bolt of lightning struck with a destructive power.

    "Oh no!"

    The Blood Ancestors were terrified.

    The one who was holding the Corrosion Bracelet even shot out a beam of green corrosion light as an attempt to stop Chen Fan, but who could withstand the attack of his Quasi-Spirit Treasure?


    A crisp sound came.

    The purple lightning went past the corrosion light and slashed at the Corrosion Bracelet. The bracelet, made with copper and inlaid with many emeralds, was split in half! The blade aura then kept moving forward and slashed the Blood Ancestor behind it into two pieces.


    That Blood Ancestor was struck by a bolt of lightning and exploded into a blood mist which instantly evaporated. Not a spec was left.

    Even the Divine Soul was obliterated!